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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1951-10-17

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 Wednesday, October 17, 1951.    1757
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of the University of British Columbia, for the
Session 1951-52, was held on Wednesday, October 17th, 1951,
at 8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Miss Marjorie Agnew, Dr. G.S. Allen, Dean Lowell
Besley, Mr. Jacob Biely, Mr. J.M. Buchanan, Mr. K.P. Caple,
Dean S.N.F. Chant, the Hon. Mr. Justice J.V. Clyne, Dean
G.F. Curtis, Dr. Roy Daniells, Dean Blythe Eagles, Mr. H.O.
English, Dr. John Ewing, Miss Mary Fallis, Dr. R.E. Foerster,
Dr. S.M. Friedman, Mr. E. Davie Fulton, Dean Walter Gage,
Dr. W.C. Gibson, Dr. A.E. Grauer, Mir. T.R. Hall, Major H.C.
Holmes, Dr. R.D. James, Mr. G.D. Kennedy, Dr. Robert Kerr,
Mr. F.M. Knapp, Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Mr. Finlay Morrison,
Mr. J. Fred Muir, Dr. M.M. Maclntyre, Dean H.J. MacLeod,
Mr. M.R.  McDougall, Dr. I. McTaggart-Cowan, Mr. W.O.
Richmond, Mrs. F.M. Ross, Dr. W.N. Sage, Dr. T.M.C. Taylor,
Dr. W.S. Taylor, Dr. G.M. Volkoff, Dr. H.V. Warren, Dean
M.M. Weaver, Dean E.L. Woods, Dr. C.H. Wright.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, Dean
H.F. Angus, Mr. H.N. MacCorkindale, Dr. John Allardyce and
Dr. K.E. Taylor.
Before taking up the agenda Senate stood in
silence in respect to the late Dr. M.A. Cameron, Director
of the School of Education, who had died very suddenly on Wednesday, October 17, 1951.    1758
September 29th, 1951.  It was agreed that a suitable
memorial be drafted by Dr. Daniells, Dean Eagles and Mr.
C.B. Wood, to be spread on the minutes of Senate, and that
a copy be sent to Mrs. Cameron.  Accordingly, the following
statement was prepared:
"The Senate of the University of British Columbia
records its profound sense of loss in the death of
Professor Max Cameron on September 29th, 1951.  He
joined the staff of the University in 1939 to
direct the Department of Education.  His labours
and his influence extended far beyond the confines
of the campus.  The Cameron report on the educational
system of this province became the basis for extensive
reforms which are still proceeding.  To the formation
of University and Provincial policies he contributed
much of knowledge and wisdom from his wide acquaintance
with education, his liberal philosophy, his humane
sympathy and his practical sense.
Those who knew him best valued him most and few could
resist his personal qualities of integrity, devotion
and good humour.  Nothing contributed more to the
esteem and affection in which he was held than his
uncomplaining discharge of duty during the last years
when his health was such as to make the effort doubly
To the members of his family the Senate wishes to
extend deepest sympathy and to signalize the
affectionate remembrance in which he will ever be
Mr. Kennedy )
Dean Gage   )  That the minutes of the fifth
regular meeting of Senate for the
Session 1950-51 be taken as read,
and adopted.
Carried. Wednesday, uctober 17, 1951.     1759
Appointment of Standing Committees
and Representatives on University
Committees for the Session 1951-52
In accordance with the resolution of Senate on
August 24th, 1951, the Chair presented recommendations for
membership on committees for the Session 1951-52 as follows:
Standing Committees of the Senate
Mr. K.P. Caple (Chairman)
Mr. Ernest Perrault (Secretary)
Dr. A.E.D. Grauer
Dr. C.A.H. Wright
Dr. H.V. Warren
Mr. F.J. Burd
Miss Marjorie Agnew
Chancellor Sherwood Lett   )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie )  ex-officio
Mr. G.C. Andrew )
Dean H.F. Angus (Chairman)
Dean M.D. Mawdsley (Secretary)
Dean G.F. Curtis
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean H.J. MacLeod
Dean Blythe Eagles
Dean E.L. Woods
Dean M.M. Weaver
Dean Lowell Besley
Dean W.H. Gage
Mr. T.R. Hall
Mr. K.P. Caple
Dr. A.E. Grauer
Mrs. F. MacKenzie Ross
Chancellor Sherwood Lett   )
President N.A.M.   MacKenzie   )     ex-officio
Mr.   G.C.   Andrew )
Chancellor-Emeritus E.W. Hamber
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean H.J. MacLeod
Mr. C.B. Wood Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1760
Lt.-Col. R.Vi/. Bonner, O.C., U.B.C. Contingent, C.O.T.C.
