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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1958-12-10

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 Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2632
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1958-59 was
held on Wednesday, December 10th, 1958, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: Acting-President G. C. Andrew (in the
Chair), Dr. W.J. Anderson, Mrs. H.F. Angus, Mr. C.B. Bourne,
Acting-Dean CG. Campbell, Dr. J.J.R. Campbell, Mr. A.W.R.
Carrothers, Dean S.N.F. Chant, Dr. I.McT. Cowan, Mr. L.G.R.
Crouch, Dean B.A. Eagles, Dr. G.R. Elliott, Miss M.M. Fallis,
Dr. J.G. Foulks, Dr. S.M. Friedman, Dr. W.H. Gaddes, Dean
W.H. Gage, Mr. C.C. Gourlay, Dr. F.H. Johnson, Dr. J.E.A.
Kania, Mr. J.S, Keate, Mr. F.M. Knapp, Col. H.T. Logan, Dr.
M.F. McGregor, Dean E.D. MacPhee, Dean A.W. Matthews, Mr.
F.A. Morrison, Mr. N.T. Nemetz, Dr. F. Noakes, Mr. H.N.
Parrott, Dr. H.L. Purdy, Mrs. L.E. Ranta, Dean N.V. Scarfe,
Dean F.H. Soward, Rev. W.S. Taylor, Dr. H.V. Warren, Dr. R.W.
Wellwood, Mr. L.G.J. Wong, Rev. H.F. Woodhouse, Dr. C.A.H.
Wright, Dr. S.H. Zbarsky, Mr. N. Harlow and Mr. J.F. McLean.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from President N.A.M, MacKenzie, Mr.
J.M, Buchanan, Mr, K.P. Caple, Mr. H.C Gilliland, Dean H.C.
Gunning, Dr. W.H. Hickman, Major H.C. Holmes, Mr. L.J. Ladner,
Dr. F.P. Patterson, Dr. W.N. Sage, Dr. B. Savery, Dr. R.F.
Sharp and Mr. A.A. Webster.
A Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2633
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Soward)
Dr. Cowan )  That the minutes of the first regular
meeting of Senate for the Session
1958-59, having been circulated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Business Arising from
the Minutes
Statement on the Future
of Victoria College
It was agreed that Dean Curtis and Dr. Hickman
should be asked to review the Statement on the Future of
Victoria College, and to have a draft revision circulated
to the members of Senate.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
For information of Senate, the Chairman reported
that the Board of Governors had approved the new awards
accepted by the Senate on October 15th, and the new course
Mechanical Engineering 563.
New Awards and Changes in
Awards. Accepted Subject
to Approval of Senate
The Secretary read the following list of new
awards and changes in awards, accepted by the Board of
Governors subject to the approval of Senate.  It was noted
that these would be included in the report of the Committee
on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries later in the meeting. Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2634
DuPont of Canada (1956) Limited Scholarship - increase
in value and change in terms
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Bursary Fund
of $1,000.00 for the Session 1958-59
The Food Executives* Club Scholarship
Dr. Lave11 H. Leeson Memorial Scholarship
The Parkcrest Ratepayers' Association, Ladies Auxiliary
The Charles E. Frosst Scholarship - increase in value
Royal City Chapter, I.O.D.E., Bursary - name changed to
Grace Martin Memorial Bursary.
Donation to Loan Fund
For information of Senate, the Board reported
acceptance of a further donation of $2,500.00 to the Mrs.
Amy L. Sauder Trust Fund.
