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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1950-12-13

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 Wednesday, December 13th, 1950.  1657
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia, for the Session 1950-51,
was held on Wednesday,  December 13th,  1950,  at 8:00 p.m.,
in the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President N. A. M. MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Dean S. N. F. Chant, Dean G. F. Curtis, Dean B. A.
Eagles, Dean W. H. Gage, Dean H. J. MacLeod, Dean M. Dorothy
Mawdsley, Dean E. L. Woods, Mr. Jacob Biely, Mr. J. Fred
Muir, Dr. Roy Daniells, Dr. T. M. 0. Taylor, Mr. Frederick
Read, Mr. Gilbert Kennedy, Dr. ■-. E. Ranta, Dp. R. D. James,
Dr. G. Volkoff, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Mr. F. M. Khapp, Dr.
E. V. White, Mr. H. n. MacCorkindale, Mr. Francis J. Burd,
Mr. W. R. McDougall, Dr. John M. Ewing, Rev. W. S. Taylor,
Rev. K. E. Taylor, Miss F. Mulloy, Mr. D. T. Braidwood,
Mr. K. P. Caple, Mrs. J. H. Creighton, Dr. R. E. Foerster,
Mr. E. Davie Fulton, Dr. A. E. Grauer, Brig. Sherwood Lett,
Dr. R. C. Palmer, Dr. W. N. Sage, Mr. R. T. D. Wallace, Dr.
H. V. Warren, Dr. C. A. H. Wright.
Regrets for their inability to be present were
received from Dr. Kerr, Dr. Dolman, Dean Weaver, Mr. English
and Dr. Turnbull.
Before opening the agenda, the Chairman made
mention of the loss, since the last meeting of Senate, of
two very distinguished members of Senate, Dr. A. B.
Schinbein, and Dean Emeritus Daniel Buchanan. Dr. Daniells
then read the following memorial resolutions which were r
Wednesday, December 13th, 1950. 1658
adopted by standing vote and ordered spread on the minutes,
copies to be sent to Mrs. Schinbein and Mrs. Buchanan.
"The Senate records its sense of loss and
of sorrow occasioned by the death of Dr. A. B.
Schinbein, long numbered among its members and
at one time its representative on the Board of
Governors. As senior surgeon of the Vancouver
General Hospital, he for many years governed the
progress of surgical science in the community,
influencing his colleagues by the conscientious
and devoted practice of his skill, and inspiriting
his patients by his professional pride and personal
courage. His genuine modesty could not conceal a
great spirit. The Medical School of the University
and the medical services of the city will henceforth
build on foundations which owe much of their extent
and firmness to his untiring labours as a pioneer.
"The Senate records with deep regret the death
of its former member Dean Daniel Buchanan and pays
tribute to him. In some three decades of service
to the University, his frank and ingenuous spirit,
his humane outlook, his natural gifts as a teacher
and his energy and competence as an administrator
became the foundations of a living tradition. His
humour and good humour in personal and public
relations will be affectionately remembered by
his colleagues, his sound research by his fellow
mathematicians; student veterans will ever be
grateful for his realistic handling of regulations
on their behalf. His life was one of unbroken
service; write him as one who loved his fellow men."
Dr. Volkoff)
Dr. Warren ) That the minutes of the first regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1950-51
be taken as read and adopted.
Election to fill Vacancy in Senate
With reference to the vacancy on Senate due to
the death of Dr. Schinbein, an elected member,
Dr. Sage )
Brig. Lett) That Dr. Lawren Harris, seventeenth in
order of votes received on the list of
candidates in the Senate Election held on
May 26th, 1948, be elected a member of Wednesday, December 13th, 1950. 1659
Senate to fill the unexpired term of
office of Dr. Schinbein, until May 28th,
1951, and so notified.
