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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1950-10-18

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 Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1637
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia, for the Session 1950-51, was
held on Wednesday, October 18th, 1950, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room.
Present: President N. •**-. M. MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Mr. F. M. Khapp, Mr. Frederick Muir, Dean H. F.
Angus, Dean S. N. F. Chant, Dean W. H. Gage, Dr. R. C.
Palmer, Dr. J. M. Ewing, Dean H. J. MacLeod, Dr. W. S.
Taylor, Dr. R. B. Kerr, Mr. R. T. D. Wallace, Dr. R. D.
James, Mr. T. Roy Hall, Mr. Jacob Biely, Dean E. L. Woods,
Dean B. A. Eagles, Dr. T. M. C. Taylor, Dr. R. E. Foerster,
Dr. V. C# Brink, Dr. E. V. White, Dr. Sydney Friedman, Dr.
C. E. Dolman, Dean Lowell Besley, Mr. K. P. Caple, Mr.
Gilbert Kennedy, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. F. A. Turnbull, Mr.
A. E. Lord, Mr. E. Read, Dr. K. *». Taylor, Miss Florence
Mulloy, Mr. H. 0. English, Mr. W. R. McDougall.
Regrets for their inability to be present were
received from Dean G. J*'. Curtis, Dean M. M. Weaver, Dr.
Sherwood Lett, Dr. A. B. Schinbein, Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale,
Dr. Roy Daniells, Mrs. John Creighton, Dr. C. H. Wright, Mr.
F. J. Burd, Major H. C. Holmes, Dr. L. E. Ranta, Dr. W. N.
Sage, Dr. ^. M. Volkoff, Mr. Darrell Braidwood and Dean
M. Dorothy Mawdsley.
Mr. Lord  )
Mr. Kennedy) That the minutes of the fifth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1949-50
be taken as read and adopted.
Carried. Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1638
Election of Representatives of Faculties
At the October meetings of the Faculties of
Graduate Studies, Medicine, and Forestry the following were
elected as representatives on Senate for the remainder of
the 1948-51 term:
Graduate Studies
Dr. R. d. James, replacing Dean H. J. MacLeod
Dr. S. M. Friedman
Dr. R. B. Kerr
Mr. F. M. Knapp
Dr, E. V. White
On behalf of Senate the President expressed best wishes to
these new members and the hope that they might find the
meetings interesting.
Report of Committee on Senate Elections
The following recommendations were read from the
Committee appointed to consider the Senate Elections, 1951:
1. That the coming election of Chancellor and members of
Senate be held on Monday, May 28th, 1951* in the Board
and Senate Room, Administration Building, the
University of British Columbia.
2. That the following be asked to serve as scrutineers:
Dr. Roy Daniells
Dr. T. M. C. Taylor
Mr. G. Kennedy
Dr. L. Ranta
Dr. G. Volkoff
Dr. V. Brink
Mr. J. Biely
Mr. T. R. Hall
Dr. w. S. Taylor
Mr. J. Fred Muir ■J
Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1639
Dr. Ewing)
Dean Gage) That the recommendations of this Committee
be approved.
The President pointed out that, in view of the date set for
these elections, Chancellor Hamber would continue in office
until after the Spring Congregation, 1951•
Further in regard to nominations for scrutineers:
Dean Gage  )
Mr. Kennedy) That in the event of any scrutineer
being unable to act, the Registrar be
empowered to appoint another.
Appointment of Standing Committees
and Representatives on University
Committees for the Session 1950-51
In accordance with the authorization granted by
Senate on August 25th, 1950, the Chair presented recommendations for membership on committees for the Session 1950-51
as follows:
Mrs. J. H. Creighton (Chairman)
Mr. Ernest Perrault, Information Officer (Sec'y)
Dr. A. E. Grauer
Dr. C. A. H. Wright
Dr. H. V. Warren
Mr. F. J. Burd
Dr. R. C. Palmer
President N. A. M. MacKenzie, ex-officio
Dean H. F. Angus (Chairman)
Dean G. E. Curtis (Acting Chairman)
Dean M. D. Mawdsley (Secretary)
Dean S. N. F. Chant
Dean H. J. MacLeod
Dean Blythe A. Eagles
Dean E, l. Woods
Dean M. M. Weaver 1
Wednesday, October .18, 1950   1640
Dean W. H. Gage
Dean Lowell Besley
Dr. A. E. D. Grauer
Mr. K. P. Caple
Mr. T. Roy Hall
Dr. Sherwood Lett
Mrs. J. H. Creighton
President N. A. M. MacKenzie, ex-officio
Chancellor E. W. Hamber
President N. A. m. MacKenzie
Dean S. N. F. Chant
Dean H. J. MacLeod
Mr. C. B. Wood, Registrar
Lt.Col. R. W. Bonner, O.C., U.B.C. Contingent,
C 0 T C
Cmdr. F. J. E. Turner, 0.C, U.N.T.D.
