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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1943-02-17

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Wednesday, February 17th, 1943.
The third regular meeting of the Senate of the University of British Columbia for the Session 1942-43 was held
on Wednesday, February 17th, 1943, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
F. M. Clement, Dean J. N. Finlayson, Dean D. Buchanan, Dr.
J. C. Berry, Dr. G. H. Harris, Dr. H. J. MacLeod, Mr. F.A.
Forward, Mr. F. H. Soward, Dr. 0. J. Todd, Mr. H. N.
MacCorkindale, Mr. F. J. Burd, Mr. J. W. Spencer, Mr. A.R.
Lord, Mr. A. A. Webster, Rev. Dr. H. R. Trumpour, Dr. G.G.
Sedgewick, Dr. M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Mr. A. E. Lord, Dr. H.
V. Warren, Dr. A. E. Dal Grauer, Miss Isobel Harvey, Mr.
Lyle A. Atkinson, Mr. Fergus Mutrie, The Most Rev. A. U.
dePencier and Miss Florence S. Mulloy.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Dr. J. F. Walker, Dr. Charles
A. H. Wright and Mrs. Sally Murphy Creighton.
Mr. A.E.Lord)
Mr. Soward  ) That the minutes of the second
regular meeting of December l6th,
1942, be taken as read, and adopted.
Dr. Warren noted that the minutes of December 30th
recorded his statement that no student who was a recipient
of a National Selective Service Bursary had been required
to withdraw from the Faculty of Applied Science.  This
statement was based on incomplete information and actually
one such student had been required to withdraw.  Nevertheless, the results of the National Selective Service
Bursary students were on the whole most gratifying.
Dr. Warren)
Mr. Soward) That, subject to the correction as
indicated, the Minutes of the special
meeting of December 30th, 1942, be 936
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943.
taken as read, and adopted.
Notice of Appointment by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council
of Representatives on Senate
Hugh N. MacCorkindale
Francis J. Burd
J. William Spencer
On behalf of the members of Senate, the Chair extended
a welcome to these representatives.
Election of Representative of Senate on Board of Governors
Dr. J. F. Walker was nominated by Mr. A. E. Lord
Mr. F. J. Burd was nominated by Dean Clement.
Mr. Soward )
Mr. Webster) That nominations close.
The Chair asked Mr. Forward and Mr. A. R. Lord to act
as scrutineers.
The Secretary read the report of the scrutineers that
Dr. Walker had been elected.
Notice of Appointment of Committees
On Lecture and Laboratory Accommodation and Student
Dean D. Buchanan (Chairman)
Dean J. N. Finlayson
Dean F. M. Clement
Mr. A. E. Lord
Mr. H. N. MacCorkindale
Mr. F. H. Soward
Mrs. Sally M. Creighton
Dr. H. V. Warren
On Course in Home Economics
Mr. A. R. Lord (Chairman) 937
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943.
Dean D. Buchanan
Dean J. N. Finlayson
Dean F. M. Clement
Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley
Miss Florence S. Mulloy
Mr. A. A. Webster
A letter from the President was read, announcing that
the Honourable H. G. T. Perry, Minister of Education, had
consented to give the Congregation address on May 13th,
A letter was received from the President transmitting
the following resolution passed by the Committee on Military
Education at a meeting held on Friday, January 29th, 1943:
"Whereas it will be impossible for students to
complete their fifteen days at camp and return
to the University in time for Congregation, that
it be recommended to the Senate that Congregation
be held on Friday, May 14th instead of Thursday,
May 13th."
Dean Buchanan )
Dean Finlayson) That the date of Congregation
be deferred by one day and be
held on Friday, May 14th, instead
of on Thursday, May 13th, as is
From the Board of Governors
Courses to be offered in the Summer Session, 1943 -
Resolution passed by Senate at the meeting on
December 16th, 1942, re teaching of Spanish in
the University -
Received for information.
Resolution passed by
Senate at
ting on
on of
for th
e establis
hment 938
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943
of a Course or Faculty of Pharmacy -
Received for information.
Regulations Governing Limitation of Attendance,
Including Nursing and Health and Teacher Training
A letter was received from the President, transmitting for the information of Senate the action of
the Board of Governors in waiving for the Session 1943-
44 the regulations governing limitation of attendance
as passed by the Board on January 20th, 1938, including
the regulations in regard to Nursing and Health and
the Teacher Training Course.
