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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1969-11-12

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 Wednesday, November 12, 1969
The third regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the Session 1969-70 was held on Wednesday, November 12, 1969,
at 8:00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President W. H. Gage (Chairman), Chancellor A. M. McGavin,
Miss D. Allen, Dr. C. S. Belshaw, Mr. S. Black, Mr. C. B. Bourne,
Mrs. A. Brearley, Mr. P. Brock, Dr. C. A. Brockley, Mr. D. M. Brousson,
Dr. D. G. Brown, Dr. T. H. Brown, Mr. C. M. Campbell Jr., Dr. S. D. Cavers,
Dr. R. M. Clark, Dr. M. F. Clarke, Dean G. F. Curtis, Dr. R. Daniells,
Mr. J. Davies, Mr. A. Dobrey, Dr. C. W. J. Eliot, Mr. W. A. Ferguson,
Dr. W. D. Finn, Dr. S. M. Friedman, The Hon. E. D. Fulton, Dean J. A. F.
Gardner, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Dr. R. F. Gray, Mr. 1. F. Greenwood, Dr. N. A.
Hall, Dr. D. F. Hardwick, Dr. C. S. Holling, Mr. R. W. Jacobs,Dr. R. F.
Kelly, Dr. J. M. Kennedy, Dr. D. T. Kenny, Mr. P. Ladner, Mrs. W. T. Lane,
Mrs. J. MacD. Lecky, Mr. S. S. Lefeaux, Miss E. K. McCann, Dr. A. J. McClean,
Dr. M. F. McGregor, Mr. J. R. Meredith, Dr. B. N. Moyls, Mr. E. O'Brien,
Miss D. J. O'Donnell, Dean V. J. Okulitch, Mr. R. F. Osborne, Mr. S. Persky,
Mr. P. Plant, Dr. R. A. Restrepo, Mr. J. V. Rogers, Dr. G. Rosenbluth,
Dr. I. Ross, Dr. R. F. Scagel, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. A. D. Scott, Mr. G. R.
Selman, Dean M. Shaw, Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Dr. J. K. Stager, Mr. B.
Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. B. B. Trevino, Dr. G. M. Volkoff, Mr. K. Waldman,
Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. W. A. Webber, Dean P. H. White, Dr. W. E. Wilmott,
Rev. R. A. Wilson Mr. E. Wood, Dr. W. D. Young.
Observers: Miss D. Hopper, Mr. T. A. Myers, Mr. P. Thompson.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from,
Dr. A. E. Aho, Deputy-President W. M. Armstrong, Rev. J. Blewett, Dr. J. D.
Chapman, Dr. D. H. Chitty, Mr. J. Guthrie, Mr. D. S. M. Huberman, Dr. S.
Israels, Dr. W. D. Kitts, Mr. K. R. Martin, Mr. D. F. Miller, Dean B. E.
Riedel, Dr. J. D. Spouge, Mr. D. R. Williams.
The Chairman welcomed the new members of Senate.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Curtis    ) That the Minutes oh the second regular
Dean Scarfe   ) meeting oh the Senate hoi the Session
1969-70, having been ciiculated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Carried Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Notification of approval of Senate Recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the necessary funds being available
(i)      That the B.S.R. degree be granted at the end of four years of
study in the School of Rehabilitation Medicine (end of present
three year programme) and that students who have already
completed these studies be awarded the degree upon application
and the payment of an appropriate fee, as recommended by the
School of Rehabilitation Medicine and the Senate New Programmes
Committee.   (Page 5094)
(ii)     That the M.A. in Linguistics be offered as recommended by the
Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Senate New Programmes
Committee.  (Page 5094)
(iii)    That the Ph.D. programmes in Chinese and Japanese be offered
as recommended by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the
Senate New Programmes Committee.  (5095)
(iv)     (a) That an "early admissions" policy be implemented for
admissions from Grade 12.