Cmdr. F.J.E. Turner, O.C., U.N.T.D.
S/L A.R. Haines, O.C., R.C.A.F. (Auxiliary)
University Flight
Mr. Vaughan Lyon, President, Alma Mater Society
Chancellor Sherwood Lett  )
President N.A.M,  MacKenzie   )     ex-officio
Mr.   G.C.   Andrew )
Dr. Roy Daniells (Chairman)
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor
Chancellor Sherwood Lett   )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie )  ex-officio
Mr. G.C. Andrew )
Dr. W.N. Sage (Chairman)
Dr. G.M. Volkoff
Mr. J.F. Muir
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean H.J. MacLeod
Dean G.F. Curtis
Chancellor Sherwood Lett  )
President N.A.M, MacKenzie )  ex-officio
Mr. G.C. Andrew )
Dr. Roy Daniells (Chairman)
Dean H.F. Angus
Dean M.D. Mawdsley
Chancellor Sherwood Lett  )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie )  ex-officio
Mr. G.C. Andrew ) Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1761
Dr. H.V. Warren
Mr. K.P. Caple
Dr. Sage   )
Dr. Gibson )  That the personnel of committees and
the representatives of Senate as listed
be approved.
Appointment of the Library Committee
Notice was received that, at the meetings of the
>-        Faculties in October, the following had been nominated as
* -       representatives on the Library Committee of Senate:
Arts and Science:   Dr. I. McTaggart-Cowan
Mr. J. Creighton
Dr. G. Tucker
Applied Science: Mr. L.G.R. Crouch
Agriculture: Dr. V.C. Brink
Medicine: Dr. S.M. Friedman
Forestry: Dr. G.S. Allen
Law: Mr. G.D. Kennedy
Graduate Studies: Dr. C.V. Brooke
Pharmacy: Mr. F.A. Morrison
Dean Gage  )
Dean Chant )  That the nominees listed, plus the
President and the Librarian ex-officio,
constitute the Library Committee for
the year 1951-52.
Carried. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1762
Appointment of New Committees
Notice was received from the Chair, that in
accordance with resolutions of the meeting of Senate of
August 24th, he had appointed two committees, as follow:
Dean S.N.F. Chant (Chairman)
Dean W.H. Gage
Dr. M.M. Maclntyre
Mr. Finlay Morrison
Dr. G.M. Volkoff
Mr. Robert Osborne
Mr. G.C. Andrew
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor
Dean Lowell Besley
Miss Marian Henderson
Dr. A.H. Hutchinson
Dr. G.M. Shrum
Dean H.F. Angus (Chairman)
Mr. Justice J.V. Clyne
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Mr. G.C. Andrew
Discharge of Committee
In view of the fact that the School of Nursing had
been set up and a Council of the School, as well as an
Advisory Committee, established,
Dean Gage   )
Dean MacLeod )  That the Committee to Consider
Problems of Nursing Education
be discharged.
