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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1936-02-19

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Wednesday, February 19th, 1936
The third regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1935-36
was held on Wednesday, February 19th, 1936, at 8:00 p.m.,
in the Board and Senate Room.
Present: Acting President D. Buchanan (in the Chair),
Dean F. M. Clement, Acting Dean J. M. Turnbull, Mr. E. A.
Lloyd, Dr. G. G. Moe, Mr. A. H. Finlay, Mr. F. A. Wilkin,
Mr. H. F. Angus, Dr. A. H. Hutchinson, Dr. J. Roy
Sanderson, Ven. F. G. C. Heathcote, Mr. H. T. Logan, Dr.
G. G. Sedgewick, Miss M. L. Bollert, Miss A. B. Jamieson,
Mr. A. E. Lord, Mr. J. C. Oliver, Dr. C. Killam, Dr.
Evlyn F. Farris, Mr. Sydney Anderson, Miss Isobel Harvey
and Mr. 0. J. Thomas.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from President Klinck, Judge
Howay, Mr. Holme3, Mr. Boving and Mr. Lett.
The minutes of the second regular meeting of
December 18th, 1935, and of the adjourned meeting of
January 3rd, 1956, were taken as read, and adopted.
Notice was received of the appointment of Mr. 0. J.
Thomas, as representative on Senate of the British
Columbia Teachers' Federation.  The Chairman welcomed Mr.
Thomas to membership in Senate.
From the Board of Governors
Recommendations in regard to Courses for the
Summer Session, 1956   -  Approved.
A recommendation from the Faculties in reference to
the request of the High School Principals' Association of
the Lower Mainland that Economics be added to the list of
Senior Matriculation options was presented by Mr. Angus.
Mr. Angus, with the sanction of Senate, had attended a
meeting of the High School Principals' Association, and
it had been unanimously agreed that the wishes of the 469.
Wednesday, February 19th, 1956
teachers could be met by making Economics 2 a Senior
Matriculation option.  The Faculties recommended that
Economics 2 be made a Senior Matriculation option.
Mr. Angus    )
Dr. Sanderson) That Economics 2, which is
Economic   History,  be   made   an
option  for   Senior Matriculation.
In regard to the requests of the Vancouver Schools*
Principals* Association, the B. C. Teachers* Federation,
the Summer Session Students' Association and the Okanagan
Teachers' Association that courses in Educati on be
arranged and additional courses provided so that this
subject may be taken as a Major for the B. A. degree and
for the M.A. degree,  recommendations of the Faculties
were presented, as follows:
1. That the six units of Education allowed for undergraduate credit be limited to teachers who have
completed their Normal Training.  These may be any
two of the three courses in Education given in the
Teacher Training Course.  It is understood that
Education 1 will be dropped as such and merged with
Education 12.
2. That the M. A. degree (with Major in Education) be
Prerequisites (a) Teacher Training Course or
equivalent (i.e., candidates must hold the
Academic Certificate).
(b) Philosophy 7 (Philosophy of
Education) if not already taken.
Note: The Teacher Training Course may hot be
used as a minor if the major is in
Educati on.
Course: Thesis, 5 units and three of the
following graduate courses:
A. History of Education
B. Educational Psychology
C. Philosophy of Education
D. Problems in Education.
Course D will be limited to those having
experience in teaching or administration. 470.
Wednesday, February 19th,1956
4) Dr. Sedgewick)
1 Mr. Anderson ) That these recommendations be
* The Faculty of Applied Science presented a recommendation that Electrical Engineering 15 be dropped from
a the fifth year course in Electrical Engineering for this
' Mr. Turnbull)
Mr. Wilkin  ) That Senate authorize the dropping
of Electrical Engineering 15 from
t- the calendar for this session.
The   Faculty   of  Agriculture   presented   a   recommendation,-
That a sum of money sufficient to establish
a David Thorn Bursary of the value of $75.00
to  be   awarded   to   a   student  who   has   satis-
* factorily  completed   the   work  of  the   Third
^fc Year   in  Agriculture   and  is  proceeding  to  the
work   of   the  Fourth  Year be   made   available
from   the   David   Thorn  Estate   Funds.
Dean  Clement)
. Mr.   Lloyd        )   That   this   recommendation be  approved.
A request was received from Victoria College for the
authorization of the giving of a course in Beginners'
} Latin.
Mr. Logan )
a- Dr. Killam) That the request of Victoria College
in this respect be approved by Senate,
providing that no credit is given for
'' the course in the undergraduate work.
In amendment:
Mr. Lord     )
% Dr. Sedgewick) That the matter be referred to the
Faculty of Arts and Science for
4fe report to the next meeting of
t ^* Senate. Carried
f 471.