(b) That Faculties be requested to recommend standards of
admission to the Second Year either on promotion from
First Year or on transfer from other institutions.
And in respect of students already at the University -
(c) That a student be required to withdraw from University if
he does not complete satisfactorily at least sixty per
cent of a full year's programme in the Faculty in which
he registered at the beginning of the session; that a
student registered for less than a full year's programme
be required to withdraw from the University if he does
not complete satisfactorily all courses taken; that these
rules not apply where the student's performance haa been
affected by ill-health or for other reasons beyond his
(d) That the following statement on admission be included in
the 1970-71 Calendar:
"The University, in order to maintain enrolment
at a level commensurate with its facilities, will
limit the admission of students from Grade 12 to
the places available in the various courses.
"Secondary school students whose standing is
consistently above 60%, i.e. an average between
C and C+ or better, will be considered for
admission in order of their academic performance. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Notification of approval of Senate Recommendations - subject, where
applicable, to the necessary funds being available  (Continued)
(iv)     (d) "Applicants will be selected on the basis of their overall
secondary school records, on the results of Department
of Education examinations where applicable, on possible
other tests (in which case applicants will be so notified),
and on a general assessment of their capability for success
in university studies as made by the Admissions Committee."
(v)      That Political Science 310 be offered extra-sessionally 1969-70
as recommended by the Department of University Extension.
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Scarfe   )   That the new awards and changes in awards
Dean Okulitch )   listed in Appendix A be accepted subject to
the approval oh the Board oh Governors, and
that letters oh thanks be sent to the donors.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
It was reported that the Curriculum Committee's report on the
proposal from the Faculty of Graduate Studies concerning new courses in
Paediatrics and Creative Writing would be submitted to the next meeting
of Senate.
New Programmes Committee
Proposal to offer a Ph.D. programme in Romance Studies (Spanish)
The Committee had discussed this proposal with Professor Livermore
and had agreed that Spanish Studies should be dealt with more intensively
in this University. The Committee was concerned with the small number of
Faculty members in the Department who were available to undertake this work.
The Committee reported that it has been the growing practice to confine
the degree programme at the graduate level in languages to the field of
Literature and the Committee felt that in the case of the Department of
Hispanic Studies the same limitation should apply. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
New Programmes Committee (Continued)
Proposal to offer a Ph.D. programme in Romance Studies (Spanish)
Mr. Bourne   ) That a Ph.d. programme in Romance Studies
Dean Shaw     ) (Spanish Literature) be o^eAed by the
Faculty oh Graduate Studies, provided that
no more students be enrolled in the programme
until the department oh Hispanic and Italian
Studies appoints at least two additional
Faculty members with appropriate research
qualihications in Spanish literature.
In the discussion concern was expressed that the recommendation to
offer a Ph.D. programme in Romance Studies (Spanish Literature) was
somewhat restrictive and would be interpreted as offering Spanish
Literature from Spain only whereas in fact it would be from Spain and
South America.  It was also stated that with the present course structure
it was necessary to study Spanish culture in South America.
In amendment:
Dr. Kenny )      That the words "Spanish Literature" be
Dr. Brown )      deleted hi°m the title oh the programme and
that the words "Hispanic Literature and
Culture" be substituted.
After some discussion it was agreed that "Hispanic" should be
substituted for "Spanish", but the word "Culture" might imply that
Senate would endorse work in Spanish art, etc., in this Department
rather than others.
The amendment was then re-stated as:
That the words "Spanish Literature" be
deleted and the words "Hispanic Literature"
be inserted.
The amendment was carried.
The motion as amended was carried. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Reports of Committees of Senate (Continued)
Ad hoc Committee on Admissions Tests of Professional Faculties
Senate, at its meeting of March 26, 1969, had asked that an ad hoc
committee study a proposal of the Faculty of Law that all applicants
to the Faculty be required to write the Law Schools Admission Test.
Dr. McClean presented the report of the committee.
