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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1936-07-08

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Wednesday, July 8th, 1936
A special meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia was held on Wednesday, July 8th, 1936,
at 8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room.
Present: Aoting President D. Buchanan (in the Chair),
Acting Dean J. M. Turnbull, Dr. D. G. Laird, Dr. H. Y.
Williams, Mr. A. H. Finlay, Mr. Ira Dilworth, Mr. H. N.
MacCorkindale, Mr. J. ». Harvey, Hajor H. C. Holmes, Hr*
P. H. Elliott, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick, Mr. Sherwood Lett*
Mr. A. E. Lord, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. P. A. Boving,
Mr. John C. Oliver, Dr. Evlyn F. Farris, Mr. Sydney
Anderson and His Honour J. D. Swanson.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Dean F. M. Clement.
Dr. Blythe Eagles, Dr. J. Roy Sanderson, Rev. Dr. J. G.
Brown, The Ven. F. C, C. Heathcote and Hiss Isobel Harvey.
The Chairman of Senate extended a message of welcome
to the new members of Senate*
Action taken by the members of Senate who were
present at the meeting of June 10th, at which there was
not a quorum, in reference to the report of the joint
conference of representatives of the Provincial Department
of Education and the University in regard to the Junior
Matriculation requirements in Music was presented, as
"That, subject to ratification by Senate at the
next meeting, the proposed outline for the
course in the Music option for Junior Matriculation be approved; and that the Secretary of
Senate be instructed to write the Superintendent
of Education stating the action of this meeting." 502.
j Wednesday, July 8th, 1956
L,.^P Mr. Boving  )
■*. Hr. Dilworth) That Senate Confirm the action
taken previously*
• The report as adopted by Senate is as follows:
The joint conference between representatives of the
•* University of British Columbia and the Department of
Education, authorized in the "Report of the Senate
Committee on Music** (November 26, 1955), clauses 4 and
5, after due consideration, begs to report as follows:
That a candidate wishing to offer Husic as an
, option for Junior Hatriculation (Grade XII*) in June
ll or August, 1957, shall meet the following requirements
in (a) Piano and Theory or (b) Violin and Theory:
(a) Piano*
1. Piano IT. - A syllabus of the Department of
Eduoation, 19 35, and Theory of the same syllabus
with the following change:
, , A candidate choosing Piano IV. as an option
* for Junior Hatriculation in June or August, 1957,
will be required to offer, in addition to the
technical work listed on pages 14 to 16 of the
C Music Syllabus (1935) and the required Theory,
four test pieces from the list published on pages
16 and 17 of the syllabus, chosen as follows:
A. One composition by J. S. Bach. ,
B. One composition by Beethoven or Mozart.
C. One composition by Chopin, Schubert or
D. One composition by one of the following:
Albeniz, W. S. Bennett, York Bowen, C.
Chaminade, Debussey, Grieg, Leschetizky,
Levitzkl, Liszt, HacDowell, Hendelssohn,
Moskowskl, Palmgren, Poldini, Rameau, Ravel,
Rachmaninoff, Rosenbloom, Cyril.Scott,
Schutt, Tschaikowsky.
Note:  Those pieces grouped together and marked
"both" in the list are to be regarded as one
^^^ number*
V. 503.
Wednesday, July 8th, 1936
I r^P 2.  Courses that would be accepted as equivalent to
L,' the above:
* (a) Toronto Conservatory of Music* Intermediate
Grade (Grade IX.) as given on pages 39 to top
of page 44 in the Syllabus for 1935-56 and
y Theory II. and III. (pages 124 - 125.)
/4 (b) Trinity College of Music, London: Senior
Examination, pages 25 to 27, inclusive, of the
I 1956 syllabus, Overseas B., and Theory V*
' (Advanced Intermediate Division) page 9.
< (c) Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music,
y London: Intermediate Grade (Grade VI.), pages
55 to 57, inclusive, of the 1956 syllabus and
* Grammar of Music, Grade IV. (Rudiments), page
(d) McGill Conservatorium of Husic, Montreal:
Senior Grade, pages 55 and 56 of the 1955-56
Syllabus and Theory, Intermediate Grade,
page 52.
(b) Violin
1. Violin IT. - A syllabus of the Department of
Education, 1935.  Theory IV. of the same syllabus.
2. Courses that would be accepted as equivalent to
the above:
(a) Toronto Conservatory of Music: Intermediate
Grade (Grade IX.), pages 81 to 83 in the
Syllabus for 1935-56 and Theory as for Piano
(see 2 (a) above)*
(b) Trinity College of Music, London: Senior
Examination, pages 58 to 40 of the 1956
Syllabus, Overseas B., and Theory as for Piano
(see 2 (b) above).
(c) Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music,
London: Intermediate Grade (Grade VI.), pages
69 and 70 of the 1956 Syllabus and Grammar of
Music as for Piano (see 2 (c) above).
(d) McGill Conservatorium of Music, Montreal:
^ Senior Examination, pages 64 and 65 of the
t 1955-56 Syllabus and Theory as for Piano
1 (see 2 (d) above).
1 504.
Wednesday, July 8th, 1936
A memorandum was received, through the Board of
Governors, from the Deputy Provincial Secretary in
reference to the Naturopathic Physicians* Act passed by
the Provincial Legislature in April, 1936, by which the
duty of approving schools of Naturopathy and of
providing for examinations in Naturopathy is imposed
upon the University.
