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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1972-06-07

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Wednesday, June  7,  1972.
The tenth regular meeting of  the Senate of The University  of
British Columbia  for the session 1971-72 was held on Wednesday,
June 7,  1972,   at  8.00 p.m.   in the Board and Senate Room,  Administration
Present:    President W.  H.  Gage   (Chairman),  Dr.  A.  E.  Aho,  Mr.  D.  V.
Anderson,  Deputy President W.  M.   Armstrong,  Mr.   R. M.  Bibbs, Mr.   S.
Black, Dr.  C.  A.  Brockley,  Mr.  D.  M.  Brousson,  Dr.  S. D.   Cavers,
Dr.  D.  H.  Chitty, Dr.  R.  M.  Clark, Rev.  R.  W.  Finn,  Dean W.   D.   Finn,
Mr.  A.  C.  L.   Fox, The Hon.  E.  D.  Fulton,  Dean J.  A.  F.  Gardner,
Dr.  R.  F.  Gray, Mr.   I.   F.  Greenwood,  Dr.  N.  A.  Hall, Dr.   D.   F.  Hardwick,
Mr. P.  A.  Insley, Dr.  W.  D.  Kitts, Mrs.  W.   T.  Lane,  Mrs.   J.   MacD.
Lecky, Mr.   S.   S.  Lefeaux, Mr.  K.  R.  Martin,  Dr.  L.  G. Mitten,  Dr.  J.  M.
Norris, Mr.  P.  Plant, Mr.  A.  R.  Robbins, Mr.   S.  J.  Robinson, Dean N.  V.
Scarfe, Dr.   R.  F.  Sharp,  Dean M.   Shaw,  Dr.   J.  K.   Stager,  Mr.  B.
Stuart-Stubbs, Mr.   D.  A.   Swain,  Mr.   B.  B.  Trevino, Dr.  H.  V.  Warren,
Dr. W. A. Webber, Dr.  B.  L. White,  Dean P.  H. White,  Dr.  W.  D. Young.
Observers:    Mr.  J.  A.  Banham,  Mr.  T.  A.  Myers.
Messages  of regret  for their inability to  attend were  received  from
Chancellor A.  M. McGavin,  Dr.  C.   S.  Belshaw, Dr.  T.  H.  Brown, Mr.   F.   J.
Cairnie, Mr.   C.  M.   Campbell,  Dr.   M.   F.   Clarke,  Dean I.  McT.  Cowan,
Dr.  R.  Daniells, Dr.   S.  M.   Friedman,  Dr.  W.  C.  Gibson, Mr.   J.  Guthrie,
Mr. G. H.  D.  Hobbs, Mr.  D.  S.  M.  Huberman,  Dr.   S.  Israels,  Dr.  J. M.
Kennedy, Mr.   A.  J.  Longmore, Dean A.  J.  McClean,  Dean Helen McCrae,
Dr.  C.  A.  McDowell,  Dr.  M.  F.  McGregor,  Dr.  B.  N. Moyls, Mr.   R.  F.
Osborne, Dr.  P.  H.  Pearse, Mrs.  A.  Brearley Piternick, Dean B.   E.
Wedel, Mr.  J.  V.  Rogers, Dr.  R.  F.  Scagel,  Dr.  A.  D.  Scott, Mr.  G.  R.
Selman, Dr.  J.  H.   G.  Smith,  Dr.   M.  W.  Steinberg, Mr.  J.  T.   Sydor,
*ev. W.  S. Taylor, Dean G.  M. Volkoff, Mr.  D.  R. Williams, Dr.  W.  E.
Willmott. Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Wednesday,  June  7,   1972.
Dean Scarfe    )
Dr.  Gray )
That thz Minutes oh the ninth regular
meeting oh Senate h°i the session 1971-71
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Results of the Election of Chancellor  and Convocation members of Senate
for the term 1972-75
The Chairman reported that The Honourable Mr.  Justice Nathan T.
