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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Feb 16, 1923

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Array 736
Friday, February 16th, 1923
A  special meeting of   the  Senate  of  The
University   of  British   Columbia was  held  on   Friday,
February   16th,   1923,   at   8:00   P.   M.,   in   the  Board Room  of
the  University.
Present:     The  President   (in   the   Chair),   the
Chancellor,   Dean   F.   M.Clement,   Dean   R.   W.   Brock,   Dean
H.   T.   J.   Coleman,   Dr.   E.   H.   Archibald,   Dr.   T.   H.   Boggs,
Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   Bishop  de   Pencier,  Mr.   G.   A.   Fergusson,
Rev.   W.   H.   Smith,   Rev.   W.   H.   Vance,   Mr.   G.   W.   Scott,
Mr.   C.   Killam,   Mr.   J.   S.   Gordon,   Dr.   \7.   B.   Burnett,
Mr.   G.   E.   Robinson,   Mr.   W.   P.   Argue.
The Seoretary read the call for the meeting,
as follows: Feb. 6th, 1923.
A special meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia will be held on
Friday, February 16th, 1923, at 8:00 P.M., in the
Board Room of the University,
To deal with, -
The matter of the appointment by the Senate
of four members of the Examining Board for
Chiropractors, and,
The matter of the preparation of regulations
and the making of arrangements for the
holding of examinations for Chiropractors,
as provided for in Section A of "An Aot to
amend the Medical Act."
The Secretary read correspondence with the
Solicitor for the Chiropractors, and the Registrar of the
College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia,
and with the Provincial Seoretary. (317)
Friday,   February 16th,   1923.
Mr.   Argue   )
Mr.   Gordon)     That   the   opinion   of   the  University
solicitor be read. Carried
The  Solicitor's  opinion  in  reference   to  the
responsibilities of Senate in this matter was then read.
Dr. Burnett)
Mr. Killam )  That the Senate appoint a committee who shall report at the
next regular meeting of Senate,
to advise Senate as to the personnel of the members of the Examining
Board as indicated in the Act to
amend the Medical Act, and to
present suggested regulations for
the holding of these examinations.
In amendment,
Mr. Robinson)
Dr. Boggs   )  That we appoint a committee of
the Senate to oonsider this
matter and make a report.
The Chair ruled the amendment out of order.
The original motion was put to vote and carried,.
Prinoipal Vance asked that it be recorded that
he voted in the negative.
Dean Coleman )
Mr. Fergusson)  That the Chair appoint a
committee of five.     Carried
The Chairman reported that representatives of
the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia
were available if the Senate desired to hear them.
Dean Coleman )
Dr. Boggs   )  That the Chair be asked to thank
these gentlemen for their presence and for their willingness
to assist us in our deliberations;
and that we express our willing- (318)
Friday, February 16th, 1923.
ness to hear them at the next
meeting if they oare to address
us. Oarried
Principal Vance)
Mr. Fergusson  )  That the Chair Issue a
statement to the press for
this meeting.      Oarried
Bishop de Pencier)
Mr. Killam      )  That we adjourn.  Carried
Chai rman


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