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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1953-10-21

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 'Wednesday, October 21st, 1953
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1953-54 was
held on Wednesday, October 21st, 1953, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Miss Marjorie Agnew, Dr. John Allardyce, Dean H.F. Angus,
Mr. Jacob Biely, Mr. F.C. Boyes, Dr. V.C. Brink, Mr. F.J.
Burd, Dean S.N.F. Chant, Mr. K.P. Caple, Miss Mollie
Cottingham, Dr. Ian Cowan, Dean G.F. Curtis, Dr. Roy Daniells,
Dean Blythe A. Eagles, Mr. H.O. English, Miss Mary Fallis,
Dr. W.A. Ferguson, Dr. R.E. Foerster, Dr. S.M. Friedman,
Dean W.H. Gage, Dr. W.C. Gibson, Dean H.C. Gunning, Dr. W.H.
Hickman, Dr. R.D. James, Dr. R.B. Kerr, Mr. F.M. Knapp,
His Honour Judge A.E. Lord, Mr. W.R. McDougall, Dr. M.M.
Maclntyre, Dean A.W. Matthews, Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley,
Mr. J. Fred Muir, Mrs. F.M. Ross, Dr. W.N. Sage, Dr. T.M.C.
Taylor, Dr. G.M. Volkoff, Dr. H.V. Warren, Dean M.M. Weaver,
Dr. R.M. Wellwood, Dr. C.H. Wright.
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, Dean G.C. Andrew,
Mr. J.M. Buchanan, Major H.C. Holmes, Mr. H.N. MacCorkindale,
Mr. W.O. Richmond and Dr. W.S. Taylor.
Dr. T.M. Davie, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of
the University of Capetown, who was visiting Vancouver, was
present at the invitation of Dr. MacKenzie, who extended a
welcome on behalf of the members of Senate. Wednesday, October 21, 1953   1939
The Chairman made reference to the death on October
12th, 1953, of The Honourable Mrs. T.J. Rolston, Minister of
Education, and
Dean Angus )
Mrs. Ross  )  That Senate express its very great
regret at the death of Mrs. Rolston,
who had been a very good friend to the
University and a very distinguished
citizen of Vancouver.
It was agreed that an associate letter of sympathy be sent
to the family.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Weaver  )
Mr. McDougall ) That the minutes of the fifth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session
1952-53, having been circulated, be
taken as read and adopted.
Memorials to Mr. J.A. Campbell
and Mr. Chris Spencer
The Secretary read the following memorials, which
had been prepared by the Committee on Memorial Minutes in
accordance with the request of Senate on August 28th, and it
was agreed that they should be spread upon the minutes of
Senate and that copies of them should be sent to the
families of the deceased.
In Memoriam. Mr. J.A. Campbell
"Senate wishes to record its deep sense of loss
sustained through the passing of Mr. James A.
Campbell on August 8th, 1953*
"A graduate of Queen's University, Mr. Campbell came to
this province as a young man.  He entered the legal
profession and in due course became a leading and Wednesday, October 21, 1953.  1990
highly respected member of the Bar.  In this capacity
he took a prominent part in the deliberations that led
to the establishment of the Faculty of Law in this
"He was a member of Senate from 1927-31*  His
continuing interest in the University was active and
profound.   In the midst of a life devoted to public
service the need for providing more adequate financial
assistance for our undergraduates was always in his
mind.   It was during his presidency of the Vancouver
Men's Canadian Club that he was largely instrumental
in promoting the establishment of a number of
substantial scholarships and prizes which were donated
to the University through that organization.  The
members of Senate acknowledge their debt of gratitude
for this and the many other expressions of goodwill
shown to the University by Mr. Campbell, and wish to
extend their deepest sympathy to the members of his
In Memoriam. Mr. Chris Spencer
"The members of the Senate of the University of British
Columbia desire to pay tribute to the memory of the
late Mr. Christopher Spencer, C.B.E., former member of
the Board of Governors and benefactor of the University.
