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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1926-10-20

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Wednesday,   October   20th,   1926
The   first   regular meeting   of   the   Senate   of   The
University   of  British   Columbia   for   the   session   1926-27
was  held   on   Wednesday,   October   20th,   1926,   at   8:00   F.M.,
in   the   Board   Room.
Present:   President  Klinck   (in   the   Chair),   Dean   F.   H.
Clement,   Mr.   H.   M.   King,   Mr.   A.   F.   Barss,   Mr.   H.   R.
Christie,   Dr.   R.   H.    Clark,   Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   Dr.   M.   Y.
Williams,   Mr.   James  Henderson,   Mr.   G.   A.   Fergusson,   Dr.
E.   B.   Paul,   Rev.   Dr.   V.   H.   Vance,   Dr.    C.   Killam,   Hr.   G.   W.
Scott,   Mr.   A.   E.   Lord,   Mr.   Sherwood   Lett,   Mr.    J.   M.
•Turnbull,   Mr.    J.    S.   Gordon,   Mr.   G.   E.   Bobinson,   Mr.   A.   E.
Richards   and  Miss   A.   B.    Jamieson.
Mr.   Gordon)
Dr.    Clark   )   That   the   minutes   of   the   regular
meeting  of   May   5th,   1926,   and  of   the
special   leeting   of   September  20th,
1926,   be   taken  as  read,   and adopted.
Letters   from  Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett   and   Dean   Coleman
regretting  their   inability   to   be   present   at   the   meeting
were   read.
Mr.   Fergusson)
Dr.    Buchanan   )   That   these   letters   be   received
and   filed.
From   the   Board  of  Governors
993 A   communication   from   the   Board   of   Governors  was   read
and   correspondence   was   submitted  with   regard   to    the   marks
of Miss   Ellen  Mellish   in   Biology   1        The   Secretary   reported   that   the   matter  had   been   taken   up   by   the   Faculty
of  Arts   and   Science  -   the   Faculty   concerned  -   and  had   been
dealt  with   in   the   way authorized  by  Senate   as   the  procedure   in   the   case   of  any   change   in  marks,   and   that  Miss
Mellish  had   been   notified   of   the   Faculty's  action. 477
Wednesday,   October  20th,   1926
Clark        )
Buchanan)   That   the
letter  be
re ceive d  an
From   the   Faculties
All   Faculties
994 Funotio.ns.   of   the   Library   Committee
The   report   of   the   Committee   of   Senate   appointed
to   define   the   functions   of   the   Library   Committee,
etc.,   referred  by   the   Senate   to   the   three   Faculties   respectively  for   consideration  and
recommendation,   has   been  approved   by  all   the
Faculties  as   it   stands.
Dean   Clement)
Mr.   Henderson)   That   the   communi oat ion   be   filed.
Faou 1 ties   of  Arts  and  Science,   and  A gri oul ture
995 Course   in   Bacteriology 6  -  Agronomy 13.
That   Bacteriology  6   in Arts   -  Agronomy  13   in
Agriculture   -   (Soil   Bacteriology),   for which
provision   was  made   after  the   publication   of
the   present   Calendar,   be   authorized   as  a
course   in  Arts   and   Science,   and  Agriculture   -
two  units.
Dean   Clement)
Mr.   King )   That   the   recommendation  be
Faculty  of  Applied  Science
996 Education  as  a  minor   for   the  M.A.Sc.   degree
That     First   or  Second   Class   standing in  History
and  Principles  of Education   and Educational
Psychology of   the   Teacher  Training   Course  be
accepted  as   equivalent   to  a  Minor  for  the  M.A.Sc.
degree,   subject   in   each   case   to   the   consent   of
the  Head   of  the   Department   in which   the   student
wishes   to  Major. 478
t Wednesday,   October  20th,   1926
Mr.   Turnbull)
Ur.    Christie)   That   this   recommendation   be
adopte d.
Second   Year   Course
997 That   students   entering  the   Second   Year   of  Applied
Science   who   have   not   previously   taken    Chemistry  2(a)
be   required   to   take   Chemistry  2(a)   and  2(b)   during
the   Second   Year;   such  students   being  exempt   from
taking   Civil  Engineering  31.
Mr.   Turnbull)
Dr.    Clark        )   That   the   recommendation   be   adopted.
Reports  of   Committees
998 On   Course   in Home  Economics
Mr.   Fergusson)
Dean   Clement   j   That   the   report  be   received and
considered   clause   by   clause.
Carrie d
1. That   Senate   place   itself  on   record   as   approving most  heartily  of   the   effort   at   present
being made   to   secure,   by   private   subscription
an  endowment   for   the   support   of   a  Department
of  Household   Science   in   the   University  and   its
earnest   hope   that   this   effort   may  meet  with
Mr.    Fergusson)
Dean   Clement   )   That   Clause   1   be   adopted.
2. That pending the completion of this effort
Senate take no formal steps towards determining the content of this Course.  In this connection your Committee would point out:
(a) that no final arrangements should be made
in this connection until a Head of this
work shall be appointed and that Head
consulted, and,
(b) that probably an outline for two of the
four years contemplated for the Course
will, at the outset, be found to be
sufficient. *
Wednesday,   October  20th,   1926
Mr.   Fergusson)
Dean   Clement   )   That   Clause   2   be   adopted.
