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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1964-10-21

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Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3425
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columtoia for the Session 1964-65 was
held on Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present: President J. B. Macdonald (in the Chair),
Chancellor Phyllis G. Ross, Mrs. H. F. Angus, Dr. K. F.
Argue, Dr. C S. Belshaw, Mr. R. M. Bitotos, Dr. A. E. Birney,
Mr. J. F. Brown, Mr. W. T. Brown, Mr. F. L. Burnham,
Mr. K. P. Caple, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dean I. McT. Cowan,
Dean G. F. Curtis, Dean B. A. Eagles, Mr. H. Elder,
Dr. J.F.K. English, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean W. H. Gage,
Dr. J. A. Jacobs, Dr. J.E.A. Kania, Dean S. W. Leung,
Mr. S. L. Lipson, Dr. M. F. McGregor, Dr. K. C. Mann,
Dr. G. W. Marquis, Dr. W. H. Mathews, Dean A. W. Matthews,
Mr. F. A. Morrison, Dr. D. C. Murdoch, Dean D. M. Myers,
Dean K. D. Naegele, Mr. E. P. Nicol, Dr. J. M. Norris,
Dean V. J. Okulitch, Dr. M. A. Ormsby, Dr. G. J. Parfitt,
Mr. H. N. Parrott, Dean G. N. Perry, Dr. A. J. Renney,
Dr. W. Robtoins, Dean N. V. Scarfe, Dr. R. F. Sharp,
Dr. J.H.G. Smith, Dr. Ross Stewart, Mr. B. Stuart-Stutotos,
Rev. W. S. Taylor, Mr. E.C.E. Todd, Mr. F. E. Walden,
Dr. J. B. Warren, Acting-Dean R. W. Wellwood, Mr. P. H. White
and Dr. S. H. Zbarsky.
Messages of regret for their inability to toe
present were received from Rev. J. Blewett, Dr. J. G. Foulks,
Dr. H. B. Hawthorn, Mr. W. E. Ireland, Mr. J. S. Keate, Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3426
Dr. H. L. Keenleyside, Dean Helen McCrae, Dean J. F.
McCreary, Mrs. H. J. MacKay, Mr. D. F. Miller, Rev. W.
Nicholls, The Honouratole James Sinclair, Dr. F. Turntoull,
The Honouratole Mr. Justice D. R. Verchere, Mr. A. A. Webster
and Dr. J. K. Friesen.
Minutes of the Previous
Dr. Kania )
Dr. English) That the minutes of the first
regular meeting of Senate for the
Session 1964-65, held on
Septemtoer 8, 1964, having toeen
circulated, toe taken as read and
In amendment,
Mr. Todd )
Dr. Kania) That the reference to the revision
of curriculum in the Faculty of
Law, in Appendix I of the minutes
of the meeting on Septemtoer 8,
1964, be amended by striking out
the words after "effective
September, 1964". *
The motion as amended was then Carried.
Appointment of Faculty
Representatives on Senate
For information of Senate, the Secretary reported
that the Faculty of Forestry had appointed Dr. J.H.G. Smith
its representative on Senate while Dr. Wellwood was Acting-
Dean of the Faculty, and the Faculty of Science had elected
Dr. W. H. Mathews as its representative to complete the
term of the late Dr. W. A. Bryce.
* see p. 3422 r
Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3427
Personnel of Senate
Committees for 1964-65
Lists of standing and ad hoc committees of Senate,
with personnel revised for 1964-65, had toeen circulated.
Dean Matthews requested the retention of
Mrs. H. F. Angus on the Committee on Recreation, Athletics
and Physical Education. Dr. Taylor and Dr. Ztoarsky pointed
out that Mr. G. Parke-Taylor and Ratotoi B. Goldenberg, former
members of the Religious Council, had left Vancouver.
Dean Cowan)
Mr. Elder ) That the personnel of Senate committees
for 1964-65, with amendments in the
two committees mentioned, toe approved.
Recommendations from the
Senate Executive Committee
Granting of Certificates
and Diplomas in Non-Degree
An ad hoc committee had for some months toeen
studying University practice in the granting of certificates
and diplomas in non-degree programmes.  Its recommendations,
in which the Committee of Academic Deans concurred, were
submitted for Senate approval after toeing examined toy the
Senate Executive Committee.
