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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1966-11-03

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 Thursday, November 3, 1966. 3646
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia for the Session 1966-67 was held on Thursday,
November 3, 1966 at 8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Building.
Present:  President John B. Macdonald (Chairman), Dean W. M. Armstrong,
Dr. C. S. Belshaw, Mr. R. M. Bibbs, Dr. M. Bloom,  Mr. C. B. Bourne,
Mr. F. K. Bowers, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Mr. W. T. Brown, Mr. F. L.
Burnham, Mr. F. J. Cairnie, Mr. C. M. Campbell Jr., Dr. J. D.
Chapman, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dr. D. H. Copp, Dean G. F. Curtis,
Dean B. C. Eagles, Dr. W. D. Finn, Mr. D. A. Freeman, Dr. S. M.
Friedman, Dean W. H. Gage, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. W. C. Gibson,
The Hon. Howard C. Green, Mr. J. Guthrie, Dr. N. A. Hall, Dean D. M.
Healy, Mr. V. J. Housez, Dr. J. A. Jacobs, Dr. H. L. Keenleyside,
Dr. D. T. Kenny, Dr. P. Larkin, Rev. E. C. Lebel, Mr. S. S. Lefeaux,
Dean S. Wah Leung, Mr. K. M. Lysyk, Dean J. F. McCreary,
Mr. Justice J. A. Macdonald, Dr. C. A. McDowell, Dr. J. R. Mcintosh,
Mrs. H. J. MacKay, Mr. D. F. Manders, Dean A. W. Matthews,
Mr. D. F. Miller, Mr. F. A. Morrison, Mr. J. M. Norris, Dean V. J.
Okulitch, Dr. G. J. Parfitt, Dr. A. J. Renney, Mr. J. V. Rogers,
Dr. G. Rosenbluth, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott, Dr. R. F.
Sharp, Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Dr. M. W. Steinberg, Dr. R. W. Stewart,
Mr. E. D. Sutcliffe, Dr. G. H. N. Towers, Mrs. B. E. Wales,
Dr. W. A. Webber, Dean P. H. White, Mr. D. R. Williams,
Dr. S. H. Zbarsky.
Visitors:  Mr. G. Selman, Mr. R. Daly, Mr. J. Banham, Mr. J. P.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received
from Chancellor J. M. Buchanan, Dr. J. F. K. English, Dr. W. S. Hoar,
Mr. J. S. Keate, Dean Helen McCrae and Dr. H. V. Warren.
Welcome to New Members
The Chairman welcomed all members of Senate to the responsibilities and duties that Senate membership would impose on them, and
gave a particularly warm welcome to those members serving on the
Senate for the first time. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
The Chairman warned Senate that the University was entering a
period when problems would be more complex than they had been in the
past and the solution to them would add greatly to the difficulty of
the tasks facing the governing bodies of the University.  The
doubling of university enrolments within five years, as had been
recently forecast, would in itself cause a variety of problems.   For
the University of British Columbia the problems were primarily
focussed on the graduate and professional needs of the University's
activities, although it should not be assumed that we had solved all
the problems of undergraduate education nor the problems of growth
at this level.   Undergraduate education would continue during the
coming years to be a major problem.
The Chairman stressed that the governments were becoming
increasingly concerned with the ways in which universities spend
their money.  Although traditionally the Senate had not taken into
account the costs of programmes of study that it had considered and
recommended, nevertheless, in the future it would undoubtedly be
incumbent on Senate to consider the financial implications of its
The Chairman commented on the responsibilities of the Senate at
present, when the whole question of University Government was being
questioned across Canada.  He urged all members to read the
Duff-Berdahl Report that had been circulated at the meeting.   In
the meantime, while examination of the role of Senate was being
investigated, the Chairman pointed out that it was necessary that
University business be continued as in the past where the basic
responsibility of Senate was the determination of academic policy in
its widest sense.
Senate Membership
The roster of members was circulated to the meeting for
information.  See Appendix A. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Minutes of Previous Meeting
Mr. Miller )     That the minutes of the fifth regular
Dean Gage  )    meeting of Senate for the Session 1965-66
held on May 25, 1966, having been circulated,
be taken as read and adopted.
