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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1965-05-19

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 Wednesday, May 19, 1965        3518
The fifth regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1964-65
was held on Wednesday, Hay 19, 1965, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President J.B. Nacdonald (Chairman),
Chancellor Phyllis G, Boss, 'Irs. II.F. Angus, Br. K.F.
Argue, Br. CS. Belshaw, TIr. 11.11. Bibbs, The lie v. J.
Blewett, Hr. J.F. Brown, Mr, W.T, Brown, Mr, F.L. Burnham,
Mr. K.P. Caple, Br. J.B. Chapman, Bean I. Mc.T. Cowan,
Bean G.F. Curtis, Bean B.A. Eagles, Mr. II. Elder,
Br. J.F.K. English, Br, J.G. Foulks, Dr. S.M. Friedman,
Bean W.H. Gage, Br. W.C. Gibson, Br. B.M. Healy,
Mr, W.E. Ireland, Br, J.A. Jacobs, Br. F.H. Johnson,
Br, J.E.A. Kania, Mr. J.S. Keate, Bean S.W. Leung, Bean
Helen McCrae, Bean J.F. McCreary, Br. M.F. McGregor,
Mrs. II.J. MacKay, Br. K.C. Mann, Br. G.W. Marquis,
Br. W.II. Mathews, Mr. B.F. Miller, Mr. F.A. Morrison,
The Honourable Mr, Justice N.T. Nemetz, The Rev. W.
Nicholls, Mr. E.P. Nicol,  Br. J.II.G. Smith, Br. J. Norris,
Bean V.J. Okulitch, Br. CJ. Parfitt, Bean G.N. Perry,
Br. A.J. Renney, Br. W. Robbins, Br. B. Savery, Bean N.V.
Scarfe, Dr. II.F. Sharp, Br. Ross Stewart, Mr. E.C.E. Todd,
Br. F. Turnbull, The Honourable Mr. Justice B.R. Verchere,
Mr. F.E. Walden, Br. II.V. Warren, Br. John B, Warren,
Mr. P.II. White, Br. S.II. Zbarsky, Mr. G.R. Selman. „"> Wednesday,  May 19,   1965 351t
Messages of regret for absence were received from
Br. ILL. Keenjeyside, Mr. S.L. Lipson, Br. B.C. Murdoch,
Br. M.A. Ormsby, The Honourable J. Sinclair, Mr. B.
Stuart-Stubbs,   The Rev.  W.S.   Taylor,   Mr.  A.A.  Webster,
Br.   R.V/.  Wellwood.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Bean Gage   )   That the minutes of the fourth
Bean Scarfe )  regular meeting of Senate for the
Session 1964-65, held on March 3,
1965, having been circulated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Hecommendations from the
Senate Executive Committee
Proposal to study alternatives
to the present University year
The Canadian Association of University Teachers'
Bulletin of September, 1964, which contained the Final
Report of the Committee on Year*-Round Operation of
Universities had been circulated.  In the brief discussion
that took place, it was suggested that the Registrar might
obtain information from the University of Manitoba for
circulation to Senate.  The Senate Executive Committee felt
it would be useful to have the views of the Beans of
Faculties on the use of existing facilities on a year-round
basis and possible desirable modifications. Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Bean Cowan )  That the proposal to study alternatives
Bean Gage )  to the present year be referred to the
President and the Beans of Faculties
for report on present use of facilities
on a year-round basis and possible
desirable modifications.
Consideration of the Master
of Music degree course
A paper had been circulated in advance giving
details of a Master of Music degree course.
In reply to a question, Br, Marquis assured
Senate that lie Bad sufficient staff to launch the course.
Br. English)  That the proposed Raster1 of Music
Br. Jacobs )  Begrcc course be approved.
Submissions of the Faculties
Establishment of a Faculty of Nursing
The Faculty of Applied Science had supported the
proposal of the Council of Nursing that a Faculty of
Nursing should be established, and the recommendation of
the Senate Executive Committee was that the proposed change
should be referred to the President's Committee on Academic
Affairs for a preliminary investigation and report.
Bean McCreary  )  That the proposal for change
Mr. J.F. Brown )  from School to Faculty of
Nursing be referred to the
President's Committee on
Academic Affairs for a
preliminary invesligation
and report.
Carried Wednesday,  May  19,   1965 3ij21
New Programmes of Study
(i)  Plant Science - Ph.D.
