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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1948-10-20

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Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1948-49 was
held on Wednesday, October 20th, 1948, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Mr. H.F. Angus, Mr. Jacob Biely, Dr. V.C. Brink,
Dean S.N.F. Chant, Mr. K.P. Caple, Dean F.M. Clement,
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton, Dean G.F. Curtis,
Dr. J. Roy Daniells, Dr. C.E. Dolman, Dr. J.M. Ewing,
Dean J.N. Finlayson, Dr. R.E. Foerster, Mr. E. Davie Fulton,
Dean W.H. Gage, Major H.C. Holmes, Mr. G.D. Kennedy,
Dr. W. Kaye Lamb, Mr. A.E. Lord, Mr. A.R. Lord,
Mr. H.N. MacCorkindale, Mr. W.R. McDougall, Dean M. Dorothy
Mawdsley, Mr. J. Fred Muir, Miss Florence S. Mulloy,
Dr. R.C. Palmer, Mr. F. Read, Dr. W.N. Sage, Principal K.E.
Taylor, Principal W.S. Taylor, Dr. F.A. Turnbull,
Dr. H.V. Warren.
Expressions of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Mr. H.O. English, Brigadier
Sherwood Lett and Mr. F.J. Burd.
The President, on behalf of the Senate, extended
congratulations to Mr. Arthur E. Lord on the occasion of
his appointment as Corporation Counsel for the City of
Mr. Kennedy )
Mr. Muir   )  That the minutes of the fifth regular
meeting of the Session 1947-48, held
on August 27th, 1948, be taken as
read and adopted.
Carried. 1428
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
Election of a Representative of the Faculty of Arts and
Notice was received from the Faculty of Arts and
Science that at a meeting of that Faculty on October 6th,
1948, Dr. J. Roy Daniells was elected as representative of
that Faculty on Senate, replacing Professor H.F. Angus,
for the remainder of the term 1948-51.
Appointment of Standing Committees and Representatives on
University Committees. Session 1948-49
In accordance with the resolution of Senate at its
meeting on August 27th, 1948, the Chair appointed the
following Committees, subject to confirmation by Senate:
Committee on Calendar        Dean W.H. Gage (Chairman)
Mr. Frederick Read
Dr. W. Kaye Lamb
Mr. W.R. McDougall
Press Committee Dr. A.E.D. Grauer (Chairman)
Dr. C.A.H. Wright
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Dr. H.V. Warren
Mr. F.J. Burd
Committee on Honorary Degrees Mr. H.F. Angus (Chairman)
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean J.N. Finlayson
Dean F.M. Clement
Dean G.F. Curtis
Dean M.D. Mawdsley
Mr. A.R. Lord
Mr. K.P. Caple
Dr. A.E.D. Grauer
Mr. Sherwood Lett
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Committee on Military Education Chancellor E.W. Hamber
President N.A.M. MacKenzie
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean J.N. Finlaj'son
Mr. C.B. Wood
Lt. Col. R.W. Bonner
Cmdr. F.J.E. Turner
Mr. David Brousson Committee on Memorial Minutes
Wednesday, October 20, 194#«
Dr. W. Kaye Lamb (Chairman)
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Committee on Professors Emeriti Dr. W.N. Sage (Chairman)
Dr. C.E. Dolman
Mr. J.F. Muir
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean J.N. Finlayson
Dean F.M. Clement
Dean G.F. Curtis
Representative on University
Council on Athletics and
Physical Education
Representative on Committee on
Public Relations
Committee on a Faculty of
Medicine (Senate and Faculty)
Dr. H.V. Warren
Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton
Dean  J.N.   Finlayson   (Chairman)
Dean S.N.F.   Chant
Dean F.M. Clement
Dean G.F. Curtis
Mr. A.E. Lord
Dr. H.J. MacLeod
Dr. F.A. Turnbull
H.F. Angus
E.L. Woods
B. Eagles
T.M.C. Taylor
G.M. Shrum
W.A. Hoar
A.H. Hutchinson
L.E. Ranta
C.E. Dolman
That Committees as
appointment of the
constituted by
Chair be confirmed.
