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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1926-01-02

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Saturday, January 2nd, 1926
A special meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia was held on Saturday, January 2nd, 1926,
at 10:00 A.H., in the Board Room.
Present:  The President (in the Chair), Dean F. U.
Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean H. T. J. Coleman, Hr. H.
H. King, Ur. A. F. Barss, Dr. R. H. Clark, Dr. D. Buchanan,
Dr. U. Y. Williams, Ur. G. A. Fergusson, Rev. Dr. W. H.
Smith, Rev. W. H. Vance, Rev. J. G. Brown, Hr. Cecil
Killam, Rev. A. H. Sovereign, His Honour J. D. Swanson,
Hr. G. W. Scott, Hr. A. E. Lord, Ur. J. H. Turnbull, Hr.
J. S. Gordon and Ur. G. E. Robinson.
A letter from Dr. E. B. Paul, regretting his inability to be present at the meeting, was read and ordered
9 21        Notices of appointment of committees»
On Changes in the Constitution of the Alma Hater
Hr. Sherwood Lett, Chairman
Hr. G. W. Scott
Dr. R. H. Clark
Rev. W. H. Vanoe
Hr. G. E. Robinson
s To Define the Functions of the Library Committee
f Ur. C. Killam,   Chairman
| Ur. A. E.   Lord
'?t Dr. G. G.   Sedgewiok
Ur. J. H.   Turnbull
Hr. A. F.   Barss
From  the   Faculties
* 9 22 Exolusion  of  Students  at   Christmas
Applied  Science     -     November 5th,   1925:
1.   That   the  present  practice   of  excluding students
at   the   beginning of   the   seoond  session  for unsatisfactory work  in   the   Christmas  examinations,
* be   continued. 439.
Saturday,   January  2nd,   1926
2. That   in  all   subjects   in   the   First  and  Second
years  of  Applied  Science,   for which   Christmas
examinations  are  held,   mid-term  examinations
be  held   during the   first  week  of  November.
3. That   reports  on  all   students  whose   records   in
the   mid-term examinations  are   unsatisfactory   oe
sent   to   the   Dean  of  the   Faoulty  by each   instructor,   and   that   the   Dean   issue   warnings   to
the   students,   and  send  notices   to   their parents
or  guardians   concerning  their  delinquencies.
A^grloulturer    -     November  17 th,   19 25:
That  we   re-affirm  calendar  statement  on  Page
207,   paragraph  II,   of   calendar  1925-26.
Arts  and  Science     -     November  11th,   1925:
That  a mid-term   report   on  each  First   Year   student's  work  be   submitted   by   the   various   departments  before   the   end  of   the   second week  of
That   the  marks   be   given   in percentage.
That   reports  of   defective   standing be   made   by
the   Dean's  Office   to  each   student   involved and
to  parents  and   guardians.
December  9th,   19 26:
That for 1925-26, all First Year students in
the Faculty of Arts and Science be allowed to
continue to the end of the academic year in
order that additional statistical data may be
obtained upon which to determine a policy for
dealing with the treatment of students who fail
at Christmas.  This action shall not constitute
a precedent.
Hr. Turnbull)
Dr. Clark   ) That these reports as a whole be
adopted. 440
Saturday, January 2nd, 1926
In amendment:
Dean Clement   )
Principal Vance) That a committee be appointed to
correlate the recommendations of
the three Faculties in such a
way that there shall be dne uniform rule for all Faculties.
In  amendment:
Judge   Swanson     )
Hr.     iiobinson     /   That   the   report   be   laid  on   the
table,   that   the   Faculties  be   requested  to   investigate   the
matter  further and present  a
report  as   soon  as   the   necessary
data   is  available.
From  the  Faoulty of Arts  and  Science
9 23 Extra-Mural  Work  for  Session  1926-27
That   the   Dean  of  the   Faculty  be   authorized  to
report   to  Senate   at   its  December meeting the
names  of  Departments   in  Arts  and Science  who
are   prepared   to   offer Extra-mural   work  during
the   session   1926-27,   and   to   recommend   that   Senate
direct   the   inclusion  of  these   courses   in   the
Calendar  for  that   session.
Dean   Coleman   requested  Senate   to   regard  the   resolution  as  a  notice   of  motion  for  the   next   regular meeting
of  Senate.
*rom   the   Faculty  of Applied  Scienoe
9 24 Lan-guage   Requirements   for Admission
That  Beginners'   German  be  accepted  in place   of  a
language   offered  for Uatriculation,   and  that  a
beginners'    course   in  French  be   accepted when
offered  by Arts  and  Science.