Election of Representatives of Senate
on Board of Governors
The President pointed out that Mr. Caple's term
as a representative of Senate on the Board of Governors
had expired, and that a second vacancy existed on the Board
because of the death of Dr. Schinbein, also a representative
of Senate.  It was suggested that the appointments to fill
these two vacancies be effective only until the first
meeting of Senate following the Senate elections on May 28th,
1951, in order to bring the terms of office into conformity
with those of the elective members of Senate, and to give
the new Senate the opportunity to elect its own representatives.
Mr. Caple )
Dean Curtis) That Mrs. Creighton be elected to
represent the Senate on the Board of
Governors, to hold office until the
first meeting of Senate following the
Senate elections on May 28th, 1951.
In connection with the above resolution the members of
Senate took note of the long term of office on the Board
of Governors held by Mrs. Creighton's father, the late
Honourable Mr. Justice Denis Murphy.
Dr. Warren)
Dr. Sage ) That Dr. R. E. Foerster be elected to
represent the Senate on the Board of
Governors to hold office until the
first meeting of Senate following the
Senate elections on May 28th, 1951. Wednesday, December 13th, 1950.  1660
Dr. Grauer  )
Mr. McDougall) That nominations close.
Mrs. Creighton and Dr. Foerster were thereupon
declared elected.
The Chairman asked and was granted permission to
bring up at this time the proposal for the establishment of
a School of Nursing, which came as a recommendation to
Senate both from the Faculty of Applied Science and from
the Senate Committee on Nursing Education. In the absence
in Ottawa of Dr. Dolman, Head of the Department of Nursing
and Health, Miss Evelyn Mallory, senior nursing member of
the Department, had been invited to be present at the
meeting during the discussion of this matter.
Recommendation re Establishment of
a School of Nursing
Dean Gage, Chairman of the Senate Committee on
Nursing Education, spoke with reference to the report of
that Committee, dated December 1st, 1950, which had been
circulated to Senate. He pointed out that the particular
item in the report which called for immediate consideration
by Senate was Item 2, Page 2, "That the Department of Nursing
be made a School of Nursing with a qualified nurse as
In this connection, Dean MacLeod reported that
the following resolution had been passed by the Faculty of
Applied Science on December 8th, 1950: Wednesday, December 13th, 1950.  1661
"That we recommend to Senate that a School of
Nursing be established with a qualified nurse
as Director in place of the present Department
of Nursing; that it be not in the Faculty of
Medicine; and that for the time being, at least,
it remain in the Faculty of Applied Science."
Dean Gage  )
Dean MacLeod) That the Department of Nursing be
made a School of Nursing; that it
remain, for the time being at least,
in the Faculty of Applied Science;
and that it be suggested to the
Board of Governors that if and when
a Director of this School is appointed
consideration be given to the appointment of a member of the nursing
In speaking further to the report, Dean Gage pointed out
that most of the changes in curriculum which were
recommended would come before Senate with the material for
the 1951-52 Calendar. The Committee was particularly
interested in making it possible for more graduate nurses
from many more schools of nursing to take advantage of the
training in the University of British Columbia, and by
modifying the admission requirements to make it possible
for more students from the high schools who wish to enter
the nursing profession to attend the University.
With regard to Item 4 in the report of the
Dean Gage )
Miss Mulloy) That a distinctive degree, Bachelor of
Science in Nursing, (B.S.N.), be
authorized for graduates in Nursing,
to replace the present degree of
Bachelor of Applied Science.
Miss Mallory then withdrew from the meeting, and Wednesday, December 13th, 1950.  1662
Professor E. D. MacPhee, Director of the School of Commerce,
who had been asked to attend during the discussion of two
items on the agenda affecting that School, was called in.
Course in Hospital Administration
An outline of a proposal for a course in hospital
administration had been circulated to Senate before the
meeting. Dean Chant pointed out that all that was being
asked of Senate at present was permission to proceed with
negotiations to establish such a course.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage ) That a course in hospital administration
be approved in principle.
Professor MacPhee outlined the need in the Province of
British Columbia for a small number of trained hospital
administrators and referred to a training course being
provided at the Vancouver General Hospital, as an interim
measure, to meet this demand. The following proposals
outlined in the material circulated were noted:
(1) That a course leading to the degree of B.Com.
