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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1932-02-17

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Wednesday,   February   17th,   1932
The   third  regular   meeting   of   the   Senate   of   The
University   of  British   Columbia   for   the   session   1931-32
was   held   on Wednesday,   February   17th,   1932,   at   8:00   p.m.,
in   the   Board   Room.
Present:   President  L.   S.   Klinck   (in   the   Chair),
Dean   F.   M.   Clement,   Dean   R.   W.   Brock,   Dean   D.   Buchanan,
Mr.   E.   A.   Lloyd,   Dr.   G.   G.   Moe,   Dr.   H.   Vickers,   Mr.   J.   M.
Turnbull,   Mr.   H.   F.   Angus,   Dr.   A.   H.   Hutchinson,   Mr.   J.   N.
Harvey,   Dr.   F.   P.   Patterson,   Mr.   E.   C.   Hayward,   Mr.   G.   W.
Clark,   Mr.   P.   H.   Elliott,   Rev.   Dr.   J.   G.   Brown,   Rev.   Dr.
W.   H.   Vance,   Dr.   G.   G.   Sedgewick,   Mr.   Sherwood   Lett,   Mr.
H.   T.   Logan,   Mr.   A.   E.   Lord,   Dr.   Evlyn  F.   Farris,   Mrs.
Beatrice   Wood,   Dr.   C.   Killam,   Miss   A.   B.   Jamieson,   Mr.
Sydney  Anderson,   Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett,   The   Most   Rev.   A.   U.
de   Pencier   and  Mr.   Lyle   A.   Atkinson.
Dr. Vance )
Mr. Harvey) That the minutes of the second
regular meeting of Senate of December
16th, 1931, be taken as read, and
The minute 3 of the special meeting of December 31st,
1931 , were re ad.
Correction: In the record of the statement by Dr.
Killam in reference to "trick questions" in certain
subjects in the Christmas examinations, the words "he
had been informed" were changed, at his request, to
"he had heard rumours".
It was agreed that the Secretary would send copies
of the reports on Christmas Examination Results as presented at the special meeting of December 31st, 1931, to
members of Senate not present at that meeting.
Dr. Vance    )
Mr. Hayward  ) That these minutes be adopted.
Carried 184.
Wednesday, February 17th, 1932
Notices of appointment of Committees;
To study the academic training of High School
teachers in relation to rural life:
Dean F. M, clement, Convenor
Mr. H. T. Logan
Mr. G. W. Clark
Miss A. B. Jamieson
Mr. L. A. Atkinson
Dr. A. H. Hutchinson
Mr. J. M. Turnbull.
To consider the information re courses given in the
various Faculties with number of students
registered in each: Session 1931-32:
Mr. Sherwood 'Lett, Convenor
Mr. A. E. Lord
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick
Dr. H. Vickers
Dr. G. G. Moe
A report was presented giving a full list of the
adjustments in registration following the Christmas
Examina tions.
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Brock   ) That this report be received and
From  the   Faculty  of  Arts   and  Science
Standing  required   in   the   First   and   Second   Years
(a) 50^   or   more   in   each   subject,   or,
(b) 60^   on   the   total,   with   a   minimum   of   40fo
in  each   paper,   provided   fifteen  units   of
First   or   Second   Year   work   are   taken   at
one   sitting.
Dean  Buchanan)
Mr.   Angus )   That   this   recommendation  be
appro ved.
It  was   stated   that   this   ruling  would   not  go   into
effect  until   April,   1933.
_J 185.
Wednesday, February 17th, 1932
Reading Courses for Third and Fourth Year Students
That, subject to appropriate financial
arrangements being made, we recommend that
an additional reading course be allowed to
students in the Third and Fourth Years,
provided that the candidate for a reading
course shall have taken at least six units
of Third and Fourth Year work in the subject
in which the reading course is chosen, that
he shall have made an average of at least
second class in the six units in question,
that both reading courses shall not be
chosen in the same subject, and that a
reading course shall not be taken concurrently
with a Late Afternoon and Evening Course or
with Summer Session courses except by a
student in the Fourth Year - subject in each
case to the consent of the Department concerned.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Angus    ) That the recommendation be
app roved.