From the Faculties
Faculty of Arts and Science
The following list of new courses and changes in
courses, as recommended by the Faculty of Arts and Science,
was presented for approval of Senate:
Anthropology 433 (3 units) - Primitive and Peasant
Economic Systems
Fine Arts 306 (3 units) - Renaissance and Baroque Art
Fine Arts 310 (3 units) - Oriental Art
Economics 410 (3 units) - Analysis of Comparative Economic
Note:  this is a transfer of Slavonic Studies 314 to
the Department of Economics and Political Science
Political Science 406 (3 units) - Contemporary Problems
of East Asian Politics
German 405 (3 units) - Literature of the Romantic Period
History 200 (3 units) - History of Modern Europe
Physics 408 (1 unit) - Solid State Physics
Physics 316 (2 units) - Physics of the Earth
Religious Studies 201 (3 units) - The New Testament and
the Early Christian Church Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2635
Theatre 310 (3 units) - Religious and Social Origins of
Theatre (First offered in 1961-62)
Theatre 320 (3 units) - The Evolution of Modern Western
Reorganization of courses in Geology:
Geology 200 - Applied Science section to be re-numbered
Geology 250
Combine Geology 301 and Geology 302 into a single course
Geology 310 (3 units) - Mineralogy
Geology 406 to be re-numbered Geology 306 (3 units) -
Drop Geology 305, 405, 411, 413, 522
New course - Geology 300 (1| units) - Principles of
Mineralogy, first term
New course - Geology 324 (1^ units) - Geochemistry.
first term
New course - Geology 401 (3 units) - Stratigraphy and
Sedimentation.  This course to a large extent is the
combination of Geology 411 and 413
General course students will be allowed to take Geology
300, 304, 306 and 317 for their major.  They may be
allowed to take Geology 324, 401, and 412 as free
Geology 410 - Field Geology. Limited to Honours and
Engineering students.  Fee of $45.00 is payable in
January.  The fee covers room and board and
instruction in the Field School for 3 weeks
Honours students will be expected to choose from the
following -
Third Year:  Geology 303,304,306,307,310,317,301
and 302
Fourth Year: Geology 401,407,408,409,410 and 412.
Dean Chant stated that, apart from the courses in
Fine Arts and Theatre which were in line with the policy of
extending offerings in those fields, the recommendations
involved very little addition to present course offerings.
Dean Chant )
Dean Soward)  That these new courses and changes in
courses in the Faculty of Arts and
Science be approved, subject to approval
by the Board of Governors.
Carried. Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2636
Faculty of the College
of Education
One-year Teacher
Training Programme
The Secretary read a recommendation from the Faculty
of the College of Education that the term "Emergency Programme"
in respect to that Faculty be eliminated from the Calendar,
and that the one-year teacher training programme for
candidates with Junior Matriculation standing only, should
be restricted to a limited number of mature persons,
individually approved by the Committee on Admissions, Standing
and Courses, and admitted to a one-year programme in view
of financial or other personal considerations.  Dean Scarfe
explained that this was the first of a proposed series of
stages to eliminate the one-year teacher training course.
Dean Scarfe)
Dr. Johnson)  That the designation "Emergency Programme"
for Teacher Training be removed from the
Calendar, and that a statement be included
making provision for a one-year training
programme for a limited number of selected
mature students or others who find themselves in exceptional circumstances for
financial or other personal reasons.
Extra-Sessional Courses.
The following additions to extra-sessional credit
courses for 1958-59 were submitted for approval, on the
joint recommendation of the Faculty and College of Education
and the Department of University Extension:
Education 306 - Health Education (l£ units)
Education 557 - Administration and Supervision of the Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2637
Elementary School (3 units); first half to be given
in Burnaby in 1958-59; second half in 1959-60, in which
Session credit will be given to students satisfactorily
completing the course.
Dean Scarfe)
Dr.  Johnson)     That  these  two additional extra-sessional
credit courses  for 1958-59 be approved,
as  recommended.
Reports of Committees
Committee to Consider
Appeals from Students
The Committee to Consider Appeals from Students
had investigated the appeal of Mr. Marvin L. Judd against
the recommendation of the Faculty of Medicine that he be
required to withdraw from that Faculty, and had submitted
the following report to Senate:
"The Senate Committee on Student Appeals,
consisting of Dean George F. Curtis, Professor Finlay
Morrison, and Dean Walter H. Gage, held several meetings
to consider the appeal of Marvin L. Judd.