(Hospital Administration) be approved by the
Senate and the Board of Governors
(2) That admission to this course be completion of
First Year Arts and Science, or its equivalent,
with standing in the following subjects:
English 100 and 101
Mathematics 101
Biology 100 or Chemistry 100
Economics 100 or Psychology 100
(3) That the programme of study cover a period of
five years, and that the required and elective
courses be prescribed
4. Wednesday, December 13th, 195°.  1663
(4) That the Director of the School of Commerce be
named as University Professor in charge of the
(5) That Mr. Hickernell, Administrator of the Vancouver
General Hospital be appointed Honorary Lecturer
in Hospital Administration in the School of Commerce
(6) That financial arrangements be discussed by
appropriate representatives of the University
and the Vancouver General Hospital.
Professor MacPhee reported further that the Board of Trustees
of the Vancouver General Hospital had accepted the programme
as presented. It was stated further that the numbers taking
the course would be limited to four or five, depending on
the hospital facilities available for the sixteen months of
internship required under the programme. It was noted also
that the proposal would involve no new courses to be offered
at the University.
The motion was then put and carried.
General Accountants Association
Copies of a letter dated December 5th, 1950, from
the Director of the School of Commerce to the President
had been circulated to Senate prior to the meeting, with
reference to a proposal by the General Accountants
Association of British Columbia to apply for incorporation
as "Certified Public Accountants" at the next session of
the Provincial Legislature. Senate was informed that if
incorporated, the Association planned to request the
University to take charge of their educational programme.
After lengthy discussion, 4
Wednesday, December 13th, 1950   1664
Mr. Braidwood)
Mr. Wallace ) That consideration of this proposal
be tabled, pending the application
of the body concerned to the
Provincial Legislature.
Mr. MacPhee thereupon retired from the meeting.
From the Board of Governors
Notice was received by letter dated November 24th,
1950, that the Board of Governors at its regular meeting on
October 30th, 1950, had approved the acceptance of the
following awards, as recommended by Senate on October 18th,
The Schlage Lock Company Scholarship
The Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy,
B. C. Section, Prizes
Acadia Camp Residence Bursaries
The Ukrainian Community Centre Prizes.
Notice was also received by letter dated
December 6th, 1950, that the Board of Governors on
November 27th, had accepted, subject to the approval of
Senate, the offer of the Best Mimeograph and Printing
Company, Vancouver, to donate two bursaries of $125.00
each, under the terms of award suggested by them.
From the Faculties
Arts and Science
At its meeting on December 6th, 1950, the Faculty
of Arts and Science recommended the following curriculum
changes, effective in the present session:
(1) That Chemistry 517 (1 unit), "Chemical Thermodynamics"
be deleted from the Calendar and replaced by the
following two courses: ►
Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  1665
Chemistry 513 (1 unit) - Chemical Thermodynamics -
A discussion of the principles of modern ohemical
thermodynamics from both the Gibbsion and the
statistical points of view.
First, second and third laws, thermochemistry,
general conditions of equilibrium, one-component
Chemistry 514 (1 unit) - "Chemical Thermodynamics -
Multi-component systems, chemical equilibrium,
properties of non-electrolytes, external forces.
Prerequisite: Chemistry 513.
(2) That beginning in January, 1951, a new course
Geology 303, Optical Mineralogy, lg units
(0-0;2-2) be added.
It was noted that the material of this course has
been given in the first half of Geology 407,
Petrography, in the Fourth Year. The proposed
new course would permit a slight reduction in the
content and hours of Geology 407 and by following
the First Term course Geology 301 would give a
better balance in the two terms of Third Year.
This course had also been recommended by the Faculty
of Applied Science.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage ) That curriculum changes as set forth
be approved.