Nemetz had been elected Chancellor for the  term September 1972-75.    The
following Convocation members were elected to serve on Senate  for a
similar term:
Dr.   A.   E.  Aho
Mrs.  M.   F.  Angus
Mr.   R.   M.   Bibbs
Mr.   R.  M.  Buzza
Mr.  C.  McK.   Campbell
Dr.  M.  F.  Clarke
The Hon.   E.   D.   Fulton
Mr.   I.   F.   Greenwood
Mr.  J.   Guthrie
Mrs.  W.  T.  Lane
Mrs.  J.  MacD.  Lecky
Mr.  Paul S.  Plant
Mr.   G.  A.  Thorn
Mr.   B.   B.   Trevino
Mr.  D.  R.  Williams
Conmittee on Prizes,  Scholarships  and Bursaries
Dr. Warren    )
Mr.  Swain      )
That the new awards listed in Appendix 'A'
be accepted subject to the approval o£ the
Board oh Governors, and that letters oh
thanks be sent to the donors.
Reports  of Committees  of Senate
AdmissionB  r.mnmittee
A proposal from the Faculty of Science to change  admission
requirements  for  applicants  from Grade  12 had been referred to the Reports of Committees  of Senate
Admissions Committee     (continued)
Wednesday,  June 7,  1972.
Senate Admissions Committee  at  the Senate meeting of May 17,   1972.
Dr.  Chitty    )
Dr.  Gray        )
That the proposal oh the Faculty oh Science
that applicants hi°m Glade 11, British
Columbia, seeking admission to the First
year oh the FaculXy oh Science in September
1974 and thereahter be required, in addition
to meeting general University entrance
requirements, to have completed satishactorily
Chemistry 11, Mathematics  11 and 11, Physics
11 and at least one other Science course in
Grade 11 or Grade 11, be adopted.
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Graduate Studies
The Chairman pointed out that the deletion of Oceanography
401 and the introduction of two new courses, Oceanography 401 and
411 (P.5639), had been inadvertently included in the submission
from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the May meeting.  These
course proposals had been withdrawn by the Faculty of Graduate
Studies and should not have been presented to Senate.
Dr. Norris )
Dean White )
That the proposal oh the Faculty oh
Graduate Studies to ohhe.r two new
courses, Commerce 541 and Commerce 578,
be approved.
That the proposal oh the Faculty oh
Graduate Studies to ohher new courses
in Health Care and Epidemiology (P.5639),
with the exception oh Health Care and
Epidemiology 504, be approved.
The committee recommended postponement of approval  of
Health Care  and Epidemiology 504 pending  clarification of the
Dr.  Norris        )
Dr.  Hardwick    ) 5644.
Wednesday, June 7, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Graduate Studies  (continued)
relationship of this course to the mandatory M.A. thesis for the
Health Services Planning programme, and clarification of the
significance of the unit value.
The motion was put and carried.
Dr. Norris  )   That the proposal oh the Faculty oh
Mr. Robbins )  Graduate Studies to ohher a new course
in Linguistics and in Political Science,
and new courses in Religious Studies
(P.5639 & 5640), be approved.
The committee also recommended approval of the deletion of
the present course Religious Studies 500 Reading and Research.
Approval had been withheld at the previous meeting pending
approval of the proposed new courses.
The motion was put and carried.
The following proposal of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
had been referred to the Senate Curriculum Committee at the
May meeting:-
"That the requirement of essays for the Master of
Engineering degree be left to the discretion of
the individual department offering the degree."
The committee recommended approval of the proposal but drew
Senate's attention to the possible undesirable effects of having
two different standards for one degree:  an M.Eng. degree given
*■ 5645.
Wednesday, June 7,  1972.
Reports of Committees  of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Graduate Studies     (continued)
with essays by several engineering departments  and an M.Eng.
degree  given without essays by one engineering department.
Dr. Norris    ) That the proposal oh the FaculXy oh
Dean Finn     ) Graduate Studies that the requirement
oh essays h°i the Master oh Engineering
degree be leht to the discretion oh
the individual department through which
the degree is ohhered, be approved.
Concern was expressed that making the essays  optional  for
the M.Eng.  degree would in time  erode requirements   for other
master's  degrees  and lower the standard of the degree.    The
counter argument was  that  the essays,  if optional, would be
required of students needing additional writing experience, but
would not be  required of experienced engineers  for whom such
assignments would be superfluous.
Following further discussion  the motion was put and carried.
Faculty of Medicine
Dr.  Norris    )
Dr. Webber    )
Dr. Norris    )
Dr.  Webber    )
That the proposal oh the FaculXy oh
Medicine to ohhe-i two new courses,
Health Care and Epidemiology 402 and
Interdepartmental Requirements 401,
be approved.
