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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1944-06-28

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Wednesday, June 28th, 1944.
A special meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia was held on Wednesday, June 28th, 1944, at
8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
D. Buchanan, Mr. F. ;i. Forward, Dr. E. J.   LlacLeod, Mr.
Walter H. Gage, Dr. 0. J. Todd, Mr. F. J. Burd, Mr. W. R.
MacDougall, Mr. H. T. Logan, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick,  Dean M.
Dorothy Mawdsley, Mr. A. E. Lord, Dr. II. V. Warren, Dr. A.
E. D. Grauer, Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton, Dr. C. A. H.
Wright, Mr. A. S. Matheson, and The Most Rev. A. U.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend the
meeting were received from Dr. J. F. Walker, Dean F. M.
Clement, Mr. A. R. Lord, Mr. II. II. MacCorkindale and Mr.
L. A. Atkinson.
The Secretary read the call of the meeting:
"A Special meeting of the Senate will be held on
Wednesday, June 28th, 1944, at 8:00 p.m., in the Board
and Senate Room.
Agenda:  1. The following motion, notice of which was
given by Dean Buchanan at the meeting of
May 9th:
'That reconsideration be given to the
minute of Senate of May 26th, 1940, re
Priority for the establishment of a
Faculty of Law'.
2. Appointment of Committee on Election of
Attention was directed by the Secretary to an error in
the notice-of-motion, namely that the date of the minute of
Senate re priority for the establishment of a Faculty of
Law should be February 21st, 1940, instead of May 26th,1940,
The Chair ruled that it would be irregular to proceed 1046
Wednesday, June 28th, 1944.
with the consideration of this matter until a corrected
notice had been sent to members of Senate.
Appointment of Committee on Election of Chancellor
At the request of the Chair, the Secretary read
Sections 53, 54, 55 and 56 of the University Act dealing
with the election of Chancellor.
Mr. A. E. Lord reported that the Board of Governors
at the meeting on June 26th had requested Dr. J. F. Walker
to enquire whether the Government would undertake to introduce legislation at the next session of the legislature to
validate a postponement of the election of a Chancellor
until the date of the regular Senate Elections, should such
a request be made.
Mr. Burd)
Dr. Todd) That the Chair appoint a Committee on
the election of Chancellor to bring in
a recommendation as to the place and
date of the election and to nominate
For the information of the Senate, Mr. A. E. Lord
stated that the Board of Governors at the last regular
meeting had appointed Dr. L. S. Klinck President Emeritus
as from the date of his retirement, June 30th, 1944.
Reference was made by Dr. Sedgewick to the passing,
on May 24th, of Chancellor R. E. McKechnie.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Warren   ) That a Committee be appointed by
the Chair to prepare a tribute in
memory of the Chancellor; this
statement to be spread on the 1047
Wednesday, June 28th, 1944.
minutes of the next regular meeting
of the Senate and, in the meantime,
a copy to be sent to Mrs. McKechnie.
Dean Buchanan referred to the death of Dr. V. L. Denton
on May 2 5th,
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Sedgewick) That similar action be taken by
Senate with reference to the late
Dr. Denton.
In referring to the approaching retirement of the
President, Mr. Logan spoke as follows:
"As this is probably the last occasion on which
our President will preside over the Senate, I think that
it is only fitting that we should express together our
hope that he and Mrs. Klinck will long enjoy the quiet
of his retirement, free from the anxiety and worry of
University administration.  It seems but yesterday that
I first sat in a meeting of our Faculty at the end of
the last war, when President Klinck was presiding.  The
years of his Presidency have been years of steady growth
and development, although harassed by anxieties and
problems that have probably fallen to the lot of few men
who have directed the affairs of a University.  All
through those years the President has given sound judgment
and leadership to our University through stormy times and
through those that have been less stormy.  I so well
remember the words of our first President, 'in times of
adversity - in adversis rebus', which he used many times
in those early years of 1914 to 1916.  How we have been
going through a further period of 'res adversae* -
another war, our young men and members of our staff going
out again to fight and die, leaving others of us at
home to carry on the work.  All through these years and
the years of growth between the wars, we have enjoyed
the leadership of Dr. Klinck.  We are sorry to see him go.
I hope that we may see hin from time to time in our midst
at the University.  At all times we shall feel warm towards him and towards Mrs. Klinck who also endeared herself to us and her very manj'" friends at the University.
If it could be said in a word, I should like to move that
we express our hope that the President and Mrs. Klinck
will enjoy many years of happiness in his retirement." 1048
Wednesday, June 28th, 1944.
The motion was seconded by His Grace, Archbishop
dePencier, the only member of the present Senate who has
served continuously since its inception, and, being put by
Mrs. Creighton, was carried by a standing vote.
On behalf of Mrs. Klinck and himself, the President
expressed his appreciation of the many evidences of personal and official good will on the part of the members of
The meeting adjourned.


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