1. That certificates and diplomas toe issued toy the
University only for courses or programmes
previously approved toy Senate;
2. That the names of those to receive certificates
or diplomas toe submitted to Senate for approval;
3. That the names of those to whom certificates and
diplomas are issued toe kept on file in the
Registrar's Office; Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3428
4. That certificates and diplomas toe issued only for
satisfactory completion of courses or programmes
which are sufficiently substantial in length and
content, and which are of such a nature as to
enable instructors to estimate the progress and
achievement of the students in them;
5. That Deans and Directors concerned sutomit for the
information of Senate a list, with pertinent
details, of courses or programmes which now lead
to certificates or diplomas.
The Senate Executive Committee recommended also
that Senate re-affirm its prerogative under the Universities
Act to review, before implementation, all courses of
instruction, whether formal or informal, given by members
of Faculty under the auspices of the University. The
President explained that the Executive Committee had learned
that some Faculty members or Departments were offering
courses unofficially and informally, without the approval
of the University although they were ostensibly offered
under the aegis of the University.
The President commented also that the Committee of
Academic Deans had discussed the use of the terms
"certificate" and "diploma". Since the two had toeen used
interchangeably at this institution, the Committee had
decided it would be impractical to attempt to differentiate
between them.
Dean Leung inquired whether short refresher courses
or courses in continuing education (of one-day or a weekend
duration) offered toy some of the professional Faculties
would require approval of Senate. Dean Gage suggested that
such "courses" might better toe referred to as conferences. Wednesday, October 21, 1964      3429
If they were to toe designated as "courses", then they should
toe "brought to the attention of Senate which was responsible
for the academic programme.
Dr. Kania )
Dr. Renney) That the proposals as recommended toy
the a<| hoc committee on the granting
of certificates and diplomas in
non-degree programmes toe approved,
and that Senate re-affirm its
prerogative under the Universities
Act to review, before implementation,
all courses of instruction, whether
formal or informal, given by members
of Faculty under the auspices of the
Recommendations Concerning
Faculty Memtoership
Under the Universities Act, the Senate was
empowered "from time to time to determine which memtoers of
the teaching and administrative staffs shall be members of
each Faculty". The Senate in December, 1963, had specified
certain persons as memtoers of each Faculty, to be supplemented by "such other persons as the Faculty shall appoint
in conformity with rules determined toy the Faculty and
approved toy the Senate".
The following recommendations, approved toy the
Senate Executive Committee, had now toeen received from the
Faculty of Applied Science and the Faculty of Arts with
respect to these additional memtoers:
Applied Science
(a) Ten memtoers of the Faculty of Science chosen
annually toy that Faculty; I :
Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964     3430
(b) Three members of the Faculty of Arts chosen
annually by that Faculty;
(c) Two members of the Faculty of Forestry chosen
annually by that Faculty;
(d) Six members of the Department of Physics chosen
annually by that Department;
(e) Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant
Professors in the Department of Agricultural
(f) The Head of the Computing Centre or his
(g) All full-time Instructors and Lecturers engaged
in teaching in Engineering departments and
provided for in the budget of the Faculty of
Applied Science;
(h) Such other persons, not exceeding fifteen in
numtoer, as may toe appointed from time to time
for a specified term toy the Faculty on the
nomination of the Dean.
(a)  It is recommended that Full, Associate and
Assistant Professors, and full-time Instructors
(I and II) be given membership in the Faculty
of Arts, if their salaries are charged to the
Faculty toudget or if they carry two-thirds of a
full load of teaching within the Faculty.
(to)  It is recommended that, in addition to those
persons specified by Senate as ex  officio
memtoers of Faculty, i.e., the President, the
Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of Inter-Faculty
and Student Affairs, the Dean of the Faculty of
ii * Graduate Studies, the Registrar and the Litorarian,
the following persons also toe named as ex
officio members:
The Director of University Extension
Assistant Librarians
Supervisors of Litorary Divisions.
(c)  It is assumed that all memtoers of Faculty are
voting memtoers, and that such cases as Visiting
Lecturers may toe individually considered at the
beginning of each session.
/. —w
Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3431
(d) It is recommended that the Faculty of Arts seek
to exchange at least one memtoer with each of
the other faculties, tout that no attempt toe
made to secure complete uniformity of reciprocation, as relations between Arts and other
faculties vary from close working arrangements
(e.g., Education) to virtual lack of contact
(e.g., Medicine).
(e) It is recommended that memtoers of the Faculty
reappointed to teach in the Faculty after the
age of retirement retain their memtoership in
the Faculty with full privileges.