Carried. I
Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1763
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations of Senate
Notice was received of the action of the Board of
Governors on August 27th, 1951, as follows:
i (a)  Acceptance of the following new awards, as
approved by Senate on August 24th:
, The Dr. L.L. Horvath Scholarships for the
' The Dr. L.L. Horvath Prize in Nursing
The British Columbia Beef Cattle Growers'
Association Bursary
* The Alliance Francaise Bursary
The Richard Ronald Burns Memorial Bursary
, (b)  Approval of the recommendation of Senate of
August 24th that a Department of Neurological
x Research be established in the Faculty of Medicine,
(c) Approval of the following curriculum changes, as
approved by Senate on August 24th:
New Courses:
Commerce 393 (3) Introduction to Hospital
Philosophy 515, Ancient Philosophy
Correspondence Course:  Psychology 100,
Introductory Psychology
Extra-Sessional Courses:  English 426,
Eighteenth Century Literature;
Philosophy 304, Social Philosophy
(d) Approval in principle of the proposals submitted
by Senate with regard to Autumn Congregation, the
installation of Chancellor Lett, the opening of
the War Memorial Gymnasium, and the conferring of
honorary degrees, and authorization for the
carrying out of these proposals.
Chancellor Emeritus
It was reported for information that the Board of
Governors on August 27th had passed a resolution that the
Chancellor Emeritus be asked to serve on such University Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1764
committees and other bodies in such capacities as he might
consider useful and interesting.
New Awards. and Change in Terms
of Awards
Notice was received that the Board of Governors, on
September 24th, 1951, had approved:
(a) The acceptance of the following new awards, subject
to the concurrence of Senate:
The Osier, Hammond and Nanton Scholarship
The Charles E. Frosst and Company Scholarship
(b) Changes in terms of award of the B.C. Credit Union
League Bursary and the Ingledow Prizes.
From the Faculties
Supplemental Examinations. Special
Examinations and Re-readings
The Secretary presented for information a report
on supplemental and deferred examinations held in August,
1951, and on special examinations and re-readings for the
year ending September 30th, 1951.
Candidates for Degrees and
A list was received, supplementary to that
approved by Senate on August 24th, and making a total of 361
candidates to be presented at the Fall Congregation on
October 26th, 1951, for degrees of Doctor of Philosophy,
Master of Arts, Master of Applied Science, Master of Science
in Agriculture, Master of Social Work, Bachelor of Social Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1765
Work, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts (Honours),
Bachelor of Arts (General Course), Bachelor of Commerce,
Bachelor of Home Economics, Bachelor of Physical Education,
Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Architecture,
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in
Agriculture, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Science in
Pharmacy, and Bachelor of Science in Forestry.  Also listed
were candidates for the Certificate in Public Health
Nursing.  The Secretary reported that, in accordance with
established practice certain students in the Faculty of
Applied Science, who were not able to present themselves
for supplemental examinations in August, had been permitted
to write special examinations in the third week of October,
and that the results of the examination of one of these
students were not yet available.
Dean Chant )
Dean Gage  )  That Senate approve the conferring on
the candidates listed the degrees for
which they have qualified and the
awarding of Certificates to the
candidates listed, and that authority
be given the Chair to approve any
necessary corrections of or additions
to this list.
Dean Gage questioned the value of including in
the Congregation programme the titles of theses in connection with the names of candidates for festers' degrees.
After discussion it was agreed that no change be made in the
present practice. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1766
Course Changes, recommended by the Faculties.
as indicated:
Faculty of Graduate Studies
New Courses
(a) A course leading to a Master's degree in
Neurological Research in accordance with the
proposed calendar statement:
Neurological Research
Prerequisites - An M.D. degree, or a Bachelor's Degree with
honours in one of the related fields in
Agriculture, Bacteriology, Biology, Botany,
Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology
or Zoology; or the courses accepted as
prerequisites for the fester's Degree in one
of these subjects.
M.A. Course  - Thesis counting 6 units, and courses in
related fields selected in consultation with
the Department to complete the requirements
of Section 10 above.
It is recommended that students intending to take this
degree should complete in their undergraduate work :
Chemistry 300, Physics 200, Psychology 100 and Biology 100.
Dr. Friedman )
Dr. Cowan    )  That a Master's course in Neurological
Research, as described, be approved.