Born in Victoria, B.C., in 1868, Mr. Spencer was the
son of Mr. and Mrs. David Spencer.  Educated in the
Victoria High School he entered the firm of David
Spencer Ltd. in 1882.  In 1907 Mr. Spencer established
the Vancouver Branch.  He later became the President
of David Spencer Ltd., a position which he held until
the sale of the Spencer stores to the T. Eaton
Company of Canada.
"'Mr. Chris', as he was popularly termed, was well
known for his public spirit and generosity.   From
its inception he was interested in the University and
in 1921 he was appointed a member of the Board of
Governors.  He held office until the reorganization
of the Board in 1936.  In May, 1952 he was awarded the
honorary degree of Doctor of Laws as a recognition of
his valued services to the University.   He established
the Chris Spencer Foundation for the assistance of
worthy students.  The first awards under the
Foundation were made in October, 1950.
"The Senate wishes to express its appreciation of the
public service of the late Mr. Spencer and especially
its heartfelt thanks for the valuable part which he
played in the early days of the University." Wednesday, October 21st, 1953     1991
Notice of election of representative
of the Faculty of Forestry
Notice was received that at the meeting of the
Faculty of Forestry on October 17th Dr. R.W. Wellwood had
been elected as representative on Senate for the remainder
of the 1951-54 term, in place of Dean Allen, now a member
On behalf of the Senate, Dr. MacKenzie welcomed
Dr. Wellwood as a member.
Appointment of Committees
Standing Committees and Representatives
on University Committees. Session 1953-54
The Secretary read the names of those recommended
by the Chair for membership in the following Committees and
representative of Senate on the University Committee on
Publi c Re la t ions:
Press Committee
Mr. K.P. Caple (Chairman)
Mr. Reginald Moir (Secretary)
Dr. A.E. Grauer
Dr. C.A.H. Wright
Dr. H.V. Warren
Mr. F.J. Burd
Miss Marjorie Agnew
Honorary Degrees
Dean H.F. Angus (Chairman)      Dean W.H. Gage
Dean G.F. Curtis Mr. K.P. Caple
Dean M.D. Mawdsley (Secretary)  Dr. A.E. Grauer
Dean S.N.F. Chant Mrs. F. Mackenzie Ross
Dean H.C. Gunning
Dean Blythe Eagles
Dean A.W. Matthews
Dean M.M. Weaver
Dean George Allen Wednesday, October 21st, 1953     1992
Military Education
President N.A.M. MacKenzie (Chairman)
Chancellor Emeritus E.W. Hamber
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean W.H. Gage
Dr. H.J. MacLeod
Mr. C.B. Wood
Officer Commanding, U.B.C. Contingent, C.O.T.C.
Cmdr. F.J.E. Turner, O.C., U.N.T.D.
S/L R.G. Herbert, O.C., R.C.A.F. (Auxiliary) University
Mr. Ivan Feltham, President, Alma Mater Society
Memorial Minutes
Dr. Roy Daniells (Chairman)
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor
Professors Emeriti
Dr. W.N. Sage (Chairman)
Mr. J. Biely
Dr. M.M. Maclntyre
Committee to Consider the Colour of Hoods
for New Degrees
Dr. Roy Daniells (Chairman)
Dean H.F. Angus
Dean M.D. Mawdsley
It was noted that the Chancellor, the President, the
Registrar and Dean G.C. Andrew are ex-officio members of
all the Committees named.
Representative on University Committee
on Public Relations
Mr. K.P. Caple
Mr. McDougall )
Mr. Knapp    )  That the Committees as constituted
be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, October 21st, 1953 1993
The advisability of discharging certain ad hoc
Committees;  e.g., Student Affairs, Music, Fisheries,
Admission of Veterans of the War in Korea, was discussed and
it was agreed that these Committees should continue as
Dr. Sage )
Dr. James )  That the Committee to Study and Report
on Policy in Respect of Competitive and
Inter-Collegiate Athletics be discharged
with thanks.
At this point Miss Agnew mentioned that Dean Gage
had been named Great Trekker, by the Students' Council,
and Senate expressed its appreciation of this honour by a
round of applause.
