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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1927-11-08

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Tuesday,   November  8th,   1927
A   special  meeting of   the   Senate   of  The   University
of   British   Columbia  was   held   on  Tuesday,   November   8th,
1927,   at  8:00  P.M.,   in  the   Board  Room.
Present:     President  Klinck   (in   the   Chair),   Dean
F.   U.    Clement,   Dean   R.   W.   Brock,   Dean  H.   T.   J.    Coleman,
Mr.   H.   M.   King,   Mr.   A.   F.   Barss,   Mr.   W.   E.   Ducfcering,
Dr.   R.   H.    Clark,   Mr.   H.   F.   Angus,   Dr.   M.   Y.   Williams,
Hr.   James  Henderson,   Mr.   D.   L.   MacLaurin,   Hr.   G.   A.
Fergusson,   Mr.   P.   H.   Elliott,   Rev.   Dr.   W.   H.   Vance,
Dr.   T.   H.   Boggs,   Hr.   A.   E.   Lord,   Mr.   Sherwood  Lett,
Mr.   A.   E.   Richards,   Mr.   G.   W.   Scott,   Mrs.   Beatrice   Wood,
Dr.    Cecil   Killam,   The   Most   Rev.   A.   U.   de   Pencier  and
Mr.   Sydney Anderson.
Letters  were   received   from Dr.   Brown  and  Rev.   Mr.
. Sovereign   regretting  their   inability   to   attend   the
nee ti ng.
List   of   Candidates  who  have   completed   the   Course,-
1111 For   the   Degree   of   B.A.
Ashley Wilfred  Boyden
Frank William Elliott
Mary Elizabeth   Guernsey
John   Frank  Meagher
James   Creighton TlcCutcheon,   B.A.Sc.
Andrew Miles  McDermott,   B.S.A.
Myrtle   Nixon
Jean  Eileen  Stewart
Harry  N.   Wells
Margery Hilda Wilkinson.
For   the   Degree   of  B.A.Sc.
Harry  Verney Warren,   B.A.
Dean   Coleman)
Dr.    Clark       )   That   these   recommendations  be
Carried 533
Tuesday,   November  8th,   1927
111?        The  Award  of  Matriculation  Scholarships
t A   letter  was   received   from  the   Chairman   of   the
Committee   on  Prizes   and  Scholarships   and   the   Registrar
in   reference   to   the   method  of   declaring  the   winners  of
Matriculation  Scholarships  and   selecting  the   candidates
to  whom  scholarships   should pass  by  reversion.
Dr.   Williams   )
Mr.   Duckering)   That   we   adopt   the   suggestion   of
y the   Chairman  of   the   Committee   on
Prizes  and  Scholarships  as   a   rul-
, ing  in   this   matter.
In  amendment:
Hr. Lett )
Hr. Angus) That a committee be appointed to consider this recommendation and bring in
; a report to Senate at Its next meet
ing; the committee to be appointed
by the Chair.
1113    Application of Union College (Theological) for Affiliation
Dr. Killam   )
Hr. Fergusson) That the application of Union
College (Theological) for affiliation be granted and that this
resolution for such affiliation
be sealed with the seal of the
University as a statute of the
Senate, upon approval by the
Board of Governors.
Dr. Vance asked that the Seoretary be requested to
produce the documents, if possible, with regard to the
affiliations entered into some years ago.  The Secretary
went to his office and got the information requested. 534
-  I
Tuesday,   November 8th,   1927
Dean   Clement)
Dr.   Clark        )   That  we   consider   (a)   of  item 4   on
the   agenda.
Motion  withdrawn   by  Dean   Clement,   with   the   consent
of   seconder.
In  amendment:
Dr. Vance)
Hr. Scott) That the application of Union College
for affiliation be referred to the
Faculty Council.
From   the   Faculties
1114 Question  of making the   fifty per  pent   rule
(regulation   "9",   page   82,   calendar  1927-28)
Recommendations  were   received   from  the   Faculty  of
Arts   and   Science,   the   Faculty  of  Applied  Science   and   the
Faculty  of  Agriculture.