(b) Graduate courses in Anatomy:
Anatomy 500, Gross Human Anatomy
Anatomy 501, Microscopic Human Anatomy
Dean Weaver )
Dr. Kerr   )  That the above noted recommendations
of the Faculty of Graduate Studies be
Carried. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1767
Other Recommendations
Regulations concerning festers' Degrees
In order to meet the needs of the Master's
candidates in Medical and other Departments, the first
sentence or the regulation, Page 322, Par. 9, of the
1951-52 Calendar be revised to read as follows
"Graduate students who are assistants, receiving
sessional remuneration exceeding $1,000.00, will
not be allowed to come up for final examination
in less than 12 calendar months of supervised
Dr. Cowan )
Dean Gage )  That this recommendation be approved.
Faculty of Arts and Science
New courses and other changes: (Courses marked
with an asterisk also approved by the Faculty
of Graduate Studies.)
Slavonic Studies
Polish 410, The Humanism of the Polish Renaissance
Linguistics 319, General Introduction to Modern Linguistic
Linguistics 320, Romance Linguistics
Latin 315, Roman National Character and Roman Literature
xLatin 522, Roman Elegiac Poetry
xLatin 531, Vergil
Chemistry (to be required of all graduate students)
xChemistry 501 Topics in Physical Chemistry
xChemistry 517 Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
xChemistry 530 Topics in Organic Chemistry
xChemistry 504 Seminar in Physical Chemistry
xChemistry 554 Advanced Head and Mass Transfer Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1768
Chemistry (Cont'd.)
xChemistry 550 from Industrial Kinetics and Catalysis.
1 unit,
to Industrial Chemical Reactions - Theory and Design.
2 units
Zoology 307 increased in value from 2 to 3 units, as
Dean Chant )
Dean Gage  )  That the course changes and new courses
as recommended by the Faculty of Arts and
Science be approved.
Faculty of Applied Science
New courses and adjustments
x Electrical Eng. 559 (2) - Electronic Instrumentation:
The theory and design of electronic
Arithmetic operations, integration and
differentiation, time bases, frequency
division and counting.
Reference: Time Bases. O.S. Puckle,
John Wiley,
Electronic instruments. M,I.T. Radar
Current Journals.
Civil Eng. 354 Surveying 2 - Elementary photogrammetric
surveying and mapping, land survey
systems; essentials of azimuth, latitude
and time determination.  For students in
Forest Engineering.
Textbook:  Breed and Hosmer, Surveying,
Vols. I and II        (2-3;0-0)
Agric. Eng. 450 Agricultural Buildings:  Due to a
combination of timetable and subject
matter alterations, it has become
necessary to change this course from
l-4;l-4 to 2-3;0-0
Mathematics 153 Calculus and Applied Mathematics -
Reserved for Forestry students only
(1 unit) Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1769
Mathematics 154 Calculus and Applied Mathematics -
Reserved for Architecture students only
(2 units)
Dean MacLeod )
Mr*. Muir    )  That the above noted recommendations
of the Faculty of Applied Science be
Faculty of Pharmacy
Student quota
That the quota of students who may be admitted to
the Second Year in Pharmacy be increased from 50 to 60.
Dean Woods   )
Mr. Morrison )  That this recommendation be approved.
Membership in Faculty
That the following be made members of the Faculty
for the Session 1951-52:  Mr. J.G. Moir, Mr. H.M. Mupsik.
Dean Woods   )
Mr. Morrison )  That this recommendation be approved.
Faculty of Medicine
Voting Privileges
That voting privileges in the Faculty be extended
to all part-time clinical teachers of the rank of Associate
Professor or higher.  It was understood that all appointees
in the Faculty, clinical or otherwise, with the rank of
Assistant Professor or higher would receive notices of
meetings and would be entitled to participate in discussion
and serve on committees.
