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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1977-11-16

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Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
The Third regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British Columbia for
the Session 1977-78 was held on Wednesday, November 16, 1977 at 8.00 p.m. in the Board
and Senate Room.
Present: President D. T. Kenny (Chairman), Chancellor D. F. Miller, Mr. I. Bell,
Dr. C. S. Belshaw, Dr. C. B. Bourne, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Dr. T. H. Brown, Rev. P. C.
Burns, Mr. R. J. Carter, Mr. W. Chow, Dr. D. H. Copp, Dr. P. J. Dooling, Dr. B. A.
Dunell, Miss L. R. Erdman, Mrs. F. Field, Dean W. D. Finn, Dr. C. V. Finnegan, Dean
E. M. Fulton, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Mr. B. Gilfillan, Mr. R. H. Goodwin, Dr. R. F. Gray,
Dr. D. Haley, Mr. D. P. Hamilton, Dr. T. D. Heaver, Mr. A. Hedstrom, Dr. R. H. Hill,
Dr. J. M. Houston, Miss W. J. Hudson, Dr. L. D. Jones, Mr. R. O. Joseph, Miss A. M.
Katrichak, Dr. W. M. Keenlyside, Dr. L. Kraintz, Mr. J. Kulich, Mrs. W. T. Lane,
Dean P. A. Larkin, Dean P. A. Lusztig, Dean K. M. Lysyk, Miss E. McCann, Mrs. H.
McCrae, Dr. D. J. MacDougall, Mr. J. M. Maclntyre, Mr. A. 0. McNeil, Dr. J. H. McNeill,
Mr. J. F. McWilliams, Rev. J. P. Martin, Dr. H. Mitchell, Dr. B. N. Moyls, Dr. P. H.
Pearse, Dean B. E. Riedel, Dr. V. C. Runeckles, Mr. J. H. Russell, Dr. S. O. Russell,
Mr. P. Sandhu, Dr. M. Shaw, Dr. R. A. Shearer, Dr. J. G. Silver, Mr. G. A. Thorn,
Dean G. M. Volkoff, Miss C. L. V. Warren, Dean W. A. Webber, Dean R. M. Will, Dr. J. L.
Wisenthal, Acting Dean D. J. Yeo.
Observer:  Mr. J. A. Banham
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from Mrs. M. F.
Angus, Dr. K. T. Brearley, Dr. J. D. Dennison, Dean W. D. Kitts, Dr. C. A. McDowell,
Mrs. N. B. Noble, Mr. R. F. Osborne, Dr. M. E. Prang, Dr. J. F. Richards, Dr. R. F. Sharp,
Mr. R. S. Whyte.
Minutes of the previous meeting
Dr. Pearse ) That the minutes of the Second regular meeting of
Dr. Moyls   ) Senate   for   the   Session    1977-78,   having   been
circulated be taken as read and adopted. 6909.
Wednesday,  November   16,   1977.
Minutes of the previous meeting  (continued)
In reply to a query concerning a motion passed at the previous meeting to the
effect that students involved in postgraduate residency programs be registered with the
University and pay appropriate fees, the Chairman informed Senate that the Board of
Governors had established a committee for the purpose of making a recommendation,
through the President, to the Board of Governors regarding the appropriate level of fees
to be assessed and paid. The Chairman stated that he did not envisage an early report
from that committee.
The motion was put and carried.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the proviso that none of the programs be implemented without formal
reference to the President and the formal agreement of the President; and that the
Deans and Heads concerned with new programs be asked to indicate the space
requirements, if any, of such new programs.
(i)       Course changes recommended by the Faculty of Dentistry  (P.6094)
(ii) New courses and course changes recommended by the Faculty of Education
(iii)    Curriculum changes recommended by the Faculty of Forestry (p.6904)
(iv) Proposal of the Faculty of Medicine to offer a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory
Science degree program  (P.6884-5 and 6905-7)
(v) That subject to review and agreement by the Chairman of the Board and the
President that there are no substantive changes in the affiliation documents, the
affiliation agreements between The University of British Columbia and St. Paul's
and Shaughnessy Hospitals are approved.  (P.6893-6900)
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Gardner ) That  the  new awards  listed  in  Appendix 'A'  be
Mr. Goodwin   ) accepted subject to the approval of the Board of
Governors, and that letters of thanks be sent to
the donors.
