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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1918-10-09

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Wednesday, October 9th., 1918.
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
(225)  British Columbia for the session 1918-18, was held on Wednesday,
October 9th. at 8 P.M. in the Board Room, University Offices.
Present: The Chancellor, Dean Klinck in the Chair, Dr. Boggs,
Mr. Killam, Mr. Boving, Mr. McLean, the Superintendent of Eduoation,
(226) Mr. Brough, Judge Howay, Dr. Brydone-Jack, Mr. Gordon, Dr. Clark,
v   Magistrate Shaw, Miss Jamieson, Principal Vanoe, Miss Clement, Mr.
Turnbull and the Seoretary.
Dean JQinok,in calling the meeting to order,explained that at
^  the request of President Wesbrook the Board of Governors had appointed
riy^ him Assistant to the President and that he was on that account acting
as Chairman.
The minutes of the regular meeting of May 1st., 1918 were read
and on motion of Mr. Gordon, seoonded by Mr. Brough, adopted as read.
In a letter of October 9th.,  the Seoretary of-Faculty reported
that Faculty had elected the  following as its representatives on
faculty of Art? ana .Science
Dr. Ashton
Hr, Boggs
faculty of APPlisO, S^enoe
Mr. Killam
Dr. Mcintosh
Faculty of Agriculture
Mr. Boving
Mr. McLean
Judge Howay    )
Dr. McKechnie)  That the report be received and filed. Oarried.
Principal Vance )
Dr. Brydone-Jack) That Dean Robinson be elected Secretary of
Senate  for one year.      Carried^
<?2q. Provision for Miss Lucas'  scholarship of $75.00 in the Second
*       '    Year of Arts was made by the Chancellor, Judge Howay and Dean
,Robinson each agreeing, to constitute §25.00.
representatives of Westminster Hall, Latimer Hall and Ryerson College,
A letter of August 29th., 1918 to the Chancellor from
x,    with regard to the affiliation of Theological Colleges with the
£^>.y    University, was presented.
y 4
It was pointed out that as a result of the recent elections to
(231)  Senate there were two vacancies on the Committee appointed to deal
with this matter.
Dr. Brydone-Jack)
Principal Vance ) That the places of the Chancellor and Mr.
v  E. P. Davis be filled by the Chair.  Carried.
It was also agreed that the Chair should nominate the Chairman
</ of the Committee.
As the report calls for certain amendments to the University
Act, Principal Vance suggested that it might be well to have the
Committee bring in a report at the next meeting of Senate so that the
neoessary amendments may be prepared in time for the meeting of the
A letter dated Ootober 2nd.,  1918 from E. B. Paul of Victoria,
expressing regret at his inability to attend the meeting of Senate,
was read.
The minutes of the Annual Meeting of Convocation held on
(233) May 2nd.,  1918 were presented. As all members of Senate had received
a copy,  thejfoomunuil oat 1 oJi"wtfotan%%'"read.
Included in the minutes was the following recommendation from
(234) "That the Senate be urged to  investigate the matter ofmaking
provision for instruction in the Philosophy, Literature and Sociology
of the nations of Eastern Asia &c. "
Judge Howay)
Mr. Boving ) That the Chairman appoint a Committee to report
J to  Senate on the matter.   Carried,.
Correspondence was read from the Municipal Inspector of
Schools asking Senate as to the probility of a course in Home Economics,
(235) extending the course now given in the High Schools, being offered in
two year's time, September 1920, by the University.
Principal Vance)
/       Dr. Boggs     ) That this matter be referred to a Committee
appointed by the Chair.   Carried,.
(236) . Attention was then called to the fact that there were two
vaoanciea on the Senate Library Committee.
^       Principal Vance)
Mr. Brough    ) That the vacancies be filled by the Chairman.
A communication from the Publications Department of the Alma
Mater Society addressed to the Chancellor, requesting Senators to subscribe for the weekly paper to be issued by the students, was read.
After some discussion, it was moved by Dr. Brydone-Jack,
seconded by Mr. Boving, that the matter be referred back to the
Circulation Manager of the Publications Board with the request that it
be first brought to the attention of the Committee on Students*
Affairs.  Ssxrlai.
■J (69)
The following recommendations of Faoulty were then
1. "That those pupils of Britannia Hi$i School, who took
(238) Greek as an alternative for French, be recommended to
the Senate of the University of British Columbia for
pass standing and that the pupil of the Greek class who
failed in two subjects be recommended for supplemental
Judge Howay)
Mr. Gordon ) That the recommendation of Faculty in this
matter be conourred in.    Parried,.
- 2, The report of the award of the Royal Institution
Scholarships was read and ordered filed.
The Seoretary )
The Chancellor)That Frederick Harrison H. Parkes, District
II., who is under age, and Herbert Chester, District VI., who had
enlisted for Overseas Service, be allowed to postpone their scholarships.        Qarriefl,
Principal Vance)
Mr. McLean    ) That Faculty be asked to report with
regard to the Royal Institution Scholarships, especially as to. the
oases of unclaimed ani unawarded scholarships and to recommena^the
same.  Oarried.
3. That Miss Annie M. Arohibald, who presented a doctor's
certificate that she was quarantined during the time of
the final examinations in April and who had maintained
a high standing in her work during the session, be given
"Aegrotat" standing in the Third Year of Arts.
The Seoretary)
Mr. Turnbull ) That this standing be granted by Senate.
4. The following recommendations of the Committee on
Graduate Studies were adopted by Faculty at its meeting
on Tuesday, October 8th., 1918.
1. That Miss R. Fulton be permitted to take courses
in Chemistry (Major) and Bacteriology (Minor)
leading to the
2. That Miss I. Harvey be permitted to take courses
in English (Major) and German (Minor) leading to
the M.A. degree.
3. That Miss Irene Mounoe be permitted to take courses
in Botany iMajor) and Bacteriology (Minor) leading
to the M.A. degree.
Mr. Brough )
Dr. Brydone-Jack)  That the action of Faculty be approved.
4*4, (70)
5. That the Fellowship of $200 be awarded to Miss Ruth Vivia
Fulton, a member of last session's graduating class.
The Secretary)
Dr. Boggs   ) That this be endorsed.  Oarried.
This oonoluded the business of the meeting as provided for
in the Agenda paper. But Mr. Killam, the Chairman of the Committee
(239)   on Students* Affairs, asked that he be allowed to submit for the consideration of the Senate certain amendments to the Constitution of
Alma Mater. He explained what the proposed amendments were, pointing
out that they were merely formal and not affecting the general scope
and intention of the constitution.
Mr. Killam )
;**" Mr. Turnbull) That the proposed changes in the Constitution
of Alma Mater be adopted.    Carried^
Mr. Gordon)
Dr. Clark ) That hereafter when any important matter such as
, f that dealt with in the resolution just passed is to be brought before
t • Senate for consideration, that as fall information as possible
regarding the matter be sent out to the various members somejtime
previously.    Carried,.
Mr. Killam gave a verbal statement of a course in Meohanical
(240)   Engineering for Mr. H. G. Letson, a returned soldier, on the satisfactory
completion of which he was to receive his degree.
Mr. Gordon  )
Mr. Turnbull  ) That the course outlined by Mr. Killam be
adopted. jJarxisi.
Mr. McLean )
Dr. Boggs    )  That the meeting adjourn. Carried.
Chairman. Secretary.


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