Mr.   Fergusson)
Dean   Clement   )   That   Clause   3   be   adopted.
In   ame ndment:
Dr.   Vance        )
Mr.   Robinson)   That   Clause   3   be   changed   to   read:
"Your   committee   recommends   that
the   course,  when  adopted,   etc."
Amendment   to   amendment:
Dr.   Buchanan}
Mr.   Christie)   That   Clause   3   be   deleted.
Amendment   withdrawn   by  Dr.   Vance,   with   consent   of
se conder.
Amendment (to amendment) put to vote, and Carried
Mr.   Fergusson)
Dean   Clement   )   That   the   report   as   a  whole,   as
amended,   be   adopted.
999 On  Junior   Colleges
Mr.   Gordon)
Ur.   Scott   )   That   the   report  be   received  and
considered   clause   by   clause.
Wi th^rawn
Mr.   Gordon)
Mr.   Scott   )   That    the   report   be   laid   on   the
table   to  be   taken  up  at   the   next
meeting  of  Senate.
1000 On Amendments to University Aot
Dr.   Killam        )
Dr.   Williams   )   That   the   report  be   received. 430
Wednesday, October 20th, 1926
In amendment:
Mr.    Lord)
Mr.   Lett)   That   this   report   be   received  and   laid
on   the   table   until   the   next   meeting
of   Senate.
10 01 On   Fraternities   and   Sororities
Your   Committee  would   recommend   that   the   letter
of   the  University   solicitor with   respect   to
fraternities   and   sororities   be   received   and
filed   for   future   reference.
M r. Barss   )
Dr. Williams) That the report be adopted.
In amendment :
Dr.   Vance   )
Mr.   Gordon)   That   the   committee   be   respectfully
asked   to   present   their   report   in
writing   in   the   usual   manner.
1002 To Define the Functions of the Library Committee
Dr.   Killam)
Mr.   Lord      )   That   the   report   of   March   12th,   1926,
as   to   functions   of   the   Library   Committee,   as   amended   in  Senate   meeting
of  March   13th,   192G,   and  approved
by   the   three   faculties,   be   adopted.
The   report   is   as   follows:
1.      The   Faculties   of   the   University  be   and   they  are
hereby   requested   to   nominate   five   (5)   of   their
members,   who,   with   the   President   of   the   University,   shall,   upon  approval   by  the   Senate,
constitute   and   compose   the   Library   Committee
of   the   University,   the   funotions   of  which
Committee   shall   be   the   determination   of
Library  policies,   the   making   of   rules   and   regulations   for   the   management   and   conduct   of   the
Library,   the   preparing of   the   Library  Budget,
and   the   administration of   the   funds  allocated
to   the   Library   by   the   Board   of   Governors. 430 A.
Wednesday, October 20th, 1926
2. The Librarian shall be ex officio Secretary of
the Library Committee without voting power.
3. The elective members of the Library Committee
shall be chosen as follows:
three (3) members to be nominated by the Faculty of Arts and Science; one (1) member by the
Faculty of Agriculture; and one (1) member by
the Faculty of Applied Science.
4. These elective members shall be chosen annually
at the first regular meeting of the Faculties
after the First day of September, and such
members shall hold office until their successors
are appointed.
5. The Library Committee as at present constituted
shall hold office until the Library Committee
as hereby constituted is elected.
6. The Committee shall report to the Senate annually
at its first regular meeting after the First day
of September, and shall make such other reports
as and when requested by the Senate.
Note:  The report now becomes a resolution of
Senate and must have the seal of the University on it.
On Resolutions
1003 The Committee recommends that the resolutions of
sympathy be spread on the minutes and that copies be
sent to the relatives of Dr. W. L. Uglow, Mr. E.
Howard Russell and Mrs. E. G. Matheson.
Dr. Williams)
Mr. Robinson) That the. re commendation be
by a standing vot e. 481
Wednesday,   October   20th,   1926
Minute   of   appreciation  of   the   late   Dr.   W.   L.   Uglow,
Mr.   E.   Howard   Russell   and Mrs.   E.   G.   Matheson
and  Senate's   regret   at   their  passing.
The   passing of  Dr.   W.   L.   U?low,   Professor  of
Mineralogy  In  The   University  of   British   Columbia,
is   a  loss   to   the  personnel  of  the   faculty keenly
felt   by both  teachers and administrators.     Standing
high   in  academic  attainment   and professional   record,
Dr.   Uglow was   perhaps   best  and most   favorably  known
because   of  his   friendly  personality and  high   ideals.
Cut   off   in   the   midst   of  an  active   career  and
under   circumstances  peculiarly  sad,   his   loss   comes
with   unwonted   noignancy.