Dean Weaver )
Dr. Kerr   )  That this recommendation be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1770
Title. Distinguished or
Senior Professor"
In connection with this matter, referred to the
Faculties by Senate, reports were received from the
Faculties of Arts and Science, Applied Science, Agriculture,
Law, Forestry, Pharmacy and Graduate Studies, each in
opposition to the introduction of any such new titles.
Dr. James drew attention to the listing in the
1951-52 Calendar of Dr. William ^oyd, as Senior Professor
of Pathology.
Mr. Kennedy )
Dean Chant  )  That Senate recommend to the Board of
Governors that neither the title of
'Distinguished Professor' nor the title
'Senior Professor' be approved at this
University, and that the 1952-53
Calendar record this change with
regard to the listing of Dr. Boyd.
Re-admission of Students
Required to Withdraw
A report was received from the Secretarjr of the
Faculty of Arts and Science that the following appeals from
the ruling of Senate, August 24th, 1951, that they be
required to withdraw from the Faculty of Arts and Science,
had been dealt with by the Committee on Admission, Standing
and Courses of the Faculty, and that in each case it was
recommended that the student be not readmitted.
McNulty, William H.  - First Year Arts
Cameron, Hugh T.    - Second Year Arts
Waldie, John S.     - Second Year Arts
Hackett, Patricia E. - First Year Physical Education Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1771
The following report was received on six students
who had been required to withdraw at the end of the Session
1949-50, but were readmitted provisionally for the Session
Boel, John    - Required again to withdraw
McLuckie, R.J. -   "      "   "   "
Russell, J.R.  -   "      "   "   "
Aird, Hugh C.  - Passed six units in S.S. 1950 and
twelve units Session 1950-51
(one supplemental)
Gill, Gerald A.- Passed nine units (one supplemental)
Roberts, J.L. - Passed twelve units Session 1950-51
and six units S.S. 1951.
New Departments
Notice was received that the Faculty of Medicine
on October 9th, 1951, had adopted a resolution recommending
that the following new Departments be established:
Department of Public Health
Department of Pharmacology, as distinct from Physiology
Department of Psychiatry, to be authorized and to be
established at such time as the Faculty may determine.
Dean Yeaver
Dr. Friedman
Dean Weaver
Dr. Kerr
Dean Weaver
Dr. Kerr
That a Department of Public Health be
established in the Faculty of Medicine.
That a Department of Pharmacology, as
distinct from Physiology, be established
in the Faculty of Medicine.
That a Department of Psychiatry be
authorized, to be established at such
time as the Faculty may determine.
Carried. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1772
Reports of Standing Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
New Awards
It was recommended that the following new awards
be accepted under the terms of award set out:
The R.C.A.F. Chapter. I.O.D.E. Bursary for Nursing
This bursary of $50.00, the gift of the R.C.A.F.
Chapter, I.O.D.E., was awarded in the Session 1951-52
to a student taking her final year in the course leading
to the degree in B.S.N, in the School of Nursing.  The
award was made to a student who had good academic
standing and was in need of financial assistance.
The Osier. Hammond and Nanton Scholarship
This scholarship of $150.00, the gift of Osier, Hammond
and Nanton Limited, will be available annually for a
student in the School of Commerce who is taking the
finance option and is entering the final year of the
course leading to the degree of B.Com.  The award will
be made on the recommendation of the School of Commerce.
In selecting the winner, consideration will be given
not only to over-all academic standing and to special
ability in the field of investment theory, but also to
industry, character and personal qualities.
The Charles E. Frosst and Company Scholarship
A general proficiency scholarship of $125.00, the gift
of Charles E. Frosst and Company of Montreal, will be
awarded annually to the student completing the Third
Year of Pharmacy with the highest standing in the
examinations of the Second and Third Years of the
course and proceeding to the Fourth Year.
The Tel'HM Sororitv Scholarship
This scholarship of $150.00, gift of the Tel'HM Sorority
of Vancouver, was made available in the Session 1951-52
to provide encouragement for a progressive and promising
Native Indian student proceeding to a degree at the
University. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1773
It was also reported that the B.C. Credit Union League had
decided to increase its bursary next year from $100.00 to
$338.00 (the equivalent of the fees in Arts and Science);
and that Mr. T. Ingledow had changed the awards which he
offers annually in accordance with the following
description, thereby increasing his annual donation from
$150.00 to $200.00.