S/L. A. R. Haines, O.C, R.C.A.F. (Auxiliary
University Flight)
Miss Noreen Donaldson, President, Alma Mater
Dr. Roy Daniells (Chairman)
Mrs. J. H. Creighton
President N.  A. m. MacKenzie,   ex-officio
Dr. W. N. Sage (Chairman)
Dr. C. E. Dolman
Mr. J. F. Muir
Dean S. N. F. Chant
Dean H. J. MacLeod
Dean G. F. Curtis
President N. A. m. MacKenzie, ex-officio
Dr. H. V. Warren
Mrs. J. H.   Creighton Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1641
Appointment of Library Committee
At the October meetings of the Faculties, the
following were nominated as representatives on the Library
Committee of Senate:
Arts and Science: Dr. I. McT. Cowan
Mr. T. Larsen
Dr. G. Tucker
Applied Science: Mr. L. G. R. Crouch
Agriculture: Dr. V. Brink
Law: Mr. G. Kennedy
Pharmacy: Mr. J. E. Halliday
Graduate Studies: Dr. D. C. B. Duff
Medicine: Dr. S. m. Friedman
Forestry: Mr. H. C. Haines
Dr. Warren)
Dean Gage )  That the nominees listed, plus the
President and the Librarian ex-officio,
constitute the Library Committee for
the Year 1950-51.
From the Board of Governors
Naming of Women's Residences
In approving the resolution of  Senate,   that the
first three units of Women's Residences be named Bollert
Hall, Maclnnes Hall and Anne Wesbrook Hall,  the Board of
Governors on August  28th,   1950,   suggested that  the  full name
be used also in the first two listed,   i.e., Mary Bollert
Hall and Isabel Maclnnes Hall.
Dean Gage  )
Mr. Kennedy) That this suggestion be referred to the
Committee responsible for the naming of
these residences.
Carried. Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1642
The Board of Governors on August 28th, 1950,
approved the recommendations made by Senate on August 25th,
1950, with reference to:
Correspondence and Extra-Sessional Courses
Schools of Commerce, and Social Work
Honorary Degrees to be conferred at Medical
Congregation, September 27th, 1950, and plans for
Autumn Congregation, October 25th, 1950, and the
opening of the Biological Sciences Building on
that date.
Community and Regional Planning
The Board of Governors on August 28th, 1950,
authorized the proposals of the Committee on Community and
Regional Planning Education along the lines submitted to
and approved in principle by Senate at its meeting on
August 25th, 1950, on the understanding that the cost of
these proposals be kept within the budgets of the interested
Departments as prepared in April, 1950, plus any donations
which may be received from interested parties.
From the Faculties
Report on Supplemental Examinations,
General Examinations and Re-readings
A breakdown of supplemental and deferred examinations written during September, 1950, was received showing
a total number of papers written, 2,823, and the total
number of candidates, 1,768.  It was also noted that the
total number of papers prepared for Supplemental Examinations
was 308.  A statement on Special Examinations written during Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1643
the year ending September, 1950, showed a total of 120
papers granted; and a report on re-readings for the period
September, 1949 to September, 1950, showed a total of 170
requests received and 30 marks changed.
Dean Chant pointed out that a decrease in the
number of supplementals in the Faculties of Arts and Science
and Agriculture was anticipated for next year, by reason of
the regulation whereby no student will be permitted to write
a supplemental unless he has passed nine units of his year's
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
A supplementary list to that approved by the
August meeting of Senate, of candidates to be presented at
the Fall Congregation on October 25th, 1950, for degrees of
Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, Master of Applied
Science, Master of Science in Agriculture, Master of Social
Work, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Education,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Arts (General
Course), Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Home Economics,
Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Applied Science,
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of Laws,
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science in
Forestry. Also listed were candidates for the Certificate
in Nursing, both Public Health and Teaching and Supervision,
and for the Diploma in Agriculture. Wednesday, October 18, 1950  1644
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage ) That Senate approve the conferring of the
degrees and the awarding of the
certificates and the diplpmas, for which
they are qualified, upon the candidates
listed and that the Chair be authorized
to make any necessary corrections.
With reference to the Fall Congregation, the
President presented a letter from Mr. J. Phillipson,
Principal of the Williams Lake Senior High-Elementary
School, requested that the Fall Congregation be scheduled
in future years for a Saturday, to enable teachers throughout the Province to attend and receive the degrees for which
they have worked during many summer sessions.
