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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1926-05-05

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Wednesday,   May 5th,   19 26
The   fourth   regular meeting of  the   Senate   of  The
University  of  British   Columbia  for   the   session   1925-26
was held  on  Wednesday,   May 5th,   1926,   at  9:30  A.M.,   in
the   Board   Room.
Present:     The   President   (in  the   Chair},   Dean   F.   M.
Clement,   Dean  R.   W.   Brock,   Dean H.   T.   J.    Coleman,   Ur.
H.   U.   King,   Hr.   A.   F.   Barss,   Ur.   H.   R.    Christie,   Dr.
R.   H.   Clark,   Dr.   D.   Buchanan,   Dr.   H.   Y.   Williams,
Judge  Peter  S.   Lampman   ,  Hr.   James Henderson,   Hr.   G.   A.
Fergusson,   Dr.   E.   B.   Paul,   Rev.   Dr.   W.   H.   Smith,   Rev.
Dr.   W.   H.   Vance,   Rev.   J.   G.   Brown,   Dr.   G.   G.   Sedgewick,
Dr.    C.   Killam,   Rev.   A.   H.   Sovereign,   Judge   J.   D.
Swanson,   Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett,  Hr.   J.   H.   Turnbull,  Hr.
J.   S.   Gordon,   Hr.   9.   E.   Robinson  and Ur.   W.   P.   Argue.
Dr. Clark)
Ur. Argue) That the minutes of the Third Regular
meeting of February 17th, the special
meeting of March 18th and the special
meeting of April 9th, be taken as
read, and confirmed.
A  letter was  received  from Ur.   Sherwood  Lett,
regretting his   inability  to  be  present  at   the   meeting.
Dr. Coleman)
963 Dr. Killam ) That the results of the examinations
be released to the Press, Faculty
by Faoulty.
Dr. Killam )
Ur. Christie) That items 6 and 7 on the Agenda
be taken up first.
964 Examination Results
The results of the examinations in the various
years in the Faoulty of Arts and Scienoe, including
those of Victoria College, were presented by Dean 465
Wednesday, Hay 5th, 1926
Coleman,   and were   considered and passed,   section  by
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Killam  ) That the report as a whole, be
Dean Coleman)
Dean Brock  )
That Senate make arrangements for
the holding of a special congregation at the close of the Summer
School for the purpose of conferring the degree of Bachelor of
Arts upon Harry Verney Warren in
the event of his having fulfilled
the requirements for the degree
by that time.
results of the examinations in the various
years in Applied Science were presented by Dean Brock
and were considered and passed section by section, including the following special recommendations:
That Margaret Dorsett. Second Year Nursing,
be granted aegrotat standing in the subjects
in which she missed examination on account
of being in quarantine, and that the average
made by her in the four subjects of her examination be recorded as her average percentage
in the work of the year.
That Arthur F. Bees. Third Year Applied
Science, be required to clear off his supplementals before proceeding to the work of
the Fourth Year.
Dean Brock  )
Hr. Turnbull)
That the results in
of Applied Science,
be adopted.
the Faoulty
as a whole.
Carried 467
Wednesday, Hay 5th, 1926
967 The results of the examinations in the various
years in the Faculty of Agriculture were presented by
Dean Clement, and were considered and passed, section
by section.
Dean Clement)
Ur. King    ) That the report of the Faoulty of
Agriculture, as a whole, be
A discussion arose as to the work in the Faculty of
968 Agriculture and the Dean was asked to prepare a report
for a later meeting of Senate.
Ur.   Argue)
Dr.   Paul   )   That   a  special  meeting be  held  to
discuss   the  question  of   courses   in
Motion a.tfch.rir.ftwn
Dr. Williams)
Hr. Argue   ) That the report in reference to
969 the   award  of  Hedals,   Prizes  and
Scholarships  be   received and"*
Dr.   Vanoe)
Dr.   Clark)   That   the   respective   faculties  be  em-
970 powered  to   oorreot  errors  or  omissions   in   the   reoommendations.
Notices  of Appointment   of   Committees
971 On  the   Study of   the  Archaeology,  Ethnology and
Ethnography of  B.   C.   Indiana.
Dr.   H.   Y.   Williams,   Chairman
Dean  R.   W.   Brook
Hr.   James  Henderson
Rev.   A.   H.   Sovereign
Dr.   G.   G.   Sedgewiok 468
Wednesday, Hay 5th, 1926
972 On Fraternities and Sororities
Hr. A. F. Barss, Chairman
Hr. Sherwood Lett
Dr. W. B. Burnett
Hiss A. B. Jamieson
Dr. H. Y. Williams
From the Board of Governors
973 (a) Arts '28 Bursary - Acceptance approved by Board
974 (b) That committees of Senate be given permission
to secure at the expense of the University the
opinion of the University solicitor on such
matters as may be referred to committee by
975 (c) That the Board deems it Inexpedient to take any
action on the resolution of Senate regarding
the Baccalaureate service.
976 (d) Approval of recommendation that the Teacher-
Training course be constituted a Department of
Education in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
377 (e) Proposed courses in Home Economics.
Dean Coleman)
Ur. Fergusson) That all these be received and
filed and that the communication
re courses in Home Economics be
referred to a committee for examination and report.
A petition was received from a number of pre-med-
ical students asking that two years of the medical
course be offered at The University of British Columbia.
Dr.   Vanoe)
Dr.   Clark)   That   this   communication  be   referred
978 to  a  committee   to  be   appointed  by  the
Caxried "46T"
Wednesday,   Uay 5th,   1926
Reports  of   Committees
979 On  Junior  Colleges    -     Report   of progress.
980 On Fraternities and  Sororities -   Report   of progress
Dr.   Sedgewick   )
Judge   Swanson   )   That   the   report  be   received  and
the   committee   instructed  to   continue   their work.
981 On Proposed Changes in Conetitution of the Alma
Hater Sooiety -  Report of progress.
Dr. Buchanan)
Ur. Gordon  ) That In the case of no award of a
particular prize, the prize be,
with the consent of the donors,
transferred to some other field,
the Committee on Prizes and Scholarships to have power to act.
Reoommendatlon of the High Sohool and University
Ha. tr 1 qui a tl o n_ Boat d_ i n_ TBte-xe jaoe _ t o_ Ju ni o r_ Ha t r i aul&X 1 o n
933       1.  That a candidate for Junior Matrioulation be
granted standing in each paper in which he
makes 50$ or over.  If the candidate takes the
whole examination at one time, however, he may
obtain standing by making an average of at
least 50$ with a minimum of 40$ on each paper.
2.  That Uatrioulation must be completed within
three years.
Dean Coleman)
Hr. Fergusson) That the recommendation be adopted.
Ca-rrled, 470
Wednesday, Uay 5th, 1926
Dean Clement)
Dr. Clark   ) That we adjourn.
/I (p. /SSU^*4%
Cha i rman


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