Further in this same connection:
Dean Gage  )
Dean Chant )
That the following be asked to serve
on the Committee on Request re
Saturday Examinations: 1430
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
Dean W.H. Gage (Chairman)
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Mr. C.B. Wood
Mr. J.F. Muir
Mr. Frederick Read
Report on Registration
For the information of Senate a statement of
registration for the Session 194&-49 was presented.  The
total number of students enrolled as at October 19, 1948,
was 8,776; as compared with the total of 9,256 on October
17, 1947.
From the Board of Governors
The Balance Sheet and Financial Statement for the
year ending March 31st, 1948, accepted by the Board at its
meeting on September 27th, was received for the information
of Senate.
Mr.A.E. Lord)
Mr. Caple )  That the Balance Sheet and Financial
Statement be received and filed in
the Office of the Secretary for
examination by the members of Senate.
The President welcomed Mr. E.D. Fulton, M.P.,
sitting on Senate for the first time, and introduced him to
the meeting.
Notice was received from the Board of Governors
of the following action :-
1.  acceptance of the terms of award of the Bastion
Chapter, I.O.D.E. Bursary, as approved by Senate
on August 27th; 1431
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
•2.  approval of an extra University Entrance
Scholarship and an extra Senior Matriculation
Scholarship, in accordance with the recommendation of Senate^
3.  approval of a suitable ceremony on the occasion
of the opening of the New Wing of the Library,
-•> October 27th, 1948.
The President reported that Premier Johnson had
been invited to take part in this ceremony, but that as he
would be unable to attend because of absence from the
Province, the Honourable E.C. Carson, Minister of Public
Works, would represent the Government.
*M From the Faculties
Recommendations for membership in the Faculties
The following recommendations were received from
the Faculties:-
Arts and Science
i "That Mr. Frederick Field whose status has been
changed to Honorary Lecturer in the Department
of Commerce be continued as a member of Faculty."
"That Dr. Gilbert Tucker and Dr. Noel Odell be
recommended for membership in the Faculty for the
period of their appointments as Visiting Professors."
Faculty of Agriculture
"That Miss Nora Neilson, Instructor in Dairying, be
made a member of Faculty."
"That Dr. I.W. Moynihan and Dr. Paul Trussell be
made Honorary Members of Faculty for the present
_^ Session." 1432
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
Faculty of Law
"That the membership in the Faculty of Law consist of
all those of the rank of Assistant Professor or
higher, Lecturers, Lecturers in Law and the Honorary
Liaison Secretary."
"That Dr. M.M. Mclntyre be made a member of that
Faculty for the period of his appointment as Visiting
Dean Clement )
Dr. Palmer  )  That the recommendation of
Faculties be approved.
Report on Supplemental Examinations. Special
Examinations and Re-readings
For the information of Senate reports were
presented with reference to Supplemental Examinations,
Special Examinations and Re-readings.
Dean Curtis   )
Mr. A.E. Lord )  That the reports as submitted
be received and filed.
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
Dean S.N.F. Chant presented the list of
candidates for degrees in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
Dean Chant )
Dean Gage )t   That the candidates listed in the
report for the degrees of M.A.,
M.S.W., B.A. with Honours, B.A. in
the General Course, B.A. in the
Double Courses - B.A.Sc, LL.B.,
B.S.A.; B.Com., B.H.E., B.Ed., and
B.S.W. be granted their respective
Carried 1433
Wednesday, October 20th, 1948.
A delegation of the Higher Educational Committee of
the B.C. Catholic Schools Association
The reports of Faculties re Candidates for degrees
and diplomas were interrupted to receive this delegation.
Before receiving the delegation the President
outlined the history of the requests made by the Roman
Catholic community to share in the education of their
young people at the University, and recalled that after
consideration of the last request of this kind Senate had
felt it unwise to make any change in the present organization of the University.
The President stated that from his reading of the
brief about to be presented it appeared that the request
was not that a separate Roman Catholic college be
established on the campus, but that the University appoint
to the Faculty certain properly qualified representatives
of the Basilian Order, to give a limited number of courses
in the Departments of History, Philosophy and Economics, on-
the understanding that these courses would be open to any
student but compulsory for none.
The delegation, consisting of Dr. D.A. Steele,
Mr., A.E. Branca, Mr. J.F. Brown, was then received and their
brief read by Dr. Steele.  After considerable discussion and
questioning the delegation was asked to withdraw.