That the proposal oh the FaculXy oh
Medicine to shorten the Clinical
Clerkship by 9 weeks and to lengthen the
Third Year by 8 weeks, be approved
subject to the understanding that the
curriculum changes necessary to implement
this change will be submitted to Senate
hor its approval behore that implementation. 5646.
Wednesday, June 7, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Medicine  (continued)
Dr. Webber stated that the Faculty of Medicine would be
embarking on the Third Year programme in September and would
therefore report to Senate as soon as possible.
The motion was put and carried.
Committee on Student Advisory Services
Dean Shaw presented the report. The committee had been requested
to consider the following proposals:
1. That graduate students and senior student academic
counsellors sit with faculty counsellors in everyday
academic counselling of undergraduate students.
2. That an interview with these academic counsellors become
mandatory for each student each year, or at least in the
beginning of the First and Third Years, and
3. That the present facilities of the clinical psychology
division of the Department of Psychology be developed and
expanded to provide a supplemental facility to those
already existing in the Wesbrook Psychiatric Centre. This
would be both a teaching facility and an emotional
counselling service.
It was stated in the report that each of the proposals received
careful consideration and the committee agreed that none of these
proposals could be supported in their existing form.  It was
considered that students did play a significant role in helping
other students and they would continue to do so. The committee did
not feel that the structuring of this assistance in terms of the
Proposals would be suitable. No precise division could be made 5647.
Wednesday, June 7,  1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Student Advisory Services     (continued)
between the role of counselling and advising and to inject  a third
party into either of  these  functions would be unacceptable to the
majority of  faculty  and students  involved.
The integration of  the teaching function of the  clinical
division of  the Department of Psychology with the service  function
of the Wesbrook Psychiatric Centre it was   felt would raise problems
of an ethical,   legal and supervisory nature which were beyond the
scope of the committee's  terms  of reference but  the  committee
recognized the legitimate role of  graduate students  in professionally
supervised clinical programmes.
The committee members were unanimous  in recognizing the role
that students play in assisting other students.     It was  felt  that,
in most cases,  the role  could best be  fulfilled in an informal
non-structured situation and in relationship to other faculty
Dean Shaw    )
Mr.  Swain    )
That wherever and whenever possible,
qualihied students be used by the various
faculties to assist other students in
orientation to the University; and that
a comprehensive study be initiated to
examine the need hor development and
expansion oh counselling and advising
hacilities throughout the entire. University.
It was  agreed that  the Chairman of Senate should initiate the
recommendation  for a comprehensive study as soon as possible.
The motion was put and carried. Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Applied Science
Wednesday,  June 7,  1972.
Dean Finn )        That tie proposal oh the FaculXy oh
Mr. Robinson   )       Applied Science to delete Physics 150
hrom thz Szcond Yzar *Elzctrical Enginzzring
curriculum be approved".
Faculty of Arts     (See Appendix 'B')
Dr.  Young      )
Dr.   Stager    )
That thz proposal oh the FaculXy oh
Arts to ohher extra-sessional credit
courses hi°m September 1971 to
April 1973, bz approvzd.
Faculty of Dentistry
Dr.  Webber )
Dr.  Hardwick    )
That thz proposal oh thz FaculXy oh
dentistry to introduce greater hlexibility
in thz application oh rules concerning
supplemental examinations be approved.
Faculty of Education
(i)        Extra-sessional credit courses     (See Appendix 'B1)
Dean Scarfe    )
Dr.   Gray )
That tie proposal oh tie Faculty oh
Education to ohher extra-sessional
credit courses  hiom Septembei 1972 to
April 7973, be approved.
(ii)      Degree programmes  for part-time students
The  following statement had been circulated for
information concerning the provision for part-time study:
1.      That  the  calendar of the Faculty of Education classify
students  as:
'Statement that Physics 250 would be deleted hiom Electrical Engineering
curriculum was in error.   This should have been Chemical Engineering.
The Chairman oh Senate suggested that this should be brought to your
'Attention in case you should wish to raise the question at the next 5649.
Wednesday, June 7, 1972.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Education
(ii)      Degree programmes  for part-time students    (continued)
(i)       full-time - those taking from 15 to 18 units of
course work.
(ii)    part-time - those taking fewer than 15 units  of
course work as  arranged in consultation with the
Director of the Division.