Dr. McClean )     That Senate approve the proposal oh the
Dr. Kelly  )     Faculty oh Law to introduce the Law Schools
Admission Test as an addition to current
selection procedures, applicable to students
seeking admission to the First Year oh the
Faculty oh Law hoi September,  1970, and
that the Faculty be requested to report to
Senate on tie ehh^-cXiveness oh the Test as
a predictor oh success in the study oh Law
and on other values derived  ^Aom its use
when suhhicJ-WX experience has been obtained
on this campus to permit adequate evaluation
oh the Test.
Senate was assured that there would be a careful study made of the
consequences of applying the Test.
In amendment:
Dr. Kenny   ) That afXer the word "September 1970" insert
Dr. Scott   ) "but the Test results not be used hoi
selection at this time."
The amendment was lost.
It was then argued that immediate application of the Test as
proposed would invalidate any evaluation of it.
Dr. Gray     ) That the second paragraph oh the motion
Dr. Kenny    ) requesting a report on an evaluation oh the
ehl^oXiveness oh the Test be deleted.
The amendment was lost. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Report of Committees of Senate (Continued)
Ad hoc Committee on Admissions Tests of Professional Faculties
Mr. O'Brien   ) That a third paragraph be added requiring
Mr. Davies     ) that an Appeals Committee be established
comprising at least two students ^Aom The
Faculty oh Law.
Dean Curtis reported that the Admissions Committee had reviewed its
decisions on request and would continue to consider appeals.
The amendment was lost.
The motion was carried.
Long-Range Objectives Committee
Dr. Volkoff reported on the suggestions of the Agenda Committee
regarding the following recommendations from the Long-Range Objectives
Recommendation 5
That all proposals h°K curriculum changes have attached to them,
under the sanction oh the Board oh Governors, their estimated cost,
and that Senate take this into consideration in recommending
The Agenda Committee suggested that this recommendation be referred
to the New Programmes Committee for a report on its feasibility.
Recommendation 6.
That a guide to interdepartmental programmes be prepared as one
oh the separately published divisions oh the Calendar, and be made
available to all students behore registration.    Such a guide
should include inhormation about trans herability between programmes
in e^ect, a guide hoi using the regulations. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Reports of the Committees of Senate (Continued)
Long-Range Objectives Committee  (Continued)
Dr. Belshaw was asked to explain what the Committee had in mind with
regard to this recommendation.  He explained that it was really a request
for the provision of a document which "should be a guide on how to beat
the system". Students often asked why they could not elect certain study
programmes which were in fact permissible but not explicitly stated in
the calendar.
It was suggested that before adding another section to the Calendar
it might be helpful to see a draft or specific proposal of what material
might be in it and perhaps this should be included in the General
Information bulletin.
It was agreed that a draft would have to be prepared and a small
committee might be created to do this.
The Chairman suggested that this be referred to the Registrar who
could appoint a Committee and report later to Senate. This was agreed.
Recommendation 7
That under Senate auspices a study be made oh existing general
education requirements and courses, including broad elementary
discipline courses, advanced non-specialist courses and Arts 1,
with a view to co-ordinating them within a university-wide
program that can provide general courses in any one oh the jJoua
undergraduate years, common core courses, and a hour-year general
education course.    In this study consideration should be given
to experience in this {yield at Stanhord University, the University
oh Toronto, and other universities.   We tfuAtheA recommend that
the committee undertaking the study examine the recommendations
in Guideposts to Innovation   h°i °- comprehensive and £cexib£e
system oh curriculum, providing a variable balance between the
elements oh specialist and general education. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Report8 of the Committees of Senate (Continued)
Long-Range Objectives Committee
The Agenda Committee recommended that Senate discuss this problem
with a view to deciding how this study could be set up. The Long-Range
Objectives Committee had not the time to study this matter in detail
and suggested that an ad hoc committee be commissioned to do so.
At this point Dr. Finn stated that he had not envisaged a spate
of ad hoc committees which he believed would delay interminably final
decisions on the recommendations.