(ii)  Soil Science - Ph.D.
(iii) Food Science - M.Sc. and M.S.A.
(iv)  Librarianship - Master of Library Science
(v)  Nursing - Biploma in Psychiatric Nursing,
one year course
(vi)  Dentistry - Third Year curriculum
The new programmes of study were before Senate
for review from an academic standpoint.  If approved by
Senate they would next be considered by Beans of Faculties
before submission to the Board of Governors,  Subject to
necessary funds being included in the Budget and approval
by the Board of Governors, the programmes would coine into
effect September 1966.
Bean Cowan )  That the new programmes of study
Mr, Ireland ) be approved with the provision that
the residence requirenent of the
Faculty of Graduate Studies be
clearly understood to apply to the
Master of Library Science course;
to that end the word "ordinarily"
should be deleted from the M.L.S.
presentation under "Residence".
Carri ed
New courses and changes in
courses and curricula
Papers had been circulated in advance setting
out new courses and course and curriculum changes in
the following studies:-
J Wednesday,  May 19,   1965 3o22
Applied Science,   1965-66
Arts,   1966-67
Dentistry,   1966-67
Graduate Studies,   1966-67
Nursing, 1965-66
Science, 1966-67
It was ascertained that the proposed new courses
in Slavonic Studies under the Faculty of Graduate Studies
had not first been submitted to the Faculty of Arts.  They
were therefore withdrawn for re-submission to Senate at a
later date.
* Details of the approved new courses and changes
in courses and curricula are shown at Appendix I,
(see pa^es 3532-3541)
Bean Ctirtis )  That the proposed new courses
Bean Scarfe )  and changes in courses and
curricula be approved.
Faculty of Arts - Report of the
Art Gallery Committee
The Report of the Art Gallery Committee had been
circulated to members of Senate in advance, and Senate had
been requested by the Faculty of Arts to consider
recommendations 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the Report, namely:
'•'  please also see "Late Submissions" p.35^6 Wednesday, May 19, 1965
1. That a new University of British Columbia
Art Gallery be included in the present
Fine Arts Centre, in conjunction with the
proposed new Museum of Anthropology.
2. That the new Art Gallery be administered
under the supervision of the Department of
Fine Arts within the Faculty of Arts.
3. That administrative plans be inaugurated
as soon as possible to provide monies for
the construction of such a Gallery, as well
as monies for the hiring of adequate personnel,
and for proper maintenance in the future.
4. That academic rank be given to the Curator
and the Bocent of the Art Gallery.
Capital development was involved and the
Chairman stated the Board of Governors would want to know
what priority the Art Gallery would take over other
requirements of the Faculty of Arts.
Bean Gage        ) That the Report of the Art
The Honourable    )  Gallery Committee be returned
Mr. Justice Nemetz )  to the Acting-Bean of Arts
for further information on the
following natters:
(i)  the priority of the proposed new Art
Gallery relative to other proposals
of the Faculty;
(ii) the desirability of establishing the
Art Gallery within the Faculty of Arts
rather than in collaboration with other
(iii) the implication for other similar
positions of academic rank for the
Carried Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Courses to be offered under
Department of University
Extension 19 65-66
Papers had been circulated in advance setting
out courses to be offered under Bepartnent of University
Extension, 1965-66, in Arts, Education and Science.
Betails are shown at Appendix II.  (sec pages 3541-3543)
Bean Scarfe )  That the proposed extra-
Mr. Miller )  sessional course offerings
for 1965-66 be approved.
Faculty Membership - Faculty of Science
In addition to those persons specified as
members of the facilities by Senate in its resolution of
December 18, 1963, defining faculty membership, the Senate
Executive Committee supported the following recommendations
of the Faculty of Science, concerning further membership in
that Faculty, under section (vii) of the Senate resolution:
"Such other persons as the Faculty shall
appoint in conformity with rules determined
hy  the Faculty and approved by the Senate."
1. All faculty members of Assistant Professorship
status upwards who are on the budget of the
Faculty of Science.
2. Heads of Departments which offer the B.Sc,
Honours degree and whose salaries are not in
the budget of the Faculty of Science.
