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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1926-09-20

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Honday,   September 20th,   1926
A  special  meeting of   the   Senate   of The  University
of  British   Columbia  was  held  on   Monday,   September  20th,
1926,   at   8:00  P.H.,   in   the   Board  Room.
Present:   The   President   (In   the   Chair),   Dean H.   T.   J.
Coleman,   Mr.   H.   H.   King,   Hr.   A.   F.   Barss,   Hr.   H.   R.
Christie,   Dr.   R.   H.    Clark,   Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   Mr.   G.   A.
Fergusson,   Rev.   Dr.   W.   H.   Smith,   Rev.   Mr.   J.   G.   Brown,
Dr.   C.   Killam,   Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett,   Mr.   G.  M,   Robinson,
Hr.   W.   P.   Argue   and  Hiss  A.   B.   Jamieson.
The   Seoretary  read   the   call   of   the  meeting.
A   letter   from  Rev.   W.   H.   Vance,   expressing   regret
at his   inability to  be  presant  at  the  meeting,   was
received  and   ordered  filed.
Not,loe  of Appointment  of   Committee
934 On  Hedlcal   Course
Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett,   Chairman
The   Chancellor
Dean  Brock
Dr.   R.   H.    Clark
Hr.   G.   W.   Scott
From  the   Faculties
985 Credit  for Partial  Senior Hatrlculatlon
That papers granted on Partial Senior Matrioulation
shall be accepted by the- University as if they were
taken in First Year Arts. The required standing is
50$  or 65$  in  each paper as  follows:-
1. If  a   candidate  has   received   credit   for  a
sufficient   number  of papers   so   that his   total
oredit(in marks)is  50$ of  the   complete   total
for Senior Matriculation  he  will  be   granted
standing on each  paper to  his   credit.
2. If  a   candidate's   total   credit   falls   short, of
the   50$  of   the   complete   total   for  Senior
Matriculation  he   will  be   granted  standing on
each  paper   in  which  he  has  made   65$   or  over,
as   in  the  First  Year Arts. 472
Monday,   September 20th,   1926
3. A  candidate  who  has been  granted  Supplementals
in  First   Year Arts,   and who  writes  the  Senior
Matriculation   examinations   in   these   papers,   will
be   granted   standing on each  paper  in  which he
makes  50$   or  over.
4. A  candidate  who has failed his  year  in  First
Year  Arts   and  who   later  obtains   partial   standing   in  Senior Matrioulation will  be   granted
standing as   in  (l)   or  (2)   above.     Partial   standing  In   First  Year Arts,   i.e.   a paper  or papers
in  which   a   grade   of   at   least   65$ has  been  made,
may  be   combined with   credits   received  on  Partial
Senior Matriculation  to   determine   the   total
mentioned  in  (1)   or (2)   above.
Dr.   Buchanan)
Mr.   Argue        )   That  Senate   approve   of  these
regulations  and  that   in   Clause   1
the   words  "in  marks"   be   added
after  "his   total   credit".
From the Faculty of Arts and Scienoe
986       Recommendation re Njchol Medal
The Faculty of Arts and Science recommends the
acceptance by the University of the gold medal
offered by the Hon. W. C. Nichol for presentation to each winner of the Nichol Scholarship;
and further recommends that announcement be
made in the Calendar of the award to the
winner of the Nichol Scholarship of a gold
medal from the same donor.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Fergusson) That the recommendation of the
Faoulty of Arts and Science re
the Nichol Medal be adopted.
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Killam  ) That Senate accept the gift of the
medals already made to Mr. Jack
Leslie Huggett and Miss Dorothy
Dallas and that we express our
appreciation of the generosity of
the Hon. W. C. Nichol in providing
these medals.
Carried 473
Monday,   September  20th,   1926
98 7 Summer  Session Examination  Results
Dean   Coleman)
Dr.    Clark       )   That   the   statement   of  Summer
Session marks presented by the
Faculty of Arts and Science be
988 Re oomme ndation   that  Mr.   Warren  be   granted   the
B.A.   degree
That  Mr.   Harry  Verney  Warren  be   granted
the   degree  of Bachelor  of Arts.
Dean   Coleman)
Dr.   Killam     )   That   this   recommendation  be
989 Arrangements  for,  special   Congregation  for   conferring  of
degree   of   B.A.   on Mr.   Warren
Dr.    Clark        )
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   arrangements   for  the   conferring  of  the   degree   of   B.A.   on  Mr.
Warren   be   left   in   the  hands  of  the
Chancellor,   the   President  and   the
Dean   of   the   Faoulty   concerned.
990     Report of Committee on Archaeology. Ethnology and
Ethnography of B. C. Indians
The report was taken up clause by clause and a
few minor amendments made.
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Argue   ) That the report as amended be
The report as amended is as follows:- 474
Monday, September 20th, 1926
A meet
ing of the committee appointed by President
Klinck according to resolution of Senate to deal with
the Archaeology, Ethnology and Ethnography of B. C.
*-•>»<•--  was held on Hay 7th, 1926, and begs to report
as follows!
1. It is extremely desirable to have a department
of Anthropology ir. this University.
2. We recommend that the Victoria Memorial Museum,
Department of Mines, Ottawa, be requested to permit
Harlan I. Smith and any other suitable member of the
division of Anthropology who may be working in B.C.,
to deliver a series of lectures at U»B.C. before returning to Ottawa at the close of the field season.
3. That the Museum be requested to afford an
opportunity for B.C. University students to act as
field assistants on parties of the Division of
Anthropology working in this province.
4. That we urge the Provincial Government to provide more adequately for the provincial museum.
5. That all possible steps be taken to arouse
public interest and particularly that pressure may be
brought to bear upon the Dominion Government to publish the many valuable manuscripts oovering the work
already accomplished in the field in British Columbia
by the Division of Anthropology.
members of faculty attending the
resolution calling
6.  That we request   __  „  ,   	
Royal Society meeting to introduce a resolution calll
upon the Dominion Government to publish the available
information relating to the Anthropology of British
991     Examinations In Chiropractic
An application from Mr. Gilbert A. C. Young, for
an examination in Chiropractic, was read.
Dr. Burnett)
Mr. Argue  ) That we proceed to the appointment
of the Board of Examiners in
Carried 4/0
Monday,   September 20th,   1926
That  Senate   request  the   College  of
Physicians  and  Surgeons   of  British
Columbia  and   the   B.    C.    Chiropractors  Association,   through   the
Secretary,   for  recommendations   of
at   least   three   names  from each
Association,   for   the   approval   of
That   approval   of   the   regulations
governing  the   examination   of   chiropractors  be   left   over until   the
appointment   of   the  Examining
|   9 92
Dean Coleman)
Mr.   Barss
That  Senate   appoint  a   committee   to
draft   appropriate   resolutions   in
connection  with   the   deaths   of   Dr.
W.   L.   Uglow,   Mr.   E.   Howard   Russell
and  Mrs.   E.   G.   Matheson   and   that
these   resolutions  be   forwarded   to
the   bereaved  -   the   committee   to
be   appointed  by   the   Chair.
Ur.   Argue)
Dr.    Clark)   That
we   adjourn.
U) ■
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