Library Committee
The Secretary read the following nominations of
the Faculties and of the Chairman of Senate to the Library
Committee of Senate for the Session 1953-54:
Arts and Science
Applied Science
Graduate Studies
Nominations of the Chair
Librarian (ex-officio)
Chairman of Senate )
Secretary of Senate)
Chancellor        )
Dean G.C. Andrew  )
- Dr. G.N. Tucker
Dr. I. McTaggart-Cowan
Dr. D.C. Murdoch
- Mr. L.G.R. Crouch
- Dr. V.C. Brink
- Dr. M.M. Maclntyre
- Mr. J.E. Halliday
- Dr. J.L. Robinson
- Dr. S.M. Friedman
- Dean G.S. Allen
- Dr. B.A. Dunell
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor
Dr. J.G. Spaulding
ex-officio Wednesday,  October 21st,   1953.     1994
Dean Gage  )
Dr. Wright )  That the personnel of this Committee, as
recommended, be approved.
Committee on Senate Elections
Notice was received from the President under date
of October 16th of the appointment of the Committee on
Senate Elections, 1954, as follows:
Dean Curtis, Chairman
Dr. S. Friedman
Dr. G.M. Volkoff
Mr. C.B. Wood, ex-officio.
Dean Gage    )
Dr. Maclntyre )  That this action be approved.
Committee to Keep Under Review the
Chartered Accountants - B.Com. Programme
A letter, dated October 14th, was received from
the President reporting that, in accordance with the
resolution passed by Senate on August 28th, with reference
to the report of the Senate Committee on the Proposed
Chartered Accountants - B.Com. Programme, he had appointed
the following Committee to review further the matters dealt
with in this Report, to be available for consultation by
the Joint Committee of the University and the Institute on
the application of policies defined in the Report, and to
prepare for Senate a further report to be considered after
the conclusion of Summer School, 1954: Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.      1995
Dean W.H. Gage (Chairman)
Dr. M.M. MacIntyre
Dr. T.M.C. Taylor
Mr. J. Fred Muir
Dean H.F. Angus
Dr. R.D. James
Mr. E.D. MacPhee
Chancellor Sherwood Lett  )
President N.A.M. MacKenzie )
Dean G.C. Andrew ) ex-officio
Mr. C.B. Wood )
Dr. Cowan   )
Dr.   Friedman  )   That the personnel of this  Committee,
as set forth above,  be approved.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
New Course - "The Geography of the Soviet Union"
Chartered Accountants-
B.Com. Programme
New Awards, accepted subject
to approval by Senate:
The Peat Marwick Mitchell and Company Scholarship
The Junior League of Vancouver Scholarships in
Social Work
The Pacific Brewers' Agents Limited Scholarships
Report on Correspondence Courses
for Academic Credit
At the meeting of the Board of Governors on
September 28th, a Report of the Committee on University
Extension, dealing with correspondence courses for academic
credit, was received and the following resolution passed:
"That this report be referred to Senate for consideration,
but that in the meantime, the financial commitments
recommended be approved, subject to approval by Senate
of the academic obligations." Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.   1996
In this connection, Dean Gage, Chairman of the Committee,
stated that the important recommendations contained in the
report were financial and that the remainder of the report
was largely a restatement of recommendations already approved
by Senate.   It was agreed that copies of this report should
be circulated to Senate before the next meeting and returned
to the agenda at that time for discussion.
From the Faculties
Report on Supplemental Examinations.
Special Examinations and re-readings
Copies of a report, dated October 15th, on
Supplemental, Deferred and Special Examinations, and a
Report on Re-readings, were circulated for information.
Notice was taken of the large number of supplemental papers
written at centres other than the University.  It was
explained that the special examinations listed were papers
arranged for students whose employment at the end of the
summer prevented them writing at the usual time.