3. Those facultjr members in departments coming
under (2) who are teaching a course which is
recognized for the B.Sc, degree. Membership
under this clause will be United to 25 persons,
with not more than two persons from any one
departnent.  Suitable candidates should be
* please also see "Late Submissions" p.3526 Wednesday, May 19, 1965
nominated by the Bean of the Faculty
of Science in consultation with the
departments concerned and the nominations
placed before the nee ting of the Facultj'
of Science for approval by a simple vote.
Note:  The nenbership will change fron
year to year as the sane persons
will not presumably be teaching
the same courses each year.
4. Beans of those faculties whose students
take at least three units of courses in
the Faculty of Science.
Dean McCreary )  That the proposal for nenbership
Dean Okulitch )  in the Faculty of Science be
Late Submissions
The following late submissions were received
fron Faculties, details of which had been circulated in
Establishment of new Departments
The President's Connittee on Academic Affairs
recommended the establishment of a Department of Creative
Writing and a Department of Theatre in the Faculty of
Arts,   and the  Committee's reports had loeen circulated.
Acting Bean Healy )  That Creative Writing and
Br, Norris       )  Theatre be established as
departments within the
Faculty of Arts.
Carried Wednesday, May 19, 1965 3o26
New course:        Education 418 (3) An Introduction to
(1966-67) Special Education in
Secondary Schools
Additions to extra-
sessional course
offerings, 1965-66: Education 508    Review of Research in
(Mathematics)    Methods of Teaching
Specific School
Education 578    Advanced Seminar in
Theories of Guidance
and Counselling
Bean Scarfe )  That the proposed new Education
Br, English )  course and the additions to extra-
sessional course offerings, 1965-66,
be approved.
Bean Curtis )  That in the Third Year, Law 3C9,
Bean Gage  )  Evidence, be compulsory for all
Bean Gage  )  That for the 1965-66 Session, Commerce
Mr. Morrison)  261 replace Commerce 369 for Pharmacy
Physical Education
New courses:       P.E. 319 (1) Advanced Volleyball
(1966-67) P.E. 323 (l)  Advanced Wrestling
P.E. 211 (p)     Ice Hockey
Concern was expressed at the titles given to the
proposed new Physical Education courses.  It was felt that
the titles "Advanced Volleyball" and "Advanced Wrestling"
did not adequately describe the courses to be offered, Wednesday, May 19, 1965 3527
the word "advanced" being the objection.  It was pointed
out that to change the titles at that stage would cause
difficulties and delays, but it was felt that, in future,
due regard should be given to the selection of titles for
Bean Scarfe )  That the proposed new courses in
Bean Gage  )  Physical Education be approved.
Eleven members voted against the Motion,
;rees -
Congregation 1965
Candidates for Begrees -
Lists of candidates for degrees to be awarded
at the Spring Congregation 1965, were circulated at the
The total number of graduands for 1965 was 2,092
compared to 1,893 for 1964.
Bean Gage  )  That the candidates for degrees as
Bean Scarfe )  approved by the Faculties be granted
the degrees for which they were
recommended, subject to any necessary
adjustments in the lists to be made by
the Registrar in consultation with the
Bean concerned and the Chairman of
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
List No. 1 of awards for the Session 1965-66,
mainly to students in the graduating classes, was circulated
at the meeting.
The Senate Executive Committee recommended
approval of the following new awards and changes in awards, Wednesday, May 19, 1965 3;
subject to the approval of the Board of Governors where
Quote:  (Appendix III)  (see pages 3543-3546)
Bean Gage  )  That medals, prizes, scholarships
Bean Scarfe )  and fellowships be awarded as
recommended on List No, 1;  that
the new awards be accepted and the
changes in awards be approved, subject
to the approval of the Board of
Governors where necessary, and that
letters of thanks be sent to the donors
of new awards.
Committee on Honorary Degrees
At the request of the Chairman, and in the absence
of Bean Myers, Mr. Parnall, Registrar and Secretary to
Senate, reported that the Honorary Bcgrees Committee had
recommended that the honorary degree of LL.B. for the late
Mi-. G.T. Cunningham should be awarded posthumously.  The
Senate Executive Conmittee had concurred with that recommendation and his son, Ralph, had indicated his willingness to
receive the degree.
Mr, Caple   )  That the honorary degree of LL.B.
Mr. Morrison )  for the late Mr. G.T. Cunningham
be awarded posthumously; and that
the degree be received by his son,
Carried Wednesday, May ID, 1965        3530
Br. McGregor )  Tliat this memorial be spread
Dean Cowan  )  on the minutes of Senate, and
that a copy be sent to members
of the family.