From the Faculties
Correspondence Courses for Members of the Armed Forces
A recommendation was received from the Faculty
of Arts and Science that the following courses be
offered by correspondence to members of the Armed
Forces, to be listed in the Joint Calendar of the
Canadian Legion War Services, Inc., and that a fee of
Ten Dollars per course be suggested to the Board of
List of Courses
Classics      Greek Epic and Tragedy (in English
Commerce 6    Marketing
Economics 1   Principles of Economics
Economics 2    Economic History
Economics 3   Labour Problems and Social Reform 939
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943
Economics 4
Economics 6
Education 10
Education 16
French 3(b)
Geography 3
History 2
History 4
History 11a
History lib
History 13
Mathematics 2
Mathematics 3
Mathematics 10
Mathematics 13
Philosophy 1
Psychology 1
Psychology 7
Zoology 1
Zoology 2
Money and Banking
International Trade
Educational Psychology
High School Methods (half course)
English 2
Any of Third or Fourth Year
Graduate courses to be arranged.
French Verse
Hunan and Regional Geography
History of Canada
Mediaeval Europe, 500-1300
The Development and Problems of
the British Commonwealth
The Development and Problems of
the British Colonial Empire
The Age of the Renaissance and
Algebra, Analytical Geometry and
Theory of Investments
Plane and Solid Analytical
Other advanced courses in
Mathematics if they are
Introduction to Philosophy
Elementary Psychology
Applied Psychology
History, Principles and Theories
of Biology
Applied Vertebrate Zoology
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Sedgewick) That this recommendation be
adopted and forwarded to the
Board of Governors for approval
with the suggestion that a fee
of Ten Dollars per course be
Carried 940
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943,
Faculties of Arts and Science and Agriculture
Re Students with Unsatisfactory Standing
The following recommendations with respect to
students with unsatisfactory standing were received from
the Faculty of Arts and Science
"That reference be made in the Calendar to the
regulations of National Selective Service
requiring the University to forward to the
Divisional Registrar the names of all male
students of callable age who have failed to
make a passing average of 50 per cent, on
the examinations in December and April.
"That no student with unsatisfactory standing
be permitted to register in September without
the permission of Faculty."
The Faculty of Agriculture had adopted the second
of these resolutions.
It was pointed out that the Faculty of Applied
Science had already enforced regulations with respect
to students with unsatisfactory standing.
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Clement ) That these recommendations be
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
The following recommendation was received from the
Faculty of Arts and Science:
"That Chemistry 25, The Chemistry of Munitions,
replace Chemistry 10 for the duration of the
war, to be open to students who have taken
Chemistry 9 or are taking it concurrently."
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Soward   ) That this recommendation be
Carried 941
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943.
The offer of a prize of $50.00 to be given by Mr. and
Mrs. W. Dorbils was received from the Faculty of Arts and
Science with a recommendation for its acceptance on the
following terms:
The William and Dorothy Dorbils Prize
Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine
"A cash prize of $50.00 offered by William and
Dorothy Dorbils will be awarded to the student
in the graduating year of the Faculty of Arts and
Science whose work as an Honours student in
Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine is regarded,
as outstanding.  The award will be made on the
recommendation of the Head of the Department of
Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine.
"If no Honours student present work of sufficient
calibre, the prize may be awarded at the discretion of the Department to the best student
Majoring in Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine
who has a First Class average in the advanced
courses offered by the Department."
Mr. Soward   )
Dean Buchanan) That this recommendation be approved,
Reports of Committee on Calendar
Dr. Todd, Chairman of the Committee on Calendar,
presented the report of the Committee on Calendar for
1943-44.  Copies of a synopsis of the report setting forth
the principal changes were distributed to members of the
Dr. Todd     |
Dean Buchanan) That the material for the Calendar
for 1943-44 as presented, including
proposed changes be approved, and
that the Calendar Committee be
empowered to make such further minor 942
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943.
changes as may be approved by the
President, the Deans or the
Compulsory War Work Programme for Women Students
A letter was received from the President of the
Women's Undergraduate Society requesting approval of the
compulsory war work plan for undergraduate women for the
session 1943-44.
