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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1964-02-12

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 Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3335
The fourth regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1963-64 was
held on Wednesday, February 12, 1964, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President J. B. Macdonald (in the Chair),
Mrs. H. F. Angus, Dr. C S. Belshaw, Dr. A. E. Birney,
Rev. J. Blewett, Mr. F. K. Bowers, Mr. W. T. Brown,
Dr. W. A. Bryce, Mr. F. L. Burnham, Mr. K. P. Caple, Dean
S. N. F. Chant, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. I. McT. Cowan, Dean
G. F. Curtis, Dean B. A. Eagles, Dr. J. F. K. English,
Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean W. H. Gage, Mr. W. E. Ireland,
Dr. J. A. Jacobs, Dr. S. M. Jamieson, Dr. J. E. A. Kania,
Mr. J. S. Keate, Dr. H. L. Keenleyside, Dean S. W. Leung,
Mr. S. L. Lipson, Dean Helen McCrae, Dr. M. F. McGregor,
Mrs. H. J. MacKay, Dr. K. C Mann, Dean A. W. Matthews,
Dr. D. C Murdoch, Dean D. M. Myers, Dr. K. D. Naegele,
Rev. W. Nicholls, Mr. E. P. Nicol, Dr. J. M. Norris,
Acting-Dean V. J. Okulitch, Dr. M. A. Ormsby, Mr. H. N.
Parrott, Dean G. N. Perry, Dr. A. J. Renney, Dr. W. Robbins,
Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dean F. H. Soward,
Mr. B. Stuart-Stubtos (Acting-Librarian), Dr. T. M. C. Taylor,
Mr. E. C. E. Todd, Dr. F. Turnbull, The Honourable
Mr. Justice D. R. Verchere, Mr. F. E. Walden, Dr. H. V.
Warren, Mr. A. A. Webster, Dr. R. W. Wellwood, Dean T. G.
Wright, Dr. S. H. Zbarsky and Dr. K. F. Argue. Wednesday, Fetoruary 12, 1964      3336
Messages of regret for their inability to toe
present were received from Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross,
Mr. A. W. R. Carrothers, Mr. H. Elder, Dr. W. C. Gibson,
Dr. F. H. Johnson, Dean J. F. McCreary, Mr. D. F. Miller,
Mr. F. A. Morrison, Dr. B. Savery, Dr. R. F. Sharp,
The Honourable James Sinclair, Rev. W. S. Taylor and
Dr. J. K. Friesen.
Minutes of the Previous
Dean Gage)
Dr. Kania) That the minutes of the third
regular meeting of Senate for the
Session 1963-64, held on December
18, 1963, having been circulated,
toe taken as read and adopted.
Recommendations from the
Senate Executive Committee
A series of recommendations from the Senate
Executive Committee, and documents providing the detail on
the proposals, had toeen circulated in advance of the meeting.
Dean Gage )
Dr. English) That the recommendations from
the Senate Executive Committee
toe approved.
The Chairman then called for comment or discussion
on the individual recommendations.
Business Arising from
Minutes of Previous
The Executive Committee recommended that items of
business arising from the minutes of previous meetings Wednesday, fetoruary 12, 1964      3337
(representation of the B. C. Teacners' Federation on Senate,
proposed change in name of the Department of University
Extension, proposed division of the Department of Economics
and Political Science into two departments, proposed Fine
Arts Studio programme, and curricular changes recommended
by the Faculties for 1964-65) should again be deferred for
later consideration.
Faculty of Dentistry
The Executive Committee recommended approval of
the following proposals from the Faculty of Dentistry:
"That the academic requirements for admission to the
Faculty of Dentistry (programme leading to the degree
of Doctor of Dental Medicine) be the same as for
admission to the Faculty of Medicine (programme
leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine);
"That the regulations on attendance, examinations,
advancement, etc., be those of the Faculty of Medicine;
"That the first year course requirements in the four-
year programme leading to the degree of Doctor of
Dental Medicine be Anatomy 400 and 401, Biochemistry
400, Physiology 400, Oral Biology 410 and Restorative
Dentistry 411;
"That the following new courses be established:
Anatomy 400 and 401. Human Anatomy (Dentistry)
Oral Biology 410. Dental Morphology
Restorative Dentistry 411. Methods and Materials."