Dr. Finn  )     That the recommendations oh the
Mr. Trevino )      Agenda Committee be accepted with
a clear understanding that Senate
will hold a special meeting as
early as convenient in February to
discuss and vote on the Long-Range
Objectives Report.
After it was pointed out that recommendation 7 was the only one to
be referred to an ad hoc committee, the motion was withdrawn.
Recommendation 9
That an assessment oh classes given in residence be made by Senate
as soon as possible, and that a decision be made early in the
academic year 1970/71 whether to continue the experiment, to terminate
it, or to enlarge it into a system oh residential collegiate
The Agenda Committee suggested that the Faculty of Arts be asked
to include an opinion on this recommendation when Faculty opinions on
the Report were made available to Senate.
Recommendation 29
That Senate request the Faculty oh Graduate Studies to report on
the present state oh implementation oh the recommendations
contained in A Review oh Graduate Study at the University oh
British Columbia, 1966, and to suggest resolutions which would be
suitable hoi Senate to adopt in order to increase the ehh^-ctiveness
oh graduate work at this university. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Reports of the Committees of Senate (Continued)
Long-Range Objectives Committee
The Agenda Committee recommended that the Faculty of Graduate
Studies be asked to give an opinion on this item.
Recommendation 30
That Senate request the Faculty oh Graduate Studies, in co-operation
with the Faculty Association, to study tie prohessional preparation
oh university {acuity members, to relate this to graduate programs
at the University oh British Columbia, and to suggest appropriate
policy recommendations to Senate hoi approval.
It was suggested that this be referred to the Committee of Deans
for reference to their Faculties on means that might be taken to improve
teaching throughout the University.
Recommendation 33
That the Senate Committee on Continuing Education be requested to
study the h^o^tbUXty oh a College oh Continuing Education as
rapidly as possible, in the light oh Senate decisions on the
remainder oh this report.
The Agenda Committee thought it inappropriate to discuss this
recommendation prior to consideration of other recommendations concerning
the administrative structure of the University as discussion of the
future of Continuing Education cannot be separated from discussion of
the future of the University.
Recommendation 39
That Senate establish a standing Long Range Objective Committee
with the h°l^oM<-n9  function*:
(a) to maintain a continuous review oh the long range objectives
oh the University oh British Columbia, in tie context oh the
provincial and national educational system, and to recommend
changes and new objectives to Senate as conditions and data
(b) to initiate studies in depth oh particular questions
ahhtcXing broad university policy.    For this purpose, the
O^-ice oh Academic Planning should be the administrative
and research arm oh the committee, and its budget and
responsibilities, should be designed accordingly. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Reports of the Committees of Senate (Continued)
Long-Range Objectives Committee
It was felt that this recommendation could not be considered until
the full report had been discussed and Faculties had been able to bring
in their reports.
Dr. Volkoff  )    That the recommendations oh the Agenda
Dr. McGregor )    Committee be accepted.
Dr.  Finn     ) That Senate hold a special meeting on Saturday,
Mr. Persky ) February 7,   1970, to begin serious discussion
oh the Report oh the Long-Range Objectives
and that the Faculties be ohhtdally notified
through their deans that this meeting will be
held and that they be urged to consider the
Report behore that time and h*~nd appropriate
means oh communicating their ideas to Senate.
Concern was expressed about the date of the meeting because
Faculties had already been given a deadline and it was understood that
the method of expression to Senate would be through Senate representatives.
February 7 was perhaps too late.
However, it was agreed that Faculties required a reasonable time
to discuss the Report and that a Senate Meeting in January would not
permit of sufficient time.
The motion was put and carried.