Considerable discussion took place on the failure
rates of students in the early years and Dean Chant noted
the very large classes as a contributing factor.   The
question was raised as to the comparative records in
university performance of students coming in to first year
by recommendation and those with matriculation standing,
and Dean Gage reported that this matter had been studied a
few years ago and that the recommendations seemed to be
thoroughly reliable.  The possibility of developing Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.  1997
university entrance examinations, to supplement the records
now obtained, was discussed at some length.
Dr. MacKenzie stated that the counselling service
had some findings which indicated that a major factor in a
student's success or failure was his ability to adjust
himself to the new circumstances of university life, and he
suggested that it would be useful to have Mr. J.F. McLean,
Director of the Counselling Services, attend a meeting of
Senate to discuss this subject, and that following that
discussion a committee might be set up to look into the
matter further, particularly with reference to the
advisability of establishing entrance examinations.
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
The Secretary referred to a list dated October
21st, copies of which were circulated to the members,
containing the names of 269 candidates for the following
degrees, to be presented at the Fall Congregation on
October 30th, 1953: Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts,
Master of Science, Master of Applied Science, Master of
Science in Agriculture, Master of Forestry, Master of Social
Work, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Education,
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Arts (General
Course), Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Home Economics,
Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Applied Science,
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in
Agriculture, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Science in
Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science in Forestry, and one candidate Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.   1993
for the Diploma in Hospital Administration.   It was noted
that this list included the 95 names in the Faculty of Arts
and Science which had been presented to Senate and approved
at its meeting on August 28th, 1953* A total of 269 candidates
was compared with the total of 313 candidates in October,
Dean Chant  )
Dean Gage   )  That Senate approve the conferring on
the candidates listed the degrees for
which they have qualified, and that
authority be given the Chairman to make
any necessary corrections of or
additions to this list.
Course Changes, including New Courses
Extramural Credit Courses
Notice was received that the Faculty of Arts and
Science, on October 14th, 1953, had approved the following
Extramural Credit Courses, for the current session:
Mathematics 202
History 311
English 433
Geography 303
Social Work 546
Education 531
Education 570
Education 535
Education 521
Social Work 506
Dean Gage  )
Dr. James  )  That the courses listed be approved.
Carrie d.
New Courses
Notice was received that the Faculty of Graduate Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.  1999
Studies, on October 15th, had approved the following
resolutions for recommendation to Senate:
"That because of change of course content and
descriptive titles, the numbers of Biochemistry 502
and 503 as offered in the current session, be changed
to 504 and 505, respectively.
"That a new course Chemistry 541, Molecular
Rearrangement. (Calendar description to be supplied)
be authorized, beginning in the current Session in
view of the appointment of Dr. A. Rosenthal to
replace Mr. Dutton, who is on leave of absence."
The Faculty of Arts and Science on October 14th had
concurred in this recommendation.
Notice was received that the Faculty of Applied
Science on October 19th and the Faculty of Forestry on
October 17th had approved and recommended to Senate the
transference of elementary surveying for Forestry students
(B.S.F. course) from the Faculty of Forestry to the Faculty
of Applied Science in the interests of over-all economy and
efficiency within the University; specifically, the
substitution, in the B.S.F. course of C.E. 151 (1-2*, 1-2*),
C.E. 250 (2 weeks at the end of the First Year), and M.E.
152 (0-3,0-3) for Forestry 160 (1-6,1-6).   x  Alternate weeks.
It was reported that the Faculty of Applied Science
on October 19th had approved the following course changes,
and that the new course E.E. 56l had been approved also by
the Faculty of Graduate Studies, on October 15th:
That the Course in Engineering Physics be changed for
1953-54 by adding a new course, E.E. 363 as outlined
below, and dropping Math.322, but that the Curriculum
Committee give further consideration to this change and
report to Faculty before it is included in the permanent
curriculum. Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.    2000
E.E. 363 (2-3;2-2.3) - Introduction to circuit theory
and electronics.   Fundamentals of circuit analysis,
including lumped and distributed elements, electron-
ballistics and vacuum tubes.