Mr. Wallace)
Dr. James  ) That this letter be referred to a small
Committee consisting of the Registrar,
Dean Gage and Dean Chant, for sympathetic
Course Changes
Arts and Scienoe
At a meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
on October llth, 1950, the following Curriculum changes
were approved:
That Commerce 38l, Industrial Management, be counted
as a Third or Fourth Year subject for credit
towards the degree of B.A.
New courses, Spanish 502, Continuation of Don Q,uixote
studies - 3 units, and Spanish 503i Old Spanish
Readings - 3 units. Wednesday, October 18, 1950  1645
Applied Science
At a meeting of the Faculty of Applied Science on
October 10th, 1950, the following new courses were approved:
Mechanical Engineering 566, Dynamics of Automatic
A study of the control behaviour of an
installation with respect to stability,
accuracy and speed of control; action
law of the controller; dynamic properties
of the proportional controller, the
proportional plus reset controller, the
proportional plus reset plus pre-act
Text book:  Oldenburg and Sartorius, The
Dynamics of Automatic Controls.
Electrical Engineering 455> Electricity and Illumination
2 hours lecture.  To replace Architecture 456
as noted in Calendar, Page 218
Electrical Engineering 557, Advanced Circuit Analysis
Theory and applications of linear and non-linear
electric circuit elements and circuits.
Reference: Minorski - Non-linear Mechanics,
current journals.
Graduate Studies
The Faculty of Graduate Studies on October l6th,
1950, approved the following new courses:
First Year
500 Planning
This course forms the core of the planning training
and is organized as a Planning Workshop. Simple
planning problems dealing with land use, transportation, housing, industry, recreation, and others
will be examined as case studies of the planning
process. These projects will demonstrate the Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1646
application of social and physical planning
techniques to the problems of town and country;
students will often be working together in teams
and have the advice of various instructors in
related fields. 6 units.
510 Methods and Techniques (same as Arch. 566)
Lectures and seminars relating the methods and
techniques of physical planning to the survey-
analysis-design sequence in local, regional and
national planning. 3 units.
Second Year
501 Planning
(Continuation of Planning 500). More advanced
planning projects. 6 units.
511 Methods and Techniques
(Continuation of Planning 510). More advanced
methods and techniques; the visual implication of
Physical planning, urban and rural, will be fully
examined. 3 units.
The Faculty of Agriculture on October 13th, 1950,
approved the following:
"That we recommend to Senate that the value of
Horticulture 317» Vegetable Gardening, be changed
from l£ to 3 units."
The Faculty of Pharmacy on October 12th, 1950,
approved the following recommendation:
That it be recommended to Senate that Chemistry 205
be made optional with Chemistry 200 in the Second
Dean Gage        )
Dr. T. M. C. Taylor) That the course changes set out
above be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1647
Membership in the Faculties
The Faculty of Pharmacy on October 12th, 1950,
approved the following resolution:
"That it be recommended to Senate that Mr. Norman
Zacharias be made a member of this Faculty during
his appointment as Instructor."
Dean Woods )
Dean Eagles) That this recommendation be approved.
Reports of Standing Committees
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
List No. 2, dated June 1st, 1950, and List No. 3,
dated October 18th, 1950, of Scholarships and Prizes awarded
for 1949-50 were received.  It was noted that all recipients
had been notified.
Dean Gage )
Dean Eagles) That these two lists be approved.
Dean Gage recommended the   postponement of the
following scholarships for a period of one year:
The  W9men's Canadian Club Scholarship in Nursing,
).00 - Mrs.  W. Mahabir  (nee Jean Graham)
The B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation Scholarship,
$250.00 - Mary Catherine Robertson
The  Kiwanis Club Scholarship in Commerce,   $150.00
- James Donald Murray Mills
The Summer Session Students'  Association Scholarship No.  1,   $75.00 - Ruby V.  Scott  (from
Summer Session,  1951,   to Summer Session,  1952)
Dean Gage )
Mr. Kennedy) That the postponements recommended be
approved for a period of one year.
Carried. Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1648
The acceptance was recommended of the following
new awards:
A scholarship to the value of one year's tuition
fee ($258.00),  the gift  of Schlage Lock Company,
San ^'rancisco,  will be awarded annually to a student
in the School of Architecture.    The award will be
made to the student obtaining highest  standing in
the Second Year and proceeding to the Third Year.
Three prizes of $20.00 each,  the gift of the B.  C.
Section of The Canadian Institute of Mining and
Metallurgy,  are offered annually to  students
registered in the Third Year of Applied Science
and enrolled in Geology, Mining or Metallurgy.
