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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1975-04-23

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Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
The Eighth regular meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the Session 1974-75 was held on Wednesday, April 23, 1975
at 8.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:    PresidentW. H. Gage (Chairman), Dean J. H. M. Andrews,
Dr. C S. Belshaw, Mr. D. Bing, Ms. J. P. Blandford, The Hon. Mr. Justice
J. C Bouck, Dr. K. T. Brearley, Dr. T. H. Brown, Rev. P. C Burns,
Dr. R. M. Clark, Mr. C J. Connaghan, Dr. D. H. Copp, Mr. W. L.
Corscadden, Dean I. McT. Cowan, Dr. J. D. Dennison, Dr. P. J. Dooling,
Mr. B. G. Dougherty, Dr. B. A. Dunell, Ms. B. G. Errington, Mrs. F.
Field, Dr. C V. Finnegan, Dean E. M. Fulton, Mr. G. S. Funt, Dean J. A. F.
Gardner, Miss C V. Goulet, Dr. R. F. Gray, Dr. D. Haley, Dr. R. H. Hill,
Dr. J. M. Houston, Dr. R. F. Kelly, Mr. B. A. Krasselt, Mr. J. Kulich,
Mrs .W.T. Lane, Dean S.W. Leung, Dr. P. A. Lusztig, Dean A.J. McClean,
Dr. D. J. MacDougall, Dr. C A. McDowell, Dr. M. F. McGregor, Dr. H.
Mitchell, Mr. G. R. Moore, Dr. B. N. Moyls, Mr. T. R. Pascuzzo, Dr. P. H.
Pearse, Dr. M. E. Prang, Dr. J. F. Richards, Dr. V. C Runeckles, Dr. S. O.
Russell, Miss J. S. Ryan, Mrs. L. Sayle, Dr. R. A. Shearer, Mr. A. F.
Sheppard, Dr. M. J. A. Smith, Dr. J. K. Stager, Dr. P. Suedfeld, Mr. G. B.
Sundeen, Mr. G. A. Thorn, Dr. M. Uprichard, Dean G. M. Volkoff, Mr. R. M.
Walls, Acting Dean R. M. Will.
Observers:   Mr. J. A. Banham, Dr. C A. Brockley, Dr. D. F. Hardwick,
Dr. D. T. Kenny.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor N. T. Nemetz, Dr. C B. Bourne, Mr. R. Dumont, Dean W. D.
Finn, Dean N. A. Hall, Dr. L. Kraintz, Rev. J. P. Martin, Dean B. E. Riedel,
Mr. J.M. Sehmer, Dean M. Shaw.
Senate Membership
The Chairman welcomed the new members of Senate.   The new Senate
had been established under the provisions of the Universities Act 1974. 6377.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Minutes of the previous meeting
Dr. McGregor ) That the minutes of the Seventh regular
Dean Cowan      ) meeting of Senate for the Session 1974-75,
having been circulated be taken as read
and adopted.
Business arising  from the Minutes
The following notice of motion had been given at the previous meeting: -
"That the position of Head of Department be replaced by that of Chairman
of Department throughout the University;    the term of office of chairmen
be four years, renewable once;   present incumbents with more than
three years in office shall be considered to have completed one year of
their final four-year term at the day of passage of this resolution;   and
the selection of chairmen shall be by election from amongst tenured
members of the departments and by full-time members of the departments.
The Agenda Committee recommended that this proposal be referred to
the President-designate, Dr. D. T. Kenny.
Dean Volkoff     ) That Senate concur with the recommendation
Dean Gardner   ) of the Agenda Committee.
In reply to a query it was confirmed that information concerning this
proposal would be brought back to Senate in due course. 6378.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval  in principle of Senate recommendations - subject,
where applicable, to the proviso that none of the programs be implemented
without formal reference to the President and the formal agreement of the
President;   and that the Deans and Heads concerned with new programs be
asked to indicate the space requirements, if any, of such new programs.
