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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1919-04-02

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Wednesday, April 2nd., 1919.
(289) An adjourned meeting of the Senate of the University of
British Columbia was held on Wednesday, April 2nd., 1919 at 8 P.M.
in the Board Room, University Offices.
(290) Present: Dean Klinck, in the Chair, Dr. Ashton, Dr. Boggs, Mr.
Killam, Dr. Mcintosh, Mr. McLean, Bishop de Pencier, Mr. Brough,
Judge Howay, Dr. Brydone-Jack, Mr. Gordon, Dr. Clark, Mr. Argue,
Magistrate Shaw, Miss Jamieson, Principal Vance, Miss Clement and
the Seoretary.
(291) A letter from Mr. P. A. Boving expressing his regret at not
being able to attend the meeting, was read.
Principal Vance)
Mr. Gordon    ) That it be filed. Carried.
(292) A letter from Mrs F. F. Wesbrook addressed to the Acting
President, offering a prize of $50 to the student winning second
place in the graduating class and also one of $50 to the student
obtaining the highest standing in the Department of English, was
Miss Jamieson   ) That the Prizes be accepted, that suitable
Bishop de Pencier) thanks be sent to Mrs Wesbrook and that
they be called the Wesbrook Prizes,
(293) A letter from Mr. H. F. Brine, Seoretary of the Terminal City
Club, addressed to the Board of Governors, offering to endow a
Scholarship in the sum of two thousand dollars as a memorial to the
members of the Club who lost their lives in the Great War, was read.
The Scholarship is to be known as the "Terminal City Club Memorial
Scholarship". The Directors of the Club desired that when a
Department of Commerce is established "the Scholarship might be
definitely fixed for the Second Year of this course. In the meantime
the Directors would like to have the Scholarship each year given to
the Second Year student taking the highest marks in some course to
be determined before hand by the Directors of the Club after
receiving the recommendation of the Faculty of the University."
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Clark ) That the offer of the Terminal City Club contained
in the letter from Mr. H. F. Brine, Secretary,
under date of March 22nd., 1919, be accepted with
thanks and that the Secretary in his correspondence
with them call their attention to the fact that the
Senate of the University is the body to make
further arrangements with them regarding the disposition of the Scholarship.        Carried.
(294) There was next read a communication dated March 24th., 1919
from Sir Robert Falconer addressed to the Acting President, (89)
(294) enclosing the copy of a letter which he was sending on behalf of the
Board of Governors and the Senate of the University of Toronto to the
Honourable Mr. Calder urging that the Government give effect to the
resolutions which were presented to the Repatriation Committee last
January as a result of a Conference between representatives from some
of the Universities and the Great War Veterans' Association with
members of the Repatriation Committee.
Bishop de Pencier) That the hearty support of this body be
Magistrate Shaw ) given to the movement to have a reconsideration by the Government.       Carried.
(295) A letter from Mr. T. A. Brough, Senate representative of the
High School Teachers, stating that it would be a great convenience
if the pages of the curriculum dealing with matriculation requirements
could be in the hands of the High School Teachers by Easter or shortly
afterwards, was read. Mr. Brough stated that sometimes books have to
be ordered from Europe and there is usually delay in delivery.
Judge Howay   )
Principal Vanoe) That the communication be received and referred to the snecial committee on issuance of
the calendar. Carried.
(296) A letter from Dr. Mi T. MacEachern, with regard to the establishment of a Faculty of Nursing in connection with the University, was
Principal Vance)
Dr. Clark    ) That the letter be referred to the Committee
on the Establishment of a Faculty of Nursing.
(297) A letter from the Hon. J. D. MacLean, Provincial Secretary,
regarding the establishment of a department in the University in
connection with the training of nurses, was also read.
Principal Vance)
Dr. Clark    ) That this letter re referred to the Committee
on the Establishment of a Faculty of Nursing.
(298) The meeting then proceeded to the consideration of the
recommendations of Faculty.
Mr. Gordon )
Judge Howay) That these recommendations be received and
considered seriatim. Carried.
Clause 1. That those students, who through illness find their courses
as chosen in September too heavy, be allowed to reduce to
the minimum requirement, and that all others be required
&&L (298)
to take the courses chosen.
Principal Vance)
Mr. Argue     ) That the regulation requiring students to
continue extra work which they have
elected to take, be rescinded.   Carried.
Principal Vance)
Dr. Clark    ) That Clause 1 be adopted.       Carried.
(299) Clause 2. That students, who through illness were unable to take the
final examinations in. subjects that were final in January,
be given special examinations within a short time; in the
case of returned soldiers who enrolled after the opening
of the term, that examinations in such subjects as were
final at the end of the first term, be given some time
during the spring term.
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Clark ) That Clause 2 be endorsed. Carried.
(300) Clause 3. That a system of Honour Courses be established in conformity
with the following regulations:
(It was agreed that the recommendations re Honour Courses
be taken up clause by clause.)
1. Honour Courses shall be begun at the close of the Second
Year and continued until the end of the Senior Year.