2.       That the  following calendar entry  (top of page 158 of
the 1972-73 calendar)  be deleted:
"Students are expected to take the last two years toward
the B.Ed,   degree in regular attendance at the University".
(iii)  Change in Summer Session regulations
Dean Scarfe    )       That the restriction oh 6 units be
Dr. Gray )       removed hiom the regulations under
Summer Session.
Dean Scarfe explained that the proposed change would
permit students,  and teachers in particular, to take an
intersession course and two summer session courses.
It was pointed out that if the restriction were removed
there would be no limit on the number of units a student could
take during intersession and summer session.    Members felt
that the intent of the proposal was not sufficiently clear.
Dr. Norris    ) That the motion be tabled, and that
Dr. Clark      ) the FaculXy oh Education be requested
to bring to Senate a more specific
Carried Proposals  of  the  Faculties     (continued)
Wednesday,  June 7,   1972.
With reference to degree programmes  for part-time students Dean
White informed members  that some months  ago the Faculty of Commerce
and Business Administration decided to offer some pre-Master of
Business Administration courses,  and in order to do that certain
courses were scheduled after 5.00 p.m.
The Faculty proposed limiting enrolment in the First Year in
order to handle 30 part-time students.    The Faculty had received 212
enquiries  for the 30 places.     Since students would be limited to
6 units per year it would take three years   to complete the pre-M.B.A.
School of Nursing
A proposal had been circulated outlining a reorganization of all
aspects of training in Nursing.     The  following extract  from the
proposal outlines some of the objectives of the new curriculum and
its four-level design:
To prepare nurses who are qualified to practise nursing in a
changed and changing {/-eld oh health care, it is proposed that a new
pattern 0jj nursing education be developed, boied on the hollowing
A.      To meet the healXh care needs oh Canadians, nursing requires
practitioners prepared to ^unctcon at hour dihhcrent levels:
I.    Providing direct care to individuals with obvious health
care needs and commonly occurring, wzll-dzhinzd nursing
problzms.    Such carz is baszd on a prescribed course oh
action to whicli thz nurse at this level subscribes.    The
outcomes oh the action are predictable. 5651.
Wednesday, June 7,  1972.
Proposals of the Faculties
School of Nursing    (continued)
A. 2.   Providing direct care to individuals and homilies with both
overt and covert health care nzzds and nursing problems.
Such cote is based on the course oh action which thz nurse
kmelh prescribes.    Thz outcomes may bz unpredictable.
3. Prescribing and providing nursing care, both directly and
indirectly, in thz rolz oh:
a) primary healXh carz givzr hor individuals, hamtH~es
and communities,
b) nursing carz consultant,
c) teacher,
d) administrator.
4. Providing leadership in the total health care {field through
consultation and education.
B. Educational preparation hor these hour levels can best be
provided in a series oh hoafL closzly related two-year programmes
trading to:
1. R.N. £tcenttote
2. Baccalaureate dzgrzz in Nursing
3. Hosier's degree in Nursing
4. Voctoral degree in Nursing.
C. The design and implementation oh the series oh (Joa* closely
related two-year programmes should permit:
1. admission into the hA-ist two-year programme on the basis oh
Senior Secondary School Graduation and admissibility to The
University oh British Columbia;
2. vertical progression hiom the hirst level (R.N, licentiate)
to thz hourXh Izvzl (doctoral dzgrzz in Nursing), with or
uiiXkout interruption, without loss oh time, money or ehhort;
3. entry into the practice oh nursing at the level determined
by the student's interests, needs and academic ability; Proposals of  the Faculties
School of Nursing    (continued)
Wednesday, June 7,  1972.
4. entry into the programme oh the second, third or hourth
level by graduates oh other nursing programmes on the basis
oh traditional equivalency rating and/or challenge (validation)
examinations so that loss oh time, money and ehhort can be
5. part-time study by students in any oh the hour programmes.
V,     To enable graduates oh each two-year programme to develop
expertise in a particular {field oh nursing, educational programmes
providing hor lateral specialization, in contrast to vertical
progression, are required.
E.     To enable graduates oh each two-year programme to work
cooperatively in a peer relationship with other members oh the
health team, opportunities to share learning experiences with
learners in the other health prohessions are required.