Kaspar David Naegele was born in Stuttgart, Germany;
he moved to England in 1937 and to Canada shortly
afterwards.  He was an undergraduate at McGill, he took
his Master's degree at Columbia in 1947 and his Doctorate
at Harvard in 1952.  He began his teaching career at
Harvard, he served as Assistant Professor at the
University of New Brunswick, and he joined the
Department of Anthropology and Sociology at the
University of British Columbia in 1954.  Here he rose
to the rank of Professor by 1963.  He had enjoyed
a year as Visiting Lecturer in Sociology at the
University of Cslo.  On April 1, 1964, he assumed
the office of Dean of the Faculty of Arts;  he had
been a member of Senate since September 1963.  He fell
to his death February 6, 1965, at the age of 41.
His work in Sociology became known in many
countries and guarantees his scholarly reputation.
But it is as a teacher that he will be remembered at
the University of British Columbia.  His lectures
were carefully prepared and clearly spoken;  more
than that, inside the classroom and outside he showed
an unusual compassion for and understanding of his
fellow men.  Students are quick to sense these
qualities and for some years he was ranked with the
most respected and popular of professors.  Among the
most impressive tributes paid to him have been those
by students, in private as well as in public.  To be
beloved by his students is the professor's highest
Naegele was a nan who thought deeply about education
and its problems;  and he had ideas.  The Deanship gave
him the opportunity that he needed to put these ideas
into practice.  In his brief tenure he began many
investigations and he initiated what he considered were
necessary reforms.  The office is burdensome, perhaps
more burdensome than he had imagined;  progress was
slow and most of his undertakings are left unfinished.
It is impossible to say what he would have made of the
Deanship.  What we know is that he was conscientious,
that he worked hard, and that he was determined. Wednesday,  May  19,   1965
Bean Naegele died a young man, with a new
and promising career before him.  He leaves his
wife, two daughters, and a son, all of Vancouver;
and a father and two brothers. His colleagues and
his students mourn with them,
Br. McGregor )  That this memorial be spread
Bean Cowan  )  on the minutes of Senate, and
that a copy be sent to members
of the family.
Other Business
Simon Fraser University
A discussion took place, initiated by Br, Robbins,
regarding collaboration between Simon Fraser University
and the University of British Columbia.
It was understood that Simon Fraser University
intended to do graduate work, and there was the possibility
that graduate students of the two Universities could be
exchanged.  The University of Victoria was anxious to
have the assistance and guidance of the University of
British Columbia regarding the degree to which collaboration in the graduate area could be carried out.
It was felt that the matter was one of
importance which should be discussed by Senate at a
later date.
The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.
Secretary Wednesday, May 19, 1965
APPENDIX I - New Courses and Changes
in Courses and Curricula
( see. pages 3521,
New Courses:
Chemical Engineering 47C, Pulp and Paper Technology
Mining 250, Introduction to Mineral Engineering
Mining 550 (2), Rock Mechanics
Mining 552 (2), Applied Physical Measurements
Mining 553 (2), Operations Research
Changes in Engineering Curricula
Chemical Engineering; - Fourth Year
Change of hours:
Chemical Engineering 450, from (2-0-2*; 2-0-2*)
to  (2-0-1; 2-0-1)
Chemical Engineering - Fourth Year
Chemical Engineering 470, Pulp and Paper Technology
to be available as an elective to fourth year chemical
engineering students (and to others who have the
necessary pre-requisites).
Geological Engineering - Second Yrear
Delete:  Geophysics 300, Physics of the Earth
Add:    Geology 204, Structural Geology
Geological Engineering - Third Year, Option II
Delete:  Geophysics 403, Geochronology
Physics 304, Thermodynamics
Add:    Physics 315, Thermodynamics and Statistical
Theory of Matter
Engineering - Second Year
Delete:  Geophysics 300, Physics of the Earth
Add:    Geology 204, Structural Geology
Mining 250, Introduction to Mineral Engineering
Engineering -
Chird Year
For the academic year 1965-66 only
Delete:  Metallurgy 372, Physical Metallurgy
Add:    Mining 250, Introduction to Mineral
_ Wednesday, May 19, 1965
FACULTY CF A1V1S  (1936-67)
New Course:
Asian Studies 206 (3):  Introduction to Southeast Asia
Change in Title and Description:
Asian Studies 310 (3):  To read:
Far Eastern Diplomatic History.
