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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1946-10-08

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* October 8th, 1946.
A Special Meeting of Senate was held on Tuesday,
October 8th, 1946, at 8:00 p.m., in the Board and Senate
Room. The meeting was called for the purpose of further
discussing the question of the affiliation of a Roman
Catholic College.
i Present: President Mackenzie (in the Chair), Dean D.
Buchanan, Dean J.N. Finlayson, Dean G.F. Curtis, Dr. O.J.
Todd, Mr. W.H. Gage, Dr. H.J. MacLeod, Dr. G.H. Harris, Mr.
A.R. Lord, Dr. J.G. Brown, Dr. H.R. Trumpour, Mrs. Sally
Murphy Creighton, Dr. Sherwood Lett, Mr. A.E.Lord, Dean M.
Dorothy Mawdsley, Miss Florence S. Mulloy, Dr. W.N. Sage,
Dr. A.B. Schinbein, Dr. J.F. Walker, and Dr. H.V. Warren.
Expressions of regret for their inability to be present were received from Dr. J.M. Ewing, Dr. A.E. Grauer,
Dr. C.A.H. Wright, Dr. F.A. Turnbull, Mr. F.A. Forward, Dr.
'A      J.C. Berry, and Mr. K.P. Caple.
> The President gave a brief summary of the action
taken so far and outlined again the alternative conditions
j- under which a Roman Catholic College might be established
in the Province of British Columbia.
After a frank discussion of the problem and the conditions involved,
Dr. Lett  ) That this matter be laid on the
* table to be taken up for discussion
at another special meeting of Senate
to be called by the Chair early in
the New Year and that, in the mean-
_ time, copies of the correspondence
with other institutions that have
* affiliated Roman Catholic Colleges
be distributed to the members of
, Senate on the understanding that
• this material is strictly confidential.
Carried 1251
October 8th, 1946.
It was agreed that the members of Senate should be
free to discuss the question in an informal way with outside persons whose opinions might be of value, but that they
should avoid any action that might lead to newspaper publicity or to the question becoming a public issue.
The President announced that Dr. Wilder Penfield, of
the Neurological Institute, Montreal, had agreed to come to
give the Congregation Address at the Autumn Congregation.
He had suggested to the Committee on Honorary Degrees that
Dr. Penfield be given the Honorary Degree of D.Sc. The
Committee had approved and would submit a formal recommendation at the next regular meeting of Senate. In the meantime, Dr. MacKenzie wished an expression of opinion from
the members of Senate so that Dr. Penfield could be notified
of their intention.  The members of Senate agreed
The President stated that the suggestion had been
made that Premier Hart might be offered an Honorary Degree
at some future Congregation. The members of Senate agreed
that this seemed desirable and suggested that a formal
motion to this effect be presented at the next meeting.
The meeting adjourned.
X^Atr£2^£a^,    (/J


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