(i)       New course recommended by the Faculty of Law.    (P. 6365)
(ii)      Program in Clinical Legal Education recommended by the Faculty of
Law.    (P. 6365-6)
(iii)     Program to upgrade diploma-accredited therapists to the baccalaureate
level recommended by the School of Rehabilitation Medicine.
(P. 6366-7 & P. 6375)
Committee on Prizes,  Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Gardner ) That the new awards listed in Appendix 'A '
Dr. Gray ) be accepted subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors, and that letters of
thanks be sent to the donors.
Election of the Senate Nominating Committee for the three-year term  1975-78
At its meeting of February 20, 1974 Senate agreed that the Nominating
Committee would consist of ten members of Senate, two of whom would be
student members and two non-faculty, non-student members.
Nominations were called for and it was agreed that a mail ballot would
be provided as soon as possible.
The following two non-faculty members were nominated and are
therefore members of the committee by acclamation:-
Ms. B. Gene Errington
Mrs. F. Field 6379.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Election of the Senate Nominating Committee for the three-year term  1975-78
The following student members were nominated:-
Mr. C R. Moore
Miss J.S. Ryan
Mr. R. M. Walls
The following Faculty members were nominated:
Dr. C. B. Bourne
Dr. D. H. Copp
Dr. B. A. Dunell
Dr. R. F. Gray
Dr. M. F. McGregor
Dr. M. E. Prang
Dr. P. H. Pearse
Dr. J. K. Stager
Dr. Gray        ) That nominations be closed.
Dean Cowan   )
Convocation membership on Senate
At its meeting of January 22, 1975 Senate had recommended that the
new Senate consider a resolution to increase the number of Senators to be
elected by Convocation through Section 35 (2)   (1) of the Universities Act (1974)
Mr. Thorn    ) That Senate increase by 7 the number of
Mrs. Lane   ) Senators to be elected by Convocation
through Section 35 (2) (1) of the
Universities Act (1974).
Following a brief discussion the motion was put and carried . 6380.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Convocation membership on Senate   (continued)
It was suggested that the Registrar in consultation with the Convocation
members now on Senate would decide on how the selection of additional
members would be made and that Senate be advised at the May meeting.
Mr. Thorn       ) That the Registrar prepare a recommendation
Dean Cowan   ) for the next meeting of Senate.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Dr. Hardwick presented the report on proposals referred to the
Faculty of Dentistry
Dean Leung ) That the proposal of the Faculty of Dentistry
Dr. Uprichard   ) to delete Restorative Dentistry 418, 428,
438 and 448 be approved.
Faculty of Education    (See Appendix 'B')
Dean Andrews   ) That course and curriculum changes
Dr. Dennison    ) recommended by the Faculty of Education
be approved.
Faculty of Medicine
Proposals for new courses, course changes and program
revisions in Biochemistry were withdrawn pending approval of the
Faculty of Science. 6381.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Medicine   (continued)
Postgraduate   (Residency)  Training Programs
It was explained in the Faculty submission to Senate that
postgraduate courses are offered by individual departments or
divisions of the Faculty of Medicine to members of the Resident Staff
of University affiliated institutions.   These courses satisfy the speciality
training requirements of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons
of Canada and are approved as a prerequisite for the examinations in
each speciality.
Dr. Hardwick explained that within the last year all Residents had
been required to register as students of the University.   On the basis
of the fact that faculty members were teaching students registered at
the University it was felt that the course offerings ought to be reviewed
by Senate.
The Senate Curriculum Committee had reviewed the present
offerings and were satisfied that they should be listed in the Calendar
but recommended that a Senate committee be struck to review the entire
aspect of the Postgraduate (Residency) Training Programs.
Dr. Copp ) That courses offered in the Postgraduate
Dr. Hill    ) (Residency) Training Programs be listed
in the Calendar.
Carried 6382.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Medicine - Postgraduate   (Residency)  Training Programs
Dr. Copp ) That a Senate Committee be established to
Dr. Hill    ) review the Postgraduate (Residency)
Training Programs of the Faculty of
Medicine to assure Senate of the academic
nature and quality of these offerings.
