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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Nov 3, 1920

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Array (179)
Wednesday, November 3rd, 1920,
479 An adjourned meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia was held on Wednesday, November 3rd, 1920, at 8 P.M.,
in the Board Room at the University Offices.
480 Present:- The President, in the Chair; Dean F. M. Clement,
Dean R. W. Brock, Dean H. T. J. Coleman, Mr. W. Sadler, Dr. H. Ashton,
Rev. W. L.Clay, Right Reverend A.' U. de Pencier, Mr. L. F. Robertson,
Mr. D. M. Robinson, Mr. T. A. Brough, Mr. J. S. Gordon, Mr. G. E.
Robinson, Mr. E. B. Paul, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. J. M. Turnbull.
481 Mr. Brough )
Dean Coleman) That the resignation of Mr. L. Killam as a
member of Senate be accepted and that a
letter of thanks be sent to him for his services.
482 Supplementary report re supplemental Matriculation Examinations.  (The re-reading of Algebra papers).
Mr. Robinson reported (C.A.S.C.881) that the protest in
regard to the Supplemental Junior Matriculation Algebra
Examination had been considered by Dr. Buchanan and himself,
and that they found that:-
"The paper had not been well copied.
An error in one question had not been corrected.
It was found that the standing of only five could be affected.
When allowance is made these five students are found to have
secured the marks necessary to pass. These are:-
Jean D. Caldwell 50$
Margaret I. Conlan 53$
Phyllis W. Turner 51$
Laurence H. Woodard 52$
Mary I. McLean 51$
This report was adopted and the recommendation approved."
Mr. G. E. Robinson)
Mr. Gordon      ) That the recommendation of the Faculty
Committee on Admission, Standing and
Courses be adopted.
Carried. (180)
483 Report of Senate Committee appointed to consider Faculty
recommendations in reference to the Matriculation Board of Examlners:-
The June Matriculation Examinations shall be conducted by
a Board to be known as .
This Board shall consist of the Superintendent of Education,
the Registrar of the University, and one representative of
the Education Department and one representative of the
University In each major subject of examination (at the
present time: English, History, Mathematics, Classics,
Modern Languages, Chemistry, Physics, Botany).
The University representatives on the Board shall be appointed
by the Senate of the University upon the recommendation of
the Faculty or Faculties concerned. The representatives of
the Education Department shall be appointed by the  .
The Superintendent of Education shall, ex officio, be Chairman
of the Board, and the Registrar of the Education Department,
Secretary and Registrar of the Board.
The Examiners in each subject shall be jointly and severally
responsible for setting the papers in that subject and the
papers in all subjects shall be subject to final revision
and acceptance by the Board as a whole.
The conduct of the examinations in the various centres (the
appointment of the supervisors, etc.), shall be entirely
in the hands of the Education Department.
The Candlates shall make application to the Department for
Fees, if any, shall be paid to the Education Department.
The examination papers shall be examined by members of the
Eoard assisted by such associate examiners as the Board may .
When the marks have been assembled and tabulated, the returns
shall be prepared in duplicate, and both Department and
University shall be furnished with copies.
All certificates shall be issued by the Board under its formal
title. (181)
All applications for adjustments, concessions, re-readings,
etc., shall be made to the Secretary of the Board.
All members of the Board shall hold office until their
successors are appointed. One third of the appointed
members shall retire each year and this principle shall be
recognized in the constitution of the Board in the first
Instance. Members shall be eligible for re-appointment.
The Board shall have advisory function in reference to
limits of work prescribed in the variotis subjects, the textbooks to be used, and such other matters as may in any way
affect the preparation for examination of candidates for
entrance to the University.
The remuneration of the members of the Board shall be:-
For setting papers, per paper $15.00
For services, including travelling
time, per day $15.00
And all Hotel and Travelling
Papers for the September Supplemental examinations shall
be prepared at the same time as the papers for the June
examinations'and kept under seal by the Secretary of the
Board until called for by the Registrar of the University.
These examinations shall be conducted by the University
and held only in Vancouver and Victoria.
It shall be understood, and also stated in the Calendar,
that "Students who have been barred though sickness or
by reasons of any other disability from writing on the
examinations in June, if the reasons submitted by them are
satisfactory to the Registrar, shall have the privilege of
writing the whole examination in September."
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Brough  ) That the report be adopted.
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Ashton  ) That the President be authorized to take
such steps as may be necessary to put this
into effect.
484   Terms of affiliation of Victoria College.
The differences in the terms of affiliation, as approved by
Senate and as in the memorandum approved by the Board of Governors,
were the basis of discussion. (182)
Dr. Ashton )
Mr. Turnbull) That the first paragraph of the original
Senate report as adopted, - that dealing
with the curriculum,- be rescinded.
After some discussion, Dr. Ashton, with the consent of his
seconder, withdrew the motion.
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Ashton  )
That Senate proceed to the consideration of
Clause 3 in Senate report and of Clause 10
in the memorandum, without prejudice to the
others, with a view to seeing what may be
done towards improving the situation.
Dean Coleman     )
Mr. G. E. Robinson)
That the following supplementary clause
be added to Section 3 of the Senate
Upon the request of the Head of any of
the Departments directly concerned with
the examinations in the subjects covered
by the curriculum of the Victoria College,
the Faculty of Arts and Science nay, for
any giver, academic year, waive, wholly
or in part, the right of examination
conferred upon them by Section 3, so far
as the subject or subjects of that Department are concerned; and may accept,
instead, a formal report of examination
standings signed by the Principal (or
Head) and the Registrar (or Secretary)
of the Victoria College. This report
shall be made in a form, approved by the
Registrar of the University and by the
Dean of the Faculty of Arte, and Science,
and shall in due course be submitted to
the Senate, along with the results of
the University examinations.
The results of the examinations in the
Victoria College shall be published
separately from the results of the
examinations in the University.
Mr. G. E. Robinson)
Bishop de Pencier ) That a Committee of Senate be appointed
to take up those remaining matters and
J (183)
our relations to the Board of Governors
and to bring in a report to the next
meeting of Senate, suggesting some solution of this question.
The Committee to be named by the Chair.
485  Department for the Training of Librarians.
The consideration of this matter, which had been referred to
the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, brought up the question
of the Constitution of the Facility.
Dr. Ashton ) '
Dean Coleman) That a Committee be nominated to study this
question of the constitution of Faculties
and present its findings to Senate.
The Committee to be named by the Chair,
Bishop de Pencier)
Dr. Ashton     ) That we adjourn.
Chairman. Secretary.


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