A survey of the diplomatic history
of East and Southeast Asia from
the Opium War to the end of
World War II.
Changes in Description:
Asian Studies 315:
Asian Studies 442:
New Courses:
History 332- (3)
History 33C (3)
History 331 (3)
To description add:
Open to second-year students by
permission of the instructor.
From description omit:
For honours students only.
Russia from the 9th Century to 1689
(to be offered in alternate years)
History of Poland from Early Modern
limes to 1795
Diplomatic History of Early
Modern Europe
New course:
Mathematics 204 (3):Principles of Mathematics
New Course:
Philosophy 200 (3): Epistemology and Metaphysics Wednesday, May 19, 1965      3534
Change in Number and Description
Philosophy 212 to become Philosophy 312 (3):
Deductive Logic, with the following new
description:  Introduction to symbolic logic.
Topics include the logic of propositions and
predicates, axiom systems and philosophical
problems raised by the results of modern
logic.  Primarily intended for students of
Philosophy, Mathematics and the Sciences.
(3-0; 3-0)
Changes in Description
Philosophy 202 (3):  to existing description add:
It is recommended that students who intend
to do further work in Philosophy, Mathematics
and Science, should take Philosophy 312 rather
than 202.
Philosophy 402 (3):  in place of existing description
read:  Systematic development of deductive
logic, the foundations of mathematics, and
meta-mathematics.  Prerequisite:
Permission of the Instructor.
Changes in Number
Philosophy 210 to become Philosophy 300
Philosophy 300 to become Philosophy 310
New Course:
Political Science 412 (3):  Southeast Asian Politics
Change in Title and Description
Political Science 406 (3):  In place of existing title
and description read:
Contemporary East Asian International
Relations.  - An analysis of the external
relations of states in Eastern Asia since
World War II not only bilaterally but also
as system of states and as affected by the
dominant system of the American-Soviet blocs.
Major foreign policies and the way they are
formulated and administered by government
will be treated.  (3-0; 3-0)
J Wednesday, May 19, 1965
New Courses:
Hebrew 100 (3):  Introductory Classical Hebrew
Sanskrit 300 (3): Introductory Sanskrit
Religious Studies 411 (3):  Indian Mahayana Buddhism
New Courses:
Russian 403 (3):  Advanced Russian Grammar, Syntax
and Composition
Ukrainian 400 (3): Ukrainian Language:  Part I
Serbocroatian 400 (3):  Serbocroatian Language: Part I
New Course:
Music 400 (3):
Music 304 (3)
Music 402 (l)
Music 407 (3)
Theory of Music IV
Advanced Counterpoint
Twentieth-Century Musical Idioms
Composition IV
Changes in Titles and Descriptions
Music 120 (3)
Music 320 (3)
Music 422 (3)
Music 423 (3)
Music 424 (3)
Music 425 (3)
History of Music I.
History of Music II,
History of Keyboard Literature
History of Opera
History of Vocal Music
Medieval and Renaissance Music
Music 421 (1):  History of Organ Literature
Music 424 (1):  History of Solo Song Wednesday, May 19, 1965        3536
New Course:
Music 440 (2):  Piano Techniques
Changes in Numbers and Titles
Music 150 (1):  University Orchestra (formerly Music 130)
Music 151 (l):  Chamber Orchestra (formerly Music 131)
Music 152 (l*-2): Wind Ensembles (to replace Music 132,
136 and 137)
Music 153 (1):  University Singers (formerly Music 133)
Music 154 (l):  University Choral Union (formerly second
section of Music 133)
Music 155 (1):  University Chamber Singers (formerly
Music 134)
Music 156 (1):   Collegium Musicum Vocal Ensemble
(formerly the second section of Music
Music 160 (1):  String Chamber Ensembles (formerly
Music 135)
Music 161 (1):  Piano Chamber Ensembles (formerly
Music 138)
Music 132 (1)
Music 136 (l)
Music 137 (l)
Concert Band
Woodwind Ensembles
Brass Ensembles
New Courses:
General Medicine 435
General Surgery 435
Oral Biology 430
Oral Medicine 434  Periodontology
Oral Medicine 435  Oral Medicine and Oral Diagnosis
Oral Surgery 436
Orthodontics 439
Public and Community Dental Health 437
Restorative Dentistry 431 Restorative Dentistry and
Pedontics Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Agronomy 53C