Dean  Brock)
Dr.   Clark   I   That   this   recommendation   be  adopted.
w\ 441
Saturday,   January 2nd,   1*26
9 25
Fourth Year Geological Engineering
That Civil Engineering 8 be dropped from this
course and that a thesis be substituted therefor.
Dean Brock)
Hr. Killam)
That this recommendation
be adopted.
From,  tfre, Faculty of Agriculture
Courses   of  F.   Uutrie   and  F.   E.   Newcombe
That   F.   Hutrie  and  F.   E.   Newcombe,   who   find  it
impossible   to  elect   sufficient   courses which
will   fit   into   their  timetable,   be  allowed  to  enroll   in  a   special   course   in  Advanced Horticulture,   ij- units.   Involving laboratory work and
outside   reading.
Dean Clement)
Hr. Barss   J
That the resolution
by Senate.
be approved
The Macdonald Scholarship
At a meeting of the Faculty of Agriculture on
November 17th, Dean Clement reported that, after
consultation with the Heads of Departments and
with the Prizes and Scholarships Committee, the
Haodonald Scholarship had been awarded to Charles
Thoreaq. Townsenq.
This was endorsed by Faculty, and is now presented to Senate for approval.
Dean Clement)
Ur. Barss   )
That Senate approve of the action
of the Heads of Departments of the
Faculty of Agriculture.
Arrangements  for Baccalaureate   Servlce
Clark   )
That  a   committee   be   appointed  by the
Chair   to   consider  the   question   of
Baccalaureate   Service   and   report  at
the   next  meeting of  Senate.
Carrie d 442
Saturday,   January 2nd,   1926
^) A   letter   from   the   Hon.   «j.    D.   HacLean,   expressing tixs
appreciation   of  Senate's  action   in   conferring  the  Honorary
1 Degree  of  Doctor of  Laws   1LL.D. )   upon him,   was   read.
Dean   Coleman)
Hr.   Killam     J   That  the   letter  be   received and
* filed.
From the   Faculty of Arts and Scienoe
Dean   Coleman)
Hr.   Sovereign)   That   the   report  be   adopted.
The report, as adopted, is as follows:
l x First Year
•              First Class   9
Second Class %  103
Passed  236
Passed (unranked)  22
Failed, with marks of 40$ to 49$  84
t                                       Failed (Irregular course), with marks 40^-49$ 14
Below 40$, with physicians' certificates of
illness or equivalent   5
'«                Below 40$, due perhaps to late registration . 1
Below 40$ (irregular course), with marks In
t                    Sociology 1 to be reported  1
Below 40$ (irregular course) late registration  1
Failed, with marks below 40$   17
45. Bowell, Chas. R  284/750
51. Briggs, Helen V  187/750
< 77. Chalmers, Henriette U. .. 279/750
91. Cleland, F. Harold   223/750
97. Collins, Clifford U. G. . 288/750
133. Ewert, Emll H  255/750
169. Grant, Donald E  274/750
205. Ingram, Henry H.  272/750
t 221. Kerr,' Robert J  272/750
303. HoDonald, John F  250/750
312. HacKay, Clifford H  256/750
»> 443
Saturday, January 2nd, 1926
Below 4
Plow, Herbert G  279/750
Ralph, E. Hargaret ... 293/750
Saunders, Frederick E. 266/750
Snell, Joan E  291/750
Tait, F. Albert  273/750
Welsh, Virginia N. ... 240/750
)$ (irregular course)      7
Palmer, David B    93/250
Eagles, Dorothy R. ...  239/750
Hetherington, Wilfred A. no marks
HeLean, Ola U   239/750
HcHahon, John A   291/900
O'Kelly, Patrick E.J.    79/750
Rich, Harold G   254/750
Second Year
First Class   4
Second Class  55
Passed  97
Passed  (unranked)    *  31
Satisfactory   but   with marks   still   to   be
reported  10
Failed,   with  marks  40$   to  49$  20
Failed   (irregular   course)   with  marks   40$-49$ 11
Below 40$,   but  with  physicians'    certifioates
of   illness   or equivalent     5
Below 40$   (irregular   course),   but   with  physician's   certificate   of   illness     1
Satisfactory  (irregular   course)   but  with  marks
still   to   be   reported  4
Unsatisfactory  (irregular   course)   but   with
marks   still   to  be   reported  i
534.   DeCew,   W.   Howard    221/600
Failed, below 40$	
511. Buchanan, Harry A 246/750
522. Conklin, James S. A. .. 313/800
Failed, below 40$ (irregular course)      I
508. Brown, Robert C 297/750
728. Hillar, H. Stanley .... 253/750
GRAND TOTAL  243 ► 1
Saturday, January 2nd, 1926
Reoommended that Senate be asked to refer the oases
of Helen V. Briggs  and
Emil H. Ewert
(who are repeating their First xearj and
Harry A. Buchanan
James S. A. Conklin
Robert C. Brown
U. Stanley Hillar and
W. Howard De Cew
(of the Seoond Year)
to the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science with instructions to exclude from the University for the rest of
the present session unless there are extenuating circumstance s.
