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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Feb 18, 1920

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Wednesday, February 18th, 1920,
393 The third regular meeting of the Senate of the University
of British Columbia for the session 1919-20 was held on Wednesday,
February 18th, 1920, at 8 p.m., in the Board Room at the University
894 Present:- The President, in the Chair, the Chancellor,
Dean R. •". Brock, Mr. J. A. McLean, Mr. P. A. Boving, Mr. I. Killam,
Dr. D. Mcintosh, Dr. T. &• Boggs, Dr. H. Ashton, Rev. W. L. Clay,
Bishop de Pender, Mr. L. F. Robertson, Mr. Wm. Burns, Mr. T. A.
Brough, Judge F. W. Howay, Dr. W. D. Brydone-Jack, Mr. J. S. Gordon,
Dr. H. Wolverton, Mr. 1. B. Paul, Magistrate I. C. Shaw, Mr. J. M.
395 Miaa Jamieson had telephoned the Seoretary regretting her
inability to be present.
396 Bishop de Pencier)
Mr, Cordon     ) That the minutes of the regular meeting
of December 17th, 1919 be taken as
Mr, Burns called attention to the fact that his name did
not appear amongst those present and Mr. Gordon stated
that the name of the Seoretary of the B. C. School Trustees
was J. X. Wilton, not Wilson as appeared in the minutes.
These corrections were ordered made.
397 Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Brough  ) That the full privilege asked for by
Toronto University, re the holding of LL.B.
examinations, be granted, until such time
as this University may be in a position
to take up the subject referred to.
398 Dr. McKechnie)
Mr. Boving  ) That the communication from the Board of
Governors re the cancellation of short
courses in Agriculture at the University
this session be filed. »
' Carried. (134)
399 Application of the King Bdward High Sohool for special exa
mination for students taking the Technical Course was presented and
the following recommendation of Faculty submitted:-
That the request be granted of Mr. G. A. Fergusson,
Principal of the King Bdward High School, who asked that,
for the Matrioulation examination for the year 1920, a
special concession be made for students of the Technical
course of the King Bdward High School, namely, that they
be permitted to substitute Trigonometry for Botany, the
subjects of their examination to be:-
Bnglish Literature and Composition,
History and Historical Geography,
Algebra, Geometry,
Physics and Trigonometry.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. McLean)
That the recommendation of Faoulty b
400 A later application waa reoeived from King Bdward High
Sohool asking that the Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry papers on
the Technical Leaving Bxanination be aoeepted instead of the General
Course papers. This request had not been before Faculty.
Mr, Gordon)
Mr, Paul ) That the matter be referred to Faculty for
their consideration and report to Senate.
401 Application of G. f• Allan, Tiotorla, to have the Matrioulation Scholarship, won by him, reserved for one year was presented
and the following reoommendatlon of Faoulty submitted:*
That the application of 0. W. Allan, Tiotorla, to have
the Junior Matrioulation Scholarship, won by him last year,
reserved for one year in consideration of his attending
the Senior Matriculation class in Victoria High Sohool,
be granted.
Judge Howay)
Dr. Boggs ) That the reoommendatlon of Faoulty be
Id. (186)
402 Faculty recommendations rn reference to certain scholarships
and prises were received and dealt with as follows:*
1. Tin Aj*** Wesbrook Scholarship.
That the Calendar statement read as follows:*
"The Anne Wesbrook Scholarship, value #100.00, donated
by the Women's Club of the University, shall be open to
both men and women graduates of this University who intend
to take up Post Graduate work.
Applications for this Scholarship should be made to
the Begistrar not later than the last day of the final
That the procedure in making the award be as follows:*
"The award of this Scholarship shall be made by a
joint meeting of the Faculty Committee on Scholarships and
the Committee on Student Affairs of the Women's Club of
the University, subject to the approval of Faoulty and
Mr. Cordon]
Mr. Burns ) That the recommendation be endorsed.
2, gho Ar^f '19 Scholarship*
That the Calendar statement be as follows:*
"This Scholarship shall be known as the Arts '19
Scholarship. It shall be awarded on the recommendation
of the Faoulty Committee on Scholarships to a third year
student in Arts proceeding to the fourth year.