These prizes,   one in each of the above fields,
will be awarded to members of the G. M,  Dawson
Club for the best essays written during the
summer between the Second and Third Years.
It was noted that the terms of  award of these
prizes were  subject to confirmation by the  donors and the
transfer of the  sum of  $116.00 held by the University under
the name  "The Canadian  Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Loan Fund," to the new prize account,  to provide the first
annual and part of the second annual award.
Four bursaries of $50.00 each,  gift of the Acadia
Camp Residence Council,  The University of British
Columbia, were made available  in the Session 1950-51
for students residing in Acadia Camp who were in
need of financial assistance. Wednesday, October 18, 1950  1649
This fund was established to provide financial
assistance for the son or daughter of a member
of the Officers' Mess of the Irish Fusiliers
Vancouver Regiment who was killed in action on
active service in the Second World War. Awards
are made by Senate on the recommendation of the
Joint Faculty Committee, acting in consultation
with a representative of the donors.
It was noted that no publicity was to be given
this award.
This scholarship of $250.00 was made available from
the Research Corporation, Electrolytes Conductance,
grant.  It was awarded in the Session 1950-51 to a
student for study and research on the conductance of
solutions in acetonitrile.
This prize, of value $100.00, will be awarded to
the student in the graduating class who, in the
opinion of the Department, has the most outstanding
record of work in Slavonic Studies.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Besley) That these awards be accepted and letters
of thanks sent to the donors.
Dean Gage reported for the information of Senate
the award of a prize by two judges of the Yale County Court,
under the following terms, to be listed in the Calendar
under awards made by other institutions:
This prize of $100.00, gift of Their Honours Judge
Colquhoun and Judge Archibald, was awarded at the
close of the Session 1949-50 to the student in the
graduating class of the Faculty of Law who ranked
highest among those articled to a member of the Bar
practising in Yale County. Wednesday,   October 18,   1950 I65O
Dean Gage gave a short report on various bursaries
awarded this Fall from the three sources of bursary aid for
students in attendance at the University of British Columbia:
Dominion-Provincial Student Aid Fund,   Special Bursaries Fund
and Named Bursaries.     It was noted that the total amount of
bursary assistance given to date was $85,105.00 to 531
individuals in approximately 100 centres of the Province
and 10 centres outside the Province.    It was noted that not
more than one-third of the bursary assistance available goes
to students in Vancouver.
Mr. Lord  )
Mr. Wallace) That a very hearty vote of thanks be
extended to Dean Gage and his Committee
for the work which goes into these
The Chairman reported that the Twenty-first Report
of the Library Committee to Senate, covering the period
September, 1949 to August, 1950, was not available for the
present meeting but would be circulated before the next
meeting of Senate and placed on the agenda for discussion
at that time.
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus reported that arrangements had been
made for the Autumn Congregation, October 25th, 1950.  It
was noted that two distinguished scientists would receive
the honorary degree of Doctor of Science at that time, Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1651
^      Dr. George Sherman Avery, Jr., Director of the Brooklyn
Botanic Garden, and Professor John Richardson Dymond,
Director, Royal Ontario Museum of Zoology and Head, Department of Zoology, University of Toronto.
f Speaker for the Autumn Congregation
£' The President reported that Dr. George S. Avery
I had agreed to give the Congregation Address on October 25th.
%. He also reported that the Building for General Biological
i;        Sciences would be opened immediately following the Congregation
J?        by the Honourable W. T. Straith, Minister of Education, in
.A the enforced absence of Premier Johnson, who had expected to
I officiate on this occasion, and that following this ceremony
tea would be served in Brock Hall.
I, Dr. T. M. C. Taylor reported that the Departments
Is        of Biology, Botany and Zoology had combined to arrange two
$k symposia for Thursday, October 26th, a Symposium on Systematic
'* Biology and a Symposium on Advances in Physiology, open to
everyone interested.  In addition two public lectures had
been arranged for the evenings of October 25th and 26th.
J The President reported further that the University
|T        Committee on Lectures had three events under consideration:
|l        the Bostock Lectureship, the Canadian Club Lectureship and
• a University Lecture. With regard to the latter it was
hoped that a lecture on the place of medieval studies in
western education might be given by Professor Gilson, of the
1 '
i i
Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1652
University of Toronto and Paris, near the middle of November.
Report on Registration
A report dated October 18th, on Registration for
the Session 1950-51 was received and examined. A slight
i decline in enrollment in the First Year was noted, caused by
* "'        the decline in the birth-rate during the depression years.