Dr. Birney inquired whether one course each in
English and Mathematics was adequate for a student entering
a professional field. Dean Leung replied that the requirements were toased on those for Medicine, since the programme
for the first two years was essentially the same.
Dr. Friedman pointed out that the amount of formal training -
Wednesday, Fetoruary 12, 1964      3338
in English was no criterion of the degree of literacy;
Dr. Cowan stated that members of the Department of English
had adopted the attitude that they were teaching literature,
not literacy. The President suggested that entrance
requirements to the professional schools might be one of
the questions examined by the Committee on Academic Goals.
On a suggestion from Dr. Naegele, it was agreed
that at an early meeting, Dean Leung should be invited to
v give a general account of the thinking leading to the
development of the programme in Dentistry, as representative
of a professional school new to the University of British
„ Faculty of Medicine
The Executive Committee recommended approval of
the proposals of the Faculty of Medicine that the numtoer of
supplemental examinations permitted in any given session be
reduced from three to two, and that a comprehensive written
examination set toy the clinical departments toe required at
the end of the Second Term in Second Year (Interdepartmental
Regulations 426. Introduction to Clinical Medicine).
Faculty of Graduate
The Executive Committee recommended that proposals
of the Faculty of Graduate Studies with respect to course
changes toe approved, but that new courses be held for
consideration at the May, 1964, meeting of Senate. Wednesday, Fetoruary 12, 1964      3339
Report of the University
Librarian. 1962-63
The Executive Committee recommended that the
report of the University Librarian for 1962-63 be received.
Calendar Statement on
The Executive Committee recommended that the
statement on attendance proposed by the Committee of Deans
be approved for inclusion in the Calendar to replace the
previous statement. The President commented that the
revised statement emphasized the responsibility of the
students for keeping up with their academic work and
assignments, rather than specifying the proportion of classes
to be attended.
Prizes. Scholarships
and Bursaries
The Executive Committee recommended that fellowships, prizes, scholarships and bursaries be awarded as
indicated on Lists Nos. 9 and 14 for 1963-64, that the
following new awards and changes in awards be approved, and
that appropriate letters of appreciation be sent to the
Quote (see pages 3354 - 3358)
Committee to Recommend Rules
and Regulations Governing the
Establishment of an Executive
Council of Convocation
The Executive Committee recommended acceptance of Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3340
the report of the Committee to Recommend Rules and
Regulations Governing the Establishment of an Executive
Council of Convocation, and approval of the proposed
Mr. Caple, Chairman of the Committee, stated that
the purpose had toeen to maintain the Convocation as a body
which could toe called together and could function
effectively when required, tout which would not necessarily
hold annual meetings.
Dean Curtis pointed out that the proposed statute
did not specifically state that the Chancellor should toe a
member of the Executive Council, although this was implied
since the Chancellor was by statute Chairman of Convocation.
With this amendment, the statute read as follows:
"Under powers granted to the Senate, and in accordance
with Section 9 of the Universities Act, the Senate
of the University of British Columbia enacts as follows:
1. That the Executive Council of Convocation shall
consist of the Chancellor and the fifteen members
elected to the Senate by Convocation.
2. That the Treasurer of the Executive Council shall
be elected by the members thereof.
3. That the Executive Council shall meet at the call
of the Chancellor.
4. That the Convocation shall meet at such times and
places as may be fixed toy the Chancellor and the
Executive Council.
5. That an extraordinary meeting of the Convocation
shall be called by the Chancellor on the
requisition of twenty-five members of the
Convocation; the requisition shall state the
objects of the meeting to be called, and no matter
shall be discussed at such meeting except the
matters for which it is convened. Wednesday, Fetoruary 12, 1964      3341
"6. That at least seven days' notice of an
extraordinary meeting of the Convocation shall be
given by advertisement in a newspaper of province-
wide circulation, or by advertisement in the
Alumni Chronicle, or by letter to each member
whose address is known.
7. That no question shall be decided at any meeting
of the Convocation unless at least twenty-five
members are present; and all questions shall be
decided by a majority of the members present."