Recommendation re Establishment
of a School of Eduoation
At its meeting on December 6th, 1950, the Faculty
of Arts and Science approved the following resolution:
"That we recommend to Senate that the Department of
Education be established as a School of Education
within the Faculty of Arts and Science, with a
Council representative of the Faculty, but with the
addition of one representative of the Ministry of
Education and one representative of the British
Columbia Teachers' Federation." Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  1666
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage ) That the Department of Education be
recognized as a School.
Recommendation re Establishment of
a Sohool of Home Economics
At its meeting on December 6th, 1950, the Faculty
of Arts and Science approved the following resolution:
"That we recommend to Senate that the existing
Department of Home Economics be constituted as
a School of Home Economics within the Faculty
of Arts and Science."
Dean Chant)
Brig. Lett) That this Department be recognized
as a School.
Question of Standing of Students
on Probation until Christmas
At its meeting on August 25th, 1950, Senate
approved a recommendation that certain students be asked to
withdraw, subject to the reservation that authority be given
to their respective Deans to make exceptions on the basis
of further information that might be forthcoming.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the Faculty Committee on Admission,
Standing and Courses, which had
considered the cases mentioned above
be given permission to review the
standing of those who had been permitted
to return on a provisional basis until
Christmas and if circumstances warrant,
to give these students notice that
they will be required to withdraw from the
Faculty, and that this Committee also
be authorized to act in one additional
case brought forward by the Dean of
Carried. Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  1667
Course in Italian
A request from the Vancouver Italian-Canadian
Mutual Aid Society for the establishment of an Italian
language course at the University of British Columbia was
referred by Senate at its meeting on August 25th, 1950, to
Dr. J. G, Andison, the Head of the Departments of French
and Spanish. This request had been placed before the
Faculty of Arts and Science at its meeting on December 6th,
1950, together with Dr. Andison's reply, as follows:
"I have discussed this matter with my colleagues
in the Department of Spanish, in particular with
Dr. Brooke. We all agree in principle that the
institution of such a course is highly desirable
and hope eventually to place the matter before
the Faculty of Arts and Science. How soon, or
at what time it will be advisable to do so, will
largely depend on the means that can be devised
for providing the course."
In the discussion in Faculty, Dr. Birney stated that he
favoured any move that would lead to a course in Italian
literature, in translation, if necessary, in preference
to courses in the Italian language, if both could not be
provided. It was agreed by Faculty that Dr. Andison's
reply be approved and forwarded to Senate.
Senate agreed that this be considered a tentative
answer to the Vancouver Italian-Canadian Mutual Aid Society.
At the meeting of the Faculty of Law held on
Monday, December 4th, 1950, a resolution was adopted
recommending to Senate that a new course in Municipal Law, Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  1668
2 hours a week in the Second Term, be offered as an
alternative to Shipping in the Third Year, beginning in the
present session. It was noted that Mr. D. e. McTaggart,
K.C, had expressed willingness to serve as honorary lecturer.
Dean Curtis)
Mr. Kennedy) That a new course in Municipal Law, as
set forth above, be approved.
At a meeting of the Faculty of Medicine on
October 12th, 1950, it was suggested that the President's
Committee on the Organization of the Faculty of Medicine be
discharged, in view of the fact that the progress made in
the organization of that faculty made the continuation of
the Committee unnecessary.
Dean Woods )
Mr. Kennedy) That this Committee be discharged with
sincere thanks to the members for the
many long hours of work and meetings
in which they participated.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and Bursaries
It was recommended that:
The University Scholarship in Nursing and Health,
$200.00, be awarded to Miss Lorna Roberta Dyck,
recommended by the University Department of Nursing
and Health.
The Britannia Mining and Smelting Company Limited
Scholarship, $250.00, be awarded to Mr. Paul Michael
Kavanagh, recommended by members of the Department
of Geology and Geography. Wednesday, December 13th, 1950   1669
That no award be made in the case of The Cariboo
Gold Quartz Mining Company Limited Scholarship,
Dean Gage  )
Mr. Kennedy) That these recommendations be approved.
Dean Gage reported that certain awards would
arise after Christmas and Senate authorized the Committee
on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries to announce these
awards, subject to the approval of the Chairman of Senate.