It was decided that the Nominating Committee should select a
Committee to deal with Recommendation 7. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Senate Membership
Results of the election of additional student representatives
Miss D. Allen - (Science)
Mr. P. Brock - (Member-at-large)
Mr. J. Davies - (Member-at-large)
Mr. A. Dobrey - (Education)
Mr. R. W. Jacobs  - (Commerce and Law)
Mr. P. Ladner - (Member-at-large)
Mr. E. O'Brien - (Member-at-large)
Miss D. O'Donnell - (Arts)
Mr. S. Persky - (Graduate Studies)
Mr. K. Waldman - (Member-at-large)
Mr. E. Wood - (Applied Science)
Results of the election of additional representatives of
the Joint Faculties for the three year term 1969-72
Dr. C. A. Brockley
Dr. D. G. Brown
Dr. C. W. J. Eliot
Dr. C. S. Holling
Mr. D. S. M. Huberman
Miss Elizabeth K. McCann
Mr. R. F. Osborne
Dr. W. D. Young
Senate ratified the appointment of the following representatives
of the Joint Faculties to replace Dr. D. G. Brown and Mr. R. F. Osborne
who were acting as temporary replacement for those on leave-of-absence:
Dr. R. F. Scagel, Faculty of Science, to replace Dr. C. A. McDowell
who is on leave-of-absence from September 1, 1969 to April 30, 1970.
Dr. D. F. Hardwick, Department of Pathology, to replace Dr. B. N.
Moyls who has been appointed Acting Dean of the Faculty of Graduate
Studies for one year from September 1, 1969.
Membership of Senate Committees
The following additions to membership were reported:
Academic Building Needs Committee
Mr. R. W. Jacobs
Mr. E. Wood Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Membership of Senate Committees (Continued)
Additions to Membership (Continued)
Admissions Committee
Mr. A. Dobrey
Mr. E. O'Brien
Appeals on Academic Standing
Mr. A. Dobrey
Curriculum Committee
Mr. K. Waldman
Mr. P. Ladner
Mr. J. Davies
New Programmes Committee
Mr. S. Persky
Miss D. J. O'Donnell
Mr. E. O'Brien
Agenda Committee
Mr. P. Ladner
Mr. J. Davies
Library Committee
Miss D. Allen
Mr. P. Brock
Continuing Education
Miss D. Allen
Dr. C. A. Brockley to replace Dr. C. S. Belshaw
Committee on Enrolment Policy (Ad hoc)
Mr. E. Wood
Mr. K. Waldman
Dr. Volkoff  )    That the above additions to membership oh
Mr. Ferguson )    Senate Committees be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Membership of Senate Committees  (Continued)
Mr. Ladner queried why a student could not be appointed to the
Tributes Committee. The Chairman said this would be perfectly in order.
Mr. Ladner  )     That Mr. P. Brock be appointed to the
Dr. Volkoff )     Tributes Committee.
A question was raised as to the possibility of reconstitution of
the Committee on Recreation, Athletics and Physical Education. The
Chairman agreed to look into this matter.
Proposals of the Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration
The Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration proposed certain
minor changes in course descriptions, in course numbering, and in
Dr. Volkoff    ) That the course changes submitted by
Dean White     ) the Faculty oh Commerce & Business
Administration be approved subject to
ratihication oh the Curriculum
Committee.    (See Appendix B)
Report of the Department of University Extension
The annual report, 1968-69 of the Department of University
Extension had been circulated.
Dr. Volkoff     ) That the report be received and that
Dean Gardner    ) questions concerning it be deh^ned
to the next meeting oh Senate.
Carried. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Candidates for Degrees
The usual Fall list of candidates for degrees who had completed
their studies since Congregation in May was presented.
Dr. Moyls   )     That the students named on the various
Dean Scarfe )      lists receive their degrees as recommended.
Proposed establishment of a Chair in Paediatrics to be known as
The James and Annabel McCreary Professorship
The academic implications of this very generous gift were noted.
An explanation was given of the close relationship over many years that
the donors had with the Department of Paediatrics.
Dr. Webber   )     That the ohh^i oh the Chair in Paediatrics
Dr. Friedman )     be accepted and that an appropriate
expression oh appreciation be transmitted
to the donors.