Attention was drawn to the ambiguous wording in the descriptions of some of the
awards. It was suggested that it would be useful if members of Senate could receive a
copy of a statement recently circulated to members of the Board of Governors
concerning prizes, scholarships and bursaries.
Candidates for Degrees
Dean Riedel    ) That the candidates for degrees as approved by
Dean Volkoff ) the Faculties be granted the degrees for which
they were recommended, subject to any necessary
adjustments in the lists to be made by the
Registrar in consultation with the Dean concerned
and the Chairman of Senate.
Carried 6910.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Admissions Committee
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration - advancement regulations
At its meeting of September 14, 1977 Senate referred to the Admissions
Committee proposals from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
concerning advancement regulations.
The committee recommended that the following proposals be approved:-
1) That a student with a normal course-load who passes all courses but
achieves an average below 55% be considered to have failed the year.
2) That a student with a normal course-load who does not pass all courses
and achieves an average below 60% in the courses passed be considered
to have failed the year.
3) That a student who fails in 6 units or more of a required year's work will
be considered to have failed the year and will not receive credit for
courses passed in that year. Students transferring from other Faculties
will not be given credit for courses passed in a Failed Year.
The committee recommended that a further proposal, recommending that the
minimum standard for graduation with a Bachelor of Commerce degree be an
average of 60% in the Commerce courses of the final two years of the degree
program, be referred back to the Faculty for reconsideration.
Dr. Finnegan   ) That     the    recommendations    of    the    Senate
Dean Lusztig ) Admissions Committee  concerning  advancement
regulations in the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration be approved, and that
these regulations apply to all students enrolling
for the first time in September 1978, and
progressively to all students enrolling after that
time in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
During the following debate concern was expressed that the proposals, if
adopted, would result in "mark inflation". It was stated that many Commerce
students took courses in the Faculty of Arts where the passing grade was 50%.
It was explained that under the existing regulations marginal students were
kept in the program too long and ended up failing and not getting a degree. The
new regulations would rectify this situation.
The motion was put and carried. 6911.
Wednesday, November  16,   1977.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Admissions Committee  (continued)
Faculty of Medicine - prerequisites for entrance to Medical School
The committee recommended approval of a proposal from the Faculty of
Medicine to introduce an additional prerequisite for entrance to the Faculty of
Dr. Finnegan ) That either Biochemistry 300 or Biology 201  or
Dr. Copp        ) equivalent   be   prerequisite   to   entrance   to   the
Faculty of Medicine. This prerequisite would be
additional to the existing ones and would take
effect for the academic year 1980-81 and
Report on University's new admission requirements
Senate, at its meeting of September 14, 1977, passed new admission
requirements for students entering U.B.C. from Grade 12. As a result of this step
the President had received a number of communications from various groups
concerning the timing for the implementation of the new requirements, and had
requested that the Admissions Committee re-examine this matter.
Dr. Finnegan explained that the committee had reaffirmed its position with
regard to the timing. He stated that as far as students currently enrolled in
Grade 12 were concerned the only change from previous entrance requirements
would be that calculation of their standing would be from their ten best relevant
subjects rather than twelve subjects, and that admission would be based on the
relevancy of these subjects to the Faculty into which they wanted to enter.
Information had been circulated to the schools by both the Registrar's Office and
Student Services indicating exactly what the situation was in terms of applications
for entrance to the Faculties which admit directly from Grade 12. Since schools
were aware of the relevant subjects required for admission into these Faculties it
was felt that there would be no problem in connection with this particular change.