The amount of the Scholarship shall be one hundred
and fifty dollars §150.00} to be paid to the winner In
full at the beginning of the Session.
The award shall be based on
(a) Literary and scholastic attainments.
(b) Exhibition during undergraduate days of
moral force of character, and instincts to lead
and take an active interest in fellow-students
and in University activities.''
The Faoulty Committee, if this report Is adopted, would
consult the third year students themselves this year in
making the award.
Mr, Boving)
Mr. Paul ) That the recommendation of Faculty be endorsed.
JSarxied. .
J (136)
3. The Women«s Liberal Association Prise.
That the following Calendar statement be adopted:*
"This prize, value #25.00, shall be awarded to the
first year student obtaining first place in English Literature.*
Bishop de Pencier)
Mr. Gordon     ) That the recommendation be endorsed.
4. The Women's Canadian Olnb Prise.
That thia prize, increased from #20,00 to #60,00, be
awarded to the student standing highest in the Class of
Canadian History.
Judge Howay)
Mr, McLean ) That this recommendation be approved.
3*     Tftt Qwn4* %lts Harvey Prjze4p Bognomjos.
That this be awarded as a book prize, value #50.00, to the
Third Year Arts student for the best Essay on a specified
subject in Economics or Political Science.
Dr. Wolverton)
Dr. Boggs   ) That Faoulty recommendation be adopted.
6.  The Roble Raid Prize.
That this prize, value #26,00, given through Historical
Soolety, be awarded for the best essay on some historical
subject, the subject to be ohosen and essays to be judged
by the Society.
Dr, McKechnie)
Judge Howay j That this matter be put into the hands of
a special Committee to interview Mr. Beld,
point out the objections, and aee if some
satisfactory arrangements cannot be arrived
at, the Committee to have power to act.
The Casanlttee to be named by the Chair. (1ST)
^)  403 Faculty reoommendations in regard to changes in the Consti
tution of Alma Mater Sooiety were received and dealt with as follows:
Clause 2. Seotlon b.
.--' (Old)   Active members shall comprise all registered
students and graduates of the University.
(law)   Aotlve members shall comprise all registered
student8 of the University (graduates and undergraduates) who have paid Alma Mater Society fees
for the current session.
Clause 2. Seotion c.
) (014)   Honorary members shall comprise all members of
the Faoulty and others to whom honorary membership may be given.
(Vow)   Honorary members shall comprise all members of
the Faculty, graduates of the University and
/ othes to whom honorary membership may be given.
Clause 3. Section a.
w (Old)    2. The Literary Department.
(Vow)    2. The Literary and Scientific Department.
Clause 5. Section b.
Add new clause:
6* The Secretary of the Alma Mater Sooiety, who
8hall be an undergraduate of the Junior or
/ Senior Tear of any Faculty.
Clause 5.. Section b.
Add new clause:
4, The Treasurer of the Alma Mater Society, who
shall be an undergraduate of the Junior or
Senior Tear of any Faoulty.
Clause 5. Seotlon b.
(Old)    5. The President of the Soienoe Men's Undergraduate Sooiety, who shall be an undergraduate
of the Senior Tear of the Faculty of Science. (138)
(New)   5.  The President of the Science Undergraduate
Society, who shall be an Undergraduate of the
Junior or Senior Tear of the Faoulty of Science.
Clause 5. Section b.
Omit    7.  The vice-president of the Literary Department, who 8hall be an undergraduate of the Junior
or Sealor Tear of any Faculty.
N.B. There are a few automatic changes resulting
from these amendments, which are not indicated
Dean Brook)
Dr. Ashton) That these amendments to the Constitution of
Alma Mater Society be adopted.
404 n«*YTl* High Sohool Afmianpp,.
Dr, McKechnie  )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That this matter be laid on the table.
The Chancellor raised the question as to whether or not
this was an opportune time to take up the matter in view of the
fact that numerous considerations were being brought forward, such
as increased cost over original estimate, probable requests from
other centres for like privileges, etc.
Mr. Paul stated that in his opinion the whole matter was
out of order since no correspondence has passed between the Board
of Governors and the Senate concerning it.