Business Arising from the Minutes
Report of the New Programmes Committee on "A Revised
Organization of Continuing Education"  -  this item was deferred until
the December meeting to permit all Faculties to comment on it.
Notification of Approval by the Board of Governors
of Senate Recommendations
The Board of Governors of The University of British Columbia
had approved the following Senate recommendations:-
1. Master of Science in Forestry.
2. Offering of Graduate work by Chemical Engineering in co-operation
with B. C. Research Council.
3. Division of Romance Studies into a Department of French and a
Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies.
4. Discontinuance of Religious Knowledge option courses after
5. Requirement of successful completion of 12 units to gain
supplemental privilege in Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Education,
School of Physical Education.
6. New courses and changes in courses in Faculties of Applied Science,
Arts, Dentistry, Graduate Studies and Science.
7. Changes in regulations, Faculty of Science:
(a) Deletion of requirement of minimum period of four years from
Secondary School graduation for the B.Sc. degree.
(b) Deletion of requirement that subjects credited to one year
may not be transferred later to another year.
(c) Amendment of statement concerning laboratory courses
requiring completion and satisfactory standing in both
lecturers and laboratories.
8. Extra-sessional and correspondence courses offered by the Faculties
of Arts, Education and Science in co-operation with the Department
of University Extension.
The notification was received for information. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
The Chairman stated that the Master of Science in Nursing had
been included on the Agenda in error.   This recommendation would be
considered by the Board when the budget is established.
Annual Financial Report of the University, 1965-66
As required under Section 50 of the Universities Act, the Board
of Governors had forwarded to the Senate a copy of the Annual
Financial Report, Balance Sheet and Financial Statements of the
University, March 31, 1966.   The Chairman recommended that those
members of Senate who had time to do so should examine the report in
the office of the Secretary of Senate.
Report of the Senate Executive Committee
The Chairman explained that the Senate Executive Committee had
dealt with a number of items on the Agenda and that their findings
had been attached to the relevant papers.
Election of Members of Senate to the Board of Governors
Section 16, 17 and 20 (1) of the Universities Act, referring to
the election by Senate of members of the Board of Governors, and a
list of present Senate members eligible for such election, had been
The Senate Executive Committee had recommended that nominations
be made from the floor of the Senate Meeting and that the election
be conducted by a mail ballot.   Dean Gage explained that the reason
for the recommendation was that it was felt some of the new members
might not be familiar with all of the names proposed and also that
members who were unable to be present might wish to have a voice in
the election.   Some members objected to what they felt was a break
in tradition but were prepared to accept the recommendation on
condition that it not be considered a precedent.
Dean Gage )     That as recommended by the Senate Executive
Mr. Brown )     Committee the Committee proceed to nominations
and that after the nominations are made the
election be conducted by a mail ballot to be
handled by the Registrar.
3649 Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Members were then asked to make nominations.   Mr. Cairnie asked
that it be recorded that he had nominated all eligible members;
subsequently the following members requested that their names be
deleted from the list:-
Mr. S. Lefeaux
Mr. Justice J. A. Macdonald
Mrs. H. J. MacKay
Mr. V. Rogers
Mr. D. Sutcliffe
Mrs. B. E. Wales
Mr. D. M. Brousson
Mr. W. T. Brown
Mr. C. M. Campbell
Mr. D. Freeman
The Hon. H Green
Mr. J. Guthrie
Mr. V. J. Housez
This left the following nominees:
Mr. R. M. Bibbs
Mr. J. S. Keate (not present)
Dr. H. L. Keenleyside
Mr. D. F. Manders
Mr. D. F. Miller
Mr. D. R. Williams
Dean Gage )   That the six nominations left on the list be
Mr. Brown )   circulated.
Appointment of Senate Committees, and Senate Representatives on other
Committees and Bodies for 1966-67
Lists of membership of the standing committees of Senate for
1966-67, Senate representatives to the Academic Board, Joint Board
of Teacher Education, and Board of Directors of the Health Centre
for Children, had been circulated.   The Secretary read the names of
the members selected for the University Library Committee.
Dean McCreary )  That the new Senate Committees for 1966-67
Dean Gardner  )  be approved as listed.