Dean   Coleman   )
Hr.   Henderson)   That   the   proposed   regulation  be
In  amendment:
Mr.   Angus        )
Dr.   Williams)   That   the   three   communications   be
referred   to  a   committee   with  power
to   consult  with   the   Faoulty   Council.
1115 Proposed   Changes   In Matriculation  Requirements
Recommendations were   received  from the  Faculty of
Arts   and   Science,   the   Faculty  of  Applied  Scienoe   and   the
Faculty  of  Agriculture. 535
Tuesday, November 8th, 1927
Dr.   Vance   }
Dr.   Killam)   That   the   communications   from  the
faculties  with   regard   to   Matriculation  requirements  be   referred
to  the  Faculty  Council.
Motion lost
Mr. Lett   )
Mr.   Elliott)   That   the   recommendation   of  the
Faculty  of  Arts  and  Science   be
accepte d.
In  amendment:
Dean  Brock)
Dr.   Clark   )   That   the   recommendation   of   the
Faculty   of  Applied   Science   be
Amendment   lost
Motion   oarried
Reports  of   Committees
To  draw up  definite   statutes  of Affiliation  for
1116  Junior   Colleges	
Mr.   Scott,   for   the   committee,   reported  progress.
To   study  the   question   of  Summer   Session   and  Extra-
H17 mural   courses   in  all   its   bearings
Reports were   received  from  the   Faculties   in
reference   to   this.
Hr.   Lett   }
Hr,   Angus)   That   the   report   of   this   committee  as
contained   in   the   summary  of   recommendations   be   considered   clause   by
Hr.   Lett   )
Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   1   be   adopted.
Hr.   Lett   }
Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   2   be   adopted. 536
Tuesday, November 8th, 1927
In amendment:
» Dean  Brock     )
Dean   Clement}   That   the   University  degree  be   not
v granted  for   courses   In   the
Summer  Session.
Amendment   lost
Hotlon  oarried
Hr.   Lett   )
1 Hr.   Angus)   That   clauses   3,   4,   5,   6  and  7   be
Mr.   Lett   }
I Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   3   be   adopted.
) Mr.   Lett   }
Hr.   Angus)   That   clauses  9   and   10   be  adopted.
Mr.   Lett   )
Hr.   Angus)   That   clauses   11   to   15   inclusive   be
adopte d.
Hr.   Lett   stated   that   there   were   two  amendments   to
clause   16   suggested   by   the   Faoulty  of Arts   and  Scienoe,
one   substituting  "13"   for  "21"   In   sub-section   11,   and
the   other  deleting sub-section   ill.
Hr. Lett    )
Dean Coleman) That clause 16 as amended by the
Faculty of Arts and Science be
adopte d.
Dean   Coleman   )
Hr.   Fergusson)   That   clause   16   stand  over.
Hr.   Lett   }
Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   17   be   adopted.
Carried 537
Tuesday,   November  8th,   1927
Hr.   Lett   )
Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   13   be   adopted.
In   amendment:
Hr.   Fergusson  moved   clause   19   as  an  amendment   to
clause   13.      Did   not   receive   a   seconder.
Motion mqarried
Hr.   Lett   )
Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   16   be   considered.
In  amendment   to   the   motion   to   adopt   clause   16  with
the   amendments  proposed   by   the   Faculty  of  Arts  and
Dr.   Killam        )
Hr.   Duckering)   That   clause   16   be   adopted  with
the   amendment  as   suggested  in
sub-section  ii.
Hr.   Lett
Hr.   Angus
Hr.   Lett
Hr.   Angus
Hr.   Lett
Hr.   Angus
Hr.   Lett
Ur.   Angus
Hr.   Lett
Hr.   Angus
That   clauses  20,   21  and 22   be
adopted.     Insert  "academic"   before
"year"   In   clause   20.
That clause 23 be adopted.
