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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1918-07-05

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Friday, July 5th., 1918,
(221) At the request of the Board of Governors, a special meeting
of the Senate was called for Friday, July 5th., 1918 to consider
the advisability of charging tuition fees in the University.
The following members met in the Board Room, the appointed
place of meeting, at the time set: The Chancellor, Mr. Robertson,
Mr. Chodat, Dr. Davidson, Dean Klinck, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Argue, Miss
Jamieson, Principal Vance and the Secretary.
It was moved by Dean Klinck, seconded by Mr. Argue and carried,
Ck*^ that the Chancellor take the Chair.
(2231 The call for the meeting was read and letters from Bishop de
CtUlvuJ) Pencier and Dr. Clark regaeBffng their inability to attend.
It was found that those present did not constitute a quorum,
-i ^ but the question which the meeting was called to discuss was con-
m1 sidered.
Mr. Argue     )
Principal Vance) That from a purely academic standpoint, we,
in this informal meeting of members of the Senate, are not in favour
of changing the policy of the University in respect to fees. Carried.
Dr. Davidson )
Miss Jamieson) That it is the opinion of the Senate in
informal meeting now assembled, that in the interests of the
educational work of the institution, fees should not be charged in
this University at this time.
Principal Vance offered as an amendment to Dr. Davidson's
motion the following: "In view of the fact that we have no information
regarding the finances of the University, we are unable to express
any opinion on the question of the advisability of charging fees as
a means of increasing the revenue of the University."
This was seconded by Mr. Gordon.
The amendment was put to the meeting and was carried five to
The meeting then adjourned.
Chairman. Secretary.
'-j-r'T' T^iinfrhM'gMBiMh friy- fn ■


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