It was recommended and approved that the British
Columbia Graduate Scholarship in Engineering be held for
the winner James E. Johnson, for a period of one year from
September 25th, 1950.
New Awards
The acceptance was recommended, under the
following terms of award, of
This bursary of $100.00, the gift of the British
Columbia Medical Association, will be awarded to
a student registered in the Faculty of Medicine
in the Session 1951-52. The award will be made
to a student who has high standing and need of
financial assistance.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Ewing) That this bursary be accepted with thanks
to the donors.
Acceptance was recommended of two bursaries as
follow: Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  I67O
Two bursaries of $125.00 each, the gift of Best
Mimeograph and Printing Company, Vancouver, are
offered annually to students in the Faculty of
Law.  Of these bursaries, one will be awarded to
a student who has completed the First Year and is
proceeding to the Second, and the other to a
student who has completed the Second Year and is
proceeding to the Third. The awards will be made
to students who have good academic standing and
who, without financial assistance, would be unable
to continue their studies at the university. The
awards carry with them a gift of some of the
U.B.C. Case Books required for use in the year
in which the awards are held.
Dean Gage  )
Dean Curtis) That these bursaries be accepted with
thanks to the donors.
Revised terms for the scholarships offered by
the Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association were
submitted, as follow:
A scholarship of $250.00, gift of the Road Builders
and Heavy Construction Association, is available
annually for students who have completed Second or
Third Year Applied Science and are proceeding to
the next year in Civil Engineering.  In order to be
eligible, candidates must not only have high
scholastic standing, but also have been engaged
during the summer in highway engineering or heavy
construction work. Selection of the winner will
be made on the basis of confidential reports submitted to the University by summer employers,
academic records in subjects basic to highway
engineering and heavy construction work, and on
ability, experience and interest in these fields.
Students who write their summer essays on topics
related to the above fields will be given special
consideration. Applications, on forms available
at the Registrar's Office, must be received by the
Registrar not later than September 30th. Applicants
are advised to consult the -'ean of Administrative
and Inter-Faculty Affairs for further details. Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  1671
Dean Gage   )
Dean MacLeod) That the revised terms as set forth
above be approved.
Acceptance was recommended, subject to approval
by the B. C. Electric Company, of an award under the
following terms:
An opportunity for twelve months' experience, with
an allowance of $100.00 per month, offered by the
B. C. Electric Company, is available annually for
a student graduating in Home Economics from this
University. The recipient will be given experience
at the B. C. Electric Home Service Centre in a
programme approved by the School of Home Economics.
Selection of the recipients will be made by the
Director of this School, in consultation with the
Home Service Supervisor of the B, C. Electric
Company.  In making the choice, consideration will
be given to scholarship, personality, adaptability,
and interest in extra-curricular activities.
Dean Gage )
Dr. Warren) That Senate approve the acceptance of
this award, and that a suitable letter
of thanks be sent the donors when the
award is approved by them.
It was recommended that a change in the terms of
award and an increase from $50.00 to $100.00 be approved,
as set forth below, in the following bursary:
A bursary of $100.00, the gift of the British
Columbia Chapter of Delta Upsilon Fraternity, is
available annually for a male undergraduate student
in any year and faculty.  The award will be made
to a student of (1) good scholastic standing or
(2) good scholastic and athletic standing, who is
in need of financial assistance. Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  1672
Dean Gage  )
Prof. Knapp) That this increase and change in terms
of award be approved, and that a letter
of thanks be sent to the donors.
Library Committee
The Twenty-first Report of the Library Committee
to the Senate, covering the period September, 1949 to
August, 1950, was circulated to the members prior to the
meeting. Some discussion was held on the report, with
particular reference to finances and to the possibility of
a Library School.
Dr. Warren   )
Mrs. Creighton) That notice be taken of the reference
in the report to the conclusion of
thirty-five years of continuous
service to the Library by Miss
Dorothy Jefferd, Head of the
Cataloguing Division.