At its first meeting the Committee considered
Mr. Judd's letter, dated October 10th, 1958. At its next
two meetings it conferred with the Acting Dean of Medicine,
Dr. Rocke Robertson, and with the Head of Biochemistry,
Dr. Marvin Darrach, respectively. At its fourth meeting
it met with Dr. Darrach, Dr. Polglase, Dr. Zbarsky, and
Dr. Paterson, all members of the Biochemistry Department.
A final meeting was held to consider the Report to be
made to Senate,  The Committee has also examined the
correspondence between Mr. Judd and President MacKenzie,
the minutes of the Promotions Committee, dated August 28th,
1958, and the minutes of the Council of the Faculty of
Medicine, dated September 17th and September 26th, 1958,
In Section (f) of his letter to Senate, Mr. Judd
states that he was given an assignment by the Department
of Biochemistry which he considered to be work assigned for
the supplemental examination. Dr. Polglase explained to
the Committee that, as in the case of other students on
several occasions, the preparation of the chart had been
suggested to Mr. Judd as a means of assisting him to Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2638
prepare for the supplemental examination, and that it was
not indicated to Mr, Judd in any way that this work would
take the place, in whole or in part, of the required
supplemental examination or of other preparation or
review. Dr. Paterson corroborated the statements made
by Dr. Polglase.
Dr, Darrach also stated that he had not told Mr.
Judd "that there was a 'so-called' unwritten law requiring
a mark of 75% or better to pass a supplemental"; he had
remarked, however, that some members of Faculty felt that
regulations should be amended to require this standard.
Dr. Zbarsky also denied having informed Mr. Judd that he
"got more than the assigned mark".  He had explained to
Mr. Judd that it was possible for a student to obtain a
higher mark on the written examination paper than that
finally assigned for the year's work (See next paragraph).
As explained to the Committee by the Department
of Biochemistry, the mark earned in the supplemental
examination paper in Biochemistry takes the place of the
mark in the final sessional examination paper.  The mark
for the final sessional examination paper or for the
supplemental examination paper, as the case may be, is
not the only factor in the computation of the overall
grade for the course, which is based on various tests,
examinations, and assignments during the year. The
extent to which this overall record may be discounted
depends on how well the student does in the written paper.
In a doubtful case, the Department may agree to give a
passing grade to a student if he has achieved satisfactory
standing in his other \sourses and if, in the judgment
of the Promotions Committee, the Council of the Faculty,
and the Faculty, he is competent to proceed to a higher
After writing the supplemental examination, Mr,
Judd received an earned mark in Biochemistry of 52%. A
tentative grade of 60% was presented to the Promotions
Committee. After full consideration, the Promotions
Committee assigned a mark of 55%.  It should be noted
here that the pass mark in an individual subject is
Mr. Judd appealed this mark and his case was reconsidered
by the Council of the Faculty of Medicine. The Council
of the Faculty, after discussion, re-affirmed the
decision of the Promotions Committee.  In view of Mr.
Judd's expressed opinion that Dr. Polglase should have
been consulted before the supplemental mark was submitted,
the Senate Committee wishes to call attention to the fact
that Dr. Polglase attended the meeting of the Council and
concurred in the Council's decision.
In summary, the Committee wishes to note: Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2639
(1) that the four members of the Department of Biochemistry mentioned in Mr. Judd's letter have stated
that they are entirely in agreement with the action
taken by the Promotions Committee and by the Council;
(2) that the Acting Dean, the Promotions Committee and
the Council have given full consideration to the
various circumstances in Mr. Judd's case;
(3) that the procedures followed in the case of Mr. Judd
were no different than for other students required
to write supplementals in Biochemistry;
(4) that the procedure followed by the Department of
Biochemistry in submitting a tentative grade assisted,
rather than precluded, consideration of his case by
the Promotions Committee.
The Committee therefore recommends that:
(1) the recommendation submitted to Senate by the Faculty
of Medicine in the case of Marvin L. Judd be approved;
(2) Mr. Judd be informed that, after full consideration,
Senate considers he has been treated justly and
fairly both by the Department of Biochemistry and
the Faculty of Medicine, and that it has approved
the recommendation of the Faculty that he be required
to withdraw."