Other Business
The question was raised of the situation at the University of
students drawn from the community of British Columbia Indians.
Mr. Persky   )     That the question oh the siXuation h°i
Dr. Willmott )     native Indians at U.B.C. be reherred to
a Committee. That Committee to be struck
by the President in consultation with the
Nominating Committee.
Carried. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Other Business
It was pointed out that no information was available on the
sociological background of the students at the University.
Mr. Persky )     That the O^ice oh Academic Planning
Dr. Gray   )      be requested, to do a study oh the
sociological background oh U.B.C. Students.
It was thought that this would be an interesting and possibly
important study but there was some uncertainty as to whether the Office
of Academic Planning was the appropriate body to make the study. The
question of the cost of such a study was also raised.
Dr. Hardwick )    That this motion be tabled.
Dr. Warren   )
It was agreed that Senate should have additional information
provided to it before having this matter returned to the agenda.
Miss O'Donnell    )        "That Senate endorse the Viet Nam
Mr. Persky )       Moratorium scheduled hoi Friday, November 14,
and urge all members oh the University
community to participate in the activities
as best they can."
Concern was voiced as to the validity of this motion within
Senate's terms of reference and whether it could be entertained without
prior notice. The Chairman expressed his opinion that the motion was
in order and permitted discussion of it. A heated discussion followed
in which one argument contended that Senate should not be asked to vote
on the motion, as a decision either way could prove to be an embarrassment
to Senate.
Dean White    ) That Senate move to the next item oh
Dr. Smith      ) business.
Carried. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Report of the Tributes Committee on Honorary Degrees
As the report of the Tributes Committee concerned matters that
as a courtesy to those involved should not be released immediately for
publication, members of the gallery were asked to leave.
The committee recommended that invitations be extended to the
following persons to receive honorary degrees at the Congregation, 1970.
Professor Jacob Biely
Mr. John M. Buchanan
Col. The Honourable J. R. Nicholson
Dean Curtis  )    That the report oh the Tributes Committee
Dean Shaw    )     be accepted.
An opinion was expressed that further consideration should be
given to the recommendations of the Committee.
Miss O'Donnell )  That a h^rther meeting oh the Tributes
Mr. Brock     )   Committee be arranged, behore decisions
are made on the recipients oh honorary
The motion was lost.
It was agreed that the names of the proposed recipients of
honorary degrees be taken individually. Each name was thereupon
presented and a majority of affirmative votes recorded in each instance.
The motions were carried.
Dean Curtis )     That the Tributes Committee list on possible
Mr. Brock  )    honorary degree recipients be kept open.
Carried. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
Other Business
Dr. Friedman asked that Senate return to the agenda item "other
business" and consider the following motion:
Dr. Friedman )    That Senate consider and discuss the
Dr. Scott   )    implications and advisability oh
expressing its endorsement oh campus
activities such as the proposed
Viet Nam Moratorium.
A lively discussion followed. Although there was strong support
for the position that Senate should not involve itself in political
issues there were arguments that most, if not all, of Senate's actions
had political overtones. It was asserted that Senate must confine
itself to issues that properly fall within its duties and responsibilities
as set out in legislation. Matters such as the Moratorium, although
of concern to members of Senate individually, could not be construed
as the proper business of Senate.
The motion was lost.
The meeting was adjourned at 11:20 p.m.
inuea, y~~P
Chairman. ^ Wednesday, November 12, 1969
New Awards and Changes in Awards Recommended to Senate
The Joseph Black Bursary Fund
Bursaries from this fund, established by a bequest from the
late Joseph Black, Vancouver, will be awarded annually to
students with good academic standing who, because of their
financial circumstances and personal qualities and character
are deserving of assistance
The Tommy Diespecker Memorial Medical Scholarship
This scholarship, the gift of the friends of Tommy Diespecker,
and in the amount of $100 per annum, is awarded to the Third
Year medical student obtaining the highest standing in the
field of clinical microscopy (haematology). The winner will be
selected by the Faculty of Medicine.