Faculty of Science   (See Appendix 'B')
Dean Volkoff    ) That new courses and course changes in
Dr. Finnegan   ) Geophysics and Astronomy, Physics, and
Zoology recommended by the Faculty of
Science be approved.
Dr. Hardwick drew Senate's attention to the interdisciplinary
nature of Physics 405.   It was agreed that the proposed President's
Committee on Interdisciplinary Studies be requested to look at the
whole question of courses in this area.
Ad Hoc Committee on Diplomas and Certificates
Dr. Brockley presented the report.  At its meeting of September 12, 1974
Senate agreed that a committee be established to examine the principles of
granting diplomas and certificates.
It was stated in the report that the committee had examined the nature
of existing diploma and certificate programs at U.B.C.   The programs 6383.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad Hoc Committee on Diplomas and Certificates   (continued)
presently offered are largely in the professional sector and without
exception they were found to be of a high quality.    Information was sought
concerning procedures employed at other major institutions and the
responses indicate that very little formal regulation of programs is in
effect elsewhere.   However, all institutions suggested that policy guidelines
would be useful and appropriate.   The Committee therefore formulated the
following set of guidelines for the establishment of diploma and certificate
programs to assist in maintaining high academic quality:-
I.     Types of Program
1. Certificate
(a) A certificate program should, in the main, consist of regular
university courses at the First and Second Year level or
specially prepared courses at this level;
(b) the study program should be the equivalent of between
one-half and one full year of university study (9-15 units);
(c) admission requirements should be secondary school graduation
or maturity.
2. Diploma
(a) A diploma program should, in general, consist of regular
university courses at the Third and Fourth Year level;
(b) the study program should be the equivalent of one full year
or more of university study (minimum 12 - 18 units);
(c) a first university degree or the equivalent should be
prerequisite but mature applicants particularly suited because
of experience should also be admitted. 6384.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad Hoc Committee on Diplomas and Certificates    (continued)
II. Criteria for the Establishment of Diploma and Certificate Programs
1. A program should be initiated only if the subject matter is such
that the University appears to be the most appropriate body to
offer the instruction.
2. A program must have a clearly defined objective which would
be oriented in general toward a career or professional standing;
it should not be a set of courses to screen candidates for the
Master's degree.
3. A program must have a definite clientele, although the enrolment
at any particular time need not be high.
4. A program would normally be based on the courses already
offered in the University curriculum although provision for
special courses and field-work might be required to fulfil the
objectives of the program.
5. Admission requirements should not be rigid.   More important
than a rigorous set of admission requirements is strict adherence
to academic standards in the courses offered.
III. Administration
For each certificate or diploma program there should be a program
director to give close supervision to each program and a program
committee which includes staff of the departments concerned.
IV.   Instructional Staff
As far as possible, instruction in diploma programs should be given
by regular members of Faculty but more flexibility in providing
instructional staff could be anticipated in certificate programs.
V.    Standards of Achievement
The courses offered should be at the usual academic level of the
department concerned and evaluated at this level. 6385.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Ad Hoc Committee on Diplomas and Certificates    (continued)
VI.  Supplementary Recommendations
1. That all proposals for the initiation of new programs or for changes
in existing certificate and diploma programs be screened by the
Senate Curriculum Committee.
2. That at the May meeting of Senate the Deans concerned and the
Director of the Centre for Continuing Education report on
certificate and diploma programs under their jurisdiction, giving
enrolment in each program and numbers of students completing
studies during the current year.
3. That no new diploma program be initiated which would parallel
studies in a Master's degree course, and that consideration be
given to the conversion of current diplomas such as the Diplomas
in Adult Education and in Counselling, which are practically
identical in content to a Master's degree course in the same field.
4. That Recommendation No. 3. might be fully implemented, the
Faculty of Graduate Studies be asked to consider and to report to
Senate on the revision of admission requirements in order to permit
the professional experience of applicants to offset deficiencies in
previous academic qualifications.
