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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Oct 21, 1936

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Wednesday, October 2ist, 1936
The first regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1936-37 was
held on Wednesday, October 21st, 1936, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room.
Present: President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair),
Dean F. M. Clement, Dean J. N, Finlayson, Dean D.
Buchanan, Dr. Blythe Eagles, Dr. D. G. Laird, Dr. M. Y.
Williams, Mr. A. H. Finlay, Mr. H, F. Angus, Mr. H. n.
MacCorkindale, Mr. J. Newton Harvey, Major H. C. Holmes,
Mr. A. R. Lord, Rev. J. G. Brown, Mr. H, T. Logan, Dr.
G. G. Sedgewick, Mr. Sherwood Lett, Miss M, L. Bollert,
Mr. P. A. Boving, Mr. J. C. Oliver, Dr. Evlyn F. Farris,
Miss isobel Harvey, The Most Rev. A. U. de Pencier, Mr.
Sydney Anderson, Mr. A. A. Webster and Mr. 0. J. Thomas.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Mr. Dilworth, Dr.
Sanderson, His Honour Judge Howay and His Honour Judge
h Mr. Harvey)
Mr. Oliver) That the minutes of the fifth
regular meeting of August 28th, 1956,
^ be taken as read, and adopted.
* Notices  were   received   of   the   re-appointment   of   the
«                             Rev.   Dr.   J.   G.  Brown,   as   representative   on  Senate   of  the
Union  Theological   College,   and  of   the   re-appointment   of
1< Mr.   H,   N.   MacCorkindale,   by  the   Lieutenant-Governor  in
u Council.
* The Chair welcomed Dean J. H. Finlayson and
^^^        Mr. A. R. Lord to membership in the Senate 516.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1956
A statement of registration for the session 1956-57
as at October 21st, 1956, was submitted for the information of Senate.
A letter from the President was read announcing
that Dr. G. G, Sedgewick would be the speaker for the
Autumn Congregation.
Appointment of Committees
Appointments by President Klinck of Standing
Committee on Calendar
Mr. H. F. Angus
Mr. A. H. Finlay
Dr. D. G. Laird
Mr. 0. J. Thomas
Dr. J. Roy Sanderson
Press Committee
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
Mr. H. C. Holmes
Committee on Honorary Degrees
Judge F. W. Howay
Dr. Evlyn F. Farris
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick
Dr. D. Buchanan
Hr. P. A. Boving
Appointments by President Klinck of Representatives
on University Committees:
On Management of the Gymnasium
Mr. J. C. Oliver
1 <l
Wednesday, October 2_st, 1956
On Public Relations
Mr. A. E. Lord
Library Committee - Nominations by the Faculties
Faculty of Arts and Science
Mr. F. -. Soward
Dr. Isabel Maclnnes
Dr. M. Y. Williams
Faculty of Applied Science
Mr. A. H, Finlay
Faculty of Agriculture
Dr. Blythe Eagles
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Boving   ) That the nominations of the
Faculties be approved.
From the Board of Governors
Special scholarships of $150 each provided for
Don Nazzer, Thomas S. Taraaki and Eileen Keel.
Second scholarship - Second Year Summer Session,
of the value of $50 - provided.
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
A list of the Autumn Awards of Prizes and Scholarly ships made by the Chairman of Senate on the recommendation
of the Joint Faculty Committee in conformity with the
resolution of Senate of December 18, 1929, was submitted
t<           for the information of Senate.
It was noted in the list submitted that in one of the
districts the junior matriculation scholarship had been
relinquished and re-awarded a number of times.  The
Secretary of the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes and 518.
Wednesday,   October 2_sfc,   1956
Scholarships   gave   the   reasons   for  this   occurrence.
Mr. Lett  )
Mr. Holmes) That the Committee be asked to give
consideration to the terms of the
scholarships in so far as districts
2 and 5 are concerned, and report
back to Senate.
Report on Bursaries and Special Loan Fund
The sum of $2,690.50 for bursaries and $1,500.00
for a special loan fund had been made available by the
Board of Governors.  The Chairman of the Joint Faculty
Committee on Prizes and Scholarships, for the information
of Senate, submitted a report showing the distribution
of these amounts.