A further proposal was  that  this pattern of nursing education be
developed at The University of British Columbia.     The  following factors
support this proposal:
1. The Board oh Trustees oh the Vancouver General Hospital has
agreed to pursue an exploration oh this new pattern oh nursing
education as an alternative to its school oh nursing as a major
source oh graduates  h°i the hospital.
2. Closure oh the Vancouver General Hospital School oh Nursing
would release a rich clinical resource hor teaching students
in nursing and the other health prohessions.
3. The Vancouver General Hospital School oh Nursing conducts the
largest hospital programme in British Columbia, graduating
approximately 755 each year, or about one third oh the annual
graduates \i°m a^- Kiixlsh Columbia schools.    Assuming that
the majority oh students who would apply h°i admission to both
the V.G.H. and U.B.C. Schools oh Nursing would apply hoi entry
to the {first oh the two-year programmes  (leading to R.N.
licentiate), enrolment would be approximately 200.    And assuming
that one halh oh this number proceed to the second two-year
programme, the number graduating wiXh a baccalaureate degree
would be approximately eighty (as compared with the present
sixty).    In subsequent years, the ease and speed oh progression
should encourage those who interrupt their nursing education h°i
work to return, and graduates oh other nursing programmes to
enter, in pursuit oh a baccalaureate degree, thus increasing
the potential pool oh applicants h°i the master's programme. 5653.
Wednesday, June  7,  1972.
Proposals of the Faculties
School  of Nursing    (continued)
4. The developing Health Sciences Centre at The University oh
British Columbia ahhords a unique opportunity to study and use
various ^o*mA oh interpro {essional education.
5. This new pattern oh nursing education has been approved in
principle by.
The Minister oh Health Services and Hospital Insurance
The Chairman oh the Board oh Governors oh The University
oh British Columbia
The President oh The University oh British Columbia
The dean oh the Faculty oh Applied Science
The Coordinator oh the Health Sciences Centre
Dean Finn stated that  the proposal had received general
endorsement  from the Minister  of Health Services  and Hospital
Insurance,  the Chairman of the Board of Governors  and the President.
They agreed that  the suggestions should be  followed up  since they
appeared to represent an improved curriculum for the offering of
nursing studies.
Dr.  Hall      )
Dean Finn    )
That the present New Programmes Committee
appoint a temporary chairman hiom among
those membzrs available during thz summer
and that the committee give consideration to
the proposal and make a {firm recommendation
to Senate at its meeting oh September 13, 1972.
It was pointed out that  the proposed new curriculum should be in
the hands  of  the Senate Curriculum Committee as soon as possible.
The motion was put and carried.
Faculty of Science     (See Appendix 'B')
Dean Gardner    )
Dr. Hardwick    )
That the proposal o{ the FaculXy oh
Science to ohher extra-sessional courses
in Computer Science {/torn September 1972 to
April 1973, be approved.
Carried 5654.
Wednesday,  June  7,   1972.
Policy  concerning holding of examinations prior  to Christmas  and April
examination periods
At the Senate meeting of November 18,  1970  a motion was put
forward concerning the possible adoption of a policy  forbidding the
holding of examinations  any  time in the two weeks prior to the  final
examination period set by the University.     The proposal, which applied
to both Christmas and April examination periods, was  referred to the
The Secretary  reported that  responses  received from the Faculties
indicated that  they were generally in agreement with the proposal.
Following a brief discussion an amendment  to the original motion
was moved:-
Dr.  Hall )
Dean White     )
That except with the prior approval oh
the dean oh the FaculXy, Senate adopt a
policy oh ho*biddin9 the holding oh
examinations at any time during the two
week period prior to the {final Christmas
and April examination periods set by the
The motion as  amended was put  and carried.
jjenfcership on Senate 1972-75
Representatives of the Faculties
It was reported that representatives of the Faculties  to serve
on Senate for the three year term September 1972-75 were:-
Agricultural Sciences
Applied Science
- Dr.  W.  D.  Kitts
- Dr.  G.  V.  Parkinson
- Mrs.  H.  W.  Sonthoff 5655.
Membership on Senate 1972-75
Representatives of the Faculties     (continued)
Wednesday, June 7, 1972.