Dean Gage and Acting-Dean C. G. Campbell outlined
the financial circumstances of Mr. Judd, in answer to a query
on this point, and stated that Mr. Judd had not indicated
that financial problems were relevant to his appeal.
Dean Gage )
Acting-Dean Campbell)  That the report of the Committee
to Consider Appeals from Students
be approved and that Mr. Marvin
Judd be required to withdraw from
the Faculty of Medicine as
recommended by that Faculty,
Dr. Friedman)
Dean Gage  )  That the Registrar look into the matter
of persons qualified or delegated to
interpret University regulations in
regard to academic standing, and report
to Senate at its next meeting on whether Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2640
in his opinion these regulations should
be modified or be more strictly enforced.
Committee on Use of Term
"Thesis" at the Undergraduate Level
Dean Gage read the following recommendation upon
which agreement had been reached by the committee appointed
at the previous meeting to consider the use of the term
"thesis" in the undergraduate programme:
"That the term 'thesis' at the undergraduate level be
restricted to projects in the graduating year which
involve, on the part of the students, a substantial
amount of original research, and in such cases that
the designation be 'Thesis for   Degree'; further,
that where the projects do not meet the above requirement, the term 'Graduating Essay', 'Graduating Report'
or 'Graduation Project' be used."
Dean Gage  )
Dean Soward)  That the report of the Committee on the
Use of the Term "Thesis" at the Undergraduate Level be approved, and its
recommendation adopted.
Library Committee
The annual report of the Librarian to Senate for
the year 1957-58 had been circulated prior to the meeting.
Dr. Cowan as Chairman of the Library Committee read a letter
of transmittal commenting on Library expansion and financial
Dr. Cowan   )
Dr. McGregor)  That Senate express its appreciation to
the Librarian and his staff for an
excellent report on a year of accomplishment; and that Senate approve in principle
the letter of transmittal from the
Committee, and commend it, in so far as Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2641
financial matters are concerned, to the
sympathetic consideration of the Board
of Governors.
The Secretary read a further letter from the
Library Committee, expressing the opinion that noise in the
Library was part of a generally careless attitude of students
towards the campus, and therefore a matter of concern to
Senate.  It was agreed that the Faculty Council Committee on
Student Affairs should be asked to consider this problem,
and to suggest means of handling it if it appeared to be
purely a Library matter; or to suggest means of remedying
it if it were a general University problem.
Committee on Proposed
School of Librarianship
A brief from a sub-committee of the Senate Library
Committee, approved in principle by the Library Committee,
recommending the appointment of an Assistant Director of a
School of Librarianship in 1959-60 and the commencement of
library instruction in 1960-61, was circulated at the meeting.
The Secretary read an accompanying letter from the Library
Committee recommending that Senate should refer the brief to
the Faculties of Arts and Science and of Graduate Studies.
It was agreed that consideration of the brief
should be deferred until the next meeting, to provide an
opportunity for all members of Senate to study it. Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2642
Committee on Prizes. Scholarships
and Bursaries
Cancellations and
Dean Gage recommended the following cancellations
or postponements of awards, indicating the reasons therefor:
Du Pont Company of Canada (1956) Limited Scholarship
(Teacher Training) - award to John Stanley Hayward
cancelled; two awards to be made next year
Inco Undergraduate Scholarship - award to David Berg
postponed until September, 1959
Straits Towing Limited Commerce Scholarship - award to
Alfred H. Strand cancelled
Vancouver Sun Scholarship - balance of award to Terry T.