Changes to be implemented in September 1979 would affect Grade II
students. Again the committee felt that the proposed changes would not create
problems for those students. For admission in September 1979 students would be
required to have English 12 and in addition three other courses at the Grade 12
level from Arts and Science.   The committee had acquired information from the 6912.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Admissions Committee
Report on University's new admission requirements (continued)
computer on how many of the students admitted to University in September of this
year had Grade 12 subjects beyond English 12. Since the computer had not been
programmed to pick up Geography 12 and History 12 because of the fact that they
are not required courses for admission to any of the Faculties, the percentages
obtained were minimal. However, of the students entering U.B.C. in
September 1977 over 60% had three Grade 12 subjects from Arts and Science along
with English 12. Over 80% of the students admitted had two Grade 12 subjects, and
96% had one Grade 12 subject in addition to English 12. The committee therefore
felt that those students in Grade 11 at the present time should have no difficulty in
obtaining three Grade 12 subjects in addition to English 12. However, in the event
that this did cause difficulty for some students the committee had requested the
Registrar to place an appropriate statement in the Calendar to the effect that
students unable to complete the requirements for admission, through no fault of
their own, should request the Principal of their School to write to the Registrar
explaining why the student had been precluded from completing the requirements.
This would then be taken into consideration when applications for admission were
being processed.
For admission to University in September 1981 students would be required to
have Mathematics 11, Science 11, French 11 or a foreign language 11, and three
courses at the Grade 12 level in addition to the government requirement of
English I I and 12 and Social Studies II. A survey of the 3003 students entering
University in September 1977 revealed that over 95% had Mathematics 11, over
91% had Science 11 and 57% had a language 11 or French 11. Dr. Finnegan stated
that it was possible that the language requirement might be a problem but if so it
had not yet been brought to the attention of the committee. The committee did
not, therefore, recommend any change in the timing of the introduction of the
above changes.
Curriculum Committee (See Appendix 'B')
Dr. Runeckles presented the report. The committee recommended approval of new
courses and course changes recommended by the Faculty of Arts with the exception of
Home Economics 211, pending clarification from the School of Home Economics, a new
program and a course change submitted by the Faculty of Medicine, and a course
change from the School of Architecture. 6913.
Wednesday,  November   16,   1977.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee  (continued)
In reply to a query regarding the deletion of History 411 History of Australia and
New Zealand, it was confirmed that the professor who taught the course had now
retired and a replacement could not be hired due to budget restrictions.
Dr. Runeckles )        That the proposals submitted by the Faculty of
Dean Will ) Arts, the Faculty of Medicine and the School of
Architecture be approved.
Nominating Committee
Dr. Bourne informed Senate that Dr. C. A. McDowell had resigned his membership
on the Senate Budget Committee. The Nominating Committee nominated Dr. B. N.
Moyls to fill the vacancy.
Dr. Bourne ) That   the   recommendation   of   the   Nominating
Dr. Copp     ) Committee be approved.
Committee on the Implementation of the Universities Act
Dr. Pearse presented the report which concerned the academic status of
Professional Librarians at The University of British Columbia. The committee had
considered a proposal from the Librarians' Association of The University of British
Columbia which contained the following motions:-
1. that the Senate of The University of British Columbia be requested to
designate professional librarians of The University of British Columbia as
equivalent to faculty members as permitted by the British Columbia
Universities Act under the definition of "faculty member" in the Act.
(Part 1:1)
2. that the Senate of The University of British Columbia be requested to expand
the membership of Senate to include representation of the professional
librarians by one person elected from the librarians' ranks in addition to the
University Librarian, who serves ex-officio.
The committee did not support the first proposal but, in view of the very important
academic function of professional librarians at the University and its relevance to
matters dealt with by the Senate, the Committee made the following
"That Senate, pursuant to the Universities Act, Section 35 (2) (I), determine that one
additional member of Senate be elected by and from the Professional Librarians
employed on a full-time basis by the University who have been employed in that
capacity for a period of four months or longer." 6914.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on the Implementation of the Universities Act  (continued)
Dr. Pearse    ) That the recommendation of the Committee be
Dean Lysyk  ) approved.