Dr. Wright  )
Mr. McDougall) That the Library Committee and the
Librarian be asked to give further
consideration to the possible
establishment of a Library School.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage ) That this report be tabled, and placed
on the agenda of the next meeting of
Senate for further discussion.
On Date of Autumn Congregation
The Committee named by Senate to consider Mr.
J. Phillipson's request that the Fall Congregation be held
on a Saturday afternoon, instead of the conventional
Wednesday, to enable teachers throughout the Province to Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  I673
attend, recommended that this suggestion be acted upon in
1951 as a trial. The Committee suggested further that the
Students' Council, or any other bodies concerned, be
requested to leave the Saturday afternoon fixed for the
Congregation free from athletic or other events.
Dean Chant )
Dean MacLeod) That this recommendation be approved,
subject to the Committee on Ceremonies
finding it feasible to make the
necessary arrangements, and to
consideration of objections from
certain parties with reference to a
Saturday Congregation.
Women's Residences
A letter dated December 12th, 1950, from the
Dean of Women was read and taken for information to the
effect that the Advisory Committee on Women's Residences
had approved the suggestion made by the Board of Governors
that the full name be used in naming each of the Residence
Units: Mary Bollert Hall, Isabel Maclnnes Hall, and Ann
Wesbrook Hall.
Report, Department of University Extension
The report on extra-curricular Summer Session
Courses for 1950 which was tabled at the October meeting
of Senate was returned to the Agenda. A statistical summary
of certain activities conducted by the Department of University Extension during the period June 1st to December llth,
1950, was also circulated to the members. Dean Gage made
reference to this report and to the work of Mr. Wallace in Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  1674
connection with the Victoria Extension Association Lecture
Catholic Education
The President stated that this item was presented
to bring the attention of Senate to reports in the Press of
the organization of a Roman Catholic College in Nelson, and
to ask whether any action was desired in this connection.
Secondly, he wished to report on a very interesting visit
to the University of British Columbia by Professor Etienne
Gilson, of the Institute of Medieval Studies, University of
Speaker for Spring Congregation
It was agreed that the arrangements for a speaker
for the Spring Congregation be left with the Chairman of
Senate. The President stated that it was probable that the
formal opening of the Women's Residences would take place
at that time and suggested the possibility of inviting the
Speaker of the House, The Honourable Nancy Hodges, to give
the address.
Victoria College
Dr. Ewing reported that Dean MacLeod and Dr. James
had represented the University at the last meeting of the
College Council and the affairs of the College were
progressing smoothly. Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  1675
An insistent request was received from Mrs. Una
Jean Horsley for further consideration of the matter of
Saturday examinations and Seventh Day Adventists, in which
regard Senate laid down certain regulations on December 15th,
1948. It was agreed that this matter be not re-opened.
A request was received from the Dean of the Faculty
of Medicine for a designated academic colour for that
Faculty.  This request was referred to the Senate Committee
to Consider the Colour of Hoods for New Degrees.
Other Business
Notice was received of the celebration by
Northwestern University of its One Hundredth Anniversary
and by The United States Military Academy at West Point
of its One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary, and it was
agreed that congratulations be tendered both these
institutions on behalf of Senate.
A proposal was presented for possible courses in
Criminology, beginning September, 1951» under the Department
of Economics, Political Science and Sociology and in cooperation with the Attorney-General's Department.
Dean Curtis)
Dean Gage ) That a course in Criminology be approved
in principle, and that a description
of the course be presented to Senate
at a later date.
Carried. L
Wednesday, December 13th, 1950  1676
The President reported that after consultation
with Dean Gage he had appointed the following Committee to
deal with the Alma Mater Society in connection with the
question of financial aid to athletes:
Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman)
Dean S. N. jr. Chant
Professor Frederick Read
Professor Lawrence Ranta
Professor G. 0. Andrew
Mr. McDougall)
Mr. Kennedy ) That the meeting adjourn.
t^Atz^Ze^   yz <?y>,
i Chairman


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