Robertson postponed until September, 1959
Canadian Pittsburgh Industries Scholarship - award to
Leonhard Alexander Ehling postponed until September,
Summer Session Association Scholarship - payment to be
made to George Pedersen for correspondence and/or
extra-sessional work currently being taken
Dr. H.T.J. Coleman Scholarship - payment to be made to
James MacNamara for work taken in Summer Session, 1958
Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, and
Recreation Scholarship - payment to be made to Charles
S. Jordan for correspondence course currently being
Dean Gage   )
Dr. Anderson)  That the arrangements recommended by
Dean Gage for award of these scholarships
be approved.
New Awards and Changes
in Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards and changes
in awards was recommended, under the terms indicated: Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2643
Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation
A fund, established by Central Mortgage and Housing
Corporation, Ottawa, provides aid in limited amounts
for students in planning who require financial
The Food Executives' Club Scholarship
A scholarship of $250.00, donated by the Food
Executives' Club, Vancouver, is offered to students,
graduates and undergraduates who are interested in
scientific and technological problems related to
the processing, production, and manufacturing of
foods. Special consideration will be given to
students who, after completion of their training,
intend to follow a career in one of these fields.
Students interested in being considered for this
award should apply to the Dean of Administrative
and Inter-Faculty Affairs not later than March 1st.
Each applicant should clearly state his proposed
course of study, his plans after completion of
University training, and provide evidence of his
interest in studies relating to scientific or
technological aspects of food and food products.
The Grace Martin Memorial Bursary
(formerly the Royal City Chapter,
I.O.D.E, Bursary)
A bursary of $50.00, the gift of the Royal City
Chapter, I.O.D.E., in memory of its Founder, will
be awarded to a student beginning studies at the
University on completion of High School studies.
The award will be made to a student who has a good
academic record and has need of financial assistance.
The Dr. Laveil H. Leeson Memorial
As a memorial to Dr. Lavell H. Leeson, and as a
tribute, both to his devotion to the study and
practice of Medicine, and also to his public and
private friendships, a scholarship has been
established in the Faculty of Medicine by his
family, colleagues and friends.  This scholarship,
in the annual amount of $100.00, will be awarded
by the Faculty to a student with high academic
standing who shows promise in his chosen profession. Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2644
The Parkcrest Ratepayers' Association.
Ladies Auxiliary. Bursary
This bursary of $50.00 is open to students entering
the University from Burnaby North High School and
residing in the area including Boundary Road, Holden
Avenue, Kensington Street, and Broadway to Halifax
The Griffiths and Griffiths Scholarship
This scholarship, in the amount of $250.00 annually,
has been established by Griffiths and Griffiths,
Chartered Accountants, Vancouver, to mark the
completion by Mr. William Griffiths of forty years'
membership in The Institute of Chartered Accountants.
It will be awarded to a proficient and promising
student who has completed the First Year in Arts
and Science and is proceeding to a full course of
studies in the combined B.Com.-CA. programme.  The
winner will be selected by the Dean of the Faculty.
The Max Erenberg Memorial Scholarship
To honour the memory of Max Erenberg, one of its
first national vice-presidents and one of its first
delegates, the Vancouver Branch of the United Jewish
Peoples' Order offers annually a scholarship of
$100.00.  This scholarship will be awarded to a
student resident in British Columbia who has completed
the First Year of Arts and Science or Senior Matriculation and who is proceeding to the next higher year
in study at the University in any field in the Faculty
of Arts and Science.  The award will be made in
consultation with the Order to a student with high
academic standing who is worthy and deserving of
financial assistance.
Northern Electric Undergraduate Scholarship
The Northern Electric Company Limited offers a scholarship to assist deserving students to obtain a
university education in the fields of electrical
engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering
physics, honours physics, and honours mathematics
and physics.  This scholarship is in the amount of
tuition, laboratory and incidental fees, and books,
to a maximum of $500.00 for the academic year.  It
is open to Canadian citizens and landed immigrants
who have successfully completed at least one year
of undergraduate studies at a recognized university,
A minimum overall average of 75% in the previous
academic undergraduate year is required.  Selection
of the winner will be made by the University.
A Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2645
The B. C Beef Cattle Growers' Association
The B. C. Beef Cattle Growers' Association has provided
the sum of $1,000.00 for bursaries for students engaged
in research on beef production.