Committee on Criteria for Affiliation of Theological Colleges
Senate, at its meeting of February 16, 1977 established the Committee to examine
the Criteria for Affiliation of Theological Colleges and to consider the desirability of
having reviews of affiliations every five years. Mrs. Field presented the following
"The Committee, in its discussion, reviewed the entire concept of affiliation with
theological colleges and recommends as follows:
That Senate give notice, effective immediately, that no additional
affiliation agreement with a theological college will be entertained
now or in the foreseeable future.
The Committee concluded that dissatisfaction in the University community with
the concept of affiliation of theological colleges was sufficiently strong to justify
the recommendation. However, there is a strong sentiment to maintain the
historical relationship with Vancouver School of Theology and St. Mark's College
and Senate, at its meeting of February 16, 1977, agreed to continue the affiliation
of Regent College.
Since current criteria for defining "affiliation" have not been applied rigorously,
these criteria should be revised.
It is the view of the Committee that the following criteria would safeguard the
interests of the University in ensuring that the existing affiliated colleges maintain
acceptable academic standards.
The Committee, therefore, recommends:
That to retain their affiliation with the University the existing
affiliated theological colleges be required to continue to meet the
following criteria:
1. A college shall remain in good standing with a recognized constituency of
churches, or with the other affiliated theological colleges, or both.
2. A college shall appoint to its regular teaching staff people who have
university education to the bachelor's degree and preferably followed by
some further study leading to a second degree in the field of
3. A college which offers an academic program leading to a degree shall
have at least four full-time properly qualified faculty in residence. 6915.
Wednesday,  November   16,   1977.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Criteria for Affiliation of Theological Colleges  (continued)
4. A college shall normally require university graduation as a prerequisite
for admission to its academic programs. Though a college would have
the right to admit some students without previous university training,
students so admitted should not ordinarily constitute a majority of the
student body.  University matriculation should be required as a minimum.
5. A college shall have a sufficient degree of separateness and
independence from any other institution:
(a) to identify its assets and its expenditures;
(b) to mark its specific function;
(c) to give it a governing body of its own.
6. A college shall have authority under the law of the Province of British
Columbia to grant degrees in theology.
7. A college shall maintain, or otherwise supply, library resources adequate
to the academic programs which it offers.
8. A college shall submit a resume of its academic operations to the
Secretary of Senate annually, and it shall be prepared to respond to a
request by Senate for a review of its activities from time to time."
Mrs. Field    ) That Senate give notice, effective immediately,
Dr. Bourne ) that no additional  affiliation  agreement with  a
theological college will be entertained now or in
the foreseeable future.
A statement had been circulated at the meeting from the Principals of Vancouver
School of Theology, Regent College and St. Mark's College. It was argued that it
would be short—sighted if Senate refused to consider a request for affiliation from a
religious body with a serious intellectual tradition. It was also pointed out that in the
rationale given by the committee for their recommendation it was stated that in the
University community there was dissatisfaction with the concept of affiliation.
However, Senate was being asked to make a decision affecting the intellectual life of
the University without hearing the grounds for the dissatisfaction.
During the following discussion attention was drawn to the implication of the term
"affiliation". Some members felt that the term "affiliation" implied to other people
that the University and Senate had approved the courses and the curriculum of
affiliated colleges. The Chairman stated that the Universities Act clearly stated that
affiliated colleges were responsible for their own courses. 6916.
Wednesday, November  16,   1977.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Criteria for Affiliation of Theological Colleges  (continued)
In amendment:
Dr. Shearer    ) That    the    words    "That    Senate    give    notice,
Dr. Mitchell  ) effective immediately, ..." be deleted from  the
After further discussion the motion, as amended, was put and lost.
Dean Volkoff ) That the recommendations concerning criteria for
Mr. Brousson  ) affiliation   of  Theological   Colleges   be   referred
back to the committee.
