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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1921-03-21

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Monday, March 21st, 1921.
- Joint Meeting of the Board of Governors and the Senate -
541 A joint meeting of the Board of Governors and the Senate
of the University of British Columbia was held on the evening of
Monday, March 21st, 1921, at 8 p.m. in the Board Room.
542 Present:  The President, Mrs. J. W. de B. Farris, Mr. R. P.
McLennan, Dr. S. D. Scott, Dean F. M. Clement, Dean R. W. Brock,
Dean H. T. J. Coleman, Mr. W. Sadler, Mr. P. A. Boving, Mr. E. G.
Matheson, Dr. E. H. Archibald, Dr. T. H. Boggs, Dr. H. Ashton, Mr.
D. M. Robinson, Mr. T. A. Brough, Judge F. W. Howay, Mr. G. E. Robinson, Mr. W. P. Argue, Miss A. B. Jamieson, Mr. J. M. Turnbull.
Mr. McLennan)
543 Dr. Scott  ) That Dean Coleman act as Chairman.
Mr. Argue )
544 Dr. Ashton) That Mr. Mathews act as Secretary.
Mr. Brough)
545 Dr. Klinck) That the press be invited to remain.
546 A telegram was read from the Chancellor regretting his
inability to attend the meeting. Regrets were also received from
Principal Vance, Mr. Justice Murphy and Mr. R. L. Reld.
Mr. Boving )
Dean Clement) That the communication from the Chancellor
be filed.
547 The call for the meeting was read by the Secretary as
At a meeting of Senate on March 14th, a resolution was
passed, - That the Senate ask for a conference with the
Board of Governors for the purpose of discussing the
financial situation of the University and taking whatever
steps seem necessary in consequence. (217)
In accordance therewith, a joint meeting of the Board of
Governors and the Senate of the University will be held on
Monday, March 21st, at 8 p.m., in the Board Room.
Dr. R. E. McKechnie,
Chairman of the Board of Governors.
Stanley W. Mathews,
Secretary of Senate.
548 President Klinck presented a statement with regard to
University finances and stated the amount of grant which the Provincial
Government had voted for the 1921-22 academic year. After a lengthy
discussion of the issues involved because of the inadequate grant,
the following resolution was adopted:-
Mr. Argue  )
Mr. McLennan) That the President be requested to arrange,
at as early a date as possible, a conference
or conferences with such members of the
legislature as may be available to present
to them the arguments which have been brought
out at the meeting tonight, and that a
committee of two be appointed by the President
to act with him in the making of these
Mr. Boving )
Judge Howay)
That we adjourn.
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