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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1984-10-10

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Wednesday, October 10, 1984.
The Second Regular Meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the Session 1984-85 was held on Wednesday, October 10, 1984 at
8.00 p.m. in Room 102, George F. Curtis Building.
Present:  President K. George Pedersen (Chairman), Chancellor R. W.
Wyman, Vice-President R. H. T. Smith, Mr. J. L. Armstrong, Dr. E. G. Auld,
Dr. T. M. Ballard
Belkin, Dean D. R.
Dean P. T. Burns,
Dr. D. J. Connor,
Dr. A. J. Elder,
Finnigan, Mr. M.
Mr. G. C. P. Gray,
Jillings, Dr. R. F
Mr. V. P. Battistelli, Dean G. S. Beagrie, Mrs. H. M.
Birch, Mr. J. Blom, Dr. T. H. Brown, Dr. N. R. Bulley,
Mr. G. D. Burnyeat, Miss B. C. Chant, Miss D. J. Chow,
Dr. T. S. Cook, Ms. L. M. Copeland, Dr. J. D. Dennison,
Dr. J. A. S. Evans, Dean C. V. Finnegan, Mr. R. M.
D. Friesen, Dr. J. Gaskell, Dr. J. H. V. Gilbert,
Dr. M. A. Hickling, Dr. K. J. Holsti
Kelly, Mr. J. T. Kelsall
Miss C. J. R.
Dr. J. P. Kimmins, Mr. S.
King, Dr. D. Lupini, Dean P. A. Lusztig, Mrs. A. Macdonald, Mr. B. Mah,
Acting Dean B. E. March, Dr. H. J. Matheson, Dr. B. C. McBride, Mr. J. M.
McConville, Mr. D. Mclnnes, Mr. M. G. McMillan, Dr. J. H. McNeill, Mr. A. J.
Pearson, Mr. P. J. Penner, Mrs. G. E. Plant, Dr. D. F. Robitaille, Mr. J. M.
Rutherford, Dr. E. S. Schwartz, Dr. L. de Sobrino, Dr. J. K. Stager,
Dr. J. R. Stein, Dr. R. Stewart, Dean P. Suedfeld, Mr. M. Sugimoto,
Dr. P. R. Tennant, Dr. R. C. Thompson, Dr. J. Vanderstoep, Dean W. A.
Webber, Dr. L. S. Weiler, Dean R. M. Will, Dr. D. LI. Williams, Dr. J. L.
Wisenthal, Miss N. E. Woo, Mr. R. A. Yaworsky.
Observer: Mr. J. A. Banham
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Dr. C E. Armerding, Miss E. T. Busza, Mr. A. L. Clarke, Dr. D. Donaldson,
Mr. H. J. Franklin, Dr. H. E. Hirsch, Dean R. W. Kennedy, Dean B. E. Riedel,
Dr. G. G. E. Scudder, Dr. R. A. Spencer, Dean L. M. Wedepohl. 8261.
Wednesday, October 10, 1984.
Senate Membership
Miss Barbara C. Chant replaces Mr. W. G. Pegler as student
representative at-large.
Minutes of previous meeting
Dr. Smith )   That the minutes of the First regular meeting
Dr. Auld  )   of Senate for the Session 1984-85, having
been circulated,  be taken as read and
Attention was drawn to page 8241 of the minutes and the addition of
Commerce 210 and 211 as prerequisites for Economics 480. It was pointed out
that there was no such course as Commerce 210. The Chairman stated that
clarification of this matter would be undertaken prior to the next meeting
of Senate.
The motion was put and carried.
Business arising from the Minutes
Summer Session Enrolment (p.8243)
In response to a query raised at the previous meeting concerning the
effect of new policies with regard to summer session courses and the
potential impact on enrolment, Vice-President Smith stated that he had
obtained some information from Dr. Watt, Director of Extra-Sessional
Studies. He stated that 51 courses had been cancelled through lost
enrolment. It would probably have been possible to continue ten of these
courses had the necessary funds been available. Dr. Smith also noted that
the attrition rate between June 22nd, which is the date a decision has to
be made as to whether a course will be offered or not offered, and the end
of the Summer School was much higher than in the past.
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Webber   ) That the new award (listed in the Appendix)
Dr. Robitaille j be accepted subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors and that a letter of
thanks be sent to the donor.
In view of the restriction in the terms of one other award which had
been circulated (the Olaf Sjobom Seaholm Memorial Scholarship Fund) Senate
agreed with the recommendation of the Agenda Committee that this award be
referred to the Senate Committee on Student Awards.
The motion was put and carried. 8262.
Wednesday, October 10, 1984.
Annual Financial  Report
As   required  under  section   31   (2)  of  the  University  Act,   the  Board of
Governors  had  forwarded to Senate copies of the Annual   Financial  Report for
the fiscal year ended March 31, 1984.
The      Chairman      introduced      to      Senate      two      recently      appointed
Vice-Presidents,     Mr.     David    McMillan,     Vice-President,     Development    and
Community   Relations,   and Mr. Bruce  Gellatly,   Vice-President,   Administration
and Finance.
Mr. Gellatly was invited to comment on the various aspects of the
Annual Financial Report which had been presented in a new format.
Mr. Gellatly then highlighted some sections of the report for the
information of Senate.
Faculty of Arts
Conversion to a decimal system
A proposal that U.B.C. adopt a decimal system for reporting grades in
all courses had been circulated. It was suggested in the material
circulated that all grades would be recorded on the basis of 100 points,
regardless of the unit value of the course. This would bring U.B.C. into
conformity with other universities which report numerical grades. The
average grade of a student would be calculated by applying appropriate
weights reflecting the unit value of each course to the percentage grade
Dean Webber  )  That the proposal of the Faculty of Arts
Dean Lusztig )  that U.B.C. adopt a decimal system for
reporting  grades  in  all  courses  be
referred to the Faculties for review.
Student elections to Governing Bodies
That the schedule for this Academic Year be as follows:
- call for nominations in The Ubyssey, Tuesday, November 13,
Friday, November 16 and Tuesday, November 20, 1984
- close of nominations, 4.00 p.m. Friday, December 7, 1984
- election date Friday, January 18, 1985
- evening polls 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. Wednesday, January 16, 1985  8264.
Wednesday, October 10, 1984.
New award recommended to Senate
Marion Copp Bursary - A bursary in the amount of $400 has been established
by family and friends in memory of Marion Copp who for many years resided
in northern B.C. and the Yukon. The award will be made to students from
rural areas and preference will be given to visually impaired and/or
physically handicapped students. (The award will be made available in the
1985/86 Winter Session.)


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