See Appendix B.
Recommendations of the Faculties
The Senate Executive Committee recommended that the following
changes be approved:- Thursday, November 3, 19 66.
Faculty of Applied Science
Revision of Chemistry Courses:
(1) That the present course Chemistry 155 be dropped and that in
its place First Year Applied Science students in 1966-67 and
thereafter take a course called Chemistry 155X which is a
modified Chemistry 255.
(2) That the course henceforth be called Chemistry 156.
(3) That the course material in Chemistry 156 be similar to the
present Chemistry 255 with some re-arrangement of topics in
order to take advantage of the mathematics taught in the latter
half of First Year Science.
Faculty of Dentistry
The establishment of a new programme in Dental Hygiene.
Regulations governing admission of students to Advanced Standing.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Master's and Doctor's degrees in Pathology.
Faculty of Law
Revised statement on Admission Requirements:
(Reference Page P-8, 1966-67 Calendar)
(ii)  Academic Requirements
Applicant must present evidence of having:
(a)  graduated in an approved course of studies from the University
of British Columbia and obtained a degree standing of not less
than 60%;  or obtained the equivalent at an approved university;
(h)  successfully completed the first three years of an approved
course leading to a degree at the University of British Columbia
and obtained in the third year thereof a standing of not less
than 65%; or its equivalent at an approved university;  or
(c)  successfully completed the requirements of the Faculty of
Commerce and Business Administration in the combined B.Com.,
LL.B. course in the University of British Columbia and obtained
at the regular sessional examinations in the third year thereof
an average of not less than 65%. (NO CHANGE)
Persons who have demonstrated exceptional ability in their academic
and other experience may, in the discretion of the Faculty, be
admitted although they lack the foregoing requirements.   (ADDITION)
A Thursday, November 3, 1966,
Faculty of Science
Credit for courses taken in the Faculty of Medicine:
That the following courses offered by the Faculty of Medicine and
the Department of Biochemistry be included in the list of "Courses
Allowed for Credit":
Anatomy 400    (6)
Anatomy 401
Anatomy 425
Biochemistry 400
Microbiology 425
Pharmacology 425
Physiology 400  (6)
Human Anatomy (Credit will not be given for
both Anatomy 390 and Anatomy 400)
(3)  Microscopic Human Anatomy
(1%)  Neuroanatomy
(5)  General Biochemistry (Only 2 units of
credit will be given for Biochemistry 400 if
credit has already been given for Biochemistry
(3)  Medical Microbiology (Credit will not be
given for both Microbiology 425 and Microbiology
(4%) Medical Pharmacology
Human Physiology (Credit will not be given for
Physiology 400 if credit has already been given
for Physiology 410 and Physiology 411.  Only 3
units of credit will be given for Physiology 400
if credit has already been given for Zoology 303
or Zoology 304)
Physiology 425  (1%)  Elements of Neurophysiology
Although a student may receive special permission to take 15 or
more units from the following courses, he will not receive credit for
more than 15 units for such courses on the B.Sc. programme:  Anatomy
400 (not more than 3 units), 401, 425;  Biochemistry 400, Microbiology
425;  Pharmacology 425;  Physiology 400, 425.
Dean Scarfe  )
Dean Okulitch )
That the proposals of the Faculties be
Faculty of Pharmacy
Deletion of English 250.   This request was presented to Senate
without the prior review of the Senate Executive Committee. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Dean Matthews )    That English 250 be dropped as a requirement
Mr. Morrison )     in the second year of the Pharmacy programme
and that, for the present, English 305 be
retained in the third year.   A student with
the approval of the Dean may elect a non-
science course (3 units) in lieu of English
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
The Registrar explained that since we no longer have a Fall
Congregation students had the choice of receiving their degrees at
this time or in June.   Lists of candidates for degrees to be
authorized at this time were circulated.
Dean Gage  )      That the candidates for degrees as approved
Dr. Norris  )      by the Faculties be granted the degrees for
which they were recommended, subject to any
necessary adjustments in the lists to be
made by the Registrar in consultation with
the Dean concerned and with the Chairman of
Honorary Degrees
Dean McCreary read the names of the candidates proposed by the
Committee on Honorary Degrees.   He gave a brief history on each
person nominated.   (See Appendix D.)