E.E. 561 (3) Network Theory.  Analysis and synthesis of
linear electrical networks; the relationship between
transient response and frequency response using the
Laplace transorm;  general properties of two-terminal
and four-terminal networks in terms of resonances and
anti-resonances at complex freouencies;  applications
to filters, amplifiers and control systems.
References:  Current journals.
That the Third Year Course in Geological Engineering
be changed by the substitution of Zoology 200 for
Biology 100, the Department of Zoology having agreed
to waive the prerequisite in this case.
Dean Gunning  )
Dr. Cowan    )  That the course changes recommended
be approved.
School of Rehabilitation
The following resolution, which had been adopted
by the Faculty of Medicine on October 7th, was read:
"That the Faculty of Medicine request the Senate of
the University of British Columbia to form a
Committee to study the best means of establishing
a School of Rehabilitation in the Faculty of
Medicine, the Department of Logopedics in the
suggested School to be established in September,1954*"
Dean Weaver spoke to this item and made particular note of
the shortage in Canada of trained personnel, particularly
in the fields of physical and speech therapy.
It was agreed that the Chair be asked to appoint
a Committee, as requested by the Faculty of Medicine.
Faculty of Agriculturef
re Department of Soils
Copies of a report of the Committee on the
Proposed Establishment of a Department of Soil Science, Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.    2001
which was approved by the Faculty of Agriculture on May 9th,
1953, were circulated prior to the meeting.  The Faculty
of Forestry, on October 17th, had passed a resolution
supporting in principle the proposed change.
Dean Eagles spoke about the background of the
Report and the circumstances which led to the
recommendations contained therein.
Dean Eagles )
Mr. English )  That Senate approve the establishment
of a Department of Soils, as
Considerable discussion took place with reference to the
most appropriate method of dealing with this report, in
respect of finances, re-organization of work in various
departments in the Faculty of Agriculture,and the
particular courses involved.  Finally, it was agreed that
the matter be tabled to the December, 1953, meeting of
Senate, with the hope that a decision might be reached at
that time.
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Pharmacy
re membership in Faculty
The following resolution was received from the
Faculty of Graduate Studies under date of October 15th:
"That the present formula concerning nomination for
membership be discontinued; that the Faculty of
Graduate Studies consist of all faculty personnel
actually giving courses numbered 500 or above and
all other members of each Department who, in the
opinion of the Department, take a special interest
in graduate studies." Wednesday,   October 21st,   1953.2002
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of
Pharmacy that Senate grant Faculty status for the current
academic year to Mr. T.H. Brown.
Dean Angus )
Dean Gage  )  That these recommendations be
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
Postponement of Awards
It was recommended that The Dr. L.L. Horvath
Scholarship of $100.00, awarded to Michael Wertman, be
postponed for one year, because of illness;  and that the
Summer Session Students' Association Scholarship No.l,
recently awarded to Miss Shizuko Arai, be postponed until
the summer of 1955, to permit Miss Arai to take courses
offered by the Department of Education to Commercial
Teachers during the summer of 1954*
Change in Awards
The following revised Calendar description of
the B.C. Coast Woods Prizes in Architecture was submitted
for approval:
Prizes to the total of $250.00, the gift of the B.C.
Coast Woods Trade Extension Bureau, are available
annually in the School of Architecture as follows:
(a) for the best set of wood construction details
and working drawings in connection with a design
project in Second Year Architecture, a prize of
$50.00;  (b) for a special design project in the
Fourth Year and Fifth Year of Architecture in which Wednesday,  October 21st, 1953. 2003
the use of wood as a building and design medium would
predominate, a prize of $100.00 will be awarded for
the best solution in each year.
It was reported for information that The W. Jack
H. Dicks Bursary had been increased from $200.00 to .#233.00
annually, and that The Poulenc Fellowship in Applied
Physiology had been increased from $500.00 to $1,000.00
for this year.
The following donations from The British Columbia
Tuberculosis Society were reported for information:
$2,000.00 for The British Columbia Tuberculosis Society
Christmas Seal Bursary Fund;  $1,200.00 to assist two
Applied Science students who are former T.B. patients.