Wednesday, February 19th, 1956
A letter was received from the Permanent Memorial
Committee in connection with the Plans for the Celebration
of the 21st Anniversary of the Opening of the University
with the information that it had been decided that the
Memorial should take the form of a Students' Union
Building to be called The Brock Memorial Building, that
an endeavour was being made to collect the sum of
$150,000.00 for this purpose, and that in the allocation
of quotas to the various organizations represented,
$1,000.00 had been allotted to the Senate.  It was suggested, also, that Senate appoint a non-Faculty member to
receive contributions from members of Senate.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dean Clement ) That the appointment be made by
the Chair.
Later in the meeting the Chairman asked Dr. Killam
if he would consent to receive the money from members of
Senate in connection with the Brock Memorial Fund.  Dr.
Killam agreed to act in this capacity.
The President's report for the academic year 1955-54
was presented.  Copies of this report had been sent to
all members of Senate.-.
Mr. Lord  )
Dr. Killam) That the report be received and filed.
Carried 472.
Wednesday, February 19th, 1936
A report of the Calendar Committee in regard to
Matriculation Requirements for 1937, together with a
synopsis, was presented by Dr. Hutchinson.  These included
as the main items several changes in text books, a change
in the experiments prescribed in Junior Matriculation
Physics, a revision of the course in Senior Matriculation
History and a revision of the course in Senior Matriculation Geometry.  The proposed changes in the Matriculation Requirements had been approved by the Faculties.
Dr. Hutchinson)
Dr. Farris    ) That this report be adopted.
Dr. Farris, on behalf of the Committee on Honorary
Degrees, presented a recommendation that the Honorary
Degree of Doctor of Laws be conferred on Professor
Harold Hibbert, of McGill University.
Dr. Farris   )
Dr. Sedgewick) That this recommendation be adopted.
The question was raised as to whether or not the
fact that His Excellency the Governor General would not be
present at the Anniversary Ceremonies in May would make
any change in the plans for the holding of two congregations, one for the conferring of honorary degrees and
the other for the conferring of degrees in course.
After discussion, it was agreed that the two Congregations should be held* 473.
Wednesday, February 19th, 1936
It was agreed, also, on motion of Dr. Sedgewick,
seconded by Mr. Lord, that the President be authorized to
arrange for a special Congregation for the conferring of
an honorary degree on His Excellency at such time as may
be convenient.
A progress report of the Committee appointed to
prepare a plan or constitution for a Department of
Physical Education was presented by Dr. Hutchinson for
information.  The Committee had sent out a questionnaire
to a number of leading Canadian and American Universities
and had tabulated information in regard to the place of
Physical Education in these institutions to assist as a
guide for action.  Copies of the report, with a request
for suggestions in regard to the organization and the
functioning of a department of Physical Education, were
handed to the members of Senate who were present and
would be sent to the other members.
Dr. Hutchinson)
Mr. Finlay    ) That this report be received and
filed as a matter of information.
A progress report of the Central Committee on Plans
for the Celebration of the 21st Anniversary of the Opening
of the University, with special reference to the work
being done by the Permanent Memorial Committee and by the
Committee on the Essay on the History of the University,
was presented for the information of Senate . 474.
Wednesday, February 19th, 1936
Correspondence in reference to an offer of the
Gladstone Chapter No. 6 C.J., Order of Ahepa, of a
scholarship of $75,00 in Greek to a student of the Third
or Fourthyear, was read, and a calendar statement prepared
by the Committee on Prizes and Scholarships submitted as
The Ahepa Scholarship
A scholarship of seventy-five dollars ($75.),
given by the Gladstone Chapter No. 6 C.J.,
Order of Ahepa, will be awarded on the recommendation of the Head of the Department of
Classics to the student of the third or
fourth year who has 3hown the greatest
promise in Greek studies.
If possible, the award will be made to an
Honours student, but if there is no outstanding Honours student the scholarship may
be given to a Pass student.
Mr. Logan     )
Dr. Hutchinson) That the Scholarship be accepted
and recommended to the Board of
An Interim Report of the Executive Secretary on
Extra-University Teaching was presented.  Copies of this
report had been mailed to the members of Senate.
Mr. Lord asked if the work of the students did not
suffer by the absence of so many professors on extension
work.  The matter was discussed but no  action was taken.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Moe      ) That the report be received and
Carried 475.
Wednesday, February 19th, 1956
Dr. Hutchinson, on behalf of the Committee, composed
of representatives of the Provincial Department of
Education, of the B. C. Teachers' Federation and of the
University, appointed to consider the question of the
Accrediting of High Schools in this Province, presented
a report of progress.  Meetings were being held, information gathered, and the problem studied.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Lord     ) That we adjourn.


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