The Federation of Telephone Workers of British Columbia. Traffic
Division, Scholarship
The Federation of Telephone Workers of British Columbia, Traffic
Division, offers a scholarship of $400 to sons and daughters of
members (with at least twelve months continuous service) or of
deceased members (with the same service). It is open in
competition to students proceeding in the fall from Grade XII or
XIII of secondary school to a full programme of studies at the
University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, or
Simon Fraser University. To be eligible for consideration a
candidate must have an overall average of at least 70% in the
subjects of the grade in which he or she is registered.  Candidates
in Grade XIII will be considered on the basis of standing obtained
in the Departmental Examinations written in June; those in Grade XII
will be considered on the basis either of standing received by
recommendation or in the June Departmental Examinations. The winner
will be selected by the University of B.C., in consultation with
the Federation, from those who so qualify.  In the final selection,
a major factor will be the financial circumstances of applicants
and their families. Applications must contain details of family
service with the Federation and other pertinent information.
The David House Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of David House, a
Second Year Commerce student intending to study law, who died
tragically in July, 1968 while travelling in Greece. It is in
tribute to his personal qualities and character that his friends,
with the co-operation of the Commerce undergraduate Society, have
established this scholarship, to be awarded annually to the student
in the Second Year of Commerce who attains the highest average of
those intending to proceed to the Commerce-Law option. The value
of the award is $100. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
New Awards and Changes in Awards Recommended to Senate
The Kaiser Resources Ltd. Prize in Conservation and Rehabilitation
A prize of $250 to be awarded to a member of the graduating class
in Forestry who has best demonstrated capacity in the fields of
conservation and environmental maintena ce and rehabilitation,
through academic performance in related subject areas and
additionally, has given evidence of commitment to this field.
The Robert Arthur Kaplan Bursary
A bursary of $100, gift of Robert Arthur Kaplan, will be awarded
in the session 1970-71 to a student with a satisfactory academic
record who without financial assistance would be unable to begin
or continue his studies at the University.
The Percy W. Perris Scholarship Fund
The annual income from this Fund, established and endowed by
Percy W. Perris, Chase, B.C, provides a scholarship or
scholarships for students beginning or continuing studies at the
University of B.C. The recipients of these awards will be
selected by the University from students whose homes are in
School District No. 20 (Salmon Arm). The selection will be made
on the basis of academic standing, personal qualities, and need.
The scholarships may be used for study toward a degree in any
faculty or area of study.
The Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Scholarships
Three Scholarships of $400 each, gift of the Vancouver City
Savings Credit Union, were awarded in the session 1969-70 to
graduate students in the field of Finance, Faculty of Commerce
and Business Administration. The scholarships were awarded
on the recommendation of the Faculty.
The Matthew J. Waterman Dental Hygiene Clinical Award
This award of $25 will be made annually to the dental hygiene
student who, at the completion of the first year course of
study, demonstrates the most outstanding performance in clinical
dental hygiene.
Victoria Home Economics and Dietetic Association Bursary
Increased from $150 to $200. Wednesday, November 12, 1969
The Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Course Proposals
Course Changes
Commerce 373 (1%) - description changed to:
Business Finance (For Graduate Students only) -
The major financial decisions that businesses
face; the analytical approaches that are
available to assist with these decisions; and
the links between these decisions and the
financial community.
Commerce 376 (1*$) - description changed to:
Financial Institutions I. The financial
system in Canada; the practices of the major
financial institutions; and theories of
financial processes.       (3-0; 0-0)
- changes of number only:
Commerce 571 from 572
Commerce 572 from 571
- editorial change:
Page 042 - Paragraph 4 to now read:
"Students in the non-thesis programme will
be required to submit a major essay which
may be associated with graduate courses
in which they are registered. A comprehensive
examination will be taken after the course
work has been completed."
Approved by Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration on October 27,


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