Report   of   President's   ad  hoc  Committee  on  Academic  Freedom   of  Lecturers  and
The following report was circulated for information:-
An academic community, dedicated to the advancement of learning, must operate
in an atmosphere of mutual tolerance and respect among its members. Responsible
free expression must be guaranteed on the Campus, as must be the right of a
lecturer to speak and an audience to listen.
Dissent is a legitimate part of the free expression of opinions. However, when the
expression of dissent from a speaker's views creates an intolerable interference,
the University is obliged to protect audiences and speakers from intimidation and
harassment and to uphold the integrity of its forum.
As the University's chief executive officer the President has the final responsibility
for safeguarding its capacity to perform its functions. This Committee has
produced the following Report to assist the President in dealing with problems
concerning the academic freedom of lecturers and audiences on this Campus.
Some meetings at this University are in their nature appropriately restricted to
members of the academic community (i.e. students, faculty and staff). However,
the Committee on Academic Freedom of Lecturers and Audiences emphasizes that
meetings should NOT be restricted to members of the University when the reason
for doing so would stem from a desire to avoid controversy or possible disruption,
or because the University has more direct disciplinary control over its students,
faculty and staff. The University has an important role as a major source of
information, knowledge, informed opinion and intellectual stimulation for the wider
community. 6917.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
Report   of   President's   ad  hoc  Committee  on  Academic  Freedom   of  Lecturers  and
REPORT  (continued)
It should strongly assert and protect that role. To that end it should be prepared to
maintain the freedom of its forum in the face of disruption, if necessary by having
recourse to the authority of the Police and law. The President and his designates
(Vice President, University Development; Vice President, Faculty and Student
Affairs) have the authority to summon the police if their presence is necessary to
maintain order at a university meeting.
Disruptors, whether members of the University or not, are subject to the University
pressing charges at law for obstructing the use of University facilities. Members of
the University who are charged and convicted at law for such offenses are also
subject to the University's disciplinary action. The claim that this would constitute
some form of prohibited "double jeopardy" is without merit. The possible argument
that members of the University who disrupt its activities do so "on their own time"
and are, therefore, not rightly subject to its disciplinary procedures is specious.
One consequence of such faulty logic would be that, for the University to maintain
the integrity of its functions in the face of disruptive activities by its members, the
police and the law would be the only recourse open to the University. Finally, the
Universities Act in Sections 58 and 59, provides broad authority for the President
to take disciplinary action against members of the University, students, faculty and
staff. Penalties, subject to appeal to the Board of Governors, include suspension or
dismissal. During meetings, Chairmen must distinguish non—disruptive behaviour
such as enthusiastic participation, heated exchange, impulsive outbursts, irritating
interruptions and even rudeness, from serious sustained attempts by members of
the audience to disrupt the meeting. In the former case it is in order for the
Chairmen to encourage a measure of orderliness, quiet and decorum. In the event
of serious disruption, however, the Chairman is advised to follow the procedure
recommended in APPENDIX II. (Not circulated to Senate)
The President's ad hoc Committee on Academic Freedom for Lecturers and
Audiences recommends:
1. That the main body of this Report and Appendix I (Statement on Academic
Freedom) be given circulation in the university community. To this end the
Committee recommends that the President enter into discussion with the
Executive of the Faculty Association concerning placing the Statement on
Academic Freedom, or some similar mutually acceptable statement, in the
Faculty Handbook, and that the same statement be laid before Senate for
inclusion in the University Calendar.
2. That the Procedures for Chairmen of Meetings (Appendix II) be made
available by the Office of the President to chairmen of meetings held on the
Campus. The Office of the President should be prepared to recommend a
chairman, if requested by the organizers of a meeting.
3. That the President enter into discussion with representatives of the R.C.M.P.
and with the University's solicitors to establish the procedures that shall be
followed in the event of serious disruption of the University's activities. 6918.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
Report   of   President's   ad  hoc  Committee  on  Academic  Freedom  of  Lecturers  and
Audiences (continued)
The members of the University enjoy certain rights and privileges essential to the
fulfilment of its primary functions: instruction and the pursuit of knowledge.