New Awards
Acceptance was recommended of the following new
The Dr. Isabel Maclnnes Prize
In honour of Dr. Isabel Maclnnes and in recognition
of her qualities as a teacher and of her services to
the University, a prize of $50.00 is offered to a
student in German 120 or 130.  The award will be
made on the basis of standing and progress in the
The M.H. Ruttledge Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship of $100.00, given by Mr. and Mrs. J.M.
Pearce as a memorial to the late M.H. Ruttledge, Esq.,
(1883-1951) who in 1908 established Derreen Poultry
Farm Ltd., Sardis, B.C., is offered annually in the
Faculty of Agriculture.  The award will be made to
the student in the field of Poultry Husbandry who is
considered to be the most outstanding and is
continuing his studies in that field. Wednesday, October 21, 1953.  2004
The Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co. Scholarship
A scholarship of $300.00, the gift of Peat Marwick
Mitchell & Co., will be awarded to a student with high
standing in the Second Year of the Accounting option
in Commerce who is proceeding to the Third Year, and
who plans to enter articles (on graduation) with a
practising firm of Chartered Accountants.  In making
the award, consideration will be given to ability,
character and general academic record of the student.
The Junior League of Vancouver Scholarships in
Social Work
Through the generosity of the Junior League of
Vancouver, Inc., two scholarships of $500.00 each
were made available in the Session 1953-54 to
encourage promising students to continue their
training in Social Work.   The awards were made by the
Scholarship Committee of the University in consultation
with the Director of the School of Social Work.
The Finning Tractor & Equipment Co.Ltd.
Six scholarships of $250.00 each, the gift of the
Finning Tractor & Equipment Co.Ltd., are offered
annually to Third or Fourth Year students.   Of these
scholarships, one will be awarded in each of Commerce,
Forestry, Civil Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy,
Forestry Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. At
least one of the awards will be given each year to an
out-of-town student.  In making the awards,
consideration will be given not only to the ability,
both academic and practical, but also to the financial
circumstances of applicants.  The awards will be made
by the Scholarship Committee in consultation with the
departments concerned.  Names of the winners will be
announced as soon as possible after August 15th.
The Pacific Brewers' Agents Ltd. Scholarships
Ten scholarships of $500.00 each, provided by
Vancouver Breweries Ltd., Lucky Lager Brewing Co.Ltd.,
and Sicks' Capilano Brewery Ltd., are available
annually for students who are resident in British
Columbia and who are proceeding directly from Grade
XII or XIII to a full course of study at the University
of British Columbia.  Winners will be selected by the
University on the basis of scholastic standing,
character, and interest in school and community affairs.
Preference will be given to candidates from remoter Wednesday, October 21st, 1953*  2005
parts of the Province.  To be eligible, candidates
must write the full set of scholarship examinations,
conducted by the Department of Education in June.
Applications, on forms available from the  Dean of
Administrative and Inter-Faculty Affairs, must be
received at the University by May 1st.
Copies of List No.4, dated October 6th, 1953,
being amendments to Lists 1, 2 and 3 of awards of
scholarships and prizes made on the basis of results of
work done in the Winter Session 1952-53: and of List No.5,
dated October 6th, 1953, being awards made in the Summer
and Fall, 1953, were circulated.   Dean Gage made mention
of one addition to List No.5, which was awarded after
publication, of the Women's Big Block Club Bursary, $75*00,
to Miss Patricia Goodwin.
Dean Gage commented on the total amount of assistance given to students in the 1952-53 session, which was
broken down as follows:
Dominion-Provincial Student Aid     $ 80,565.00
University Special Bursaries 28,565.00
Fellowships, Scholarships and Prizes 77,902.00
Named Bursaries 21,298.00
Awards made in cooperation with the
university 11,345.00
University Loans 63,899*00
Total $283,574.00   1,538     "
He stated that this total did not  include National Research
Council awards and awards made by the B.C.  Youth Foundation,
and other bodies,  which would bring the  total assistance Wednesday,   October  21st,   1953 2006
granted last year to approximately 1,600 awards,  totalling
Dean Gage   )
Mr. Knapp )  That the various recommendations and
reports of this Committee, as listed
above, be approved.