President Klinck upheld Mr* Paul's contention and ruled
the whole proceeding out of order.
In reply to a query from the Rev. Mr. Clay, the President
stated that it was. his report, as referred by the Board of Governors
to Senate, that was out of order and not the general question of
affiliation. (139)
405 University palendar 1920-21.
Mr. Robertson, Chairman of the Joint Committee of Senate
and Faoulty, reported that the Calendar was now in press, that it
would be out in three or four weeks, and that It would be laid before
Senate as the report of the Committee.
406 Summer School of Post Graduate Instruction in Medicine.
The Committee,appointed by Senate to consider whether
or not it is desirable that the University lend its sanction
to the proposed Summer School of Post Graduate Instruction In
Medicine,has confered with a Committee of the Vancouver
Medical Association. In consequence of this meeting the
Senate Committee beg leave to recommend:*
(1) That the University endorse the proposed course of
Post Graduate Instruction in Medicine.
(2) That the course be considered a part of the Extension
movement of the University.
(S) That the Senate appoint a representative to act on
the Management Committee of the proposed Summer Sohool.
In support of the foregoing recommendation the Committee
would add:-
(1) That no financial obligation is to be incurred by the
(2) That the proposed program calls primarily for clinical
Instruction in medicine, surgery, and laboratory work by
one or more prominent men from Bastern centres and by
members of the Vancouver Medical Association.
(8) That the instruction is devised for the purpose of
meeting the need of those physicians and surgeons in
British Columbia and Alberta, who, while unable to
avail themselves of Post Graduate instruction in
Bastern centres, would be both able and desirous of
attending such a course in Vancouver.
(4) That the Vancouver Medical Association proposes to
carry into effect the suggested course of instruction
even though the University refrain from endorsing the
project. (140)
Dr, Brydone-Jack)
Dr. Boggs)      That Senate endorse the report of the
Committee as a whole.
407 Department of Nursing - Fifth Tear.
The Senate Committee on the Department of Nursing
begs to recommend the following curriculum for fifth
year academic work in the course leading to the degree
in Nursing:*
In her fifth year the student will attend the session
of the University. Two major subjects are offered, of
which the student, with the consent of her advisors, may
elect (1) Teaching and Administration of Schools for
Nurses (2) Public Health Nursing. Students selecting
Pedagogy will take Courses A and B. Those selecting
Public Health will take Courses A and C.
A. General.
Sanitary Science
Practical Application of Sociology
Physical Education
B. Pedagogy.
Students selecting the Pedagogy option will
in addition take the following subjects:
Principles of Teaching
History of Education
Teaching of Nursing Principles and
Contemporary Problems
Teaching Practice
Supervision in Hospital Training Schools
C. Public Health.
Students selecting Public Health option will in
addition take the following subjects:
Principles of Public Health Nursing and
Contemporary Problems
Principles of Public Health Teaching
Medloal Inspection and School Nursing
Control of Communicable Diseases
Principles of modern Social Work
Administration of Institutes. (141)
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Dean Brock    j That this report be adopted.
408 Proposed Short Course for Public Health Iforses.
For the proposed Short Course for Public Health Nurses
the Senate Committee recommends the following short course,
open to graduate nurses.
The course will be of four months duration of which
six weeks will be academic with excursions and ten weeks
will be practical training in Field Work.
Suggested Outline of Academic Work
Public Health Nursing, Duration six weeks.
(a) Public Health Nursing:-
(a) History of Nursing.
(b) Medical Inspection of Sohool Children,
(o) Child Welfare: including Infant Hygiene.
(d) Visiting Nursing (1) urban (2) rural.
(e) Social Service Principles and Methods.
(f) Health Legislation in the Province of
British Columbia.
(g) Maternal Welfare.
(b) Teaching Principles and Methods as applied to Public
Health Nursing.
(o) Modern Sooial Problems.
(d) Munioipal Sanitation.
(e) Communicable Disease (including venereal disease).
(f) Mental Hygiene.
(g) Tuberculosis,
(h) Nutrition.
Outline of Field Work.
(duration ten weeks)
City &
City of
it Burnaby
1 week
1 week
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks (142)
Vancouver General Hospital, including Laboratories, Infants
Hospital, Marpole Annex.