Mr. Brough )
Judge Howay) That this clause be adopted.
Principal Vanoe )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) As an anendment, that Clause 1 be
referred back to the Faculty Committee
for information regarding the usage of
Canadian Universities.
The amendment was put to a vote and lost.
The original motion was put to a vote and carried.
2. Students must obtain the consent of the department concerned before they enter upon any course in Honours; and,
under normal conditions , they should not be granted
consent unless they present, at the end of the Second
Year, a clear academic record and unless they have
obtained at least Second Class standing in the subject
or subjects of specialization. Only those students who
have passed with Distinction in a subject will be
allowed to take Honours in that subject.
-J (91)
Dr. Clark     )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That the last sentence in Clause 2 be
amended to read "Only those students who have taken
a Distinction course in a subject will be allowed to
take Honours in that subject" and that the amended
clause be adopted. Carried.
3. Honour students should be required, during their Third and
Fourth Years, to acquire at least six units of credit in a
subject or subjects quite outside of the department or
departments under whose direction they are specializing.
Such students may, not unfairly, be asked to exceed the
thirty units of credit ordinarily required for the B. A.
Dr. Clark    )
Judge Howay)    That Clause 3 be adopted. Carried.
4. All students in Honours must present evidence, before
graduation, of their ability to read in either French or
German. One year's work,  satisfactorily completed,  in a
University class beyond Junior Matriculation standard
will be regarded as fulfilment of this requirement.
Principal Vance  )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That Clause 4 be eliminated. Carried.
5. All students in Honours must present a graduating essay
or thesis which shall embody the results of some investigation that  they have made independently.
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Clark ) That Cluase 5 be adopted.       Carried.
6. All candidates for Honours shall be required, at the end
of their Senior Year, to take a general examination, oral
or written or both, as the department or departments
concerned shall decide. This examination shall be designed
to test a student's knowledge of his chosen subject or
subjects as a whole and shall be in addition to the
ordinary class examinations of the Third and Fourth Years.
Dr. Clark )
Judge Howay) That Clause 6 be adopted.      Carried.
7. Honours shall be of two grades: First Class and Second
Class. Students who, in the opinion of the department
ooncerned, have not attained a sufficiently high ranking
may be awarded a pass degree.
Judge Howay)
Mr. Brough )    That Clause 7 be adopted. Carried.
■&&(? 192)
(300) That the proposed scheme with drafted Honour Courses be
set forth in the calendar for next session and brought
into operation in September 1920 and that details of the
scheme be put into the hands of the students before the end
of the present session,
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Brough) That Clause 4 be adopted.        Carried.
(301) Clause 4. That in the First Year of Arts, English be given four hours
per week and that an extra tutorial hour be given to the
ordinary students in Mathematics 1.
Dr. Clark )
Mr. Brough) That this clause be adopted.      Carried.
(302) Clause 5. That CHARLES ALFRED HOLSTEAD WRIGHT, a graduate in Applied
Science in 1917, be given permission to take courses in
Chemistry (Major) and Physics (Minor) leading to an
advanced degree.
Dr. Boggs  )
Dr. Mcintosh) That Clause 5 be adopted.      Carried.
(303) Clause 6. Dealt with by Senate at meeting of March 5th., 1919.
(304) The Registrar reported that in conformity with the request
of Senate, Faculty has arranged that the last day of lectures be
Thursday, April 17th.; that the Sessional Examinations begin on
Tuesday the 22nd. of April and that the meeting of Faculty be held on
Saturday, May the 10th.
(305) Faculty Recommendations:
Clause 1. That six hours per week for the Drawing and Shopwork of
First Year Applied Science of the present course be given
in future in the four weeks during which.the Survey School
is held for the Second Year students,
Mr. Killam)
Dr. Ashton) That Clause 1 be adopted. Carried.
(306) Clause 2. That all students in regular attendance at the Evening-
Classes in Botany conducted by Mr. Davidson be enrolled
on a basis similar to that of other Short Course students.
Mr. Gordon )
Judge Howay) That Clause 2 be adopted.        Carried.
(307) Clause 3. That no student in the First or Second Year Arts be
allowed to elect more than three Distinction courses
without speoial permission of the departments concerned. (93)
Dr. Clark)
Dr. Boggs) That Clause 3 be adopted, with the addition of the
words "of the departments concerned".   Carried.
(308) Clause 4. That the September Supplemental Examinat ions, University
and Matriculation, be scheduled to begin on Wednesday,
September 10th. and to end on Wednesday, September 17th.
this year in order that sufficient time may be allowed
before the opening of the session for the correction of
the papers and the tabulation of results.
Judge Hov,-ay   )
Magistrate Shaw) That Clause 4 be adopted.    Carried.
(309) Clause 5. That BRYCE G. HOWIE WALLACE, a former student of McGill
University College, now serving overseas, be given the
opportunity of writing for his B.A. degree after attending
for one session.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Brough) That Clause 5 be adopted.        Carried.