Following further discussion, 1434
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
Mr. A.E. Lord )
Mr.   A.R.   Lord   )     That   copies  of  the   brief as
presented by the Committee of
the B.C. Catholic Educational
Association be sent to each
member of Senate; that a
Committee be set up by the Chair
to go into this matter, with
power to meet with the Committee
of the Association, and to
report to Senate.
From the Faculties (Cont'd.)
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
Dean J.N. Finlayson presented the report of the
Faculty of Applied Science.
Dean Finlayson )
Dr. Dolman    )  That the recommendations of the
Faculty of Applied Science with
respect to candidates for the
degrees of M.A. Sc, B.A.Sc,
B.S.F., B.A.Sc. in Nursing be
Dean Finlayson )
Dr. Dolman    )  That the recommendations of the
Faculty of Applied Science with
respect to candidates for the
Certificate in Nursing be
Dean F.M. Clement presented the report of the
Faculty of Agriculture.
Dean Clement )
Dean Chant  )  That the degrees of M.S.A. and
».S.A. be conferred on the
candidates whose names are listed
in the report.
Carried 1435
Wednesday, October 20, 1943.
Dean G.F. Curtis presented the report of the
Faculty of Law.
Dean Curtis )
Mr. Kennedy )  That the degree of LL.B. be
conferred on the candidates
Curriculum Changes: New courses, etc.
Recommendations were received from the Faculties
that the following curriculum changes be approved in
accordance with the details given in the mimeographed
English 500 - History of Literary Criticism.
Chemistry 412 - Physical Inorganic Chemistry.
Chemistry 505 - The Theory of the Chemical Bond.
Social Work 512 - Community Resources.
Mechanical Engineering 573 - Power Plant Design.
Botany 467 - Advanced Forest Pathology.
Dairying 431 - Seminar in Food Technology.
Law 223 - Property II (in lieu of Landlord and Tenant). 1436
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
Social Work 568 - The Social Insurances (formerly
Medical Care in Social Welfare).
Curriculum Changes:
Architecture 466, Town Planning - I5 units, and
Architecture 467, Social Aspects of Housing - lj? units,
for credit in Third or Fourth Year toward the degree of
Horticulture 213, Practical Horticulture - 3 units,
Horticulture 314, Commercial Horticulture - lj units,
Horticulture 315, Horticultural Products and
By-products - 1? units
for credit in Third or Fourth Year of the course leading
to the degree of B.H.E.
Home Economics 421, Child Development and Family
Relations - 3 units, for credit in the present session in
the Third or Fourth Year of the course leading to the
degree of B.A. in lieu of Sociology 400, The Dynamic
Family, which is not offered this session.
Change of Unit Value
Commerce 564, Advertising Problems - increased
from lj to 3 units.
Change of Title and Description
Chemistry 521 - Statistical Mechanics (formerly
Chemical Kinetics)
Dean Gage )
Dr. Lamb  )  That the new courses and curriculum
changes as set out above be
The President drew the attention of Senate to the
fact that there are approximately 860 courses in which
students are registered for the Session 1948-49* 1437
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
Mr. A.E. Lord )
Major  Holmes     )     That the   Registrar's  report on
registration by  courses be
circulated  to  Senate  for consideration at  a later meeting.
Reports of Committees
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Gage, Chairman of the Joint Faculty Committee
on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries, presented a statement
showing the disposition up to October 15th of various funds
for student assistance; including Dominion-Provincial
Student Aid, Special Bursaries, University "Named"
Bursaries, and the University Sessional Loan Fund.
Dean Gage    )
Mr. McDougall )  That this report be accepted.
In this  connection:
Dr. Foerster )
Dean Gage   )  That a short summary of this
report be circulated to Senate
with the minutes.
Further in this same connection:
Mr. A.E. Lord )
Mr. McDougall )  That a vote of thanks be
extended to Dean Gage and his
A recommendation was received from the Chairman,
Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Bursaries, that Miss Dorothy Farley be granted a postponement of the Laura Holland Scholarship for one year. 143 8
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Lamb  )  That this postponement be granted.
A recommendation was received from the Chairman
of the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Bursaries that the "Prize of the Minister of Switzerland"
be accepted on the following terms of award:
This book prize was awarded in the
Session 1948-49 to an outstanding student
of French Language and Literature.
Dean Gage        )
Mr. MacCorkindale )  That this prize be accepted
and a letter of thanks sent
to the donor.