Standing required for admission to Second Year
Extra-Sessional Classes	
That   students   who   are   qualified   for   regis-
^ tration   as   Second   Year   students   (Full   under
graduate   or   Conditioned)   be   permitted   to
take   Second   Year   Extra-Sessional   Classes   for
*- which   they   have   the   prerequisite   standing.
Dean   Buchanan)
4 Mr.   Angus )   That   this   recommendation be
Report   of   Committee   on  Calendar   -   Matriculation
y Re qu i r e me nt s
^ Mr.   Turnbull)
Mr.   Lloyd        )   That   the   report   of   the   Committee
^ be   received   and   considered  in  parts.
v Part I   Senior Matriculation Pass Marks
(a) Fifty per cent.or more in each paper;
• or 186.
Wednesday, February 17th, 1932
(b) Sixty per cent, "on the total, with a
minimum of 40 per cent, in each paper,
provided the whole examination is taken
at one t ime.
Mr. Turnbull    )
Miss Jamieson   ) That Senate approve of the mark
in Senior Matriculation being
made the same as that for Junior
Matriculation, subject to
approval by the Faculty of Arts
and Science, the Faculty of
Agriculture and the Matriculation Board.
Part   II All   remaining   sections.
Mr. Turnbull)
Mr. Lloyd   ) That the remaining sections of the
report be adopted.
Mr. Turnbull  )
Miss Jamieson ) That the report as a whole be
A report was received from Dean Buchanan in reference
to "trick questions" on the Christmas examinations.  Dean
Buchanan stated that he had consulted all the Christmas
papers in English and had found no question of the type
menti oned.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Killam   ) That this report be received and
Report   of   the   Joint   Faculty   Committee   on  Prizes   and
Scholar ships	
Mr. Logan     )
Dr. Hutchinson) That the report be received and
considered clause by clause.
^1 -V
Wednesday, February 17th, 1932
1.     That   the  University   Senior  Matriculation
Scholarship   of   $150.00,   won  by
Malcolm   Ross   McPhail,   be   re-awarded  by
reversion   to   Robert   Artemas   Findlay,
registered   student   in   the   Faculty   of  Arts
and   Science,   Second   Year.
Mr. Logan     )
Dr. Hutchinson) That recommendation "1" be
2.  That the District Number 4
culation (Royal Institution
of $100.00, won by Donald C
Junior Matri-
) Scholarship
ampbell McPhail
be   re-awarded  by   reversion
Mary  Margaret   Buchanan   and
Russell   Hone   who   3tood   equa
Matriculation   examination:
Scholarship   be   reserved:    th
event   of  both  being   in   atte
the   session   1932-33,   the   Sc
divided   equally:   that   other
amount   be   paid   to   whichever
is   in   attendance.
to   Miss
Mr.   Howard
1   on   the
that   the
at ,   in   the
ndance   during
holarship   be
wi se   the   total
one   of   them
Mr.   Logan )
Dr.   Hutchinson)
That   recommendation
"2"  be
3.      That   the   District   Number   5   Junior   Matriculation   (Royal   Institution)   Scholarship
of   $100.00,   won  by  Miss   Phyllis   Mary
Brewster,   be   re-awarded   by   reversion  to
Miss   Bertha  Maude   Mills,   registered
student   in   the   Faculty   of   Arts   and   Science,
First   Year.
Mr. Logan     )
Dr. Hutchinson) That clause "3" of this report
be adopted.
Carri ed
Recommendation by Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes
and Scholarships, with the approval of the Deans of
Faculties: 188.
Wednesday, February 17th, 1932
That   Senate   accept   the   Isaac   Bunting
Botany  Bursary   of   $75.00   and   that   the
Head   of   the   Department   of   Botany  be
requested   to   arrange   the   terms   of   award
in   conference   with   the   Donor.
Mr. Logan     )
Dr. Hutchinson) That Senate accept the Isaac
Bunting Botany Bursary.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Logan    ) That Senate express its appreciation to Miss Boutilier.
(who was instrumental in
securing this Bursary).
