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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1958-01-21

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 Tuesday, January 21st, 1958    2511
A special meeting of the Senate of the University
of British Columbia was held on Tuesday, January 21st, 1958,
at 7:30 p.m. in the Faculty Club.
Present: President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dean G. S. Allen, Dr. W. J. Anderson, Dean G. C. Andrew, Mrs.
H. F. Angus, Dr. J.J.R. Campbell, Mr. K. P. Caple, Very Rev.
H. Carr, Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers, Miss Mollie Cottingham, Mr.
L.G.R. Crouch, Dean B. A. Eagles, Miss M. M. Fallis, Dr.
J. G. Foulks, Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean W. H. Gage, Mr. B. C.
Gillie, Mr. C. C. Gourlay, Dean H. C. Gunning, Dr. W. H.
Hickman, Dr. R. D. James, Dr. F. H. Johnson, Dr. J.E.A.
Kania, Mr. F. M. Knapp, Col. H. T. Logan, Dr. M. F. McGregor,
Dean E. D. MacPhee, Dean A. W. Matthews, Dean M. D. Mawdsley,
Dr. F. Noakes, Dr. F. P. Patterson, Dean J. W. Patterson,
Mrs. L. E. Ranta, Dr. W. N. Sage, Dr. B. Savery, Dean N. V.
Scarfe, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dean F. H. Soward, Dr. H. V. Warren,
Mr, L.G.J. Wong and Dr, J. K. Friesen,
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Chancellor A. E. Grauer, Mr, C. B.
Bourne, Mr. J. M. Buchanan, Dean S.N.F. Chant, Dr. I, McT.
Cowan, Dean G. F. Curtis, The Honourable Mr. Justice A. E.
Lord, Mr. F. A. Morrison, Dean G. M. Shrum, Dr. R. W.
Wellwood, Rev. H. F. Woodhouse, Dr. S. H. Zbarsky and Mr.
N. Harlow.
The meeting had been called for a review of the
range of purposes of higher education.  However, the Tuesday, January 21st, 1958    2512
Committee on Honorary Degrees had prepared its recommendations
of Honorary Degrees to be conferred during 1958, and it was
agreed that these should be considered before proceeding
with the special discussion.
Dr. MacKenzie stated that some of the individuals
recommended for Honorary Degrees would not normally be
considered while in their present offices, but that this
procedure was felt to be justified in 1958 in order to mark
the Centennial Year of the Province of British Columbia and
the 50th anniversary of the granting of the Charter to the
University of British Columbia.
Special Congregations were proposed to coincide
with the visit of Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret to
British Columbia in July, the meeting of the Association of
Universities of the British Commonwealth late in the summer,
and the formal opening of the Buchanan Building.  It was
suggested that the latter two Special Congregations should
be held between September 23rd and September 25th, in the
first week of lectures for the 1958-59 Session.
Dean Soward presented the following recommendations
on behalf of the Committee on Honorary Degrees:
1. That an Honorary Degree be conferred upon Her Royal
Highness Princess Margaret, to be given at her
convenience when she visits the Province in July,
appropriate arrangements to be made after discussion
with the Lieutenant-Governor;
2. That appropriate Honorary Degrees be conferred upon the
following public figures in Canada at one of the
Special Congregations in September, if they are able to
be present to receive the degree: Tuesday, January 21st, 1958   2513
The Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia
The Prime Minister of Canada
The Leader of the Opposition in the Federal House
Mr. M. J. Coldwell, leader of the CCF. party
The Premier of the Province of British Columbia
The Honourable Brooke Claxton, Chairman of the
Canada Council.
It was noted that the Senate had already agreed to
confer an Honorary Degree on the Honourable Lester
Pearson, who is at present the Leader of the
Opposition in the Federal House,
3. That appropriate Honorary Degrees be conferred upon
the following representatives of universities of the
British Commonwealth at the other Special Congregation
in September, if they are able to be present to receive
the degree:
Lord Adrian, the Vice-Chancellor of the
University of Cambridge
Sir Hector Hetherington, the Vice-Chancellor of
Glasgow University
Dr. D. W. Logan, the Principal of the University
of London
Rt. Rev. Monsignor Irenee Lussier, Rector of the
University of Montreal
Dr. C T. Bissell, President-Elect of the
University of Toronto
Dr. T. H. Matthews, former Registrar of McGill
University, now National Secretary of the
National Conference of Canadian Universities
Lieutenant-Colonel Sir A, L. Mudaliar, the
Vice-Chancellor of the University of Madras,
or an alternative representative of an
Indian university.
The Committee recommended also that Honorary Degrees
should be conferred at this time on Dr. Harold W, Dodds,
recently retired as President of Princeton University,
and Dr, J.E.W, Sterling, President of Stanford
University (approved for an Honorary Degree in 1955),
if they were able to attend.  It appeared unlikely that
Dr. Sterling could be present at this Congregation,
4. That appropriate Honorary Degrees be conferred upon the
following at the regular Spring or Autumn Congregations
or at one of the Special Congregations in September, if
they are able to be present to receive the degree; [i Tuesday, January 21st, 1958    2514
'+ Lt.-General E.L.M. Burns, Commander of the
United Nations Emergency Force
Mr, C. J. Thompson, University Architect
The Honourable Mr. Justice A. E. Lord
His Honour Judge J. B. Clearihue
Mr. Ralph Pybus
Mrs. Sherwood Lett
Mr. Franc R. Joubin
Chancellor A, E, Grauer.
Dean Soward)
Dean Gage  )  That the above recommendations in
connection with the award of Honorary
Degrees for the year 1958 be approved.
The Senate then proceeded to its discussion on
higher education.
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