That clauses 24 and 25 be adopted.
That clauses 26 and 27 be adopted.
That clauses 28 and 29 be adopted. 538
Tuesday, November 8th, 1927
In amendment:
Dean Brock  )
Dean Clement) That to clause 29 be added "That no
member of the regular teaching
staff be allowed to teach in
Summer Session for more than two
consecutive years."
Amendment lost
Motion carried
Hr. Lett )
Hr. Angus) That clause 30 be adopted.
Hr. Lett)
Hr. Lord) That clause 31, as in the report submitted by the committee, be adopted.
In amendment:
Dr.   Coleman)
Hr.   Angus      }   That   clause   31,as   amended   by   the
Faculty  of Arts  and Science,   be
Carrie, d
Hr.   Lett   )
Hr.   Angus)   That   clause   32   be   adopted.
Clause   33   deleted.
Hr.   Lett   )
Ur.   Angus)   That   clause   35   be   adopted*
Hr.   Angus       )
Dr.   Williams)   That   clause   35(a),   as   It   appears   in
the   report   of   the   Faculty  of  Arts
and   Science,   be   adopted.
Note:   the  words   in  parenthesis  are   deleted  as
they  were   included   through  error.
Mr. Lett )
Hr. Angus) That clause 36 be adopted.
Carried 539
Tuesday, November 3th, 1927
Hr. Lett )
IHr. Angus) That clauses 37, 38, 39 and 40 be
Hr. Lett }
Mr. Angus) That the report as a whole, not as
this summary of recommendations but
the original report as submitted by
the Committee to Senate, with
amendments, and excepting clauses
19, 33 and 34, and with the addition
of 35(a), be adopted.
(Note:   The   marginal   references   are   to   the   page   of
the   Report   at  which   the   reasons   for   the   policy
embodied   in   the   resolutions  are   indioated.)
On  F.   3.     1.     The   standard  of  requirements   for S.S.   work
shall  be  equivalent   in all   respects   to   that
of W.S.   work and   no   credit   shall   be   given
for   courses   not   fully equal   in  value   to
those   of   the  W.S.
On   P.   4.      2.     Every  undergraduate   seeking a   degree   without
attendance   at   a W.S.   in   the   Fourth  Year
shall   be   required   to   write.   In  addition   to
the   exams,   in  each   course,   one   paper  in  each
of   the   two   departments   In  which  his  major
work has   been  done.     These   papers  will   be   on
the   whole   of   the   undergraduate's   Third   and
Fourth   Year work  in   those   departments.
3. The   maximum   credit   for  S.S.   work   in  any  one
calendar  year   shall   be   6   units;   and   the
maximum of   credit   for  work  other   than  that
of  the   regular S.S.   and W.S.   shall  be  3
units   per  year  and   15   in  all   (subsequent   to
Senior Hatri c. )
4. The   S.S.   shall   be   seven weeks   in   length   and
shall  provide   for   the   same   number  of
lectures   per  unit   of   credit  as   the   W.S. 540
Tuesday,   November  8th,   1927
On  P.   4.        5.     Preparatory work  shall   be   provided  from
Sept.   to  June   prior   to   the   S.S.
if 6.     The   nature   of   this  work  shall   be   deter
mined   by   the   Department   offering  the   course
to  which   it   is   preparatory,   and  may  range
from  prescribed   reading  to   a   preparatory
correspondence   course.
7. A   candidate   proposing  to  undertake   this
preparatory work   shall   register prior   to
Oct.   1st.      (or   subject   to   the   penalties
applying   to   late   registration   In   the   W.S.
between  Oct.   1st   and   Jan.   1st).
8. A   candidate  who   does   not  undertake   this
work  may   register  at   any   time   prior   to   the
;fj| commencement   of   the   S.S.   but  may   not
register  for more   than 4-g  units  of  work
for   credit.
On  P.   5.        9.      The   preparatory work  shall   be   tested   by  a
\. paper  to   be   written  in   the   first  week  of
* the   S.S.