Dean McCreary   )  That the Honorary Degree nominations be
Dr. Keenleyside )  accepted.
Report of the Chairman's Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Lists Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 of awards for the Session
1966-67 were circulated at the meeting.
A summary of new awards and changes in awards was circulated to
the Committee, subject to the approval of the Board of Governors,
where necessary.
See Appendix C.
J Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Dean Gage  )      That medals, prizes, scholarships and
Dean Scarfe )      fellowships be awarded as recommended on
Lists Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 and
that the new awards be accepted and the
changes in awards be approved, subject to
the approval of the Board of Governors where
necessary, and that letters of thanks be sent
to the donors of the new awards.
Dr. Smith asked if it would be possible to show the field of
study of the recipients of awards.   It was recommended that this be
done at the Graduate level and the Chairman agreed that this would be
done at some time in the future.
Dr. Gibson asked that the Senate Committee record their warm
thanks and appreciation for the time and effort that Dean Gage had
put into his activities as Chairman of the Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries.
Report of the Director of Summer Session 1966
The report of the Director of Summer Session, 1966, and a report
on Summer Session registration in credit courses, had been circulated,
and were received for information.
The Registrar was asked to report to a later meeting on the
courses that had been offered with low enrolment.
Report of the Director of the Department of Extension
The Chairman commented on the loss to the University and to the
Department of Extension of Dr. Friesen.   He paid tribute to
Dr. Friesen for the exciting and creative work that he had done in
the Department over the years that he had been Director.  The
Chairman felt that nothing could indicate this more clearly than the
report of the Extension Department that was now in the hands of
Senate members.   The report clearly revealed the magnitude of the
contribution this University was making in its Extension work and the
kind of changes that were occurring.  The Chairman stated that the
work of the Extension Department in the field of the professions had
increased substantially.  Mr. Blaney spoke briefly on the report
which was received for information.
3654 Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Report of the Registrar
Summer Session Course Registration 1966
Sessional Results, May, 1966
Comparison of First Year Failure Rates 1962
These reports had been circulated to the Committee for
There was a discussion on failure rates and withdrawals and
Mr. Chapman drew members' attention to the range in percentages of
First Class standings in the various Faculties and expressed the
opinion that the small number of students being graded as First Class
was something for concern.
Dr. McDowell )     That this be referred to the Committee on
Mr. Chapman )     Admissions.
Dr. Bowers asked if information was available on the number of
students who had transferred from Simon Fraser University.  The
Registrar stated that he hoped to be able to produce this information
for the December Meeting of Senate.
Role and Organization of Senate
The Chairman introduced the topic by making reference to the
publication "University Government in Canada", known generally as the
Duff-Berdahl Report, copies of which had been distributed early in
the meeting to Senate members.   He also referred to the two documents
circulated with the Agenda:  "A Report of the Committee on Faculty
Participation in University Government", a publication of a Faculty
Association committee under the chairmanship of Professor Bourne, and
"Report of the Study Group on Faculty Participation in University
Government", produced by a committee jointly selected by the Faculty
Association and the President, chaired by Professor Moyls.
President Macdonald then outlined briefly the present
organization of the University with particular reference to the duty
and power of Senate as set out in the Universities Act, Section 54.
He described the problems of Senate's functioning and detailed the
operation of the Senate Executive Committee.
A Thursday, November 3, 1966.
The Chairman finally referred to the reports mentioned earlier
and raised questions concerning them.   In particular he queried
the omission of any suggestion that the "two-tier" system of Board of
Governors and Senate be replaced by a single policy-making group
combining the tasks of these two bodies.
The meeting was then opened for general discussion.
Dean Curtis made a suggestion that a paper of President Bissell
of the University of Toronto be made available to Senate members
since it was pertinent to discussion of effective co-ordination of
the work of Senate and the Board.   The Chairman agreed that this
would be done.
Professor Scott urged that consideration of the composition of
Senate as proposed in the various reports be  deferred and full
attention given to Senate's role and the most effective way to
organize Senate in order that it might fulfil its purpose.
Dr. Scott )     That a 12 member committee be formed to
Dr. Copp  )     study and to make recommendations on the
role and organization of Senate.