With respect to individuals to be granted
memtoership in the Faculty of Arts "if they carry two-thirds
of a full load of teaching within the Faculty", Dean Naegele
explained that memtoers of the Department of Mathematics
teaching courses specifically or primarily to students in
the social sciences, would toe considered to toe carrying that
part of their teaching load within the Faculty of Arts.
Dr. Ztoarsky )
Dean Okulitch) That the proposals of the Faculties
of Applied Science and Arts relating
to Faculty memtoership be approved.
Candidates for Degrees
and Diplomas
Lists of candidates recommended toy the various
Faculties for degrees or diplomas, were circulated at the
meeting, together with a summary indicating a total of 862
degrees compared to 731 awarded at the Autumn Congregation,
Dean Cowan )
Dean Curtis) That the lists of candidates for
degrees and diplomas toe approved as
submitted toy the various Faculties,
subject to any necessary amendments Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3432
to toe made toy the Registrar in
consultation with the Dean concerned
and the Chairman of Senate, and that
authorization toe given for the
granting of the appropriate degrees
at the Octotoer Congregation.
Prizes. Scholarships and
Lists Nos. 5, 6, 7 and 8 of scholarships, fellowships, prizes and toursaries awarded for 1964-65, were
circulated at the meeting. Postponement of the following
awards for one year was recommended:
Marilyn Walach - The KVOS-TV Scholarship
Eric Arthur Astrom - The Vancouver Sun Scholarship for
Eric Arthur Astrom - The N. Leo Klein Memorial Scholarship.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Mann ) That the report of the Committee on
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
in the form of Lists Nos. 5, 6, 7
and 8 of awards for 1964-65 be
accepted and approved, and that the
postponements recommended be approved.
Reports of the Director of
Summer Session. 1964. and
the Department of University
Extension. 1963-64
The reports of the Director of Summer Session,
1964, and the Department of University Extension, 1963-64,
had been circulated. Two minor corrections were mentioned:
one 3-unit course in Creative Writing had been omitted from
the Summer Session credit course offerings, and two Creative
Writing workshops had been included under the Department of
University Extension non-credit evening classes in English. Wednesday, October 21, 1964     3433
Dr. Birney )
Dr. Wellwood) That the report of the Director of
the Summer Session, 1964, and the
report of the Director of the
Department of University Extension,
1963-64, toe received for information,
on the understanding that they may
toe returned to the agenda at a
subsequent meeting if memtoers wish
to comment or have queries.
Introduction of New Items
to Senate Agenda
A query had toeen submitted to the Senate Executive
Committee on the means by which memtoers of Senate might
introduce items to the agenda. The Executive Committee had
agreed that this could be done in either of two ways: the
individual wishing a subject discussed might write to the
Secretary of Senate, or any member of Senate might raise an
issue under "Other Business" at a Senate meeting. In the
latter case, if the matter required lengthy consideration,
it might have to be deferred to a subsequent meeting.
Proposed "Mid-Term Break"
For some years there had toeen requests toy Faculty
and students for a toreak in the Second Term, which tended to
toe uninterrupted by holidays, especially when Easter was
late in the year. Several other Canadian universities had
mid-term breaks, or free time before examinations.
Following a request from the Alma Mater Society,
the Committee of Academic Deans agreed that a mid-term toreak
might toe introduced in 1965 as an experiment. The most Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3434
suitable period, late Fetoruary, would not toe convenient in
1965 for the Faculty of Education which had already arranged
its practice teaching commitments. The Senate Executive
Committee therefore recommended that a mid-term break,
March 4, 5, 6, be approved in 1965 for those Faculties in
which the recess would not adversely affect the academic
programme. The mid-term break would require cancellation
of lectures and laboratories in most Faculties, but would
not mean a closing of the University.
Dean Okulitch)
Dr. Stewart ) That the recommendation of the
Committee of Academic Deans with
respect to a mid-term break on a
trial toasis, March 4,5,6, 1965,
toe approved for those Faculties
in which, in the opinion of the
Dean, the recess would not
adversely affect the academic
Report of the Academic
Goals Committee
The report of the President's Committee on Academic
Goals, "Guideposts to Innovation", was distributed at the
meeting. The President commented briefly on the report,
commencing with the recommendation of the Senate Executive
Committee that a special meeting of Senate be held, preferably
in late November (suggested date, Wednesday, Novemtoer 25),
to review and discuss the full submission of the Committee
on Academic Goals.  It was anticipated that further discussion
on specific recommendations of the Committee would toe held
as occasion permitted over the next several months or years. Wednesday, October 21, 1964     3435
The Committee undertaking the report was composed
of seven members, who received comments and criticism from
time to time from a widely representative consultative
committee. Despite the consultation which had already taken
place, the report was still to toe reviewed toy the Faculty
as a whole and toy the various governing bodies of the
University. The Committee was also fully aware that it had
been able to include only some of the issues which deserved
The report was concerned primarily with the quality
of the programmes of teaching and research at the University
of British Columtoia. The President outlined toriefly the
contents of each chapter. He felt one recommendation of the
report which deserved early consideration was the estatolish-
ment of a standing committee of Senate on Academic Affairs.