10. If  a   student   does   not write   this  paper,   or
fails   in   it,   he   shall be   required   to   reduce  his   registration to  4g- units   of work
for   credit.
11. Students   seeking  to   remove   supps.,   or   repeating  a   course   in  which   they   failed   in
the   W.S.,   may   register   for   6   units   Of  work
for   credit   without   undertaking   the   preliminary work.
12. Examinations   on   the   courses   of   the   S.S.
shall   be   held  at   the  end  of   the   S.S.
;jM 13.  Supps. and Special exams, may be granted to
students who have failed in S.S. exams, in
the same way as to students who fail in
W.S. exams.
14.  A regular date shall be set for these Supps,
and no Special exam, shall be granted
earlier than Oct. 1st of the year In which
the S.S. was attended.
15.  If a student falls in two Supps. (or Sp.
Exams.) In respect of the same course no 541
Tuesday,   November  8th,   1927
On  P.   5. further  Supp.   or  Sp.   Exam,   shall   be
granted  him  in   respect   of   that   Course.
16. Afternoon and  evening  classes  are
approved   subject   to   the   following  conditions:
1.     There   shall   be   70   lectures   for 3
units   of   credit.
ii.     The   classes   shall   be   open   only   to
students  who   are   at   least   18   years
of  age   and who  have   completed
Senior Matric.   or  First   Year Arts.
ill.      The   classes   shall   be   given  at   the
iv.      The   classes   shall   be   self-supporting.
17. In  testing  students  who have   attended A.
or E.   classes   the   ordinary W.S.   exams
shall   be  used   if   convenient.     Supp.   and
Sp.   Exams,   may   be   granted  on  the   principles  laid  down  for  S.S.   exams.
On  P.   6. 13.     Extra-mural   instruction   shall   not   be
offered.      (This   rule   is   not   to   be   understood  as   an   obstacle   to  either  preparatory
correspondence   courses  prior  to  a  S.S.   or
Reading   Courses   as   described   below)
20. No   credit   shall   be   granted   for  Extramural  work done   at   other universities   in
the   same   academic  year   in  which  W. S. ,
S.S.;   A.   and E. ;   or  Reading   Course   work
has   been  attempted  at   this  University.
21. E-H work  done  at  other universities  prior
to   registration   at   this   university  may   be
accepted   if  approved  by  the   Faculty   concerned,,  but   shall   not  exceed   the   total
number  of  units   of   credit   obtainable   here
without  attendance   at  W.S.   or  S.S.   (i.e.
3  units  per  year  and   15  units   in  all   subsequent   to  S.H. )
22. If   credit   is   granted  for E-H work  taken
elsewhere   the   total   of work which   the
student   concerned  may   take   at   this  university without  attendance   at   a W.S*   or 542
»' Tuesday,   November   8th,   1927
On  P.   6. S.S.    shall   be   correspondingly   reduced.
23.     Reading  courses   shall   be   open   to  S.S.
students   in   the   same  way  as   to  W.S.
students.      (i.e.      One   course   not   exceeding 3  units   in   the   Fourth  Year   subject   to
the   approval   of   the   department   conderned)
A  S.S.    student   shall   be   deemed   to   be   in
his   Fourth   Year when he   has   completed
15   units   of   oredit   in   Third   and   Fourth
Year   courses.
On   P.   7.        24.      Any  extension   of   the   number  of  units   of
credit   offered   to  W.S.   students   through
Reading  Courses   shall   apply   to   S.S.
students   as  well.
25. Reading  Courses   shall   not  be   open   to
students  who   are   not  proceeding  to   a
B.A.   degree   by  W.S.   or  S.S.   work at   this
University   (except,   as   at   present,    to
M.A.    candidates).
26. S.S.;   A.   and  E.    classes;   and   R.C's.
should   be   made   financially   self-supporting.     Whether   any  expenditure   is   justifiable   for   courses   not   likely   to   prove
self-supporting   is   for   the   Board   of
Governors   to   decide.
