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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1929-08-30

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Friday,   August   30th,   1929
The   fifth   regular  meeting  of   the   Senate   of   The
University   of  British   Columbia  for   the   session   1928-29
was   held   on  Friday,   August   30th,   1929,   at   8:00  p.m.,   in
the   Board   Room.
Present:   President   Klinck   (in   the   Chair),   Dean F.   M.
Clement,   Dean D.   Buchanan,   Dr.   R.   H.   Clark,   Dr.   T.   H.   Boggs,
Mr.   Sherwood  Lett,   Mr.   A.   E.   Richards,   Rev.   A.   H.   Sovereign,
Dr.   C.   Killam,   Miss   A.   B.   Jamieson,   The  Mo3t   Rev.   A.   U.
dePencier   and Mr.   Sydney  Anderson.
Expressions   of   regret   at   their   inability   to   attend
the   meeting were   received   from  Mr.   Lord,   Judge   Swanson,
Mr.   James   Campbell,   Mr.   Elliott,   Mr.   G.   W.   Clark   and
Mr.   Angus.
Archbishop dePencier)
Miss Jamieson       ) That the minutes of the
Fourth Regular Meeting of
May 8th, 1929, and of the
Special Meeting of June 28th
be taken as read, and
Notice of appointment of Committee on Senate Elections
Dr. D. Buchanan, Chairman
Dean F. M. Clement
Mr. James Henderson.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
Summer Session Examination Results
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Anderson ) That the report as submitted be
Carried 47.
Friday,   August   30th,   1929
Mr. Sovereign)
Mr. Richards ) That the report on Summer Session
Examination Results be given to
the Press.
Proposed Course for the Bachelor of Commerce degree
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Boggs    ) That the report of the Faculty
pertaining to the First and Second
Years be approved:
After some discussion, the report was amended as
(c) Mathematics 1 in the First Year        3 units
(d) One course selected from the following:
Biology 1, Chemistry1 .Physics 1 or 2.3 units
(e) Note: (d) in  original report now becomes (e)
(f) Note: (e; in original report now becomes (f)
Insert under (f) Mathematics 3.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Boggs    ) That the report as amended be
adopted. Carried
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Boggs    ) That the report on Third and
Fourth Years as amended be adopted:
Note: Mathematics 3 was inserted under (c) and
also under (d) "if not already chosen".
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Boggs    ) That the report as a whole as
amended be adopted.   Carried-
Mr. Sovereign)
Dr. Killam   ) That a resolution regarding the
addition of Spanish to the Course
in Commerce be sent to the Board of
Governors; and that this resolution
be drawn up by the committee of
three which presented this report.
Carried 48.
Friday, August 30th, 1929
(The proposed course, if approved by the Board of
Governors, will be printed as a supplement to the calendar
Change in course for Diploma in Social Service
Dean Buchanan)
Dr.   Boggs )   That   the   report   be   approved.
Recommendations from Committee on Prizes and
That Anna C. Fulton be granted a second
postponement for one year of her Junior
Matriculation Scholarship, owing to illness in the family.
Archbishop de Pencier)
Miss Jamieson       ) That this recommendation
be adopted.
That, if possible, $100.00 be found from the
Royal Institute Fund or some other, to
provide a special scholarship for Verda
Benedict who has very high standing in the
recent Junior Matriculation examinations.
Dr. Killam)
Dr. Clark ) That the recommendation be approved.
,Carrie d
That, in accordance with the request of the
Canadian Club the unexpended amount of $66.70
of the Canadian Club Bursary he divided
equally between J. Dickson Moore and
Eric G. Langton.
Archbishop de Pencier)
Mr. Anderson ) That the recommendation
be approved.
Scholarship awards
For the information of Senate a report was presented
by the Faculty of Arts and Science in reference to items 49.
Friday, August 30th, 1929
dealing with scholarship matters received during the
summer and decided by the President on the advice of
the Committee On Prizes and Scholarships, in accordance
with a Senate regulation.
That the offer of Mr. I. J. Klein to
establish a scholarship of $100.00 for
ten years with a possibility of it being
made a perpetual scholarship, be accepted;
That this scholarship be awarded to the
student obtaining first place in the
Third Year examination of the course in
Comme rce, and
That if there is no suitable Third Year
candidate this session, the money be
available for award otherwise.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Clark    ) That this scholarship be
accepted and the thanks of
Senate expressed to Mr. Klein.
Recommendation from the Faculty Council
Standing required in English
That conditional passes in English
Composition of Junior and Senior
Matriculation be abolished.
That the passing mark in English
1(b) and 2(b) be set at 50$, i.e.,
that no "conditional passes" be
allowed in those subjects.
Dean Buchanan)
Miss Jamieson) That this question be deferred
until the matter has received
the attention of the Matriculation
Boardj and that a copy of this
report be submitted to the
Matriculation Board.
Carried 50.
Friday, August 30th, 1929
A letter from His Honour Judge Swanson was read,
with reference to the course in Commerce.
Dr. Boggs   )
Mr. Richards) That the letter be received and
Dr. Killam presented a formal request that provision
be made for conferring at the next Congregation, the
Degree of Doctor of Laws upon Mr. Frank Burnett, Snr.
Mr. Lett )
Archbishop de Pencier) That the letter be received
and a committee appointed
by the Chairman to consider the recommendation
and to report at the na xt
meeting of Senate.
Archbishop de Pencier)
Mr. Lett ) That we adjourn.
.52^4- u) ■ /?Zx2Z£Zs.
Secre tary
Chai rman


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