Mr. Logan     )
Dr. Hutchinson) That the report as a whole be
adop ted.
Mr. Clark )
Dr. Vance ) That Senate express its thanks to
Mr. Bunting.
Mr.   G.   W.   Clark   asked   if   a   larger   number   of   scholarships   could  not   be   assigned  to   Senior   Matriculation   students
Mr.   Logan   stated   that   the   Joint   Faculty   Committee   on
Prizes   and   Scholarships   had   the   matter  under   consideration.
The   report   of   the   meeting   of   representatives   of   the
Department   of   Education,   the  Federal   and  Provincial   Departments   of   Agriculture   and   the   University   in   respect   to
the   co-ordination  of   work   in   Agriculture   was   presented.
This   had  been  mailed   to   members.
Archbishop   de   Pencier)
Mr.   Clark )    That   the   report   be   taken   as
read,and   filed.        Carried 189.
Wednesday, February 17th, 1932
Report of the University Ceremonies Committee re new
form of diploma for Arts degrees	
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Lord     ) That this be referred to the
Faculty of Arts and Science for
report to Senate.
Carri e d
From the Board of Governors
Allocation of University Funds
"That in the opinion of the Board funds be
allocated the Faculties of Agriculture,
Arts and Science and Applied Science , as
1st.  That student fees be credited to the
respective Faculties in which they register.
2nd.  That after deducting coat of administration, the balance of the Government grant
be divided equally between the respective
Facul ties .
3rd.  That this resolution be communicated
to Senate."
Mr. Harvey)
Mr. Lord  ) That this report be received and
handed to a committee to be elected
by Senate; that the thanks of the
Senate be returned to the Board; and
that the committee report to an adjourned meeting to be held on
Wednesday, February 24th.
Dr. Killam)
Mr. Clark ) That the committee consist of eight
members and be appointed as follows:
Dr. Moe - Agriculture
Mr. Angus - Arts and Science
Dr. Vickers - Applied Science.
Dr. Burnett, Convenor
Mr. J. N. Harvey
Miss Jamieson
Mr. Sherwood Lett
Principal Vance.
Carried 190.
Wednesday,   February   17th,   1932
Financial   Statement   for  1950-31
Notice   had   been   sent   to   members   of   Senate   that   a
copy   of   this   statement   had been  placed   on   file   in  the
office   of   the   Secretary   of   Senate   and   was   open   to
members   of   Senate   for   reference.
Dr. Vance  )
Mr. Elliott) That in the opinion of Senate, the
financial statement of the University should be furnished to the
members of Senate.
The President stated that inasmuch as the Board of
Governors had given the Student Publicity Committee access to the financial statement for 1930-31, he had, on
his own initiative, filed a copy with the Secretary of
Senate for reference.
Moti on carried
A communication from the Provincial Parent-Teacher
Federation in respect to Home Economics was read.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Lord     ) That the letter be received and
A letter was received from the Secretary of the
Council of Legal Education, London, England, 3tating
that the University of British Columbia had been approved
by the Council of Legal Education, and that the degree
examinations would qualify our students for admission
at any one of the four Inns of Court. 191.
Lett    )
Ander son)
Wednesday, February 17th, 1932
That this communication be received
and referred to the Calendar Committee for inclusion in the next
calendar; and that the Secretary be
instructed to express our appreciation to the Council of Legal
An application from Delta Zeta.Chapter of the
International Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority for official
recognition was received.
Mr. Lord )
Mr. Logan) That this matter stand over to the
adjourned meeting of Senate on
February   24th.
Dean Clement)
Mr. Lloyd   )
That Senate representation on the
Co-ordinating Committee of the
Senate and the Board of Governors
be increased by two members and
that it be suggested to the Board
of Governors that that body increase its representation by an
equal number.
In amendment:
That this matter be laid over to the
adjourned meeting of Senate and that
in the meantime we be furnished with
the history of the committee so that
we will know something of its formation and what has been done.
Carri ed
^ 192.
Wednesday,   February  17th,   1932
Mr. Harvey)
Mr. Clark ) That we adjourn to meet on
Wednesday, February 24th, at
8:00 p,m.
Secre tary


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