Agronomy 549
Horticulture 530
Horticulture 549
Plant Pathology 530
Plant Pathology 549
Work to be covered
under existing Plant
Science 530, 549
New Courses:
504 (1)    Seminars in Ultrastructure
548 (1-3)  Directed Studies in Anatomy
New Courses:
524 (3) Advanced Seminar in Comparative Education
555 (3)  Seminar on Research and Theory in
Educational Administration
New Courses:
514 (1-2) Geophysical Analysis
515 (1-2) Cosmology
New Courses:
Mining 551 (2) Rock Mechanics
Mining 552 (2) Applied Physical Measurements
Mining 553 (2) Operations Research Wednesday, May 19, 1965 3538
New Courses:
509 (l-l-o-) Population Gei
510 (1-lf) Developmental
513 (3) *" The Biology of Crustacea
Changes in Title and Description
502 Description revised to read:
Practical problems in analysis of animal
population statistics and construction of
population models, including digital
computer techniques.  Seminar discussions
and directed reading in current literature,
507 Title changed to Zoogeography
Curriculum Changes (1965-66)
N. 483 (2) Field Work, programmes "A" and "D"
Unit value deleted and course description
changed from:
Planned observation and guided participation
in (a) the care of handicapped persons;
(b) generalized public health nursing;
(c) clinical teaching
Planned observation and guided participation
in generalized public health nursing and
clinical teaching.
J Wednesday,
19, 1965
N. 346 (2) Field Work, programme "B"
Unit value deleted and course
description changed from:
Planned observation and guided
participation in public health
Planned observation and guided
participation in generalized
public health nursing
N. 347 (2) Field Work, programme "C" -
unit value deleted.
N. 262 (1)
N. 362 (l)
N. 463 (3)
Postb a s ic Degree Programme
(Nursing D)
Public Health Nursing D 1 )
Public Health Nursing D 11 )
Public Health Nursing 111 )
replaced by
N. 343 (6)
Public Health
N. 262 to be discontinued
in September 1965
N. 362 to be discontinued
in September 1966
The requirement of Psychology 100 or Psychology 206
to be discontinued
In appropriate circumstances N. 342 (6) Nursing
Service Administration to be accepted as an
alternative for N. 356 (2) Nursing D 11
and N. 460 (3) Administration.
A proposal was approved to provide greater flexibility
in the Postbasic Degree Programme in order to attract
capable nurses who otherwise, due to a variety of
circumstances, would choose one of the diploma
programmes. Wednesday, May ID, 1965      354C
New Courses:
Biology 101 to be introduced in September 1966 to
replace Biology 105, Botany 105 and
Zoology 105
Biology 101 (3) Principles of Biology
Biology 320 changed to Biology 321 and 322,
each of 1 1/2 units
Zoology 306, the required ecology course for zoologists,
to be given under Biology 322.  No change
to be made in course content but considerable
rearrangement will be made to dovetail this
into Biology 321.  (More detailed approaches
to ecology following this first course are
given in Zoology 4C1 (Experimental Ecology)
and Botany 425 (Plant Ecology))
Zoology students to be able to take Biology 321 and
322, or Biology 322 to fulfil their
requirements in ecology.
Biology 321 - Principles of Ecology - I. To complement
Biology 322 and to be taken in the same
Biology 322 - Principles of Ecology - II.
A single course will be offered in cell physiology,
amalgamating the present Biology 33C and Zoology 418,
to be numbered Biology 330.
Biology 330 - Cell Physiology (3)
Zoology 501 to be renumbered Biology 40C and 4C1
Biology 4CC - Biometrics I l£ units
Biology 401 - Biometrics II 1_ units
Honours and Major Programmes in Biology
First Year: Biology 1C1, Mathematics 120 (or 11C),
Physics 101 (or 103), Chemistry 102
(or 101), English 10C
Second Year:  Chemistry 23C, Bacteriology 200,
Biology 234-240, Mathematics 240 or
equivalent, Arts elective. Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Third Year: Biochemistry 310, Biology 330, Physics 220
or Chemistry 205, Zoology 302 or 304 or
Bacteriology 300 or Botany 330, Zoology 202
or 301 or 410 or 413 or 415 or 416 or Geology
306 or Botany 302 or 303 or 304 or 305, Arts
Fourth Year:Biology 449, Biology 400-401.