Central among these rights is the freedom, within the law, to pursue what seem to
them fruitful avenues of inquiry, to teach and to learn unhindered by external or
non-academic constraints, to engage in full and unrestricted consideration of any
opinion. This freedom extends not only to the regular members of the University
but to all who are invited to participate in its forum. Suppression of this freedom,
whether by institutions of the state, the officers of the University or the actions of
private individuals, would prevent the University carrying out its primary functions.
All members of the University must recognize this fundamental principle and must
share responsibility for supporting, safeguarding and preserving this central
freedom. Behaviour which obstructs free and full discussion, not only of ideas
which are safe and accepted but of those which may be unpopular or even
abhorrent, vitally threatens the integrity of the University's forum. Such behaviour
cannot be tolerated."
Referring to Recommendation I, Dr. Finnegan gave notice of the following motion
for discussion at the December meeting of Senate:-
"That the statement on Academic Freedom be approved by Senate for inclusion in
the University Calendar."
Advertising of U.B.C Job Vacancies
Dean Volkoff  ) That  the  Senate  resolution  of  March  24,   1971
Dean Will        ) concerning the mandatory advertising of U.B.C.
job vacancies nationally in Canadian publications
be modified by providing the possibility in well
documented cases of making administrative
appointments of Heads of Departments, Directors
of Schools and Institutes, Deans of Faculties and
Vice-Presidents, internally without necessarily
advertising such vacancies outside the University.
It was explained that in cases where Department Heads, etc., resigned that
particular position but continued as a professor, an extra salary had to be found in order
to hire someone from outside the University. Due to present budget restrictions this was
becoming increasingly difficult. If replacements could be found internally this would
alleviate the problem. It was emphasized, however, that in cases where resources were
available jobs would be advertised.
The motion was put and carried. 6919.
Wednesday,  November   16,   1977.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Proposal to discontinue the Institute of Astronomy and Space Science
Dean Larkin    ) (i)      That the Institute of Astronomy and Space
Dean Volkoff ) Science be discontinued.
(ii) That the functions of the Institute be
assumed by the Department of Geophysics
and Astronomy.
(iii) That consideration be given in five years for
the establishment of a Department of
(iv) That the President be requested to establish
a Committee on Space Science.
It was stated in the proposal that the recommendation to discontinue the Institute
of Astronomy and Space Science arose from a review of the development of the
science astronomy at the University. The Institute had served well the purpose of its
inception, but it was now no longer appropriate.
Following a brief discussion the motion was put and carried.
Proposal to establish a Centre for the Study of Childhood
It was stated in the proposal circulated to Senate that the purpose of establishing a
centre was to stimulate and facilitate studies of childhood by providing a resource
centre for those involved in conducting such research.
Dean Larkin ) That the proposal of the Faculty of Medicine to
Dr. Hill ) establish a Centre for the Study of Childhood be
It was suggested that several Faculties and Departments would be interested in
having representation on the proposed Advisory Committees to be set up if the
proposal were approved.
Due to the lateness of the hour it was agreed that discussion of the proposal be
postponed until the December meeting of Senate.
Academic Year 1978-79
A draft of the section of the Academic Year for inclusion in the Calendar had been
circulated for information.
Report of the Director of Summer Session 1977
The report of the Director of Summer Session had been circulated for information. 6920.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
Report of the Tributes Committee
Dr. Moyls presented the report of the Tributes Committee. Members of the gallery
were asked to leave.
The following memorial statement had been prepared in accordance with the
custom of Senate in recognition by the University and the Senate of the late
Marjorie Agnew.
When Marjorie Agnew died on October the eleventh this year after a prolonged illness,
Vancouver lost a valued and distinguished citizen.