After considerable further discussion the motion was carried,
with agreement that the Registrar conduct the election by mail and
that the Senate Executive Committee draw up the terms of reference
of the new Committee.
Report of the President's Committee on Athletic Awards
The Chairman reminded Senate of its policy statement on Awards
for Athletics and of the action taken at a previous meeting when a
particular case was brought before Senate for its consideration.
The present report was initiated with a view to having Senate clarify
its policy.
A motion of Dean Curtis, seconded by Professor Clark, that the
report be received and held for the next meeting was carried, but on the
objection of Professor Bowers that insufficient time was given for
consideration of the resolution the Chair declared the motion rescinded.
3656 Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Dean Gage gave his opinion that no bursary should be authorized
for a student with academic standing below Second Class and that no
scholarship should be awarded to a student with an academic standing
below 707o.   He also explained that the policy statement could not be
interpreted to require the holder of an award to participate in any
branch of sports as a condition of his receiving the award.   It was
essential, he insisted, that this be stated clearly in order that
there be no misunderstanding on the part of prospective donors.
Scott   )
Brousson )
That the recommendation that "the factor of
athletic participation and proficiency in a
particular sport may be specified by donors"
be incorporated in Senate policy be approved,
and that a clause be appended giving an
interpretation of the application of the
policy as outlined by Dean Gage.
There was no further business.
The meeting adjourned at 10.30 p.m.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 14th December, 1966
at 8.00 p.m.
Secretary Thursday, November 3, 1966,
The Chancellor.
The President, Chairman.
The Deans.
The Registrar, Secretary.
Elected by the Faculties:
Agriculture:  A. J  Renney
Applied Science:  W. D. Finn
Arts:  M. W. Steinberg
Commerce and Business Administration:
Dentistry:  Gilbert J. Parfitt
Education:  J. R. Mcintosh
Forestry:  J. H. G. Smith
Graduate Studies:  John A. Jacobs
Law:  Kenneth M. Lysyk
Medicine:  W. A. Webber
Pharmacy:  F. A. Morrison
Science:  G. H. N. Towers
N. A. Hall
Terms expire 1969
Elected by a joint meeting of the Faculties:
S. Belshaw
B. Bourne
K. Bowers
D. Chapman
M. Clark
H. Copp
S. M. Friedman
W. C. Gibson
W. S. Hoar
D. T. Kenny
P. Larkin
C. A. McDowell
Terms expire 1969
John M. Norris
G. Rosenbluth
Anthony D. Scott
R. W. Stewart
H. V. Warren
Sidney H. Zbarsky
Appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council:
W. T. Brown (Term expires 1967)
J. F. K. English (Term expires 1966 - to be replaced or re-
R. F. Sharp (Term expires 1967) appointed)
The Hon. Howard Green (Term expires 1969) Thursday, November 3, 1966,
Elected by Convocation:
Richard M. Bibbs J. Stuart Keate
D.M. Brousson Hugh L. Keenleyside
J. Cairnie S. Lefeaux
CM. Campbell Jr. D.F. Manders
J. Guthrie D.F. Miller
Terms expire 1969
Justice Macdonald
Mrs. H.J. MacKay
V. Rogers
Mrs. B.E. Wales
D.R. Williams
Representatives of the High School Principals and Assistants:
Frank L. Burnham  (Term expires December 1966)
Representatives of the Board of Management, Alumni Association of the
D. Freeman
V. Housez
Terms expire 1969
D. Sutcliffe
Representatives of Affiliated Colleges:
Union College of British Columbia, (Theological), Vancouver,
Rev. W.S. Taylor.   (Term expires 1969)
The Anglican Theological College of British Columbia, Vancouver,
Rev. J. Blewett.
St. Mark's College, (Theological), Rev. E.C. LeBel.