To   Mrs.   Uglow  and   the   little   daughter,   Elizabeth,
to   his  mother  and  sisters,   the   Senate   of  The   University  of   British    Columbia   extends   its   sincere
The   members   of   the   Senate   of   The   University   of
British   Columbia wish   to  place   on  record   their
feeling  of  loss  and  deep   regret   at   the   passing  of
Professor E.   Howard   Russell   of   Victoria   College,
and   to   convey   to  his   sisters   and   brothers   their
sincere   sympathy.     He   was   one   of   the   pioneers   in
University   work   in   this   Province   and   a  former
professor   in   this   University,   whose   influence   was
both   stimulating  and   inspiring.
Resolved   that   the   member?   of   Senate   of   The
University   of   British    Columbia  place   on   record
their   sincere   regret   at   the    death   of   Mrs.   E.    G.
Matheson,   one   respected  and   loved  by  all  who   knew
her   on   account   of her   sterling  qualities   of  mind
and  heart.
To   Frofessor llatheson  and   his   son   the   Senate
extend  their   deepest   sympathy. 1005
Wednesday,   October  20th,   1926
Committee   on   Calendar  for  1,927-38
Dr.   Buchanan   )
Mr.   Fergusson)   That   the   appointment   of   this
committee   be   left   in   the   hands
of   the   Chair.
Carrie d
Senate   Elections,   1927
The   Secretary   stated   that   it   has   been  the   custom
of  Senate   to  appoint  a   committee,   or   to  authorize   a
committee,   to   deal  with   the   place   of  election,   the   time
of   election and  the   appointment   of  scrutineers   and   to
bring  in   a   report.
Dr.    Clark)
Mr.   Lett   )   That  such  a   committee   be  appointed
by   the   Chair.
Carrie d
1006 Question of  Regular Meeting of   Senate   at   close   of
Summer Session
Dr.   Buchanan)
Mr.   Robinson)   That   a   regular meeting of  Senate
be  held  annually,   to   consider
the   results   of   the   Summer   Session
examinations,   at  a   time   to   be
determined  by   the    Chairman   of
Se nate.
1007 Constitution of Summer Session
Dr.   Buchanan)
Mr.   Gordon      )   That   the   question  of   the   constitution   of  the   Summer  Session  be
referred   to  a   committee   to  be
appointed  by  the    Chair.
Carrie d n
Wednesday, October 20th, 1926
A letter from the College of Physicians and
1008 Surge ons was read naming nominees for Board of Examiners
for Chiropractors.
Mr.   Lord     )
Mr. Gordon) That the letter be filed; that the
College of Physicians and Surgeons
be thanked for the names submitted
and notified that these names will
be used by Senate should the necessity arise   during  the   present   year.
In   amendment:
Dr.   Killam)
Dr.   Vance   )   That   Dr.   Wallace   Wilson,   Dr.   G.   E.
Seldon,   Dr.   Walter  Sturdy,   Dr.
Thomas   Urquhart   be   appointed   by   the
Senate  as  members   of  the   Board   of
Examiners  for   Chiropractors   and   that
the   Chief   Justice   of   the    Court   of
Appeal   be   asked   to   appoint   the   fifth
raembe r.
A  letter  from  Mr.   G.   H.   Young was   read  withdrawing
1009 his   application   for   an  examination   in   Chiropractic.
Dr.   Buchanan)
Mr.   King )   That   the   letter  be   filed.
Carrie d
1010 A letter of thanks for the Canadian Club Bursary
from Edgar C. Latimer was read.
Mr.   Gordon)
Dr.    Clark   )   That   the   letter  be   received  and
1011 A   letter  from   the   Superintendent   of Education was
read   in   reference   to   proposed   special   courses   for
teaohers   in   Biology,   Economics,   French  and  Philosophy,
at   Victoria   Colle ge . 484
Wednesday,   October  20th,   192 6
Dr.   Killam     )
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   the   communication   be   referred
to   the   Faculty  of   Arts   and   Science.
Carrie d
1012 A  letter   from   the   Convent   of   the   Sacred Heart   was
read   in   reference   to   their  request   for  affiliation  with
the   University.
Dr.   Buchanan)
Mr.   Gordon      )   That   this   communication   be   received
and   referred   to   the   Faculty   of
Arts   and   Science   and   that   the
Mother   Superior  be   informed   that
the   question' is   being   considered
by  the   Faculty.
1013 Dean   Coleman* s   report   on   the   Summe r  Se ssion   of  1926
was  presented.
Ur.   Gordon        )
Ur.   Henderson)   That   the   report   be   received  and
referred   to   the   Faculty   of Arts
and Science.
1014 Dean   Clement  presented  a   statement   on   the   Faculty
of  Agriculture.
Mr.   Scott        )
Mr.   Richards)   That   we   receive   the   statement.
Dean   Clement )
Mr.   King )   That   the   statement   be   received  and
that  mimeographed   copies   of   that
part  which  has   been   read,   be
placed   in   the  hands   of   Senate.
Carried 435
Wednesday,   October  20th,1926
Mr.   Robinson)
1014 Dr.   Killam     }   That   Dean   Clement   be   asked   to
give   us   the   remainder   of   the
statement   on   some   future   occasion.
Dr.    Vance        )
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   we   adjourn.
jQ (Q /&^*J'


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