From the Faculty of Applied Science
First Year
Dean Brook  )
Dr. Williams) That the report be adopted.
In amendment:
Hr. Killam   )
Judge Swanson) That the recommendation of the
Dean of the Faculty of Applied
Science as to first year students
be amended by striking out the
first six names.
Amendment put to vote and lost
Uotion put to vote and carried
Seoond Year
Dean Brock   )
Dr. Williams ) That this recommendation be
adopted  and have   added   to   it   the
words  "unless   there   are   extenuating
The report, as a whole, as amended, is as follows:
».-t 445
Saturday,   January 2nd,   1926
First   Year
Passed   Supplementals   Aegrotat   Failed
Full  Undergraduates          25 15   14     3     5     1 0 3
Conditioned         2 42430 0 3
Unclassified _ __________ 1 1
TOTALS             28 20   17     7     8     1 1 7
Recommended that the following students be required
to discontinue attendance in First Year Applied Science
for the remainder of the Session, (unless there are extenuating circumstances) :-
Failures  Per Cent
   on Total
1214. Ratledge,   Leo   J       6 42.0
1215. Richards,   Charles  P.   ...     5 47.2
1224.   Taylor,   Reginald H      5 48.9
1247. Darling,   David A  5 43.6
1248. Dawson,   Lome       5 41.1
1256. Partridge,   Earl   D  6 44.3
1374. Bales,   George  H  7 22.6
Seoond Year
Passed Supplementals Failed
Full   Undergraduates            10 5   10     0     2     0                 0
Conditioned           0 0     2     2     2     0                2
Unclassified  __ _0 ___ _0 _0                 0
TOTALS             11 6   12     3     4     0                  2
Recommended that the following students be required
to discontinue attendance in Second Year Applied Science
for the remainder of the Session,(unless there are extenuating oircumstances)-
Fallures  Per Cent
   on Total
1299. Gwyther, Harold W 6        42.5
1301. Leek, Walter E  6       44.5
First Year
First Class  0
Seoond Class   1
Pass  5
Failed, with marks 40$ to 49$  3 446
Saturday,   January  2nd,   1926
Se cond  Year
First   Class  0
Second   Class  1
Pass  2
Pass, with marks still to be reported   3
Failed, with marks 40$ to 49$, with marks
still to be reported  2
Below 40$, with marks still to be reported 1
1519. Wilkle, Dora W 204/550
Dean  Brook   )
Dr.   Williams)   That   the   report   in   reference   to
Nursing students  be  adopted,   and
that   candidate   no.1519   be   requirea
to  withdraw,   unless   there  are
extenuating  circumstances.
From the  Faculty of Agriculture
The marks of each student are presented herewith.
Two First-Year students, Hiss Ivanoff and Hr. Kazuo
Jo, have failed badly, but it is not being recommended that they be asked to withdraw because the
failures in both oases are due to a lack of knowledge   of English.
Dean   Clement}
Hr.   Barss        )   That   this   statement   be   received
as   information.
Principal Vance asked why Senate was not called
upon to deal with the Christmas marks of all students.
Dean Coleman explained that the Christmas marks were mia-
session marks only, and that they were included in the
marks presented to Senate at the end of the session. 447
Saturday, January 2nd, 1926
Hr. Scott    )
Hr. Sovereign)
That the Deans of the Faculties
take up the question, with the
President of the Students' Council,
of students who come below 50$,
with a view to curtailing their
student activities*
In amendment:
Principal  Vance)
Dr.   Buchanan       }
Judge Swanson)
Hr. Sovereign)
That the matter be referred to
the Committee on Changes in
Constitution of Alma Hater Sooiety.
That a committee of three be nominated by the President to oonsider
the question of the propriety of
adopting the name "Convocation" or
"Commencement" in lieu of the one
now in use, namely, "Congregation",
in connection with the graduation
ceremonies and exercises of this
University and to report at a
later meeting of the Senate.
Ur. Lord    )
Dr. Buchanan) That we adjourn.


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