Commerce and Business
Admini s tr at i on
Dentistry -
Graduate Studies
Medicine -
Pharmaceutical Sciences -
Science -
Mr.   D.  B.  Fields
Dr. L. Kraintz
Dr.  R.  F.  Gray
Dr.  D.  D.  Munro
Dr. P. Merivale
Mr.  J.  G.  Matkin
Dr.   F.   R.  C.  Johnstone
Dr. T. H.  Brown
Dr.  C.  V.   Finnegan
Establishment of Senate Nominating Committee  for 1972-75
The following statement concerning the composition and procedure
of the Nominating Committee was  circulated  for information:-
(a) The committee shall  consist of eight to ten members,  at
least two of whom shall not be  faculty me titers.
(b) The committee shall be elected by written mail ballot of
all members  of Senate  every  three years as soon as possible
after the  faculty  and alumni members  of Senate have been
(c) The committee shall elect  its  own chairman,  the  first
meeting being convened by  the Secretary of Senate.
(d) When a vacancy occurs  on the nominating committee,  the
Senate,  as  soon as  is  feasible,  shall elect  a replacement
by written mail ballot of all members of Senate.
(a) Any member of the Senate shall be entitled to write to the
nominating committee to suggest names of individuals who
might be nominated for particular committees.
(b) The nominating committee shall present its report to the
Senate for adoption. The names proposed for various
committees shall be included with the Senate agenda. The
acceptance of the report of the nominating committee will
make it unnecessary for the Senate to elect members to each
committee.  However, any three members of Senate may
nominate additional members for a Senate committee, provided
their consent has first been obtained. 5656.
Wednesday, June  7,  1972.
Establishment of Senate Nominating Committee  for 1972-75
Procedure  (continued)
(c) Where one  or more additional candidates  for a standing
committee has been nominated,  any three senators may
request  that membership  in  that  committee be  determined
by election.     That election shall  take place by secret
ballot,  conducted by  the Secretary of Senate  at  the
Senate meeting,  unless  five or more senators  request  a
written mailed ballot  of all senators.     If such a
request  is  made,  it shall be  granted without  debate.
(d) When a vacancy has  occurred or is expected to occur on
a standing committee,  the  chairman of that  committee shall
notify, without delay,  the  chairman of the nominating
committee who shall then inform the  chairman of Senate.
The procedure  for  filling vacancies  of elected members
on standing committees shall be the same as in  (b)  and
(c)  immediately above.
Terms of Reference
To nominate the elected membership of all standing committees,
unless  Senate otherwise provides.
It was suggested that since it was difficult  for the Nominating
committee to know  the interests  of Senate members,  it would be helpful
if members were  requested to indicate  their particular interests  in
order that more effective use  could be made of the wide range  of talent
Other Business
In reply to a query concerning the problems between the Department
of Mathematics and the Faculty of Applied Science,   the Chairman reported
that a statement had been published in U.B.C.  Reports on May 24, 1972.
The matter was still under discussion by  the Faculty of Applied Science. 5657.
Wednesday, June 7, 1972.
Other Business  (continued)
It was pointed out that it was not normally the practice of Faculty
Council to report to Senate.
The Chairman extended best wishes to the retiring members of
Senate and thanked them for their services during their terms of office.
The meeting adjourned at 9.15 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday,
Septenber 13, 1972.
\^A Secretary
Chairman 5658.
Wednesday, June 7, 1972.
New Awards Recommended to Senate
The Guild, Yule, Schmitt, Lane and Hutcheon Prize - A prize of
$500, gift of Guild, Yule, Schmitt and Hutcheon, Barristers and
Solicitors, Vancouver, B.C. will be awarded annually to a student
in the Third Year of Law who, in the opinion of the Faculty of
Law, has demonstrated outstanding performance in his law studies.
The Bayard Haddock Memorial Scholarship - The Bayard Haddock
Memorial Scholarship was established and endowed to honour the
memory of her father by the late Nora Black (B.A., Honours
French, 1928).  In the amount of $125, it will be awarded
annually to any outstanding music student in the field of song
The Vancouver and District Dental Society Scholarships - A
scholarship of $100, gift of the Vancouver and District Dental
Society will be awarded in each of the First and Second Years
to the student excelling in pre-clinical dental courses.  The
awards will be made on the recommendation of the Faculty. 5659.
Wednesday, June 7, 1972.