Mr. Lett)
Mr. Lord) That the Chairman of Senate appoint a
committee to give a detailed study of
the Naturopathic Physicians* Act and
the memorandum from the Deputy
Provincial Secretary; that the Committee have power to confer with the
Naturopaths Association; and that the
Committee report back to Senate*
A letter was reoeived from the High School
Principals* Association containing a resolution of the
Secondary School Principals' Association of the Lower
Mainland in reference to General Scienoe as a subject
for Matriculation as follows:
Resolved that:
In view of the fact that in the curriculum
revision of Grades I. to VI. of the Elementary
School an Elementary Science course is being
provided for each year, and in view of the
five years of generalized science proposed
for the Junior and Senior High Schools, (or
in Grades Vn. and VIII. of the Elementary
School and the Senior High Schools in non-
Junior High School areas), we, the Secondary
School Principals* Association of the Lower
Mainland would urge that such provision in
science be accepted for University Entrance in
lieu of the present special science
requirements. r
Wednesday, July 8th, 1936
In urging this we have in mind that the
speoial scienoes will be adequately provided
for, as may be observed in such courses at
j, present in existence; we believe, further, that
the interests of intending University students
would be better served by the broad foundation
laid in generalized science; and, further, in
r the case of the large numbers of non-University
intending students , there can be little doubt
l~ of the utility of such a course.
Mr. Lett)
Mr. Lord) That the High School Principals*
Association be advised that the Senate
will consider the suggestion of the
*- Association, but that it is not
prepared to commit itself on the
question of General Science as a
subject for Matriculation until such
. - time as the content of the General
Science Course is determined.
Resolutions were received from the B. C. Teachers*
1 • 	
Federation.     These  were   dealt with  as   follows:
1.     Summer School  Fees;   Submitted by  Richmond  Teachers*
.. Association:
' Whereas  at  present   the   Department   of  Education  and
[ the   school  boards   of British  Columbia  are   demand-
fc ing higher  academic   qualifications  and more
specialization from the teaching staffs; and
» Whereas in the present economic situation many
teachers find it impossible for finanoial
reasons to attend any summer school courses;
Be it resolved that the B. C. T. F. earnestly
request the drastic lowering of University Summer
k * School fees for teachers.
i Mr. Oliver  )
' * Mr. Anderson) That the resolution be referred
^ to the Board of Governors*
, Carried
•*• r
Wednesday, July 8th, 1936
2. Directed Reading Courses: Submitted by Trail-
Tadanac Teachers* Association:
Whereas many of the students taking Directed
Reading Courses may find it impossible to attend
summer session; and
Whereas such students, especially those living in
the Interior and at other points some distance
from the University, may find it financially
inconvenient to go to Vancouver to write their
Be it resolved that the B. C. T. F. request the
University authorities to establish examination
centres at such points in the province as may be
required, the students writing the examinations
to pay the cost of establishing such centres, or
the examinations be written at the same time as
the junior or senior matriculation examinations
or the entrance examinations, in centres already
established for that purpose in various parts in
the province.
Mr. Harvey  )
Major Holmes) That the matter be referred to
the Faculty of Arts and Science
for consideration.
3. Department of Health and Physical Education at
the University:  Submitted by Health and Physical
Education Section:
Whereas Health and Physical Education are the
first constants on the school curriculum; and
Whereas there is no course given for adequate
teacher training in these subjects; and
ireas the University of British Columbia has
the necessary facilities; and
Whereas other leading Canadian Universities have
such a Department:
Be it resolved that a Department of Health and
Physioal Education be established at the
University of British Columbia so that students
may obtain standing in these subjects towards
their degree and that Teacher Training in these
l?^!^8C^lumDnds8goS_S.reTi8ed ~"i--l»" f°* «--
Wednesday, July 8th, 1936
A Mr.  Boving)
Mr.   Oliver)   That   the   Association be   advised  of
Senate's  action in  regard  to a
Department   of  Physical  Education
* to date*
4*  Re Geography Teachers* Qualifications:
Whereas in recent years the demand for qualified
teachers of geography has very greatly increased
* in the high schools of British Columbia; and
Whereas no fitting provision has been made for
their training either in geographical methods or
»- in geographical subject matter:
Be it resolved that this Association repeat once
again its protest against the entire inadequacy
.,, of the training, both academic and professional,
that is provided for future teachers of geography
by the University of British Columbia*
That copies of this resolution be sent again to
the proper authorities in the Education Department
A and the University of British Columbia.
(Changes made in the courses in the Department of
Geology and Geography, as contained in the Calendar
for 1956-57, will meet the request of the Federation.
This information had been communicated to the B. C.
Teachers* Federation.)
*" Mr. Dilworth)
Mr. Boving  ) That the communication be
_ received and filed.
- 5*  University of British Columbia Library and
Registration Fee; Submitted by Cowichan District
Teachers* Association:
Whereas it is the present practice on the part of
the University to levy the full library and
^ registration fee on students taking Directed
Reading Courses or Summer Session Courses, while
Winter Session students pay the same fee for a
1 full 15-unit course;
Be it resolved that this association request the
B. C. T. F. to bring pressure to bear on the
t L
Wednesday, July 8th, 19 36
University authorities to levy the fee on the
basis of the maximum of 9 units that may be taken
yearly by students taking Directed Reading Courses
and Summer Session Courses consecutively.
(This question had been considered by the Board of
Governors and the B. C. Teachers' Federation had
been informed that the Registration and Library Fee
($5.00) has been changed to the Registration Fee
($2.00), for students taking 6 units or less.)
Boving  )
That the communication be received
and filed.
The meeting adjourned*
&<ZuJ<f &». /tfctduZ*
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