The President toelieved it was most important that
the report should toe read toy every memtoer of Senate, of the
Board of Governors, and of the Faculty.  It would also toe
desirable that it toe read widely throughout the Province.
As recommended toy the Senate Executive Committee, he
thought the report should toe discussed in general terms toy
Senate, and toy each Faculty of the University. Over a period
of time, the report should then be studied in orderly
fashion, with its various issues and proposals toeing
considered toy the appropriate group or groups within the
University. Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964     3436
The President expressed his personal appreciation
to the memtoers of the Committee for tackling their task
diligently, thoughtfully and constructively. He expressed
also the very sincere thanks of the University to Mr. Eric
Nicol who had edited and co-ordinated the report.
The President toelieved one important accomplishment
was that the University had begun an attempt to study what
it had done and to face the issues involved in improving the
quality of its performance.
Dr. Norris)
Dean Cowan) That a special meeting of Senate toe
held on Wednesday evening, Novemtoer
25, 1964, for a general discussion
of the report and recommendations of
the Committee on Academic Goals.
Recommendations from the
Applied Science
When Dr. Okulitch was appointed Dean of Science,
he relinquished the Headship of the Department of Geology
in the Faculty of Science, and the Department of Mining and
Geological Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science.
The President had appointed a committee to recommend a
successor in the Headship, and to advise on the future
organization of these two disciplines.
Dean Myers, Chairman of the advisory committee,
stated that one protolem had toeen the situation of Mining.
Until 1961, Mining at this University had been associated
with Metallurgy, tout in the past ten or fifteen years, 7T
Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3437
Mining had attracted very few students.  When Metallurgy
was estatolished as a separate Department, Mining was joined
with Geological Engineering in a new Department. However,
the desired stimulus to graduate research was not realized.
With the need to appoint a Department Head, the
committee had re-examined the status of education in Mining.
A senior appointment to the Department of Mining and
Geological Engineering had been made earlier in the year
(to take effect in 1965). This appointee, a distinguished
mining engineer, had proved that Mining was an academically
worthy subject. The committee therefore recommended that
Mining become a separate Department of Mineral Engineering
in the Faculty of Applied Science.
The committee recommended, with respect to
Geological Engineering, that teaching and research in
Geology, whether to students in the Faculty of Science or
in the Faculty of Applied Science, should be a function of
the Department of Geology which should remain a component
of the Faculty of Science; and that the Faculty of Applied
Science should appoint a board of studies in Geological
Engineering which would have the responsibility of making
recommendations to the Faculty relating to degrees and
courses of study in Geological Engineering. The full report
of the committee had been circulated to Senate.
The committee proposals had been referred to the
Faculty of Applied Science, but Dean Myers stated that the
brief interval of time between the completion of the Wednesday, October 21, 1964      3438
committee report and the meeting of Senate had not permitted
the memtoers of his Faculty to give thorough consideration to
the recommendations. There had toeen no criticism of the
proposal by the Faculty memtoers attending the meeting, but
if Senate felt it advisatole, it might refer the recommendation
hack to the Faculty of Applied Science for consideration at
a full meeting of Faculty.
Dean Okulitch commented that the situation with
respect to Geological Engineering would toe much the same
as it had toeen for most of its history at this University,
since for many years the Deans of Applied Science had toeen
geologists and had performed the functions of the proposed
Board of Studies.
Dr. Belshaw inquired about financial implications
resulting from the proposed change in organization. Dean
Myers stated that there were none in the proposal in itself.
If the Department of Mineral Engineering proved successful,
it would increase in size as would any other department.
Dean Myers  )
Dean Okulitch) That the recommendations of the
committee and of the Faculty of
Applied Science with respect to
the organization of Geology and
of Mining and Geological
Engineering toe approved; and
that the present Department of
Mining and Geological Engineering
in the Faculty of Applied Science
be replaced toy a Department of
Mineral Engineering in the same
Faculty, sutoject to the approval
of the Board of Governors.