A graduate of the University of British Columbia, in the class of Arts '22, she was
during her undergraduate years an active member of the Musical Society and the
Player's Club, and served as secretary of the Students' Council. She was secretary of
the Student Trek movement in the years 1922 and '23. In 1947, on the twenty-fifth
anniversary of the Great Trek, she received the Great Trekker Award.
By profession she was a school teacher. She started her teaching career at Lord
Tennyson Elementary, became girls' counsellor at Templeton Junior High, and later
was placed in charge of the first girls' unit at the Vancouver Technical School. While
on the staff of Templeton School, she organized the first Sir Ernest MacMillan Club in
October, 1937. Its purpose was to foster an interest in the fine arts among young
people. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and soon there were MacMillan Clubs in many
schools throughout British Columbia. The name was chosen because the distinguished
musician, Sir Ernest MacMillan, was an old friend of the Agnew family.
Before long the MacMillan Club Spring Festival, with competitions in music, the
speech arts, dance, the graphic arts and literature became an annual event taking
place in a number of schools. The MacMillan Club Rally, an annual event also, was
held in the Malkin Bowl on the first Sunday of June. Prize winners and other talented
members of the Clubs performed in this public concert, at which Sir Ernest MacMillan
was usually present. Some of Vancouver's noted musicians and artists were winners of
the MacMillan Club Scholarships.
For many years Miss Agnew was a member of the Board of Directors of the Vancouver
Symphony Orchestra. She arranged that senior school students should usher at
concerts in the Orpheum Theatre and the Georgia Auditorium. Thereby many young
people, who would not otherwise be able to do so, were able to see and hear famous
She served on the U.B.C. Senate from 1951 to 1957 and was a member of the first
U.B.C. Music Committee out of which eventually came the establishment of our
Department of Music. Her energy, kindness, and unfailing ability to get things done
lives in our memories. She never expected thanks or sought for honours. She was
asked by this Senate in 1963 to accept an honorary degree. She declined. To work and
succeed was for her enough.
We remember a dedicated, energetic woman who contributed so much to the
developing of the imagination and creativity of the young people in this province. 6921.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
Report of the Tributes Committee  (continued)
Dr. Moyls       ) That this Memorial  statement be spread on the
Miss Warren ) minutes of Senate and that a copy be sent to the
relatives of the deceased.
The meeting adjourned at I 1.00 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, December 14, 1977.
Chairman 6922.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
New Awards Recommended to Senate
The American Academy of Periodontology Award - This award consists of a
one—year subscription to the Journal of Periodontology beginning in January of the
year following graduation, together with a student award certificate given by the
American Academy of Periodontology to the graduating student who has excelled in
the field of Periodontics.
British Columbia Forest Products Limited Fellowship in Soil Science - This
fellowship, the gift of British Columbia Forest Products Limited, provides $5,000
annually for support of graduate studies in soil resources, in the Department of Soil
Science at The University of British Columbia. The Company hopes these studies
will lead to improved understanding of the soil resource for forestry. The award is
renewable for a maximum of three years for any one individual, while in full
attendance at the University. The award will be made on recommendation of the
Department of Soil Science.
The Frederick W. Coffin Memorial Bursary - A bursary in the amount of
approximately $300 has been made available by the late Frederick Winfield Coffin.
The award will be made to an undergraduate student in Civil Engineering.
The Peter Demco Memorial Bursary - This award, in the amount of $100, has been
made available in memory of Peter Demco by his daughters. The award will be
made to a graduate student in the Department of Civil Engineering who is in need
of financial assistance. Preference will be given to a student specializing in
The Elephant Guard Award - Two or more awards of $250 each to be awarded to
students entering the third or fourth year in Mechanical Engineering. The award(s)
will be based on (a) active participation in mechanical club activities, and
(b) financial need. Candidates for the award(s) must have received a second class
standing in the previous year. Students wishing to be considered should contact the
Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department no later than September 30th.
Applications will be by letter which should indicate the candidate's activities and
financial circumstances.
The H. R.