Representative of Senate
on Board of Directors of
Health Centre for Children
The Executive Committee recommended the
re-appointment of Mrs. H. F. Angus as Senate representative
on the Board of Directors of the Health Centre for Children
for the period April, 1964 to March, 1965.
Incorporating the amendment in the statute
governing the Executive Council of Convocation, the motion
approving the recommendations of the Senate Executive
Committee was carried.
Members of Senate Elected
by the Joint Faculties
The Senate Executive Committee pointed out that
two members of Senate elected toy the Joint Faculties would
shortly have to toe replaced:  Dr. K. D. Naegele since he
had been appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts as of April
1, 1964, and would be a member of Senate in that capacity;
Mr. A. W. It. Carrothers since he had resigned from the
University as of June 30, 1964. Wednesday, February 12, 1964      J
The Joint Faculties had agreed at their meeting
in Septemtoer, 1963, that if replacements were necessary in
the members they elected to Senate, the individual next
highest on the list in the election should be chosen.
However, in the subsequent election for nineteen members,
there had been a three-way tie for the twenty-first
position. The Executive Committee was of the opinion that
the Joint Faculties should hold a new election to fill
The Senate felt that it should not make a decision
on this question. The President therefore suggested that
he might call another meeting of the Joint Faculties to
decide what action should be taken in case of a tie in the
Committee on Honorary Degrees
Dean Myers presented the following recommendations
from the Committee on Honorary Degrees for degrees to be
conferred at the regular Congregations in 1964 if the
individuals could toe in attendance:
Spring Congregation. 1964:
Dean F. H. Soward    -     -. .  LL.D.
Dr. Arthur Dill Kelly, General Secretary of the
Canadian Medical Association  - .D.Sc.
Spring or Autumn Congregation. 1964:
Mr. McGeorge Bundy, formerly Professor of
Government and Dean of Arts and Science,
Harvard University; now Special Assistant
to the President of the United States of
America, on National Security, and Director
of the National Security Council- LL.D. Wednesday, Fetoruary 12, 1964      3343
Dr. H. Rocke Rotoertson D.Sc.
Mr. Cecil Green, Chairman of the Board of
the Texas Instrument Company (a former
student at the University of British
Columtoia) D.Sc.
Dr. Gerhard Herzberg, Director of the
Division of Pure Physics, National
Research Council of Canada    D.Sc.
Dean Myers )
Dean Scarfe) That honorary degrees be conferred
as recommended provided that the
individuals are able to be present
to receive the degree.
Committee on Memorial Minutes
Dr. Robbins as Chairman of the Committee on
Memorial Minutes read tributes to two former members of
Senate who had died recently:
The death of the Very Reverend Dr. Henry Carr
on November 28, 1963, at the age of 83, brings
vividly to the minds of those fortunate enough
to have known him the memory of a man who brought
to this university and this Senate a distinguished
reputation and personal gifts of a high order.
Ordained priest in the Basilian Order in
1905, Father Carr taught at St. Michael's College
in Toronto for more than twenty years. He became
Superior of the College in 1915, and was the
founder and president of the Pontifical Institute
of Medieval Studies, which became known
throughout the world for its scholarship and
attracted such distinguished figures as Jacques
Maritain and Etienne Gilson. He later was
elected Superior-General of the Congregation of
St. Basil, and founded several educational
institutions, including St. Thomas More College
at Saskatoon, an affiliate of the University of
Saskatchewan. Retiring from the principalship,
he came to Vancouver in 1951. He taught at the
University of British Columbia as a special
lecturer, first in Classics and later in
\ - Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3344
Philosophy, from 1951 to 1956, and during 1961-62
was an Honorary Lecturer in Religious Studies.
In 1956 he received the honorary degree of Doctor
of Laws from this university, and from 1957 to
1962 served as a memtoer of Senate. He founded
St. Mark's College, in affiliation with the
University of British Columbia, and was its
principal until 1961.
A career marked by such achievements as
those of Father Carr indicates an unusual
capacity for leadership and a striking degree
of initiative. Yet these qualities in him
were unobtrusive. What aroused respect and
affection in his colleagues and his students
was his happy blend of gentleness and warmth,
often moving them to use the word "lovable"
when speaking of him. The erudition of the
writer and teacher, the talent of the
administrator, the skill of the athletic coach
that on three occasions carried college football
teams to Canadian championships — this range
of interests and abilities revealed a man in
whom the demands of the contemplative and the
active life were harmonized. The departments
of this university in which he taught were the
richer and happier for his association with
them; in awarding him an honorary degree, the
university was itself honoured; and the Senate,
recalling the contributions made toy Father Carr,
pays grateful tribute to one of its members who
applied his Christian beliefs and training to
the ends of enlightenment and brotherhood.