Terms expire 1966
(To be replaced or re-appointed)
Librarian:   B. Stuart-Stubbs Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Appeals on Academic Standing
Honorary Degrees
Liaison with Provincial Universities
Memorial Minutes
New Programmes
Professors Emeriti
Recreation, Athletics and Physical Education
Religious Council
Report from the Board
Senate Executive
Senate Representatives on:
Academic Board
Joint Board of Teacher Education
Board of Directors, Health Centre for Children
Student Fee Appeals
University Art
University Library Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Dean Walter Gage (Chairman)
Mr. F. K. Bowers
Dr. N. A. Hall
Dean Dennis M. Healy
Dr. W. S. Hoar
Academic Planner (Dr. Robert M. Clark)
Chancellor  )   ex.officio
President   )
Terms of Reference -  To consider and review admissions policy.
To review performance in relation to admissions policy, and to
make recommendations to Senate.
A '%
Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Appeals on Academic Standing
Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman)
Mr. Justice J. Macdonald ) ,. ,     . „
»,„„„, s  Two non-faculty members of Senate
Mrs. B. E. Wales        )
Mr. K. M. Lysyk
Chancellor )
President  )   ex-officio
Registrar  )
Terms of Reference:  To examine any request for reconsideration of
standing directed to it by the Senate or by the Chairman of Senate. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Dr. N. A. Hall (Chairman)
Mr. F. K. Bowers
Dr. J. D. Chapman
Mr. Finlay A. Morrison
Dr. G. J. Parfitt
Dr. A. D. Scott
Dr. J. R. Mcintosh
Chancellor  )
President   )   ex-officio
Registrar   )
Terms of Reference -  To consider reports from faculties proposing
changes, additions or deletions of courses and to make recommendations
to Senate.
J Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Honorary Degrees
Dr. J. F. McCreary (Chairman)
Sir Ouvry Roberts (Secretary)
Dean Dennis M. Healy
Dr. J. A. Jacobs
Mr. J. S. Keate
Dr. H. L. Keenleyside
Dr. D. T. Kenny
Dr. P. Larkin
Chancellor  )
President   )   ex-officio
Registrar   )
Terms of Reference - To consider persons who are suggested to them
or whom they consider as suitable recipients for Honorary Degrees, and
to make recommendations to Senate. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Liaison with Provincial Universities
Dean George F. Curtis (Chairman)
Dr. C. S. Belshaw
Dr. D. H. Copp
Dr. C. A. McDowell
Dr. J. H. G. Smith
Dr. G. H. N. Towers
Chancellor )
President  )   ex-officio
Registrar  )
Terms of Reference -  To review proposals for co-operative academic
arrangements with public universities and to make recommendations to
Senate. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Memorial Minutes
Dr. M. W. Steinberg (Chairman)
Dr. John Norris
Dr. H. V. Warren
Chancellor  )
President   )   ex-officio
Registrar   )
Terms of Reference - To prepare a statement regarding deceased members
of Senate to be recorded in the minutes. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
New Programmes
Mr. C. B. Bourne (Chairman)
Dean I. McT. Cowan
Dr. W. D. Finn
Dr. Sydney M. Friedman
Dr. P. Larkin
Dr. C. A. McDowell
Dr. J. M. Norris
Dr. G. Rosenbluth
Dr. R. W. Stewart
Chancellor  )
President   )   ex-officio
Registrar   )
Terms of Reference - To consider proposals for new programmes of
study, new academic organization and new degrees and to make
recommendations to Senate.
J Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Professors Emeriti
Dean George F. Curtis (Chairman)
Dr. A. J. Renney
Dr. H. V. Warren
Chancellor  )
f    -' President   )   ex-officio
Registrar   )
Terms of Reference - To advise and recommend to Senate appropriate
emeritus status for those who have served the University as:
(a) Members of the Teaching Staff:
1. A member of the Faculty is eligible for emeritus
status at the rank he had reached at the age of 65
(if reappointed, the individual will also be
appointed a Lecturer).
2. Visiting Professors and Special Lecturers who have
served at least three years are eligible for emeritus
status if conditions warrant.
(b) University Officers:  Chancellors, Presidents, Deans,
3668 Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Recreation, Athletics and Physical Education
Dean A. W. Matthews (Chairman)
Mrs. M. Penney (Secretary)
Dr. D. M. Brousson
Dr. W. C. Gibson
Dean Helen McCrae
Dr. H. V. Warren
Dr. S. H. Zbarsky
Director, University Health Service
(Dr. A. M. Johnson)
Director, School of Physical Education
(Mr. R. F. Osborne)
Chairman, Men's Athletic Committee
(Dr. P. Lusztig)
Chancellor )
President )  ex-officio
Registrar )
Dean of Inter-Faculty )
and Student Affairs )
Terms of Reference:
1. To consider and to make recommendations concerning such reports
on recreation, athletics and physical education as Senate may wish
to refer to the Committee.