MacMillan Scholarship in
~     tne
Commerce and Business
Administration - A
in tne amount of approximately ST00 is available from a
established by the late Dr. H. R. MacMillan, C.B.E. The award will be made to an
undergraduate student in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, on
the recommendation of the Faculty.
The Mortguard Trust Company Scholarship - A scholarship of $500, established
through the generosity of Mortguard Trust Company will be awarded to a deserving
student in third or fourth year Commerce specializing in Urban Land Economics or
in Finance with a demonstrated interest in Mortgage Lending.
The Russell and DuMoulin Awards in Law - The firm of Russell and DuMoulin,
Barristers and Solicitors, will provide two awards for students proceeding from the
second to third year of studies in the Faculty of Law. The awards consist of the
opportunity for employment with the firm in the summer between second and third
year and the payment of the students' tuition fees for the third year of study in the
Faculty. 6923.
Wednesday,  November  16,   1977.
New Awards Recommended to Senate  (continued)
The Catherine Cooke Topping Memorial Medal - A silver medal has been donated by
Dr. C. W. Topping, Professor Emeritus, in memory of his mother, Catherine Cooke
Topping, who for many years was a music teacher in Ontario and Quebec. The
medal will be presented to a student in the Department of Music based on musical
excellence as expressed by creativity and presentation. The award will be made on
the recommendation of the Department of Music.
The Christopher E. Webb Prize - Through a bequest by the late Christopher E.
Webb, the Association of Professional Engineers provides a prize in the amount of
$100 to a student in third year Engineering, who is interested in the study of the
water resources of British Columbia. The award will be made on the
recommendation of the Department of Civil Engineering. 6924.
Wednesday, November  16,   1977.
Course and curriculum proposals
Asian Studies
New courses
New course
Chinese 412 - change in description
Chinese 414(3) Tz'u and ch'u
425 (3) Readings in Chinese Philosophical Texts
Japanese 102 (3) Basic Japanese
103 (3)  Basic Japanese
Japanese I 10 (3)  Introduction    to   Reading   and   Writing
Japanese200 (6)  Intermediate Japanese split into two
courses, now reads:-
Japanese 200 (3) Intermediate Japanese Reading and
Japanese 201 (3) Intermediate Japanese Conversation
and Composition
Japanese 100 and 101 - change in title
Sanskrit 305 -  change    in   description   (formerly   Indie
Languages 305)
Classical Studies 301 (life) The Technical Terms of Medicine
and Biological Sciences
English 416 - change in title
Geography 337, 423, 427, 460, 467 - change in title
Change in requirements - increase from 3 to 6 units the History requirement for
First and Second Years for the Major and Honours Program in History and the
Honours Program in History with International Studies.
New course
History 411 (3) History of Australia and New Zealand
History 441 (life) Anti-Semitism and Nation-Building 6925.
Wednesday,  November   16,   1977.
Course and curriculum proposals
FACULTY OF ARTS  (continued)
Slavonic Studies
Philosophy 201 - change in description
Slavonic Studies 441 (3) Problems of Soviet Economic
New course Theatre 261 (3)  Intermediate Acting
Additions to requirements
Science requirement -     Oceanography 310 to be added to list of courses available
to Arts students to satisfy science requirement.
Literature requirement -add Women's Studies 224
New program
Psychiatry 650  Postdoctoral Internship in Clinical
A one-year program for clinical psychologists who wish to
develop specified skills in mental health intervention.
Supervised training at the Health Sciences Centre
Hospital by Department of Psychiatry faculty includes:
the behavioural approaches to marital discord, anxiety
disorders, reactive depression, sexual dysfunction and
habit disorders; the development of psychological
assessment, consultation and treatment evaluation skills;
and the development of community team and
interdisciplinary interaction skills. Prerequisites include a
doctoral degree in clinical psychology.
Medical Genetics 440 - increase in allocation of time from
15 to 27 lecture hours. (This increase has occurred
gradually over the past two years.)
Arch 41 I - change in title


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