Dr.  Robbins)
Dr. Warren )    That this memorial toe spread on
the minutes of Senate,  and that
copies toe sent to the  immediate
family and to St. Mark's College.
myron Mcdonald weaver
On Decemtoer 25, 1963, in Schenectady, New
York, the death occurred of Myron McDonald Weaver,
first Dean of Medicine at the University of
British Columtoia. Many memtoers of Senate will
recall his service on this toody during the term
of his Deanship, from 1949 to 1956, and the
honours accorded him by a grateful university.
In 1956 he was made Dean Emeritus; in Octotoer,
1961, he was awarded the honorary degree of Wednesday, Fetoruary 12, 1964      3345
Doctor of Science, and presided at the opening
of the Medical Science Buildings. He came to us
in 1949 after a distinguished career in the
United States as teacher and administrator,
including five years as Assistant Dean of the
Minnesota Medical School. During the seven
strenuous years spent in organizing and
developing the Medical Faculty at the University
of British Columtoia, he added to an already
impressive list of memtoerships in learned and
professional societies, and served on a large
number of medical Boards and Committees, tooth
provincial and national in scope. At the time
of his death, he was Dean of Graduate Studies
at Union College in Schenectady.
A colleague who worked most closely with
him in the early formative years of our medical
faculty describes Dean Weaver as a "remarkable
man", remarkable in a rare combination of deep
convictions, gently persuasive ways, and selfless dedication. He was uniquely equipped to
foster a unity of purpose, and to overcome the
disparity of interests that has been known at
times to hamper the growth of a professional
school. The co-operation that was early
achieved, and that promises to continue, was
largely owing to Dean Weaver's ability to
attract good men, as well as to those personal
qualities summed up in the citation for his
honorary degree as "courage, integrity, insight
and wisdom" •
These tributes to his character are matched
by admiration for his educational philosophy.
Seeing the study of Medicine as part of the
whole corpus of the Arts and Sciences, he maintained reciprocal contact between disciplines
in all the undergraduate years, and encouraged
the writing of graduating essays on topics
which related the Humanities and Medicine. This
inter-disciplinary breadth, the essential
humanism that must bridge the gap between the
so-called two cultures, was happily recognized
in the scholarship established in his honour by
the Medical Board of the Vancouver General
Hospital.  It was also recognized in the terms
of the citation for his honorary degree. Paying
tribute to his vision and leadership, the
citation makes special reference to Dr. Weaver's
belief "that the science of medicine is a humane
one, and that medical students, teachers and Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3346
practitioners must always strive to be both
humanist and scientist." Because he so
believed, "he gave this Faculty, at its
beginning, aims and principles that have guided
its youth and are leading it to a mature
Dr. Robbins)
Dean Soward) That this memorial be spread on
the minutes of Senate, and that
a copy be sent to the members of
the family.
Public Administration Training
Course for Provincial Civil
Since 1956, the University had been conducting a
Public Administration Training Course for Provincial Civil
Servants.  In recent years, the programme had toeen supervised by Dr. D. V. Smiley, who had requested that he be
relieved of responsibility for it.
Dean Chant had discussed the future of the
programme with the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission,
who after consultation with other Government officials had
approved a proposal that the programme be transferred to
the University of Victoria if that institution were
prepared to undertake it. The University of Victoria had
indicated its willingness to supervise the programme, aid
the transfer would accordingly become effective as of
September, 1964.
This report was received for information. Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3347
Appointment to Part-time Faculty
Rank of Staff of Government
Offices and Laboratories
The President stated that he felt it would be
valuable to the University to develop closer relationships
with the Government laboratories situated on the campus.