Du Pont of Canada (1956) Limited Scholarship -
broadened to include graduates in mathematics as
well as science; administrative grant to the
University increased from $200.00 to $300.00.
The Charles E. Frosst Scholarship - increased from
$125.00 to $250.00.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Warren)  That these new awards and changes in
awards be accepted as recommended, and
that letters of appreciation be sent to
the donors.
Committee on Proposed
Separation of Department
of Geology and Geography
The Chairman stated that for some years there had
been proposals put forward as to establishing separate
Departments of Geology and Geography, When Dean Gunning
tendered his resignation, the President appointed a Committee
to consider the future of the combined Department.
On behalf of the Committee, Dean Chant presented
the recommendation:
Dean Chant )
Dean Scarfe)  That Senate approve the establishment of
separate Departments of Geology and
Geography as of January 1st, 1959, but
that everything possible be done to
maintain close co-operation between the
two Departments.
Carried. Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2646
Committee on Professors
The Secretary read a recommendation from the
Committee on Professors Emeriti that Mr. Charles B. Wood be
given the title of Registrar Emeritus.
Dean MacPhee)
Dean Soward )  That this recommendation be approved.
Report on Student Statistics
Reports on student statistics, including marital
status, outside employment, summer earnings, country of
citizenship, and professional and occupational goals, had
been circulated.  It was agreed that these should be tabled
until the next meeting of Senate.
Victoria College Council
The Secretary read a letter from Dr. Hickman
requesting authorization for Victoria College to offer, at
its 1959 Summer Session, the following courses beyond the
Second Year level:
English 400, 411, 429
Fine Arts 302, 402
Geography 303
History 313
Psychology 301
Education 305 (2 sections), 307,331,400,405,406,408,410,
Deans Chant and Scarfe had approved the courses
within their respective Faculties, and had approved the
proposals as to Instructors although the latter had not yet
been submitted to the Council of the College. Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2647
Dr. Gaddes )
Dean Scarfe)  That Senate approve the recommendations
of the Victoria College Council as to
courses beyond the Second Year level to
be offered at the 1959 Summer Session of
the College.
His Honour the Lieutenant-
A letter from His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor
in appreciation of the honorary degree conferred upon him,
was received for information.
Proposed Chair of Research
in Rheumatic and Connective
Tissue Diseases
The Secretary read a letter from the British Columbia
Division of the Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society,
proposing the establishment within the Faculty of Medicine of
a Chair of Research in the Rheumatic and Connective Tissue
Diseases, to be supported initially by the proceeds of a
bequest to the Society.  The Chairman stated that the Board
of Governors had approved the proposal in principle, and had
appointed a committee consisting of the Head of the Department
of Medicine as Chairman, the Acting Dean of Medicine, Assistant
Dean of Medicine, Honorary Bursar and the Deputy to the
President, to discuss the details with the Society, and to
make appropriate recommendations as to an agreement between
the Society and the University.
Dr. Kania)
Dr. Cowan)  That Senate approve in principle the establishment within the Faculty of Medicine of a
A Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2648
Chair of Research in the Rheumatic and
Connective Tissue Diseases, on the understanding that academic or curricular
implications will be submitted in due
course to the Faculty of Medicine and to
the Senate, prior to final approval.
Proposal that Criminology
Programme become the
Responsibility of the
School of Social Work
Dean Chant outlined the history of the teaching
of Criminology at the University, and stated that at the
present time there were approximately 100 students enrolled
in Criminology 300 (Principles of Criminology), a few students
each in Criminology 436 and 437, and two completing theses
for the Master's degree under the Department of Anthropology,
Criminology and Sociology.  In addition, over 100 students
were taking courses in correctional work under the Department
of University Extension.