27. For   the   purpose   of   para.   26   the   cost   of
these   courses   should   be   taken   to   include;
the   cost   of   instruction,   any  additional
expense   occasioned   to   the   Library;   any
administrative   cost  which  would   not
otherwise   be   incurred;   any  expense   necessary   to   make   good   any   teaching
services withdrawn   from W.S.   work.
28. The   teaching  staff   should   receive   adequate   compensation   for   the   increased
length   of   the   S.S.;   for  any  preparatory
correspondence   work;   for additional
29. The   teaching  staff   should  not   be   required   to  undertake   an   amount   of   work
which  will   prejudice   research  etc.;   or
which   will   Impair   the   quality  of  W.S.
work. 543
Tuesday,   November  8th,   1927
On  P.   8.        30.      Six  units  of   credit   towards  a   B.A.
degree   should  be  made   available   in  the
Department  of  Education.
31.      (a)   The   Faculty  of  Arts  and  Science   is
invited   to   recommend  a   number  of
courses  in Education which  may  be
offered   in  Winter   Session   or  Summer
Session,   in  Third   or  Fourth  Year.
(b) An undergraduate may take any two of
these courses (six units) for credit
towards   the   B.A.   degree.
( c)   An  undergraduate   with   special   qualifications  may  (on   the   recommendation
of  Faculty)   be   allowed   to   substitute
an  advanced   course   in  Education   (of
similar   content)   for   one   of   the
courses  mentioned   in   the   two
previous   paragraphs.
32.      Credit   for   courses   in  education   taken   in
previous  S.S.'s   should  be   given  only  if
the   courses   correspond   closely  in   content
and   standard with   those   proposed   by  the
Faculty;   and   only   if   any   prerequisites
imposed   in  respect  of   those   courses  had
been   taken previously  to   the   S.S.   course
for  which   credit   Is   sought.      It  will   be
for   the   Faculty   to   make   recommendations
in   appropriate   cases.
35.      W.S.    students   taking  S.S.    courses   not
already  attempted   in   the  W.S.   shall   be
limited   to  4J$ units   of   credit.
35. (a)   Not   more   than   30   units   of   credit   may
be   obtained   in   the   two   academic
years   subsequent   to   Junior Matriculation  nor  more   than   15   In   the
academic  year   subsequent   to  Senior
Matri culatlon.
36. S.S.   work   shall   not   be   used   to   shorten
the   course   for  W.S.   students   to   less   than
3  years   from  Senior  Hatric.   or 4   years
from  Junior Matri c.
On  P.   9.        37.      The   establishment   of   courses   for   students
not   seeking  degree   oredits   is   approved,
subject   to   these   courses   being  financially
self-supportl ng. 544
I >
On P. 9.
Tuesday, November 3th, 1927
The general principles of this report
shall apply to other Faculties in the
U. B. C. which may in future institute S.S.
courses or undertake extension work.
This report shall be referred to the
Calendar Committee for action, and forwarded to the President and Board for
It is recommended that immediate effect
be given to this report with a view to
having its provisions adopted and in form
for the session 1927-28, due allowance
being made for any minor adjustments that
may be necessary to secure prompt action.
From  the   Faoulty  of  Arts   and  Scienoe
Applications   of  Haro1d  L.   Campbell   and   F.   C.   Boye8
for   Credit
Hr.   Angus        )
Dr.   Williams)   That   this   matter  be   referred   to   the
Committee   on Admission,   Standing and
Courses,   with  power   to  actu. under
the   terms   of   clauses   21   and  22   of
the   report   Just  adopted.
Request of H. C. Gllliland for approval of course
Hr.   Angus        )
Dr.   Williams)   That   this   matter  be   referred   to   the
Committee   on  Admission,   Standing and
Courses,  with  power   to  act,   under
the   terras   of   clause   20   of   the
report   just   adopted.
Lord   )
That   we   adjourn.
StZuAf a) -/%*


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