Carried. r
*; -
Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3439
The Faculty of Pharmacy recommended:
1. That the First Aid course, now mandatory in
the B.S.P. degree programme, toe made optional.
2. That for the Session 1964-65, Physics 103 be
accepted in lieu of Physics 101 for pre-Pharmacy
and Pharmacy students.
Dean Matthews)
Mr. Morrison ) That these recommendations of
the Faculty of Pharmacy be approved.
The following recommendations were presented
from the Faculty of Science:
1. That Mathematics 120 be a prerequisite course
for all "200" courses in Mathematics listed
in the Faculty of Science Calendar, with the
possible exception of Mathematics 201, 203,
205, 207, and 208; that those students who
have completed Grade XIII Mathematics 101
(revised) should not normally be eligible
to register in Mathematics 200, 202, 220,
221, tout exceptions may toe made with the
consent of the Department.
2. That in view of the changes taking place in
the British Columtoia secondary school curriculum
with respect to Mathematics, Physics and
Chemistry, it is recommended that the Senate
take immediate steps to establish revised
requirements for admission to the University
from the British Columbia secondary school
system, to become effective in 1967.
Dean Okulitch explained that these proposals
arose from the fact that Mathematics was now toeing taught
to a higher level in the secondary schools.
Dr. Murdoch added that the revision in the
secondary school curriculum had started two years ago with
h    i *> Wednesday,  Octotoer 21,  1964 3439
students then in Grade VIII. These students would be
reaching the University in 1967. They would then have taken
as much Mathematics as was included in the University
Mathematics 120 two or three years ago, and might have as
much mathematical foundation as was required for work in
other sciences.
The reason for the request from the Faculty of
Science was to permit revision of the University Calendar,
since Grade XIII now offers Mathematics 120 to all students
who wish to continue their studies in mathematics and
science. Mathematics 101, in a revised form, is offered
in Grade XIII for students who do not wish to continue
with further mathematics. The Calendar at present lists
Mathematics 101 as prerequisite to Mathematics 200, 202,
etc., and this is no longer true.
Since Mathematics was also a subject of the
Faculty of Arts, and since that Faculty had not had the
opportunity to study the recommendations, it was agreed that
consideration toy Senate of these proposals should toe deferred
to the next meeting.
The President commented that Senate had already
agreed to a further review of admissions policy. In addition,
Dr. English had offered to give Senate at its next meeting a
resume of the principal changes in the secondary school
curriculum which would be affecting the qualifications of
students applying for admission to the University. This
would be on the agenda for the meeting in December. V
Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3440
Report of the Committee to Propose
Guide Lines for Use of Faculties
and Senate in Considering
Recommendations for the Establishment
of New Departments
Dean Naegele stated that his committee wished to
include in its study of guide lines for the establishment
of new Departments, a number of inter-departmental programmes
and problems. He hoped that the committee could report at
the next regular meeting of Senate.
Committee on Memorial Minutes
The following tributes prepared by the Committee
on Memorial Minutes were read:
Not many members of Senate will have personal
^^ memories of Dr. William Brenton Burnett, whose
f ^* term as a member of Senate extended from 1921 to
1933. Yet his death at the age of 94, on May 20,
1964, must bring to all of us a vivid sense of
historical realities in the life of the university
and the province of British Columbia. His career
reflected and influenced the stages of growth in
city and province, from a period that had barely
emerged from the days of the pioneer, to the
present complexity of professional, industrial
and educational progress.
Born in Sussex, New Brunswick, in 1870,
William Burnett came to Vancouver in 1891,
| - following graduation from Acadia University. An
early Canadian pattern of energy and diversity
is seen in the variety of his work: unloading
cargoes from the Empress of India, the first
C.P.R. Empress ship; making boxes in a sawmill;
selling insurance; teaching and becoming
I ' principal at the old Central School facing the
f  " present Victory Square. Determined to be a
physician, he returned to the East to take his
degrees of M.D. and CM. at McGill, and began
practice as a doctor in Vancouver in 1900. Wednesday, Octotoer 21, 1964      3441
From that time Dr. Burnett's life paralleled
the development of his adopted province.  He was
appointed to the surgical staff of the Vancouver
General Hospital in 1905, and was chief
gynaecologist from 1913 to 1938. He took postgraduate studies at London and Vienna in 1913.
During his medical career he achieved recognition
in his field as honorary life memtoer of seven
professional organizations in Canada and the
United States.