Dr. Sage   )
Dr. Hickman ) That a vote of thanks be extended to
Dean Gage for the very great amount
of work he does each year in this
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus presented the recommendation of the
Committee on Honorary Degrees, that the degree of Doctor of
Laws, honoris causa, be conferred on His Grace, Archbishop
William Mark Duke, at the Fall Congregation, on October
30th, 1953.   In presenting this recommendation, he mentioned
the fact that Archbishop Duke was this year celebrating the
Silver Jubilee of his Episcopal Consecration.
Dean Angus )
Dean Curtis ) That this recommendation be approved.
Carried Unanimously.
Colours of Hoods for New Degrees
A recommendation was received that the action of
Senate in reference to the distinctive colour of the M.D.
hood be rescinded, and that Senate approve the recommendation
of the Faculty of Medicine that the hood be of the same
pattern as that for the Ph.D., with a border of scarlet
velvet (Colour Harmony Manual 7 pa) and with a lining of
royal blue faille taffeta (13 nc). Wednesday,   October 21st,   1953 2007
Dr. Daniells )
Dean Weaver  )  That this recommendation be approved.
Senate Elections
The Committee submitted the following
recommendations:  (1) that the election of Chancellor and
members of Senate be held on Monday, May 31st, 1954, in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building;  (2) that
the following be appointed as scrutineers:
Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley
Mr. F.C. Boyes
Dr. W. Harry Hickman
Dr. M.M. Maclntyre
Dr. R.W. Wellwood
Dr. R.D. James
Dr. R.B. Kerr
Dr. J. Allardyce
Mr. W.O. Richmond
Dr. V.C. Brink
and (3) that in the event of any of these being unable to
serve, it be left to the Chairman of Senate to appoint
Dean Curtis )
Dr. Volkoff ) That these recommendations be approved.
Dean Curtis )
Judge Lord )  That this committee be discharged.
Further in connection with this election, the
President reviewed the proposal not to send copies of the
list of members of Convocation to all members, but to have
a master list prepared to be kept on file in the office of Wednesday, October 21st, 1953-   2008
the Registrar.   It was understood that the usual ballot
papers would be prepared and distributed to all persons
entitled to vote.
Report on Registration
Copies of a statement showing comparative
enrolment by faculty and course, as at October 21st, 1952
and 1953, were circulated.  A total of 5,463 in 1953,
compared to 5,317 in 1952, was noted.
Dr. Daniells asked if any forecast could be made
of probable enrolment in the next ten year period, and the
President stated that he would attempt to obtain some
information in this regard and would report back to Senate.
Autumn Congregation
Dr. MacKenzie outlined plans for the Autumn
Congregation, to be held on Friday, October 30th, at 8:00
o'clock in the evening in the Women's Gymnasium.
Representative on Board of Health Centre
for Children. Vancouver General Hospital
Dean Weaver spoke to this item and outlined the
background of the request, whereby arrangements had been
made for the Health Centre for Children, which has functioned
for approximately seven years under Dr. Donald Paterson in
providing outpatient facilities for children on the grounds
of the Vancouver General Hospital, to be incorporated into
the new Paediatrics unit at that Hospital.   In respect of
the reconstituted Board of Directors for the Health Centre Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.      2009
for Children, provision was made for the inclusion of a
representative of the Senate of the University of British
Columbia on the enlarged Board.
Dean Weaver )
Judge Lord )  That Senate approve this appointment
and that the Chair be asked to name
a representative.
Dental Education
In this connection, Dr. MacKenzie reported on
certain discussions which had taken place at a meeting of
the Presidents of the four Western Canadian universities
in Saskatoon, early in September.  Representatives of the
dental profession from various parts of Canada, of the
various Departments of Health in the Western provinces,
of the Department of Health and Welfare, Ottawa, and a
representative from the southern United States, who was
present under the auspices of the Kellogg Foundation, also
attended these meetings.  From the facts presented, it
was agreed by that meeting that more dentists would have
to be trained if adequate dental care were to be provided
for the citizens of this country, and more particularly for
the western provinces.