(310) Mr. Killam, Chairman, presented the report of the Committee on
Matrioulation into Applied Science.
Mr. Killam)
Mr. Brough) That the report be received. Carried.
Report of Committee:
"That whereas the requirements for admission to the Applied
Science course of the University of British Columbia are not
in excess of those of many other Universities on the continent,
it would be unwise to make any substantial_change in the
present arrangements."
Mr. Killam)
Mr. Argue ) That the report be adopted. Carried.
The Committee appended the following:
1. The present requirements for admission to the Applied
Soience department are found to relieve congestion of work
in the later years of the course, and also have a very
important cultural value.
2. Returned soldiers, owing to tr ir more advanced years, and
to their valuable experience in military and naval service,
are admitted to the course on the entrance requirements
which obtained in 1915.
3. The Committee deeply regret that so few matriculants of the
M^ (94)
(310) High Schools of Victoria and the vicinity attend the
University of British Columbia, and respectfully request the
Senate to appoint a committee consisting of several of its own
members and the Principals of the Victoria, Esquimalt and Oak
Bay High Schools, to investigate the causes and suggest
Numbers 1 and 2 are statements of fact.
With reference to Number 3:
Mr. Argue )
• Judge Howay) That the appointment of a Committee be left with
the Chair. Carried.
(311) The report of the Committee on Text-Books of History was
presented by the Chairman, Judge Howay, as follows:
"The Committee of Senate which was appointed to examine the
text-book, Robinson and Breasted, "Outlines of European
History" Part I., beg to renortj
That after making a careful examination of the volume and
many enquiries concerning it they find that it is not open to
the charge of being either pro-German or anti-Bri tish.
The complaint that "it is written in a style unsuited for
boys and girls from fifteen to seventeen years of age", is.
in our opinion, well founded, inasmuch as it attempts to
cover, in some 600 pages, the immense period between the
dawn of history and the death of Louis XIV. in 1715. This,
however, is a criticism which would apply to any book making
a similar attempt .The question whether, under these circumstances, Robinson and Breasted should still be used is, in
our opinion, very important and one which might with advantage
be submitted to Faculty."
Judge Howay)
Dr. Clark ) That this report be received and that it be
referred to Faculty as recommended.    Oarried.
(312) The following report of the Committee appointed to consider
new dates for Senate meetings was presented by the Chair:
"Your Committee appointed to consider new dates for Senate
meetings, after obtaining the view of nearly all the members,
begs to reoommend that the meetings of Senate be held on the
third Wednesday of the month instead of the second Wednesday
as at present."
Mr. Killam)
Dr. Boggs ) That the report be adopted. Carried.
.J (95)
(313) Dr. Brydone-Jack, Chairman of the Committee on the Establishment
of a Faculty of Nursing, reported that his Committee has met, reports
progress and asks for more time as information has been sought from
other Universities, but asked for an expression from Senate as to the
advisability of establishing a Faculty of Nursing.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Principal Vance ) That the report of the Committee be received
and that the suggestion that a Faculty of
Nursing be established be considered
separately. Carried".
(314) Dr. Clark presented the following report of the Committee on
Home Economics:
"Your Committee on Home Economics, together with special
Committee df Faculty, beg to report:
1. That in their judgment it is highly desirable that the
University establish a school of Household Science with
course leading to a suitable degree, such course having an
equal cultural and technical value with the best University
2. That such course should be available for matriculants in the
Fall of 1920.
3. That the entrance requirements of the University be amended
so as to recognize Household Science as an optional entrance
subject, similarly to what now obtains with Agriculture.
4. That it is very desirable that the Dean of the proposed
school of Household Science be appointed at as early a day as
practicable in order that adequate provision may be made as
regards staff and equipment for the opening of the school for
the University year, 1920-1921, also in order that courses of
lectures of special interest to all the women of the University
may be available to them during the term 1919-1920."
Dr. Clark reported that Dr. Todd wished him to state that he
dissented from the use of the word "school" in the report. He voted
for the word "Department".
Dr. Clark )
Mr. Gordon)  That the report be  received. Carried.
Dr. Clark )
Mr. Argue ) That the report be considered clause by clause.
Dr. Clark )
Mr. Gordon) That Clause 1 be adopted with change of the word r
(314) "school" to "Faculty" for recommendation to the
Board of Governors. Carried.
Dr. Clark )
Mr. McLean) That Clause 2 be adopted as printed for recommendation to the Board of Governors.       Carried.
Dr. Clark)
Dr. Boggs)  That Clause 3 be adopted as printed. *  Oarried.
Dr. Clark )
Mr. McLean) That Clause 4 be adopted as a recommendation to the
Board of Governors, except that the word "school"
be changed to "Faculty" to correspond to change in
Clause 1. Carried.
(314a)     The appointment of a Committee to arrange for Congregation.
Mr. 3rough  )
Dean Robinson) That the Committee be appointed by the Chair.
The motion was not put to vote.
The meeting adjourned.
4 /}  /Zl^—eJ^
Chairman. Secretary.


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