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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1926-03-18

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\ Thursday, March 18th, 1926
A special meeting of the Senate of The university
of .British Columbia was held on Thursday, Maroh 18th,
1926, at 8:00 P.M., in the Board Room.
Present' Dean F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock (Acting President), Dean H. T. tJ. Coleman, Mr. H. _. King,
Hr. A. F. Bars3, Ur. H. R. Christie, Dr. R. H. Clark,
Dr. D. Buchanan, Dr. U. Y. Williams, Ur. James Henderson,
Ur. G. A. Fergusson, Hev. Dr. W. H. Smith, Rev. Dr. W.
H. Vance, Rev. J. G. Brown, Dr. G. G. Sedgewiok, Dr. C.
Killam, Dr. W. B. Burnett, Mr. G. W. Soott, Hr. J. U.
Turnbull, Mr. J. S. Gordon, Mr. G. E. Robinson, Mr. W. P.
Argue and Miss A. B. Jamieson.
S Dr.   Vance   )
% Dr.  Killam)   That  Dean  Brock  take   the  Chair.
'"• The  Seoretary   read   the  call  of   the  meeting.
Dean  Brock  expressed   the  President's   regrets  at  his
inability   to   be  present;   a   letter  from  Judge   Swanson
expressed   regret   at  his   inability   to   attend.
Notices  of  appointment  of  committees
948 On   Junior   Colleges
Dean H.   T.   J.   Coleman,   Chairman
> ij Mr.   G.   A.   Fergusson
i Mr.   J.   S.   Gordon
\ Mr.   D.   L.  MacLaurin
* Dean  H.  W.  Brock
*' Dean   F.   M.   Clement
,*     q.q On Arts   '28 Bursary
Dr. M. Y. Williams, Chairman
Mr. A. F. Barss
Mr. G. E. Robinson
r. 458
Thursday, Haroh 16th, 1926
From the Board of Governors
950 (a) Course in Education
"The reoommendatlon of Senate re oourses in
Eduoation, was approved by the Board of
Governors at the meeting held on February
22nd, 1926."
Dr. Killam  )
Dean Coleman) That the communication be reoeived
and filed.
In this connection Dean Coleman recalled that the
Calendar statement of the Teacher Training Course, passed
by Senate on February 17th, referred to the Teacher
Training Course as a "Department of Education" and that
this aot of Senate had been interpreted as a taoit endorsement of the change of name.
951 (b) Courses in Agriculture
"That the action of Senate in regard to
the Ocoupational Course in Agriculture
be approved."
"That the Administration Course in Agriculture recommended by Senate, be tabled
for one year."
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Killam  ) That this communication be reoeived and filed.
Dean Clement)
Ur. Barss   ) That since the Administration and
Ocoupational Courses were together
recommended to Senate and to the
Board of Governors - the Ocoupational Course being supplementary to
courses of Degree grade (both
Science and Administration) - and
since the recommendation with regard to the Administration Course 459
v Thursday, March 16th, 1926
has been laid on the table for one
year, be it therefore resolved that
action with regard to the Ocoupational Course be delayed until such
time as the Administration Course
has been reconsidered by the Board
of Governors one year hence.
952 Letters were   read  from Mr. 0.   Elmer Anderson and
Mr.  William  George   Smith,   expressing  appreciation of
Senate's  action  in awarding  to   them  the unexpended
portion  of   the   Canadian  Club   Bursary.
953 Board of Examiners:
!•  Senior Matriculation Regulations
"That candidates for the Grade XII (Senior
Matriculation) Examination be required to
complete same within four years."
Dr. Buchanan)
Dean Coleman) That the recommendation of the
Board of Examiners be adopted.
2.  Junior Matriculation Regulations
(a) "That a candidate for Junior Matrioulation
be granted standing in each paper in
which he makes 501  or over.  If the candidate takes the whole examination at one
time, however, he may obtain standing by
making an average of at least 50,3 with
a minimum of 40% on each paper.
i t
(b)  That Matriculation must be completed
within three years."
Dr. Buchanan)
Dr. Olark   ) That this communication be received
and referred to the Faculties for
cons ideration.
Carried 460
Thursday, March 16th, 1926
954 Native Sons of B. C. Post No. 2.
A communication was received from the Native
Sons of British Columbia, Post No. 2, suggesting that the
University of British Columbia have competent men study
the archaeology, ethnology and ethnography of ti.   C.
Dr. Vanoe )
Mr. Gordon) That a committee be appointed to look
into the matter, and that in the meantime, the Native Sons of B. C., Post
No. 2, be informed of that fact.
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Killam) That the committee be named by the
Reports of Committees
955 To Define the Functions of the Library Committee
Mr. Gordon   )
Dr. Sedgewick) That the report be taken as read
and considered clause by clause.
The sections were considered separately, and changes
were made, as follows:
Clause 1. line 2 - "directed" changed to "requested"
"   1.  "   2 - "elect" changed to "nominate"
"   1.  "   3 - the words "upon approval by the
Senate" inserted after the word
"   3.  "   3 - "elected" changed to "nominated"
Dr. Killam  )
Dean Clement) That the report as a whole, as
amended, be referred to the three
Faculties respectively, for consideration and recommendation.
Carried V
Thursday, March 18th, 1926
956        On Arts '28 Bursary
Having consulted the executive of Arts '28
with respect to the Bursary offered by them,
we are informed that they are prepared to
donate the one hundred dollars mentioned to
the loan fund of the University, on the understanding that the gift be recognized in the
University Calendar.
We would therefore recommend that Senate accept
the donation, and that it be made available
for the first time to a student or students of
Arts '28 during their final year.
Dr. Williams)
Mr. Hobinson) That the report be received and
957 On Baccalaureate Service
In  view  of   the   University  Solicitor's   opinion,
that   there   is   nothing  in  the   University Act,   as
revised  in  1924,   to   prevent   the   University  from
'^^ holding  non-sectarian  Baooalaureate   Services,
^P your Committee would   recommend:
*■ "That   the   Senate   request   the   Board   of  Gov
ernors   to  make  provision  for  such  services,
I t
That the arrangements for such servioes be
left in the hands of the Ceremonies Committee."
Dr. Clark)
Dr. Killam) That this report be adopted.
958 On Discipline and the Alma Mater Society
Dr. Sedgewiok)
Mr. Christie ) That this matter be laid on the
table until the committee has a
chance to report upon it.
i x + 462
v Thursday,   March   18th,    1926
£    959 Teaoher-Training   Course     -     Practice   Teaching.
' The   Secretary  of  Senate   reported   that   the   University
had  not   been   consulted   in   reference   to   the   amendments   to
the  Public  Schools  Aot  permitting  students   enrolled  in
the Normal   Schools  or  the  Teacher Training class  to   go
into   the   schools   of   the  Province   for practioe   teaching.
Dr. Vanoe    )
Mr. Fergusson) That the communication be received and filed.
Fraternities   and   Sororities
Dr. Vance    )
Dr. Sedgewiok) That the opinion of the University
Solicitor be received and that it
be referred to a committee to be
anpointed by the President.
Mr. Argue   )
Mr. Turnbull) That we adjourn.
/>   (T>. /&JU^*,£


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