First and Second Years:  as for Honours.
Third Year: Biochemistry 310, Biology 330,
301 or 413 or 415 or 416
Botany 302 or 303 or 304
220 or chemistry 205, or
or Bacteriology 30C or Botany 33C, Arts
Fourth Year:Biology 40C-401 (1^ - 3 units)
3 units of genetics, 3 uni"
or biochemistry and electiv*
Zoology 202 or
or Geology 306 or
or 305 or Physics
Zoology 302 or 304
its of physiology
ives (6-7-| units)
APPENDIX II - Courses to be offered under Department of
University Extension 1965-66 (sec page 3524)
Anthropology 200
Anthropology 402
Asian Studies 205
Creative Writing
Economics 2C0
Economics 300
English 20C
(3 sections)
English 303
(3 sections)
English 304
Fine Arts 125
Fine Arts 327
French 302
German 200
History 202
History 313
Introduction to Anthropology
Ethnography of a Special Area
Introduction to East Asia
Prose Techniques
Principles of Economics
Intermediate Economics Analysis
Literature and Composition
English Composition
Advanced English Composition
Approaches to Poetry
The English Novel
Sixteenth Century Survey to 1611
Eighteenth-Century Literature
History of Arts
Art of North America
Studies in French Language and Style
Second Year German
History of Canada
Renaissance and Reformation Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Home Economics 403
Italian 100
Italian 200
Linguistics 319
Philosophy 202
Political Science 201
Political Science 408
Psychology 100
Psychology 206
Psychology 403
Russian 100
Russian 20C
Sociology 200
Sociology 301
Spanish 100
Spanish 200
Theatre 301
By correspondence:
Political Science 200
German 200
History 313
Interior Design
First Yrear Italian
Second Year Italian
Comparative and Historical
Logic and Scientific Reasoning
Governments of Britain and the
United States
Soviet and East European Politics
Introductory Psychology
Dynamics and Behaviour
Tests and Measurement
Basic Russian
Second Year Russian
Introduction to Sociology
First Year Spanish
Second Year Spanish
Children's Theatre
Democratic Government and Politics
Second Year German
Renaissance and Reformation
On Campus
Education 305
Education 309
Education 400
Education 405
Education 417
Education 407
Art Education
General Science for Elementary
and Junior Secondary School
Survey of Educational Thought
Curriculum and Instruction in the
Kindergarten and Primary Grades -
Educating the Slow Learner and the
Emotionally Handicapped
Introduction to the Study of
Exceptional Children Wednesday, May 19, 1965
Education 430
Education 470
Education 569
Fine Arts 303/403/413
History of Education
Educational Sociology
Administrative and Supervisor}'"
Problems of the District Junior
or Community College
Ceramics and Modelling I, II, III
Off Campus
Education 305
Education 307
Education 308
Education 331
Art Education
Music Education
Physical Education
Psychology of Childhood
Education 332  Psychology of Adolescence
Education 400
Education 407
Survey of Educational
Introduction to the Study
of Exceptional Children
Powell River,
Geology 105
Mathematics 200
Mathematics 202
Mathematics 303
Mathematics  308
General Geology
Algebra and Geometry
Mathematics for Elementary
Topics in Algebra
APPENDIX III - New Awards and Changes in Awards
(see page 3528)
The Frank Cox Memorial Bursaries
Four bursarie
to Mr. Frank
B.C., by coll
Mr. A.B. Chri
to University
will be made
standing and
the awards wi
s of '^200 each, established as a memorial
Cox, Manager, Nelson's Laundries, Vancouver,
eagues and friends, and supplemented by
stopher, are offered to students proceeding
studies in September 1965.  These awards
to students who have good scholastic
need of financial assistance. Although
11 be open to undergraduates in any year or Wednesday, May 19, 1965       3544
faculty, preference will be given to sons and daughters
of employees of Nelson's Laundries and to those who are
proceeding from high school to the First Year of their
The Max M. Waterman Prize
This prize of §25, established by Dr. M.J. Waterman
in honour of his father, is to be awarded annually to
the second year student who demonstrates the best
performance in Dental Morphology (Oral Biology 410
and 420).