The general programme was making progress, but not
to the extent anticipated by the University, or by the
Attorney-General's Department which was contributing to the
financing. A committee appointed by the President, and
consisting of Dean Andrew, Dean Soward, Dr. Hawthorn,
Professor Deutsch, Professor Dixon and Dean Chant, recommended
that at the end of the current academic year the Criminology
and Corrections programme be transferred to the School of
Social Work, with the exception of Criminology 300, which
would remain an undergraduate course in the Department of
Anthropology and Sociology.  The committee believed that a
J Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2649
professional course in Criminology and Corrections could be
more effectively conducted in the School of Social Work,
with opportunity for case work, field work, etc.  In addition,
it hoped that support might be received from the Federal
Government, which was interested in the field of Criminology
as it pertained to penal reform in federal institutions.
Dean Chant )
Dean Soward)  That Senate approve the recommendation as
to the transfer of the Criminology and
Corrections programme, other than the
course Criminology 300, from the Department of Anthropology, Criminology and
Sociology to the School of Social Work,
at the end of the 1958-59 academic year,
subject to administrative convenience.
Health Centre for Children
A letter was received from the Board of Directors
of the Health Centre for Children requesting appointment of
the Senate representative on that Board for 1959.
Dean MacPhee)
Dr. Johnson )  That Miss Fallis be re-appointed
representative of the Senate on the
Board of Directors of the Health
Centre for Children for 1959.
U.B,C Development Council
The Chairman stated that a U.B.C Development
Council had been established to advise the Director of the
U.B.C. Development Fund on the continuing programme of fund
Dean MacPhee)
Dean Gage   )  That Mr. Buchanan and the Honourable
J. V. Clyne be appointed representatives Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2650
of the Senate on the U.B.C. Development
Faculty Publications
A number of Faculty publications received by the
President's Office since the last meeting of Senate, were on
display.  Congratulations were extended to Colonel Logan,
Editor of "Tuum Est", the History of the University, 1908-1958;
and it was agreed that congratulations should be conveyed to
Dr. Ormsby on her Centennial History of British Columbia.
Other Business
Proposed Commonwealth
Scholarship Programme
For information of the Senate, Dean Soward outlined
a proposed Commonwealth Scholarship programme which had been
presented by the Canadian Government at the Commonwealth
Trade and Economic Conference in September, 1958, and
strongly supported by the British Government and the Afro-
Asian countries. The tentative proposal envisaged the
establishment of 1000 "places" annually within the Commonwealth, to be provided 500 by Great Britain, 250 by Canada,
and 250 by other Commonwealth countries, Canada would hope
to receive mainly graduate scholars, except for teachers-in-
training from Afro-Asian countries, and would hope to send
younger students to countries other than the United Kingdom
for study in such fields as History, Economics, Political
Science and English, and senior scholars on special missions
to various Commonwealth countries.  It was hoped that thereby Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2651
Canadians would be better equipped for subsequent activity
in public life.
A University of British Columbia President's
committee under the chairmanship of Dean Soward was preparing
a memorandum for the National Conference of Canadian Universities on proposals for this Scholarship programme, to assist
the Government representatives who would be discussing the
details at a Commonwealth Conference early in 1959,
Nelson Delegation re
Junior Colleges
Copies of a brief presented by a delegation of
Nelson citizens to the Provincial Government on November 24th,
urging the establishment of a junior college at Nelson, were
circulated for the confidential information of members of
Senate.  The Chairman pointed out the increasing need for
the University to declare its position on the subject of
higher education in the Province - its concentration or
Dr. Kania )
Mrs. Angus)  That Senate ask the Committee on the Future
of Higher Education in British Columbia to
prepare for the next meeting of Senate a
preliminary statement of its findings and
recommendations in connection with higher
education in the Province, including all
post-high-school institutions of higher
United Nations Training
For information of Senate, the Chairman reported
on a proposed United Nations Training Centre, to be established Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2652
at the University of British Columbia as a joint project of
the United Nations Technical Assistance Administration, the
Government of Canada and the University.  United Nations
fellows and scholars assigned to the western region of Canada
or the United States would report to this Centre, would
discuss their needs and plans with the staff of the Centre
and the appropriate Faculty member or members of the University,
would if desirable undertake academic training (their fees
being paid by the United Nations), and would remain in touch
with the officers of the Centre and the University Faculty
during the entire period of the fellowship. As far as could
be foreseen, academic training, if required, would consist
of established University courses in which the United Nations
appointee would register as a regular student.