The Ingledow Prizes
Four prizes of $50.00 each, the gift of Mr. T. Ingledow,
P.Eng., are available to undergraduates in the
Engineering B.A.Sc. course who are enrolled as
engineering pupils with the Association of Professional
Engineers of the Province of British Columbia.  There is
one prize for each year of the four year course to be
awarded annually for general proficiency.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Sage  )  That the new awards listed be accepted
and the changes in terms of award
approved and that letters of thanks be
sent to the donors.
It was recommended that no further postponement of
the Women's Canadian Club Scholarship for Mrs. Winston Mahabir
(nee Joan Graham) be granted.  Mrs. Mahabir was granted a
postponement for one year in September, 1950.
Dean Gage )
Mr. Knapp )  That this recommendation be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1774
List No. 4, dated October 16th, 1951, being the
Fall List of Awards of Scholarships, Bursaries, and awards
made by other institutions but announced by the University,
was presented.
Dean Gage   )
Mr. Kennedy )  That this report be accepted.
A report on Student Aid for the current Session
as administered by the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries or as given by outside bodies in
co-operation with the University was received from the
Chairman, under cover of a letter dated October 10th.  It
was noted that from Dominion-Provincial Student Aid a total
of $78,900.00 had been awarded to 375 students; from the
Special Bursaries Fund provided by the Board of Governors,
a total of $21,625.00 to 155 individuals; and from the
Named Bursaries funds $18,115.00 to 121 individuals.  In
addition, $14,000.00 had been awarded to 45 recipients of
Entrance Scholarships and other Fall awards; and $6,850.00
had gone to 28 recipients of awards made by outside
organizations in co-operation with the University.  In all,
a total of $139,490.00 had been awarded to 724 applicants.
It was estimated that the total for the year, including
fellowships, scholarships, prizes, bursaries and loans,
would be about $255,000.00 and would affect about 1,100
students.  This would not take into account D.V.A. Grants
and Loans, assistance through welfare agencies such as the Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1775
B.C. Youth Foundation, assistance through the University
Self-Help or Part-time Employment programmes, University
Assistantships, or aid through scholarships and fellowships
awarded by outside bodies such as the National Research
Dean Gage    )
Dr. Maclntyre )  That this report be adopted.
Mr. McDougall suggested that a summary of this report be
printed on one page of the University Calendar, and this
* matter was referred to Dean Gage by the Chair.
Dr. Friedman moved a vote of appreciation to Dean
Gage for his magnificent work as Chairman of the Committee
on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries, which goes far
beyond what he would be normally expected to do.  A round
of applause was accorded this resolution.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Curtis reported for the Committee on Honorary
Degrees to the effect that in accordance with the minutes of
Senate of August 24th, the Committee had met for formal
action on the following names, as recipients of honorary
degrees at the Fall Congregation:
Admiral Nimitz
Sir Alexander Clutterbuck
The Honourable Milton Gregg, V.C.
Because Admiral Nimitz was unable to accept the invitation to
visit the University.' of British Columbia the Committee Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1776
recommended that the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws,
honoris causa, be conferred on the Honourable Stanley
Woodward, representing the United States of America; the
Honourable Sir Alexander Clutterbuck, representing Great
Britain; and the Honourable Milton Gregg, V.C.,
representing Canada.
Dean Curtis  )
Dean Mawdsley )  That this report be adopted.
Reports of Other Committees
The following report, dated October 12th, 1951,
was received from Dean Chant, Chairman of the Committee
Appointed to Consider the Proposal that the Department of
Physical Education be Reorganized as a School of Physical
Education and Athletics.