This he believed might be accomplished by appointing
appropriate members of the Government staffs to part-time
positions on the University Faculty. The Board of Governors
had approved a policy of appointing individuals with
suitable academic qualifications to academic rank appropriate
to these qualifications. The appointments would be part-
time, on an annual basis, renewable; appointees would be
expected to make a significant contribution to the programme
of the University by sponsoring graduate students in
University or Government laboratories, sharing in research
or teaching programmes, etc.  If it were in the interests
of the University, and if the Government Department approved,
the University might contribute to the salary; at present,
however, the Government would not permit supplementation of
salaries of individuals whom they employed on a full-time
Following review of his qualifications toy the
Committee on Appointments, Re-appointments and Promotions,
one scientist in a Government research laboratory had been
appointed a Professor, Part-time, in the Department of
Biochemistry for one year as from July 1, 1964.
Mr. Bowers suggested, and the President agreed, Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3348
that where appropriate such appointments might be open to
members of Government laboratory staffs in other areas of
British Columbia who took an active part in the teaching
programme of the University, especially in the supervision
of graduate students.
The President stated that the policy would be
reported in the University Gazette and that Departments
concerned could recommend appropriate appointments to their
Letters of Appreciation
Letters of appreciation for emeritus status
conferred on them had been received from Mr. J. II. Creighton,
Miss R. Humphrey and Mr. F. M. Knapp.
Academic Board
The President reported, for information of Senate,
that the Academic Board established under the Universities
Act had been constituted with the following membership:
Appointees of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council:
Dr. H. L. Campbell
Mr. T. N. Beaupre
Mr. Harry M. Evans
Nominees of the Senate of the University of
British Columtoia:
Dean S. N. F. Chant
Dr. I. McT. Cowan
Nominees of the Senate of the University of Victoria:
Mr. R. J. Bishop
Mr. R. T. D. Wallace Wednesday, Fetoruary 12, 1964      3349
Nominees of Simon Fraser University:
Mr. R. J. Baker
Mr. R. M. Lester.
Dean Chant had been elected Chairman.
The first meeting of the Board had been held at
the University of Victoria; the next two would be at the
University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.
Dr. Norris inquired about the nature of the
representation from the universities. Dean Chant stated
that this had been made quite clear at the first meeting of
the Board: the Board was an independent body, tout the only
source of memtoers knowledgeable on university affairs was
the Universities themselves. The appointees of the
universities were not intended to act as representatives of
those universities.
Report on Bilingualism
and Biculturalism
The report of the Committee to Prepare a Brief
for the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism,
including a number of proposed recommendations to the Royal
Commission, had been circulated. The Committee had been
invited to attend the Senate meeting to present the report
and answer queries on it. Dr. Healy as Chairman introduced
the following members of his Committee:
Miss S. M. Boyles
Dr. G. L. Bursill-Hall
Dr. S. M. Jamieson
Mr. K. M. Lysyk
Dr. K. D. Naegele
Dr. W. Opechowski
Dr. G. R. Tougas. Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3350
After a long and active discussion of the report,
with respect to some of the wording and the nature of some
of the recommendations, it was agreed that a summary of the
points raised should be given to the Committee for its
further consideration, and a revised report should be
submitted to Senate either at the May meeting or early in
the autumn.
Referring to the high standard of the Department
of French at the University of Victoria, Mrs. Angus moved
Mrs. Angus)
Dr. Cowan ) That the University of Victoria be
invited to join the University of
British Columbia in presenting a
brief to the Royal Commission on
Bilingualism and Biculturalism.
Retirement of Dean Chant
Dr. McGregor read the following tribute to Dean
Chant, who was retiring from the University as of March 31,
"Tonight's is the last meeting of Senate
that Dean Chant will attend as Dean of the Faculty
of Arts. Because he has served this body with
exemplary distinction since 1948, when he was
appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science,
it is appropriate that our salute to him should
be formally inscribed in the minutes; but because
he will continue to serve education in another
capacity our farewell should be gladly optimistic.
As Professor and Head of the Department of
Philosophy and Psychology (1945), then as Dean
(1948), he helped to guide the Faculty and the
University through the difficult days of the late
1940's, when enrolment increased suddenly and
academic protolems acquired a new complexity. Wednesday, Fetoruary 12, 1964      3351
"Although registration soon returned to
normal, the problems did not disappear, for the
building of a more comprehensive and greater
University had toegun and Dean Chant occupied a
prominent seat among the planners of those
academic changes and innovations that have ever
toeen the primary concern of Senate. At the
same time, he administered with justice and
toenevolence the affairs of his Faculty, the
academic core of the University.