The Erling K. Andersen Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship of ^500, established to honour the
memory of her husband by Mrs. Erling K. Andersen,
Prince George, B.C., is offered to students in the
Faculty of Medicine.  It will be awarded annually by
the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Bursaries to a worthy and deserving student who not only
has good academic standing, and personal qualities
essential to success in his chosen profession, but who
also has need  for financial assistance.
The J.A. Beckow Graduate Scholarship
This scholarship of ^5C0, the gift of J.A. Beckow Limited,
will be awarded to a graduate student who is continuing
studies at the Universitj' towards a Master's Degree in
the field of Science or Mechanical Engineering.  If, in
the opinion of the University Scholarship Committee there
is no qualified student, the said sum will be used for
students completing the third year of Mechanical
Engineering and proceeding to the fourth year.
The G.T. Cunningham Memorial Loan Fund
As a memorial to the late George T. Cunningham and in
tribute to his services to the profession of pharmacy,
to his long and continued interest in the University,
and to his outstanding contributions in many phases of
public life, the Pharmaceutical Association of the
Province of British Columbia has established a loan
fund.  Loans from this fund will be made by the
University Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and
Bursaries in consultation with the Dean of Pharmacy.
J Wednesday, May 19, 1965        3545
The Bean Kaspar Naegele Memorial Bursary in Nursing
This bursary of §50, gift of the Nurses Undergraduate
Society in memory of Dean Kaspar Naegele, will be
awarded to a student in Nursing who has satisfactory
academic standing and requires financial assistance in
the Session 1965-66.
The Sons of Norway Scholarships
The British. Columbia Sons of Norway offer three
scholarships of §300 each to students attending a
University in British Columbia and proceeding to the
second final or the final year of a full programme
leading to a degree.  To be eligible a candidate must
be (a) a member of a British Columbia Sons of Norway
Lodge, or (b) the son or daughter of a member of such a
The Vancouver Real Estate Board Scholarships
Five scholarships of §5GC each are offered in competition
by the Vancouver Real Estate Board to Grade XII or XIII
students enrolling for full-time studies in the fall in
a course of at least two years duration leading to a
recognized degree, diploma, or certificate at the
University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University,
or the British Columbia Institute of Technology.  The
parent or legal guardian of the applicant must be an
Active or Financial Member, Active Associate Member,
or a Member of the Salesmen's Division of the Board,
and have been such for a period of not less than two
years at the time the application is made.  The applicant
must also write a full set of examinations conducted in
June by the Bepartment of Education, B.C.  Candidates
with an overall average of less than 7G'f0  will not be
considered.  The successful applicants will be selected
primarily on the basis of academic standing.
The Lorraine Schwartz Prize in Statistics and
In memory of Br. Lorraine Schwartz, Assistant Professor
in the Bepartment of Mathematics, 1960-65, this prize has
been established by her friends and colleagues.  It will
be awarded annually on the recommendation of the
Department to an undergraduate or graduate for
distinction in the fields of statistics and probability. Wednesday, May 19, 1965 3546
ihe Sam Bass Bursary
In honour of Sam Bass, and to commemorate in 1965 his
birthday on April 25, this bursary was established and
endowed through the gift to the University of §1,000
by his wife and children.  The income provides an
annual bursary for a worthy and deserving student in
the Faculty of Medicine who has a good record in
The ASARCC Scholarship
This scholarship of §500, gift of the American Smelting
and Refining Company, is offered to a student in the
third or fourth year of Honours Geology or Geological
Engineering.  The applicant, who must be a male citizen
of the United States or Canada, will be selected by the
Bepartment on the basis of scholastic standing and
leadership in his chosen field.  He must be in good
health and without physical disability and be in the
top 35% of his class scholastically. An additional
grant of §500 is made to the University to the
Department of Geology for its teaching programme.
The Women's Auxiliary to the Canadian
Paraplegic Association Bursaries
Two bursaries of §200,0C each are offered by the Women's
Auxiliary to the Canadian Paraplegic Association, B.C.
Division, to paraplegic students or sons and daughters
of paraplegics.  These bursaries are available to students
who are beginning or continuing studies in one of the
Universities in British Columbia.  They will be awarded
by the University Selection Committee in consultation
with the donors.  To be eligible, an applicant must have
satisfactory academic standing and need financial
Agriculture Women's Undergraduate Society
Value of annual bursary increased from §'50 to §75,


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