The President referred to the Report of the
Senate Committee on a Proposed Faculty of Dentistry which
was presented to Senate on May 13th, 1952, and which
recommended that the matter be considered again when the
Faculty of Medicine was fully established.  He also Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.    2010
reported that the establishment of a School of Dentistry
was again being urged by various groups in the Province and
suggested that the Senate Committee be reconstituted to
review the matter and to submit a revised report to Senate,
with such amendments and recommendations as they may care
to make, on the understanding that their investigations
are in the nature of enquiry and not for action.  He
suggested only one change in the personnel of the Committee,
that Dr. J.M. Mather be appointed Chairman, to replace Dr.
Ranta who is no longer on the staff of the University, but
that Dr. Ranta be retained as a member of the Committee.
Mrs. Ros s  )
Dr. Warren ) That the action suggested by the
President be implemented.
President. Alumni Association
For the information of Senate, Dr. MacKenzie
read a letter, dated October 5th, which he had received
from Mr. D. Macdonald, President, U.B.C. Alumni
Association, with reference to the report of the U.B.C.
Alumni Special Committee on Athletics which was presented
to Senate on May 13th, 1953*  The President also read a
copy of his reply to this letter, dated October 9th, and
asked Dr. Warren or Dr. Gibson to supplement Mr.
Macdonald's letter or to indicate if there was anything
they wished Senate to do.  There being no suggestions,
the correspondence was ordered received and filed. Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.     2011
Other business
Eligibility of Women Students
for Athletic Teams
Dean Mawdsley stated that eligibility regulations
had been drawn up in conference with the women students and
requested Senate to approve a procedure whereby the
eligibility of women students would be checked by the
Registrar's Office.
Dean Mawdsley )
Miss Fallis   )  That this procedure be authorized.
Victoria College
Dr. Hickman reported on activities at Victoria
College.  He stated that registration in their first year
class totalled 208, and in second year, 81, and commented
on the drop in total registration from last year of 35•
He also reported that the 50th Anniversary Library Fund had
exceeded its minimum objective of $5,000.00, and that the
Annual Assembly and Prize-giving had been held the previous
week when Dr. Roderick Haig-Brown gave the Address.
British Empire Games Swimming Pool
Dr. MacKenzie outlined the background of
negotiations re the site for this pool and stated the
University's position in this regard, as follows.  About a
year ago, at the request of the British Empire Games
Committee, the University agreed to co-operate with them
in building a pool on the campus, and plans were partly Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.  2012
made.  In due course the University was told that the pool
would be built somewhere else, not at the University.   Then,
about ten days ago, the British Empire Games Committee,
realizing that work had to be started immediately on a pool
and that they could not reach agreement on a site anywhere
else, again approached the University and the University
again agreed to co-operate.   In view of the shortness of
time,and on the advice of experts, the University agreed to
accept a proposal by the Paddock and Marwell Construction
Companies to build a pool in accordance with the requirements of the British Empire Games.
Some discussion took place of the attitude of
various elements in Vancouver to the placing of the Pool
at the University and it was suggested that members of
Senate might do a good deal in the way of public relations
by explaining the true situation, as opportunity might
Political Clubs
The President referred to a revival of interest
in political clubs on the campus, and in particular to the
reorganization of the L.P.P. Club, which had been inactive
for four or five years, and stated his assumption, that in
this connection the University would continue to adopt a
policy of maintaining the basic freedoms in respect of
matters political and otherwise. Wednesday, October 21st, 1953.     2013
Home Economics
Dr. MacKenzie reported that a query had been made
by the School of Home Economics as to whether or not it
would be appropriate for them to organize a raffle in
connection with their activities.  It was agreed that
there should be no authorization for any University
sponsored raffle.
There being no further business, the motion to
adjourn was carried.
d^o^tyc^>   rf> <^*~rryy


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