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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1918-03-22

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Friday, March 22nd., 1918.
(206) A special meeting of the Senate of the University of
v^,    British Columbia was held on Friday, March 22nd., 1918 at 8 P.M. in
Jhu  *-'      tag Board Room, University Offices.
► P^uJtJ
(209) Presents Dean Klinck, Mr. Robertson, Mr. Chodat, the
Superintendent of Education, Mr. Burns, Judge Howay, Mr. Gordon,
Mr. Argue, Br* Brydone-Jack, Mr. Turnbull, Dr. Pearson and the
Judge Howay)
Or. Pearson) That Dean Klinck take the chair.    Oarried.
The minutes of the regular meeting of Pebruary 13th., 1918
and of the special meeting of Pebruary 28th., 1918, were read.
(210) Letters were read from D. J. Welsh, Principal of fee High
School at Enderby, B. 0., and from John Kyle, Organizer of Vocational
Education of British Columbia, inquiring what arrangements had been
made for allowing matriculation standing to boya who enroll aa
Soldiers of the Soil. The following resolutions were also read:
"At a meeting of the High Softool Teachers of Victoria, Oak
Bay and Esauimalt, held at the Victoria Hig£ School on
Friday, March 8th., 1918, tfte following resolution waa
'This meeting requests the authorities of the University
of British Columbia to consider the advisability of
granting Matrioulation standing, on the recommendation
of the teachers, on the same lines as proposed by the
Department of Bduoatlon, to those students who leave
before the expiration of the term in June to engage in
jr. p^,/L productive labor."*
"Resolution proposed and oarried unanimously at a meeting of
representatives from Point Grey, South Vancouver, North
Vancouver , Burnaby and Vancouver School Boards and of the
teachers of these municipalities.
'That this meeting requests the authorities of the
University of British Columbia to consider the advisability
of granting Matrioulation standing on the recommendation
of the teachers, on the same lines as proposed by the
Department of Education to those students who leave
before the expiration of Hie term in June to engage in
productive labor.1M
The following resolution with regard to "Soldiers of the
Soil" Movement was passed at the meeting of Faculty on Wednesday,
March 20th., 1918:
"That the Faculty cordially endorses the aims of the
promoters of this movement, and that they are prepared to
grant admission to the University to High School students of
the Matrioulation classes who leave school to engage in
productive labor upon the farms, under the following
MA^ (5§)
Friday, March 22nd., 1918.
(210) conditional
(a) That in the opinion of the Provincial Department
of Agrioulture a real need exists which this
movement is calculated to meet,
(b) That each applicant present a proper certifioate,
(1) of having done three months * actual productive
work, (2) of having, at the time of leaving school,
attained a degree of scholarship making it probable
that he would have successfully matriculated in the
ordinary way."
Mr. Argue     )
Or*  Brydone-Jack) That the recommendation of Faoulty amended by
inserting in Clause (b) (1) the words "at least" before the word
"three", be adopted.        Carrie^-
(211) fhe Secretary read a letter from the  Superintendent of Education
with regard to the establishment of a Joint Matriculation Board.
Mr, fiobertson)
Mr. Gordon  ) That the Senate notes with satisfaction the
proposals of the Superintendent of Education for the unification of
the Intermediate Grade Examination and the Senior Grade Examination
of the Department of Education with the Matrioulation Examinations
of the Dnlveraity and for the establishment of a joint Board of
Examiners and empowers the Chairman of the Matriculation Board
aa at present constituted to enter into any arrangements necessary
for carrying these proposals into effect.    Carried.
(212)       The following recommendations of Faculty were then dealt with:
1, That Miss Gladys Gale, First Year Arts, who through
sickness was unable to write on her examination in
Geometry (whloh was final) at Christmas, be given the
option of an examination without fee in September, or
"aegrotat" -standing on application and on the approval
of the Department concerned, and that this ruling be
made «6ialioabla: to similar cases.
Mr* Bobinson)
Judge Howay ) That this recommendation of Faculty be
approved and that this ruling be made applicable to
similar oases. Oarried.
2. That Walter J. Agabob, Third Year Arts, who submitted
a medical certificate testifying to his being unable to
further oontinue his studies this session, be given
"aegrotat" standing in the Third Year of Arts.
Mr. Robinson)
Mr. Turnbull) That this recommendation be endorsed.
/ (60)
Friday, March 22nd., 1918.
I  A
(213) A report of the Committee on Curriculum and Calendar, copies
of which were placed In the hands of the members, was presented by
Mr. Robertson.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Chodat  ) That the report be received.     Oarried.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Argue ) That the clauses be considered seriatim. Carried.
\:C^   />"
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Argue   ) That Clause adopted.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Gordon  ) That Clause II. be adopted.
The following amendments were proposed.
That the first sentence be re-^written.
That the seoond sentence read "that students, seeking first
class standing in any subject be required to take the distinction
hour in that subject".
That the third and fourth sentences be eliminated.
The proposer and Seconder agreed to these amendments and the
amended motion was carried.
Aa Clause III. was merely informative it was eliminated.
Clause IV, on motion of Mr. Robertson, seconded by Judge
Howay, was adopted.
Clause V. on motion of Mr. Robertson, seconded by Mr. Burns,
was adopted.
Mr. Robertson )
Judge Howay  ) Clause VI. was adopted.
Mr. Robertson )
Mr. Gordon   j That Olsnase VI. be reconsidered.   Carried.
Clause VI. amended by the addition of History I. under course
I. and the following.foot note,
"Students may eleet three foreign languages substituting one
of these for either Mathematics or Jhysios" was adopted on motion of
Mr. Robertson and Mr. Gordon.
Clause VII. was eliminated.
To course III.B. in Clause VIII. was added "or a third
y IW« .■»■!■«
Friday, March 22nd., 1918.
(213) language which must have been taken in the First Tear", aid the
amended clause adopted on motion of Mr. Robertson, seconded by
Judge Howay,
Mr. Robertson )
Mr. Argue ) That the first part of Clause IX. be adopted.
Mr* Robertson )
Mr. Gordon       ) That the second part of Clause IX. be adopted.
Clause I. waa covered by the first paragraph of Clause IX.
and is to be substituted therefor.
Clause XI* The first paragraph was eliminated.
Br. Robertson)
Mr. Chodat  ) That the second paragraph of Clause XI. be
adopted.    Carried.
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Pearson ) That the report as amended be adopted. Carried.
(214) A letter waa read from the Superintendent of Education
stating that in the eleotion of a representative of the High School
Principals ant teachers conducted by him at the request of the Senate,
Principal T. A. Brongh had received the greatest number of votes,
Mr. Argue )
Mr. Gordon)   That Mr. I. A. Brough be declared eleoted aa
representative of the High School Principals and teachers and that
he be notified of his eleotion by the Secretary of Senate. Oarried.
The meeting then adjourned.
^iW. iff-
Chairman. Secretary.


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