His second interest was in mining.  Ignoring
advice that the Barkerville area had no further
value, he fostered and for thirty-five years
headed the prosperous Cariboo Gold Quartz Mines.
Other mining ventures were Surf Inlet, Pioneer,
and Bralorne. His prominence in the development
of one of British Columbia* s major natural
resources is reflected in his being the President
of the B. C Chamber of Mines from 1935 to 1941,
and a memtoer of the executive of the Mining
Association of British Columtoia for twenty-five
Dr. Burnett*s continuing interest in higher
education is evident not only in his service on
the Senate, tout also in his early experience as
instructor in Chemistry at the Royal Institution
for the Advancement of Learning, a forerunner of
the University of British Columtoia, and as
lecturer in the School of Nursing. The toreadth
of his interests and of his services to the
community at large is suggested by his many
offices and honours, including those of President
of the Kiwanis Club, honorary life member of the
Vancouver Board of Trade, and President and
charter memtoer of the Canadian Cluto.
The close of such a life brings no note of
sadness, but rather an admiring awareness of
what one man in his lifetime may accomplish in
so many ways, while meeting the exacting demands
of his profession. That for twelve years
Dr. Burnett should also have contributed to the
deliberations of Senate is a reminder to us of
how inseparably the growth of this university
is hound up with the growth of British Columtoia
as a whole.  In recording its gratitude for his
services, Senate feels honoured in paying
tribute to the memory of a man of such fruitful
and many-sided achievement. Wednesday,  Octotoer 21,  1964 3442
Dr. Rototoins)
Dean Curtis) That this memorial toe spread on
the minutes of Senate and a copy
sent to the memtoers of the family.
Hertoert T.J. Coleman died June 9, 1964, at
the age of 92. Dr. Coleman, after taking his
first degree at Toronto, won his Ph.D. at Columtoia
and began his teaching career in the high schools
of Spokane. He moved to Colorado State University
as Professor of Education and returned to Canada
to serve with the same title at the University of
Toronto. From here he was called to Queen's
University as Dean of the Faculty of Education.
In 1920, Dr. Coleman travelled west to
assume dual responsibilities as the second Dean
of the Faculty of Arts and Science and Head of
the Department of Philosophy and Psychology at
the University of British Columtoia. For eight years
Dean Coleman administered the affairs of the
Faculty and occupied the accompanying seat on
Senate. The principal champion of a liberal
policy for teachers attending the young Summer
Session of the early 1920's, Dean Coleman became
the provisional Director of the post-graduate
course in Teacher Training that was established
in the regular session for the first time in 1923.
Dean Coleman was by nature a gentle
philosopher and he resigned his decanal office
in 1928. Now he devoted himself to his teaching,
to his own field of study, and to the writing of
poetry. ? ;-. By 1940, when he retired, he had
become, to borrow from the author of Tuum Est.
the ungarlanded poet-laureate of the University.
In 1945 he was given the title Professor Emeritus.
Dr. Coleman retired to Deep Cove, a charming
and rustic bay just outside Victoria. Here he
wrote poetry for children, fished, and dispensed
a casual hospitality to his friends. Those who
visited him will not soon forget the mild patriarch,
surrounded by his kin of all ages and presiding
over abundant high teas. Nor did he forget the
University of British Columtoia, which he served
actively and conscientiously for twenty years
and whose fortunes he followed closely for nearly
a quarter of a century in retirement. Wednesday,   Octotoer 21,   1964 3443
Dr. McGregor)
Dean Eagles ) That this memorial be spread on
the minutes of Senate and a copy
sent to the family.
Dr. A. D. Scott
Dr. A. D. Scott, who was now on leave of absence,
requested by letter that the programme of education in the
health sciences, as outlined toy Deans McCreary, Leung and
Matthews at the previous meeting, should toe discussed toy
Senate at its next meeting. Dr. Scott referred particularly
to the academic relationship between the Health Sciences
Centre and the rest of the University.
The President, in reminding Senate that discussion
had toeen impractical at the last meeting in view of the late
hour, asked for an expression of opinion on Dr. Scott's
Dr. Norris )
Dr. Belshaw) That discussion of the programme of
education in the health sciences at
this University toe placed on the
agenda for the regular meeting of
Senate in December.
Letters of Appreciation
Letters of appreciation had been received from
Mrs. Sherwood Lett and Mrs. W. A. Bryce for memorial
tributes spread on the minutes of Senate at its previous
meeting. Wednesday, October 21, 1964
The meeting adjourned at 9:45 p.m.
( ySebret
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