2. To examine the effectiveness of the present programme of physical
education and of extra-mural and intra-mural athletics for students
at the University.
J Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Religious Council
Rev. C. R. Pearson (Chairman)
Dr. C. P. Anderson
Dr. R. Barrie
Dr. C. Bryner
Dr. R. M. Clark
Dr. Murray Elliott
Dr. C. P. S. Taylor
Faculty representatives
** Rev. W. Wilburn
Rabbi W. Solomon
Rev. H. S. Fox )  Chaplains
Rev. B. M. Gerard
Dr. J. Ross
Rev. N. Kelly
Rev. J. Shaver
Mrs. Leonard Lythgoe
Miss C. Nicoll )  Religious advisers
One representative from each student religious club.
Chancellor  )
President   )  ex-officio
Registrar   )
Terms of Reference:
(1) To co-ordinate and supplement activities of religious organizations
on the campus.
(2) To provide opportunities for liaison between the University, the
Chaplains, and the student religious clubs.
(3) To act as a forum for discussion of problems of religious
organizations on the campus.
* New Anglican Chaplain to be appointed later.
** Replacing Rev. J. I. Richardson who is on leave of absence. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Report from the Board
To be held over until Board members are known.
f Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Senate Executive
Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman)
Mr. C. B. Bourne
Mr. W. T. Brown
Dean I. McT. Cowan
Dr. J. A. Jacobs
Dr. D. T. Kenny
Dr. A. D. Scott
Dr. R. W. Stewart
Dr. W. A. Webber
Chancellor )
President )
Vice-President )
Registrar     )
Terms of Reference:
1. To initiate discussion by Senate of matters of academic policy
and to prepare material for information of Senate relative to
such discussion.
2. To discuss matters referred to it by Senate or by Chairman of
Senate for report to Senate.
3. To deal with and to settle on authority of Senate, any matter
referred to it by Senate. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Senate Representatives on Academic Board (1966-69)
Mr. C. B. Bourne
Dean I. McT. Cowan
Senate Representative on Joint Board of Teacher Education
Dean Walter H. Gage
Senate Representative on Board of Directors, Health Center for
Children (November 1966 - October 1967)	
Mrs. B. E. Wales
J Thursday, November 3, 1966.
Student Fee Appeals
Dean Walter H. Gage (Chairman)
Mr. William White
Mr. J. E. A. Parnall
Chancellor  )
President   )   ex-officio
Terms of Reference - As indicated by title. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
University Art
Mr. Sam Black (Chairman)
Miss June Barnish (Secretary)
Mr. B. C. Binning
Mr. S. E. Read
Mr. H. F. Elder
Chancellor   )
President   )   ex-officio
Registrar    )
Terms of Reference:
1. To list, classify, record and maintain the works of art owned by
the University or its Departments.
2. To co-operate with the Bursar and Treasurer in securing proper
insurance for them.
3. To arrange for their most advantageous disposition in University
4. To make recommendations to the President regarding:
(a) The acceptance, purchase and commissioning of works of art
by the University.
(b) The establishment of a pictorial record of retiring faculty
and staff, and of historic events connected with the University.
(c) The painting of portraits of Chancellors, Presidents and
A Thursday, November 3, 1966.
University Library
Dean I. McT. Cowan (Chairman)
Dr. C. S. Belshaw
Dr. M. Bloom
Dr. W. C. Gibson
Mr. K. M. Lysyk
Dr. J. Norris
Dr. S. Rothstein
Dr. M. W. Steinberg
Dr. S. H. Zbarsky
Chancellor )
President )   ex-officio
Librarian )
Registrar )
Terms of Reference - The Library Committee shalladvise and assist the
Librarian in:
1. Formulating a library policy in relation to the development of
resources for instruction and research.
2. Allocating book funds to the fields of instruction and research.
3. Developing a general programme of library service for all the
interests of the University.