The second half of the decade 1950-1960
brought the realization that the University
faced a new and formidable increase of students
over an indefinite period. Registration in 1954
was 5600; in 1964 it will pass 15,000. Academic
planners turned their attention not only to the
University's facilities and programmes but also
to the public schools. When, as a result of
persistent agitation by those concerned with
higher education, the Minister of Education
appointed a Royal Commission to investigate the
curriculum and the administration of the public
schools, it was no surprise that Dean Chant was
asked to serve as Chairman.
The Chant Report was published early in
1961. No document has had such an impact upon
education in this province. Exhaustive,
critical, and constructive, it became and remains
the blueprint for the spectacular improvements
and reforms now being introduced into the
schools. These, of course, have and will have
an impact upon the University.
Clearly, higher education required similar
examination and in 1962 President Macdonald
undertook the task. Dean Chant at once became
a member of the team that produced early in
1963 the Macdonald Report, the basic document
in the plans even now toeing implemented for
the reorganization and expansion of opportunities
for higher education.
The University is at present engaged in an
examination of its own academic goals.  Naturally,
Dean Chant is a member of the small committee
that is undertaking the fundamental research and
All these responsibilities have been
accepted by the Dean on behalf of the province
as a whole, as well as the University and its
Senate. Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3352
"Internally, the years brought other changes.
In 1962-63, the Faculty of Arts and Science
numbered just under 7000 students, a tremendous
burden - with a tremendous budget - for a single
Dean. Dean Chant nevertheless maintained his
equanimity - he likes to point out that he
administers through autonomous Heads - and the
Faculty, in significant ways, was not neglected.
The evolution of the many new Departments and
programmes that are appropriate to his Faculty
reflects the Dean's progressive and effective
leadership and has brought into viable existence
a broad and liberal range of study in which the
University, and especially its Senate, may have
pride.  One might argue that common sense finally
dictated a division of an unwieldy Faculty. Yet
the recommendation to divide (in 1963) was not
unanimous, and this reluctance was certainly a
tribute to the Dean and to the respect and
affection that he commanded among his Heads arid
his Faculty.
You will realize, Mr. President, as will
the members of Senate, that a full recital of
Dean Chant's activities is impossible, even
inappropriate, this evening.  I do remind
Senate of the countless committees on which he
has sat, of the countless times that we have
asked his advice and not been disappointed, of
the countless occasions on which he has saved
us from error, of the way in which he has
represented us and the University across the
country, also on countless occasions.
It cannot be denied that we shall miss
Dean Chant at these meetings. Still, the
future is bright, for we now learn, with
pleasure but not surprise, that he has toeen
elected Chairman of the Academic Board whose
sensitive understanding will toe so vital to
the Universities and Colleges of the province
in the exciting years to come. Thus Dean Chant
will retain his place as one of Canada's
leaders in education, and we of this University
and this province, as we look ahead, may feel
confident anticipation.
In 1961, upon the thoughtful recommendation
of Senate, Dean Chant received the degree Doctor
of Laws, honoris causa. Tonight, Mr. President,
on behalf of the members of this Senate and
former Senates - I am tempted to say future
Senates - I ask Dean Chant once more to accept Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3353
"our gratitude for his devotion to our affairs,
for his patience, for his wisdom, and, in this
room, for his brevity."
This was followed by hearty and prolonged applause.
Moratorium on the Introduction
of New Courses. Expansion of
Programmes, etc.
The President reported that the University had
learned from the Budget Speech of the Minister of Finance
that the full operating grant requested from the Provincial
Government for 1964-65 would be provided. This, he understood, was the first time the full request had been met.
He anticipated that the Board of Governors, at
its next meeting, would be able to recommend that any
moratorium on expansion of courses and programmes related
to financial restrictions could be removed.
The meeting adjourned at 10:30 p.m.
ecretary. Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3354
Bull. Housser &  Tupper Bursary
A bursary of $300.00, gift of Bull, Housser
& Tupper, Barristers and Solicitors, Vancouver,
British Columtoia, is offered annually to students
beginning or continuing studies in Law.  It will
be awarded to a student with a good academic
record who needs financial assistance.