Course and Curriculum Proposals
Extra-sessional credit courses September-April,  1972-73
301 Indians of British Columbia
302 Comparative Ethnography of Special Areas
330 Peasants and the Third World
415 Religion and Society
105 Introduction to East Asia
200 Principles  of Economics
301 Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis
302 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis
490 Applied Economics
* 303
* 311
Literature and Composition
English Composition
Children's Literature
Approaches  to Poetry
The English Novel to Thomas  Hardy
Sixteenth-Century Survey to  1611
Modern Period
Contemporary Literature
Canadian Literature
History of Western Art
Studio I
History of the Art of the Americas
19th and 20th Century Art
Chinese Art
Studio: Historical Techniques
220    An Introduction to French Literature
302    Studies in French Language  and Style, II
416    French-Canadian Literature
200 Human Geography
201 Locational Analysis
213 Physiographic Hydrology 5660.
Wednesday,  June  7,  1972.
Course and Curriculum Proposals
Extra-sessional credit courses  September-April,   1972-73     (continued)
304 Social & Economic History of the Middle Ages
315 History of the Natural Sciences in Modern
316 Ideas and Institutions of the Middle Ages
(by Correspondence)
426 Canada After 1867
429 History of the American West
437 The American Impact on Canada
300 Studies in Linguistics
317 Philosophy of Religion
204 International Politics
321 Quebec Government and Politics
200 Experimental Psychology
307 Motivation and Emotion
308 Social Psychology (taught at Capilano
College for credit at U.B.C.)
316 Methods in Research
400 Abnormal Psychology
403 Tests and Measurement
204 Introduction to the Study of Eastern
Religious Traditions
100    Basic Russian
210 Canadian Social Issues
361 Social Stratification
410 Applied Sociology
461 Political Sociology APPENDIX  'B'
Course and Curriculum Proposals
Wednesday,  June 7,  1972.
Extra-sessional  credit  courses September-April, 1972-73    (continued)
100    First-Year Spanish
200    Second-Year Spanish
300    Advanced Language Study
*    301    Children's  Theatre
*    Not  for credit in the Faculty of Arts
Extra-sessional credit  courses September-April,  1972-73
Education 308      Physical Education
332      Psychology of Adolescence - Development &
400      Philosophy of Education
407 Introduction to Study of Exceptional Children
414 Communications Media & Technology in Learning
419      Introduction to Language & Communication
Disorders in Children
425      Curriculum & Instruction in Art II
431     Primary Learning Disabilities
433      The Personal & Social Development of the Adult
436/437  Behaviour Disorders in Children/Teaching
Maladjusted Children
460      An Introduction to Educational Administration
470      Educational Sociology
473      Developmental Reading in the Elementary Grades
472/474  Guiding Reading Growth/ Developmental Reading
Programs for Jr. & Sr. Secondary Schools
478      Teaching English as a Second Language
372/373  Topics in Mathematics for Elementary Teachers
492(tent.) The School Library: Sources of Information
494/496  Communications Media Programs in Schools -
(tent.)    Motion Picture Film & Television/Motion
Picture Production in Education
558      Administration of the Secondary School APPENDIX  'B'
Course and Curriculum Proposals
Wednesday,  June  7,  1972,
Extra-sessional credit courses  September-April,   1972-73     (continued)
Fine Arts  100 Introduction to the Plastic and Graphic Arts
303/403/ Ceramics  and Modelling I/II/III
402 Painting III
General Science 309
General Science for Elementary School Teachers
Education 308
Physical Education
310/311  Growth & Development/The
Nature & Measurement of
332(tent.) Psychology of Adolescence -
Development and Adjustment
336      Modern Theories of Education
for Young Children
402      Social Studies (Advanced
Elementary Methods)
408      Teaching the Mentally Superior
408     Teaching the Mentally Superior
430     History of Education
460 An Introduction to Educational
461 Educational Diagnosis &
Remedial Instruction
465 Technical Problems in
Industrial Education
470 Educational  Sociology
479 Cross-cultural Education
(Native Indians)
)  Campbell River
Campbell River
By Correspondence
Prince George
Grand Forks
Chilliwack 5663.
Wednesday, June  7,  1972.
Course and Curriculum Proposals
Extra-sessional credit courses September-April, 1972-73     (continued)
English       311
Children's Literature
Powell River
North or West
General Science  309
General  Science  for
Elementary School Teachers
Extra-sessional credit  courses
Computer Science 200        Elements of Computer Science
210        Algorithms  and Programming
410 Systems Programming


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