List No. 6, consisting of Autumn Awards of Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries was presented for the
information of Senate by Dean Gage, Chairman of the Joint
Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries.
Report of the Library Committee
It was noted that this Report was not yet
available but that upon its receipt the Secretary of Senate
would have it circulated to the members and placed on the
agenda for the next meeting. 1439
Wednesday, October 20, 194c
Committee on Honorary Degrees
A request was received from the Committee on
Honorary Degrees that formal approval be given the awarding
of the degree of Doctor of Laws (Honoris Causa) to Dr.
Luther H. Evans, Librarian of Congress; Dr. Stewart Wallace,
Librarian of the University of Toronto; and to Dr. W. Kaye
Lamb, Librarian of the University of British Columbia, at
the Autumn Congregation on October 27th.
Professor Angus )
Dean Clement    )  That the granting of. these
degrees be approved.
The Committee reported further that consideration had been
given to the name of Mr. H.N. MacCorkindale but that it was
felt, in view of the length of the list already proposed,
that this name should be deferred for the time being.
Committee on Professors Emeriti
Dean Clement reported for the Committee on
Professors Emeriti.  It was noted that the following who
had retired with the full rank of Professor would automatically receive the title of Professor Emeritus in
accordance with the resolution of Senate and Board of
February, 1946:  Dr. R.H. Clark, Dr. A.E. Hennings, Dr.
W.L. MacDonald, Dr. Isabel Maclnnes and Dr. G.G. Sedgewick.
In addition to these the Committee recommended that Mr.
John Davidson and Mr. F.A. Wilkin, who had retired with the
rank of Associate Frofessor, be named Professors Emeriti in
view of their long service to the University.  It was 1440
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
recommended further that Dr. Daniel Buchanan be named Dean
Dean Clement )
Dr. Sage    )  That these recommendations be
Hoods for New Degrees
The Secretary reported that in May, 1949, for the
first time there would be candidates for the degrees of
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Bachelor of Physical
Education, and in the following year for the degree of
Doctor of Philosophy, and that the colour of the
respective hoods for these degrees should be decided as
soon as possible.
Mr. A.E. Lord    )
Mr. MacCorkindale )  That the Chair be asked to
appoint a Committee to
consider this matter.
Victoria College Council
Dr. Ewing reported briefly on the establishment
of evening classes for credit at Victoria College and was
asked to prepare a brief memorandum on that development, to
be sent to the Secretary of Senate for circulation.
Letters were received from Colonel F.T. Fairey,
Mr. Ira Dilworth, Mr. J.B. DeLong, Miss Jessie F. Gordon
and Mr. A.R. Lord accepting the invitation of Senate to
receive the degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, at the 1441
"Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
Autumn Congregation on October 27th.
Other Business
Dr. Dolman drew to the attention of Senate the
annual report of the Committee on Medical Education of the
B.C. Medical Association, which he felt misinterpreted the
resolution of Senate of November 27, 1947, with regard to
an undivided medical school.  The Chairman assured Dr.
Dolman that all negotiations which had taken place since
the Senate resolution had been conducted within the spirit
of the resolution.  Dr. Turnbull stated that in his opinion
the Chairman of the Medical Association Committee had not
intentionally misinterpreted the position of Senate but had
simply attempted to express a point of view in condensed
Mrs. Creighton )
Dr. Dolman    )  That a letter be drafted and
sent to the Chairman of this
Committee repeating the
original resolution of Senate
and reporting the fact that
the ideal, hope and intention
is a school on the campus
sometime in the future.
At the suggestion of Dean Clement it was agreed
that the President should discuss the content of the letter
informally with the Chairman of the Committee on Education
of the B.C. Medical Association when presenting it to him. 1442
Wednesday, October 20, 1948.
With reference to recent publicity given to the
War Memorial Gymnasium Fund the President reported that the
monies in question were those paid by the students themselves and not those raised by public subscription, and
that to the best of his knowledge there had been no
misappropriation of funds.
Referring to the case of Gordon Martin, graduate
in Law, the President raised the question of the
responsibility of the University towards students who,
having met University requirements, might find themselves
unacceptable to professional bodies.  After some discussion
it was agreed that Dean Curtis should informally advise the
Senate at its next meeting with regard to the particular
case in question.
The meeting adjourned.


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