Clark. Wilson & Co. Bursary
A bursary of $200.00, gift of Clark, Wilson,
White, Clark & Maguire, Barristers and
Solicitors, Vancouver, British Columbia, is
offered annually to students beginning or
continuing studies in Law.  It will be awarded
to a student with a good academic record who
needs financial assistance.
The Lawrence. Shaw. McFarlane &  Stewart
A bursary of $300.00, gift of Lawrence, Shaw,
McFarlane & Stewart, Barristers and Solicitors,
Vancouver, British Columbia, is offered in the
Faculty of Law.  It will be awarded annually to
a student of promise who needs financial
Child Welfare Scholarship Fund
A fund known as the Child Welfare Scholarship
Fund consisting of voluntary contributions
from Parent-Teacher Associations, has been
established through the British Columbia
Parent-Teacher Federation. Monies collected
are presented annually to the University of
British Columbia for distribution by the Dean
of Inter-Faculty Affairs in consultation with
the Director of the School of Social Work.
Awards are made preferably to students
proceeding to the Master's degree in Social
Work and who upon graduation plan to serve in
Public Welfare in British Columtoia. One of
the factors in making awards is the need for
financial assistance.
Dr. Yun-I Ssu Memorial Prize
A prize of $50.00, provided by the interest
from the Dr. Yun-I Ssu Memorial Fund established
by friends of the late Dr. Yun-I Ssu (Ph.D. in
Metallurgy, University of British Columtoia, Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3355
1960), will be awarded to the overseas student
of Chinese ancestry with the highest scholastic
standing in a year preceding his or her last
year in attendance.
The Boughton. Anderson. McConnell
&  Dunfee Prize in Law
A prize of $50.00, gift of Boughton, Anderson,
McConnell &  Dunfee, Barristers and Solicitors,
Vancouver, British Columbia, is offered annually
in the Faculty of Law.  It will be awarded to a
student in the Faculty with a good academic
record and with proficiency in a field or
fields of legal studies.
The Farris. Stultz. Bull & Farris
A scholarship of $200.00, gift of Farris,
Stultz, Bull &  Farris, Barristers and
Solicitors, Vancouver, British Columbia, will
be offered in the Faculty of Law.  It will
be awarded to a student with an outstanding
academic record.
The Mrs. Quan Gow Memorial Bursary Fund
This fund, established as a memorial to
Mrs. Quan Gow by her family and friends,
provides a bursary annually of $50.00.
This bursary will be awarded to a student
with First Class standing entering the Third
or Fourth Year.
The Buell. Ellis. Sargent &  Russell
A bursary of $150.00, gift of Buell, Ellis,
Sargent &  Russell, Barristers and Solicitors,
Vancouver, British Columbia, is offered annually
to students beginning or continuing studies in
Law.  It will be awarded to a student with a
good academic record who needs financial
The Robie L. Reid Scholarship
This scholarship, gift of Sutton, Braidwood,
Morris, Hall & Sutton, Barristers and Solicitors,
Vancouver, British Columbia, is in honour of
the memory of Robie L. Reid, K.C, who served
with the predecessors of the present firm and 1
Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3356
won distinction for his scholarly interest in
Canadian literature and history.  In the amount
of $200.00, it will be awarded annually to an
outstanding student in the Faculty of Law.
The Harper. Gilmour. Grey & Co. Scholarship
This scholarship of $100.00, the gift of Harper,
Gilmour, Grey &  Co., Barristers and Solicitors,
Vancouver, British Columbia, will be awarded
annually for proficiency in the First Year of Law.
The Russell &  DuMoulin Scholarship
A scholarship of $400.00, the gift of Russell
& DuMoulin, Barristers and Solicitors, Vancouver,
British Columbia, will be awarded annually to
an undergraduate in Law. The winner will be
selected on the basis of hard work and achievement coupled with need for financial assistance.
The H. W. Wilson Scholarship
A scholarship of $350.00, gift of the H. W.
Wilson Foundation, Inc., New York, is offered
for three years, beginning with the Session
1964-65, in the School of Librarianship.