At the meetings of the Faculties a similar request,
subject to the approval of the general meeting of the
Women's Undergraduate Society, had been considered.  The
Faculty of Arts and Science gave approval on the condition
stated; the Faculty of Applied Science left it to its representatives to express in Senate the opinions of the
members; and the Faculty of Agriculture approved in principle the plan as carried out this year.
Dean Mawdsley gave a report of the activities carried
on under the War Work Programme during the present session.
Dean Mawdsley)
Mr. A.E.Lord ) That some form of compulsory war
work for undergraduate women students
be approved for the session 1943-44
and that a Committee be appointed by
the Chair to review the present
Report of Committee on Course in Home Economics
Mr. A. R. Lord, Chairman, presented the report of the
Committee on Course in Home Economics.
This report was considered clause by clause. 943
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Miss Mulloy ) That Clause 1 be adopted.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Dr. Grauer  ) That Clause 2 be adopted.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Mr. A.E.Lord) That Clause 3 be adopted.
It was suggested that Geography 1 be added to the
list of Optional Courses.
After discussion as to whether special courses in
Chemistry and Physics should be given for students In Home
Economics, it was agreed that the designation of these
courses should be left with the Chair in consultation with
the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science and the Heads
of the Departments concerned.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Dr. Grauer  ) That, subject to these changes,
Clause 4 be adopted.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Dr. Grauer  ) That the report as a whole,
subject to the alterations
suggested, be adopted.
The following is the report as amended.
The Report of the Senate Committee to Consider the
Course for Home Economics
The Senate Committee appointed to consider the course
in Home Economics begs to recommend:
1. In the strongest terms that the Department of Home
Economics be established in the autumn of 1943 even
though it be necessary to open with a temporary staff, 944
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943,
2. That in selecting a staff for the Home Economics
Department the same practice be followed as in
selecting staffs for other departments of the
3. That the Department of Home Economics be organized
in the Faculty of Arts and Science.
4. That the curriculum outlined herewith be considered
as suggestive and that it be subject to such modification as may prove necessary.
Suggested Curriculum
First and Second Years
A total of 33 units will be required in the first
two years for students who did not complete Home
Economics (CC)III on University Entrance.
Required Courses
English 1 3 units
Chemistry 1 3   "
Chemistry C. 3
Home Economics 1 (Foods, clothing &  textiles) 3
Home Economics 2 (Foods, clothing & textiles) 3
Home Economics 3 (Art and Design) 3
Biology 1 3
General Physiology 3
Physics C. 3
Total       27 units
Optional Courses (6 units)
Agriculture 1 3 units
Bacteriology 1 3
Economics 1 or 2 3
English 2 or 3 & 4 3
Geography 1 3
History 1, 2 or 3 3
Language (Beginners' or 1) 3
Mathematics 1 3
Psychology 1 3  "      6 units
Total      33 units
Report of Committee on Military Education
For the information of Senate, a letter was received
from the Secretary of the Committee on Military Education
submitting the following report of the sub-committee 945
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943.
appointed to recommend a Commanding Officer for the proposed University Air Training Corps:
"At a meeting held on Saturday, February 13th, 1943,
the sub-committee appointed to consider the selection
of a Commanding Officer for the University Air
Training Corps decided to recommend Dr. J. Allan
Harris for that position."
The President stated that the report of the subcommittee had been considered and approved by the Committee
on Military Education.
As no action had been taken by Senate on the proposal
to establish such a corps,
Mr. A. E. Lord   )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the establishment of a
University Air Training Corps
be approved.
With respect to the case of Geoffrey Ashe, who, as
a conscientious objector had been required by the military
authorities to leave the University, Dean Buchanan reported that Mr. Ashe had been permitted to continue his studies
as a student at the University but that no request for
his return had been made to the Mobilization Board by the
A letter was received from Mr. Andrew Moore, Director
of the Canadian Legion Educational Services, Inc., in
appreciation of the action of the University in recognizing the correspondence courses offered to members of the
Armed Forces through that organization and approved by the
various provincial Departments of Education. 946
Wednesday, February 17th, 1943.
A letter from Brigadier Sherwood Lett, expressing
his appreciation of the congratulations of the members of
Senate on his having been awarded the D.S.O., was received
and ordered filed.
The meeting adjourned.
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