The President reported that he had received an unofficial
report on probable school population for the next ten years
which suggested something of a levelling-off until 1954- and
then a gradual increase, followed by a rapid increase about
Annual Report, Department of
University Extension
A report on Extra-Curricular Summer Session Courses
offered during the summer of 1950 by the Department of
University Extension was received, in accordance with the
request made by the August meeting of Senate. This report
was tabled, to be returned to the agenda at the December 13th,
1950, meeting of Senate, for question or comment.
Report on Vocational Agricultural Course
Further to the discussion at the August meeting of
Senate on the special course in Vocational Agriculture Teacher
Training, Dean Eagles reported that the whole problem of the
teaching of vocational agriculture in the high schools of
British Columbia had been discussed at a meeting convened by
the Minister of Education and the Minister of Agriculture in Wednesday, October 18, 1950  1653
the Fall of 1949. As a result the Faculty of Agriculture
started work with twelve students in May, 1950, who were
joined by eleven teachers at the beginning of July. Training
was given by members of the University Department of Education, the Provincial Normal School and two visiting
instructors from the State of Montana. Equivalent financial
assistance was provided for students not under Department of
Veterans Affairs grants by the Dominion-Provincial Student
Aid plan.
The President expressed thanks to Dean Eagles for
his report and a discussion followed on this form of
agricultural education as the alternative to the establishment of residential agriculture schools or colleges
throughout the Province.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Ewing reported that registration at the College
totalled 317 students and that the annual assembly would be
held on Friday, October 20th. All members of Senate were
extended an Invitation to attend.
A letter dated September 27th, was read from the
Secretary of the University Committee on Ceremonies,
reporting that his Committee on September 25th, 1950, had
approved the recommendation of Senate that some special
recognition be made of the top student graduating in each
class, and requesting that the Registrar take action so Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1654
that future Congregation programmes will indicate which
students led their classes.
A second letter dated September 27th, 1950, was
received from the Secretary, University Committee on
Ceremonies, requesting Senate to consider a suggestion made
by the Resident Staff Officer on behalf of the Officer
Commanding of the U.B.C. Contingent, C.O.T.C., that a
statement of undergraduates of the University who had
qualified as officers in His Majesty's three services be
incorporated in the Congregation programme.
The opinion was expressed that it would be wise
to limit these programmes to listings of academic achievements, but the matter was tabled pending a recommendation
from the Committee on University Ceremonies.
Letters of appreciation were read from Mr. Lord
and Dr. Lett in reply to recent congratulatory letters
from Senate.
Other Business
Dean Woods brought up the request of the
Pharmaceutical Association of the Province of British
Columbia that the opening of the Pharmacy Wing of the General
Biological Sciences Building be postponed until June of 1951,
to coincide with the Diamond Jubilee of the establishment of
Pharmacy as a profession in British Columbia.
Dean Woods)
Dean Chant) That approval be given to  this request.
Carried. Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1655
Catholic Education
The President reported that when he was in the
Kootenays early in September he had noted in the Press an
announcement of a first year course leading to a Bachelor's
degree in a Catholic College in Nelson.
Mr. Lord  )
Mr. Kennedy) That this information be referred to the
Senate Committee on 0atholic Education
with the request that this matter be
brought up for discussion at the December
meeting of Senate.
Subsidized Athletics
The President reported on a meeting he had been
asked to attend with the coaches, the President of the Men's
Athletic Directorate and the Graduate Manager of Athletics,
to discuss the present impasse with respect to American
football at the University of British Columbia. Dr. MacKenzie
stated that it was his understanding that a meeting of the
Alma Mater Society would be called to discuss the situation
and that he expected the students would attempt to get
financial assistance to attract and keep players at this
Mr. Lord )
Mr. Caple)  That, subject to a request being received
from the Alma Mater Society, the President
be empowered to appoint a Committee of
Senate to meet the Committee of the Alma
Mater Society and to report back to Senate.
Carried. Wednesday, October 18, 1950   1656
Screening of Students in Medicine
The President reported that over 350 applications
had been received for First Year Medicine and that only 60
of these had been approved and enrolled. A vote of thanks
and support was accorded the Screening Committee and Senate
went formally on record to the effect that decisions of this
Committee and of the Faculty of Medicine in respect of
acceptance of applications would be sustained by Senate.
Dr. Warren asked about progress in respect of
negotiations with the Vancouver General Hospital for the
provision of four hundred beds for the Faculty of Medicine,
and in the absence of the ^ean of that FaCulty, was asked
by the Chair to give notice of his question for reply when
Dean Weaver would be present at Senate,
Mr.   Kennedy)
Mr.  Lord       )    That the meeting adjourn.
A^ALa^^^>    S% L^^irz^


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