"The Committee called at your request to consider the
proposal received by the Senate to reorganize the
Department of Physical Education as a School begs to
report as follows:
(1)  That the title of the Department of Physical
Education be changed to School of Physical
Education.  This recommendation deletes the words
'and Athletics', which were included in the title
as originally submitted to Senate.  The Committee
was of the opinion that since the School was
primarily academic, the addition of the words
'and Athletics' might convey the impression that
credit for the degree was contemplated for
Athletics as is the case in some American
"In order to define the relationship of the School to the
Athletics programme, the Committee recommends that the
terms of reference of the School indicate a twofold
function as follows: Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1777
(a) To supervise the academic courses leading to
the degree of B.P.E. and other course
offerings in Physical Education.
(b) To foster, control and integrate the intra-
'                     mural and extra-mural athletic programmes.
The Committee wishes to reaffirm that the
Director of Athletics, being a member of the
, staff in the present Department of Physical
Education, continue as a member of staff in
>< the School.
(2) That since in accordance with Senate regulations
'                                             a School should be in a Faculty, the School of
Physical Education be organized within the
Faculty of Arts and Science.
(3) That in accordance with the Senate regulations on
Schools, a Director for the School be appointed
t and that the Director and the Dean of the Faculty
of Arts and Science appoint a Council for the
/' (4)  The Committee did not agree 'that the present
£<  Councils and Committees pertaining to Physical
Education and Athletics be dissolved' as
recommended in the original submission.
The Committee recommends therefore:
That the question of the liaison with students and joint
boards of students be placed on the agenda for the first
meeting of the Council and the status of present
Committees on Physical Education and Athletics be
reviewed and recommendations regarding changes in these
be submitted to the Senate and the Board of Governors
for approval."
Dean Chant  )
Dr. Volkoff )  That the recommendations in this report
be adopted by Senate.
Mr. Justice Clyne questioned the reasons for
recommending a change in status of this Department and
criticized the policy of giving degrees for participation
in activities and games, and the emphasis given by the
Department of Physical Education to American football. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1778
Dr. James expressed agreement with the report if one phrase
were deleted 'as is the case in some American institutions,'
which occurs in recommendation (1).  Discussion followed and
in amendment,
Dr. Gibson       )
Mr. Justice Clyne )  That this matter be deferred, to
be presented to the next meeting
of Senate together with the
names of those who are proposed
for membership in the Council of
the School.
The amendment was put and lost.
With the approval of the mover and seconder, the
original motion was modified as follows:
Dean Chant  )
Dr. Volkoff )  That the phrase 'as is the case in
some American institutions' which
occurs in Section (1) be deleted,
and that the report so amended be
approved; and that steps be taken
to set up a School of Physical
Education along the lines indicated
in the report, the composition of
the Council of the School to come
before Senate at its next meeting
for approval.
The question of American football on the campus
was tabled.
On Request of Rector of
University of Ottawa
A copy of the reply prepared by the Committee
appointed, in accordance with the August 24th minutes of
Senate, to Consider the Request of the Rector of Ottawa
with regard to the affiliation of Notre Dame College at
Nelson, B.C., with the University of Ottawa, was read. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1779
Mr. Justice Clyne spoke for the committee, in the absence
of Dean Angus, Chairman.  He stated that the object of the
letter as drafted was to prevent, if possible, any hasty
action in this matter.
In reply to a question by Mr. Fulton as to what
action, if any, might be taken to forestall the possible
development of a denominational university within the
Province, the President made a tentative suggestion that
this newly-elected Senate appoint a committee to give
further consideration to this matter, with the knowledge
that other committees of other Senates had considered the
matter.  The President also referred to the resolution of
Senate passed on January llth, 1949, recommending that
appropriate departments in the University study the
possibility of providing suitable courses that would enable
students at the University to get a fuller and more
accurate understanding of religious matters.
Mr. Fulton )
Dr. Grauer ) # That the Chair be authorized to appoint
a*Committee to give further consideration
to this matter, to bring in a report and
to recommend such courses to the departments concerned as might be influential
in preventing the development of a
denominational university in the
Province of British Columbia.