4. Keeping the Librarian informed concerning the Library needs of
instructional and research staffs.
5. Interpreting the Library to the University. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
New Awards and Changes in Awards
New Awards
Kiwanis Club of Uptown Vancouver Medical Bursary
A bursary of approximately $150, the gift of the Kiwanis Club of
Uptown Vancouver, is offered annually to students in the Faculty
of Medicine.  This bursary will be awarded by the University to
a student who has a good academic record, who shows promise in the
field of Medicine, and who needs financial assistance to continue
his studies.
The George E. K. MacDonald Memorial Prize in Pharmacy
A book prize, given by the family in honour of Mr. George. E. K.
MacDonald, for many years a well-known pharmacist of Cranbrook,
B.C., will be awarded to a student completing the Third Year.  This
award will be made on the basis of academic record, interest in the
affairs of the Pharmacy Undergraduate Society and the Pharmacy
Association and participation in extracurricular activities.
The Kaspar Naegele Award for Proficiency in Pre-Clinical Sessions
This award of $100, is provided in honour of Dr. Naegele who
contributed greatly to the development of this course.
Edwin Qrr Memorial Book Prize
This one-year award will be given to a student of good academic
standing in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration,
who has exhibited an interest and has been active in, and expended
energy for, the community affairs of the faculty.  The terms of the
award have particular reference to Mr. Orr's long interest in civic
Placer Development Limited Scholarships
Three undergraduate scholarships of $1,000 each, plus three graduate
assistantships of $600 each, are offered in the Department of
Mineral Engineering by Placer Development Limited.  The awards are
made by the University on the recommendation of the Department of
Mineral Engineering.
The Alice H. Shelton Scholarship
A scholarship of approximately $100, made possible by a bequest
from the late Alice H. Shelton, will be awarded annually to an
undergraduate student for proficiency in the field of German studies.
A Thursday, November 3, 196 6. 3678
The Storkcraft Limited Bursary
A bursary of $100, the gift of Storkcraft Limited through Mr. Morris
Feldstein, President, is offered to students in any year and any
Faculty.   The award will be made to a student with good academic
standing who has need for financial assistance.
Changes in Awards.
Vancouver Natural History Society Prize  -  increased from $25 to
$50 annually.
Vancouver Sun Graduate Scholarship for Journalism -  increased from
$2,000 to $2,500 per annum. Thursday, November 3, 1966.
The following is a report from the Honorary Degrees Committee
At the meeting of the Honorary Degrees Committee on Thursday,
October 6, 1966 it was decided to recommend to the Senate that the
following should be invited to receive Honorary Degrees at the
Spring Congregation in 1967:-
Dr. H. C. Gunning D.Sc.
Mr. Gillis Purcell LL.D.
Mr. Hugh MacLennan D.Litt.
Dr. Roger Gaudry D.Sc.
Mr. Norman Cousins LL.D.
Dr. Loren Corey Eiseley D.Sc.
Sir Peter Brian Medawar D.Sc.
Miss Barbara Ward
Dr. Neil Bartlett
Ex-Dean of Applied Science, U.B.C.
General Manager, Canadian Press.
Canadian Novelist & Essayist.
Rector, University of Montreal.
Editor, Saturday Review.
Head, Dept. of Anthropology,
University of Pennsylvania.
Director, National Institute for
Medical Research, U.K.
Recent Professor of Chemistry,U.B.C.
It is not anticipated that all of these will be able to accept
our invitation, and it is therefore the recommendation of the
Committee that all nine should be invited at once, and that there
should be no names held in reserve.
The Committee further decided that one day should be set aside
as Canada Day, since 1967 is our Centennial Year, and that the first
four names of the list given above should be given degrees on this
Mr. Loren Corey Eiseley was approved by the Senate as a reserve
last year, but it was not found necessary to send him an invitation
at that time.
In addition to the above nine names an invitation has been
submitted through His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor to
H.R.H. Princess Alexandra to receive an Honorary Degree.   It is
understood that Her Royal Highness will be in Canada for about two
weeks covering the days of our Spring Congregation, and that she will
be visiting British Columbia some time during her stay in Canada.


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