City Relief Department.
Juvenile Court.
Hospital for the Insane.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Dean Brock    ) That this report be adopted.
409 Music.
The Committee appointed to consider the letter from
Dr. Harper In reference to the formation of a Faculty
of Music and the resolution of convocation suggesting the
appointment of a Board of Examiners in Music beg leave to
(1) That, while in sympathy with the proposal, the
Committee can not, in view of the University's financial
situation, recommend the establishment of a Faoulty of
Music at present.
(2) That the Committee recommend that a Board of
Examiners in Muslo, as suggested by Convocation, be established, and that this recommendation be forwarded to the
Board of Governors for approval and action. In submitting
this recommendation, they desire to call the attention of
the Senate and the Board of Governors to the following
considerations: (a) At present seven extra-provincial
institutions are holding musical examinations in this
Province, (b) The fees collected from candidates are
large: On*institution* collecting #1500 a year from
Vancouver students alone, (c) We are of the opinion that
the total amount collected in fees by their examining
bodies in the Province as a whole amounts to perhaps
#10,000, and that, therefore, if the University should
outline a syllabus of study In Music and engage an examiner
who would command the respect and oo-operatlon of our
leading teachers of Muslo, the scheme would soon be self-
supporting, (d) That, in preparing the syllabus, the
opinions of the leading musicians in the various ventres
of the Province be obtained, and that the draft syllabus
be submitted to some acknowledged authority in England for
revision and approval.
Judge Howay)
Mr. Boving ) That the report as a whole be adopted.
Carried. (143)
Affiliation of Theological Colleges.
Statute of University Senate under Sec.96 of Acts of 1916.
(a) Any Incorporated Theological College In this Province
having a Staff of InstructingOffleers, such as by the
Senate may be deemed sufficient, may be admitted as an Affiliated College, in connection with the University.
(b) Any such College desiring affiliation in connection
with the University shall make application therefor and shall
furnish with its application a copy of its Calendar.
J&)—5c such College shall be admitted to the affiliation,
unless by*"a two-thirds vote of the members of Senate present
at a Regular Meeting thereof,/and also by a two-thirds
vote of the Governors present at the Meeting of Governors
specially calledto consider thereof! Nor shall the question
of such admission be put to vote at such Meeting of the
Senate until after opportunity given to the several
Faculties to make suoh representations in the premises as
they may see fit; nor yet, unless by unanimous consent of
the members of Senate present at such Meeting until after
three months' notice first given.
(d) Any Affiliated Theological College may at any time by
duly notifying the Senate to that effect withdraw from its
connection with the University.
(e) The Senate may also at any time by the like vote and
under the like restrictions as are above prescribed for the
admission of a College to affiliation terminate the connection
of any Affiliated Theological College with the University.
Judge Howay    )
Bishop do Pencier)
That the report be adopted.
Mr. Cordon)
Mr. Boring) In amendment that the report be received and
considered seriatim.
Judge Howay)
Dr. Ashton ) That Clause (a) be adopted.
Judge Howay)
Dr. Ashton ) That Clause (b) be adopted.
Judge Howay)
Dr. Ashton ) That Clause (o) be adopted. (l«)
Mr. Gordon  )
Mr. Robertson) That Clause (o) be amended to read a
"majority" vote instead of a "Two-thirds"
|jn»ttriment   Lost*
Original motion put and Carried.
Judge Howay )
Dr. Wolverton) That Clause (d) be adopted.
Mr. Killam suggested the following addition to Clause (d)
which was agreed to by the mover and seconder:
"That upon securing affiliation a college must agree to
give one year's notice of withdrawal."
Judge Howay   )
Magistrate Shaw) That Clause (e) be adopted.
Judge Howay   )
Magistrate Shaw) That the report as a whole as amended be
411 Standard to be reached by a Nurses* Training School before
such School can be admitted into Affiliation with the
Dean Brock )
Judge Howay) That this matter stand over to the next meeting.
Judge Howay    )
Bishop de Pencier) That we adjourn.
4&- /^^S^~^^        5^4^
Chairman. * Secretary.


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