From the Faculties'
A report was received in regard to Supplemental
Examinations, Special Examinations and Re-readings,
together with the marks of all candidates.  Thi3 was for
the information of Senate.
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
A report was received in reference to students who,
since the Congregation on May 7th, 1956, had completed
courses for degrees or diplomas.  The report was considered section by section and adopted.
Mr. Vernon C. Brink, a candidate for the degree of
Master of Science in Agriculture, had completed the work 519.
Wednesday, October 2Jsi, 1956
with the exception of one report.
Dean Clement)
Mr. Boving  ) That the case of Mr. Vernon C.
Brink and similar cases in the
Faculty of Arts and Science and in
the Faculty of Applied Science
be referred to the President and
Deans with power to act.
In the discussion, the feeling was expressed that a
definite date should be set when the work of candidates
for degrees must be completed.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Harvey   ) That the Chair appoint a committee
to consider this matter and bring
in a recommendation to Senate.
From the Faculty of Applied Science
Changes in courses in the Department of Mechanical
and Electrical Engineering:
Fifth Year Mechanical Engineering
M.E. 8, M.E.9, and H.E. 10, three courses of 1 hour
lecture per week with a common laboratory period of
5 hours per week, changed to one course of 2
lectures and 5 hours laboratory per week.  The same
material will be covered.
Fourth Year Electrical Engineering
Physics 11 to be omitted.  This course was added
last year but has never been taken by electrical
students.  In its place it is recommended that
E.E. 2 and E.E. 5 be increased to 2 lectures per
week each throughout the session.
M.E. 5 was dropped a year ago, but the notice
evidently failed to include the laboratory part of 520.
Wedfceaday,   October  Slst,   1936
^) the   course  M.E.   5(a)   which   should  be   omitted   from
the  calendar  also.
■ j Fifth  Year  Electrical  Engineering
E.E.   7,   Design  of   Electrical   Machinery.     The
lectures   to   be   reduced from  2   to   1  per  week,   and
^ the   laboratory  period to   remain  the   same.
E.E.   8  and  9.     Traction,   Transmission  and  Dis-
Q tribution.     The   lectures   to   be   increased  from
1 to 2 per week.
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Finlay    ) That the recommendation of the
Faculty be approved.
Reports of Committees
On Military Education
Recommending that Dr. G. M. Shrum be appointed
to take over the command of the C.O.T.C.
Dean Buchanan )
Dean Finlayson) That this recommendation receive
the approval of Senate.
On University Extension - this report had been
mimeographed and mailed to members.
Mr. Boving  )
Mr. Anderson) That the report be adopted and
'< On Public Relations
^ Dr. Williams presented a summary of the work
of the Committee for the session 1935-56.
Dr.   Williams)
Mr.   Oliver     )   That   the   report be   received  and
filed  for   information. Carried 521.
Wednesday, October 21st, 1956
A letter was received from Mr. Norman Wilks,
Toronto Conservatory of Music, in regard to the Toronto
Conservatory of Music examinations which the University
accepts as options for Junior Matriculation.  The suggestion was made that it would be better if the candidate
were required to follow the syllabus of the current year
rather than that of a particularly specified year.  No
action was considered necessary.
A communication was received from Mr. Frank Dodson,
of Vancouver, together with copies of letters which he
had sent to the Chief of Police and to His Worship the
Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Vancouver and Members of
the City Police Commission, protesting against the "Snake
Parade" of the students of the University in downtown
Vancouver on October 7th.  In this connection a letter from
the University Solicitor was read in which the Solicitor
pointed out that according to the University Act Amendment
Act, 1955, disciplinary powers were given wholly to Faculty
Council, subject to an appeal to Senate.
Mr. Lett ) That the letter from the University
Dr. Brown) Solicitor be referred to the Faculty
Council, with the request that the
Council take the necessary action and
report back to Senate, for information.
Carried 522.
Wednesday, C0t0ber 2lSt, 1956
Mr. Lett     )
Dr. Sedgewick) That the letter from Mr* Dodson be
referred to the President, with
the request that he make a suitable
A letter from Mr. W. C. Parham, whose son, Donald,
was injured in the "Snake Parade", was before Senate, as
was also a letter from Dr. Meekison stating that the boy
was making satisfactory progress.  No action was taken.
Mr. Anderson)
Mr. Lett    ) That we adjourn.


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