Dr. Clark )       That the report be received.
Dr. MacDougall   )
After a brief discussion it was agreed that the proposed guidelines
be referred to the Faculties and Schools for review and comment with the
understanding that this matter would be returned to Senate for ratification
either in its present form or with amendments as suggested by the Faculties
and Schools. 6386.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Reports of Committees of Senate   (continued)
Admissions Committee
It was explained that the Universities Council of B. C had requested
the University to accept on transfer with full credit, students from Notre
Dame University of Nelson, some of whom will have completed three years
toward a degree in Arts, Education and Science.   The request was made
in the expectation that the operation of Notre Dame University would not
continue in its present form beyond June 1976.
Dr. Finnegan   ) In the event that the authority of Notre
Dean Cowan     ) Dame University of Nelson to grant degrees
is revoked, that Senate authorize the
acceptance on transfer of full credit for
courses taken by students at Notre Dame
University at the Third Year level during
the academic year 1975-76, where the
courses concerned are applicable to degrees
offered here.
After a brief discussion the motion was put and carried.
Other Business
Postgraduate training  in Resource Management
Dean Cowan reported that a committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
had been developing a proposal on postgraduate training in Resource
Management.   An outline of the work of the committee and its tentative
proposals would be mailed out seeking responses from widely representative
members of the Faculty.   Copies would also be sent to members of Senate.
The final proposal would come to Senate for approval in due course. Pages 6387 - 6388
Restricted access - not scanned 6389.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
New Awards  Recommended to Senate
Harriet Sarah Byrne Scholarship   -   A scholarship of $125 a year has
been made available by Thomas Byrne, B.A. '26, in memory of his
mother, Harriet Sarah Byrne.   The award is intended to encourage
a handicapped student.   In making the award, preference will be
given to a woman undertaking studies in the Health Sciences.
Captain Thomas Scully Byrne Award   -  An award of approximately
$125 a year has been made available by Thomas Byrne, B.A. '26, in
memory of his father, Captain Thomas S. Byrne.   The award will be
made on the recommendation of the Institute of Oceanography to a
graduate student demonstrating academic excellence in the field of
The English Department Awards   -  This fund has been established
through the support of members of the English Department.   Awards
will be made to recognize superior performance by students enrolled
in senior undergraduate English courses.   The awards will be made
on the recommendation of the English Department Committee on Prizes
and Scholarships.
The Stephen Howard Memorial Scholarship   -  This Scholarship
established in the memory of Stephen Howard is offered to a second
year student for general proficiency in Rehabilitation Medicine.   The
award will be made on the recommendation of the School of Rehabilitation
Musings Quarterly Bursary   -  Three bursaries totalling $1,000 will
be awarded to the writers of winning essays submitted to the spring
issue of "Musings Quarterly", the Journal of the U .B .C Medical
Undergraduate Society.   The bursaries will be awarded by the University
Awards Committee acting on the recommendation of the Faculty.
The Vancouver Transportation Club Bursary   -  A bursary of $150,
the gift of the Vancouver Transportation Club, is offered to an
undergraduate student entering the transportation option in the Faculty
of Commerce.   The award will be made in the Fall on the recommendation
of the Faculty. 6390.
Wednesday, April 23,  1975.
Course and Curriculum Proposals
A   =   new courses or substantial changes
B   =   minor changes
Special Education
B      Change Education 422 - additional sentence added
to description
Diplomas  in Education
B     Change Diploma  in Education of the Deaf- change in
A     New Diploma in Education of the Mentally Retarded
B     Change Diploma in Education of Children with Learning
Disorders - change in title and description
(formerly Diploma in Education of Children with
Learning and Behaviour Disorders)
Geophysics and Astronomy
B      Change GEOP 400 - change in hours
A     New courses PHYS 404 (H)   Introduction to Biophysics
PHYS 405 (1i)   Radiation Biophysics
B     Change ZOOL 310 (H) change in term; now reads:
(3-0-2;  0-0-0)


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