The winner will be selected by the School on
the basis of academic record, ability, and
promise of success in the field of
Campney. Owen &  Murphy Scholarship
A scholarship of $250.00, gift of Campney,
Owen &  Murphy, Barristers and Solicitors,
Vancouver, British Columbia, is offered
annually in the Faculty of Law.  It will be
awarded to a student with a satisfactory
academic record who has demonstrated a
capacity for leadership.
Vancouver Women*s Transportation Club
A bursary of $50.00, gift of the Vancouver
Women*s Transportation Club, is offered to a
student in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration.  It will be awarded to give
financial assistance to a student who has a
genuine interest in the study of traffic and
transportation related to Commerce. Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3357
The Honourable and Mrs. A. C. desBrisay
Memorial Bursary
As a memorial to the Honourable and Mrs. A. C.
desBrisay, the Alliance Francaise offers in
the Session 1964-65 a bursary of $150.00. This
bursary will be awarded to a student taking
Honours in French who is a member of the
University group of the Alliance Francaise.
The award will be made on the basis or merit
and need.
The Society of Industrial and Cost
Accountants of British Columbia Scholarship
A scholarship of $100.00, gift of the Society
of Industrial and Cost Accountants of British
Columbia, is offered to a Third Year student
in Commerce and Business Administration who
obtains the highest standing in Commerce 354
(Cost Accounting) and who has maintained a
high over-all academic record.
White Spot Restaurants Limited Bursaries
Two bursaries, having a total value of $1,000.00
each, are provided by White Spot Restaurants
Limited for their employees, and sons and
daughters of their employees who are below the
rank of Manager and have served with the firm
for at least two years. These bursaries are
paid in annual amounts of $250.00 each and are
open in competition to eligible students proceeding from Grade XII or XIII of secondary
school to a full programme of studies at the
University of British Columbia or the University
of Victoria. For purposes of qualification,
"employees" shall include students having part
time employment with the Company while attending
secondary school. The decision as to qualification
by employment shall rest with the Company.  In
all other matters, winners will be selected by
the Scholarship Committee of the University of
British Columbia on the basis of academic
standing and need for financial assistance. To
be considered a candidate must (a) write the
standard departmental examinations conducted in
June by the Department of Education, British
Columbia, and obtain an overall average of at
least 65$ in these examinations; (b) submit the
special bursary form to the University of British
Columbia not later than August 1st. This form
may be obtained after June 1st from the Dean of 1
Wednesday, February 12, 1964      3358
Inter-Faculty and Student Affairs, The University
of British Columtoia, Vancouver 8, British Columbia.
Winners will be considered for renewals of these
bursaries for their Second, Third and Fourth Years
of University attendance (up to graduation).
Renewals each year, however, are not automatic and
will be made only to those who file a new application, pass in all subjects with a minimum
overall average of 65$, and have need for financial
Aluminium Laboratories Limited Fellowship -
increased in value from range of $1,100.00 - $1,600.00
plus tuition fees to $2,000.00 plus tuition fees.
W. II. Maclnnes Scholarship in Greek - increased
in value from $200.00 to $250.00.
W. H. Maclnnes Entrance Scholarships in English -
increased in value from a total of $175.00 to
a total of $225.00.
W. H. Maclnnes Entrance Scholarships in
Mathematics - increased in value from a total
of $175.00 to a total of $225.00.
Davis & Company Bursary - increased in value from
$250.00 to $400.00 annually.
The Faculty Women's Club Bursary - changed from
one of $125.00 to two of $125.00 each.
The British Columtoia Parent Teacher Federation
Scholarship - increased in value from $100.00
to $200.00 annually.
TTio nuanis 01 ub Gold Medal and Prize - Prize
increased in value from $75.00 to $100.00.
Lower Mainland Pharmacists Association Bursary -
changed from one of $100.00 to two of $100.00
British Columbia Forest Products Limited Entrance
Scholarships - increased in value  from $300.00
to $400.00 each   (eight  scholarships)
The Greater Vancouver Registered Nurses
Scholarship - increased in value from $250.00 to
The Deeks-McBride Scholarship  in Civil Engineering -
title  changed to Lafarge Cement  of North America
Scholarship  in Civil  Engineering,   increased in
value from $300.00 to $500.00.


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