Mr. Kennedy asked about certain statements made
in the Ubyssey and the downtown press having to do with
regulations governing the dress worn by members of the
teaching staff and more particularly those who might be in
* See p. 1785.
# Motion amended, see p. I785 Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1780
Holy Orders.  In reply the President stated that these
statements were inaccurate and that the matter seemed to
be in hand.  Dean Curtis went on to say that he wished it
placed on the record that the Senate had not been involved
in this matter in any way and that any mention of the Senate
in connection with it was untrue and misleading.
On Canadian Club Lectureships
Since there was no report available, this
question was tabled until the next meeting of Senate.
On Dentistry
The President reported that he had written the
Presidents of all Canadian universities having Dental
Schools or Faculties for relevant information and that he
was forwarding the replies to the Committee.  A further
report might be expected from this committee at a later
Autumn Congregation
The President outlined final plans for the Autumn
Congregation, the installation of Chancellor Lett and the
dedication of the War Memorial Gymnasium, all of which would
take place on Friday evening, October 26th, at 8:00 p.m., in
the War Memorial Gymnasium. Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1781
Analysis of Summer Session. 1951
This report was presented from the Director of
the Summer Session.  It was agreed that it be mimeographed
and circulated to the members.
Report on Registration for the
Session 1951-52
A report on registration showing a total of 5,555
students enrolled was received.  The President pointed out
that approximately 300 of these might be expected to drop
out for various reasons during the Session.
It was agreed that this report on registration,
and the next two items on the agenda, Report on
Correspondence Courses and Report on Registration in
Summer Session in courses under Department of University
Extension be returned to the agenda of the next meeting of
Victoria College Council
Dr. Ewing reported on enrollment at the College
and on the Annual Prize-giving to be held on October 19th.
A letter of appreciation was read from Chancellor
Emeritus Hamber with reference to the invitation extended to
him by Senate to attend meetings of that body. . Wednesday, October 17, 1951.     1782
Other Business
The President reported the receipt of a
communication from the Provincial Medical Health Officers,
strongly recommending a compulsory course for all students
in first-aid training, because of the critical nature of
the international situation.  Dr. MacKenzie reported that
he had discussed this proposal with the Board of Governors
and had written the Minister of National Defence for
information.  The Minister had referred him to the Minister
of National Health and Welfare.
It was agreed that any discussion of this proposal be deferred, pending a reply from the Ministry of
Health and Welfare.
The President stated that he had received a letter
from Major Holmes suggesting that the question of
establishment in respect of the teaching staff be discussed
by Senate.  It was agreed to table this matter to the next
meeting of Senate.
Dr. MacKenzie also reported that the new British
Columbia Cancer Institute building would be officially
opened and dedicated in the Fall, 1952, probably in
October.  In this connection it was anticipated that two
distinguished authorities on cancer, Sir Stanford Cade and
Professor B.W. Windeyer, would be present in Vancouver as
guests of the Institute and the Faculty of Medicine of the ■■#
Wednesday, October 17, 1951.  1783
University, and it was suggested that Senate consider
offering honorary degrees to these individuals.
Dean Weaver)
Dr. Cowan )  That approval in principle be given
the offering of honorary degrees to
the men suggested, subject to their
being present at the time of the
Fall Congregation, 1952.
He also reported that next year the Canadian Bar
Association would be meeting in Vancouver the week of
September 2nd to 6th, and suggested that it might be
appropriate to ask the Association to cooperate with the
University in the formal opening of the new Law Building.
If this were possible it would be interesting to consider
the holding of a Special Congregation for the conferring
of certain honorary degrees.
* Dean Curtis spoke with reference to the elevation
I to the Bench, since the last meeting of Senate, of one of
its members of long-standing, Judge Lord.
Dean Curtis)
Dr. Sage  ) That the Secretary be asked to write
to Judge Lord extending the
congratulations of Senate.
The motion to adjourn was carried.
Chairman.    '     / A


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