New Members of Senate
On behalf of the members of Senate, the Chairman
welcomed Mr. Parrott and Dr. Purdy, who had been appointed
to Senate during the summer and were present at a meeting
for the first time.
Dean Gunning
It was agreed that the following statement of
appreciation for the service of Dean Gunning to the University
should be inscribed in the minutes of Senate, and a copy sent
to Dean Gunning.
Dean Henry Cecil Gunning. F.R.S.C
The Senate records its sincere appreciation for
the services of Henry Cecil Gunning to the University, Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2653
as student, as teacher, as Professor, as Head of the
Department of Geology and Geography, and later as Dean
of the Faculty of Applied Science.
Dean Gunning has successfully followed three
careers. As a scientist, his work with the Geological
Survey in Quebec and southern British Columbia revealed
a brilliant capacity for research which has made his
many publications standard reference works.
As a teacher, his deep interest in his students,
together with an unusual ability to communicate and
inspire, will be remembered with affection and respect
by hundreds of geologists who studied under him.
As an administrator, his patience and common
sense have been an outstanding asset to the University.
His concern that professional men and women shall have
breadth of learning in addition to professional
competence is in the finest academic tradition. He
has shown the same characteristics in his capacity as
the President of the Association of Professional
Engineers, where he has played an important role in
strengthening and clarifying the code of ethics that
governs engineering practice.
The members of Senate regret the departure of
a sensitive and scholarly friend, whose influence on the
University will be long remembered, and extend to him,
and to Mrs. Gunning and the family, their best wishes
in their new undertaking.
Dean Soward
Senate expressed its good wishes to Dean Soward
on his forthcoming trip to India as Visiting Professor of
Commonwealth Studies for the period January to April, 1959.
Dr. MacKenzie
Senate agreed that congratulations should be
extended to President MacKenzie on his election as Chairman
of the Board of Trustees of the Carnegie Foundation for the
Advancement of Teaching. Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2654
Trophy Won by Students in
Agricultural Mechanics
The Chairman reported that the U.B.C. Student
Chapter of the Pacific Northwest Section of the American
Society of Agricultural Engineers had been the first winners
of a trophy awarded for student accomplishment, particularly
with respect to quality of papers presented and conduct of
s tude nt me e tings.
Appointments to Royal
Mr. Keate inquired about the procedure in appointments of University Faculty members to Royal Commissions - in
particular, whether the appointees could act unilaterally,
or whether such appointments were cleared with the President
or the Board of Governors.  The Chairman stated that individual
Faculty members had a wide latitude with respect to work they
might undertake in their own time, without interference with
teaching and administrative duties, that consultation under
these circumstances was a matter of courtesy rather than
obligation. When, however, the load of work undertaken
involved relief from University duties, the member of Faculty
was expected to apply for permission.  The kind of assignment
undertaken was normally the responsibility of the individual
undertaking it.
National Research Council
Dr. Noakes suggested, and the Senate agreed, that
the National Research Council should be commended for providing Wednesday, December 10th, 1958 2655
travel allowances for its bursary winners within Canada this
Teaching of Russian
in High Schools
In reply to a query from Dr. Wright, Dean Scarfe
confirmed that Russian is an optional subject in the high
schools if, in the opinion of the local School Board, it
should be offered. Students now learning Russian at the
University could be trained to teach that subject in the
high schools if they would have the opportunity to teach it.
Committee to Organize
the Work of Senate
Mr. Nemetz urged that the Committee to Organize
the Work of Senate should be encouraged to consider more
efficient preparation of material for Senate, particularly
with a view to making better use of the services of elected
members of Senate and of broadening the basis of participation
in the work of Senate.
The meeting adjourned.
Chairman. /


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