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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1921-04-12

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Tuesday, April 12th, 1921.
549 A special meeting of the Senate of the University of British
Columbia was held on the evening of Tuesday, April 12th, at 8 p.m., in
the Board Room at the University Offices.
550 Present:- The President, in the Chair; Dean F. M. Clement,
Dean R. W. Brock, Mr. P. A. Boving, Mr. W. Sadler, Mr. E. G. Matheson,
Dr. E. H. Archibald, Dr. T. H. Boggs, Dr. H. Ashton, Bishop A. U. de
Pencier, Mr. L. F. Robertson, Mr. D. M. Robinson, Mr. T. A. Brough,
Mr. J. S. Gordon, Mr. G. E. Robinson, Principal E. B. Paul, Magistrate
H. C. Shaw, Principal W. H. Vance, Mr. J. M. Turnbull.
Judge Howay sent his regrets.
551 A recommendation from Faculty was presented with a draft of
a regulation, to be reoommended to the Matriculation Board, for
candidates who are actually engaged in mercantile, industrial, or other
Principal Vance)
Mr. Gordon    ) That the matter be left over for another
meeting, and, in the meantime, that copies
be sent to members of Senate.
552 A letter from Faculty was read requesting again that the
Alma Mater Society fee be increased to $7.00, and a letter from the
Board of Governors was read informing Senate that the Alma Mater Fee
for 1921-22 had been fixed at $7.00.
Mr. Boving)
Dr. Ashton) That the letters be received and filed.
553 Report of the Committee to go into the question of Tuition
A report was read expressing the feeling that any increase
at this date would prove hip-hly detrimental to the best Interests
f •» (219)
of the University, and recommending that no change be made.
Magistrate Shaw)
Mr. Brough    ) That the report be adopted.
554 A letter from the President was read stating that the Board
of Governors had adopted the recommendation of Senate that a Prize
of $50.00 from the Players' Club for an original play by an undergraduate, and a Prize of $25.00 from the Vancouver Vagabonds' Club for
the best original poem, be accepted.
Dr. Ashton)
Mr. Boving)  That the letter be received and filed.
555 Report of the Committee to bring in a recommendation regarding the future policy of the University with respect to the suspension
or expulsion of students;-
Any student whose academic record, as determined by the tests and
examinations of the first term, is found to be unsatisfactory,
may, upon the recommendation of the Faculty concerned, be required
by the Senate to discontinue attendance at the University for the
remainder of the session.
Dean Clement     )
Mr. D. M. Robinson) That the report be adopted.
556 Report of the Committee on Calendar:-
Professor Robertson reported progress on calendar.
Mr. Robertson)
Mr. Gordon  ) That Senate give the Registrar authority to
insert in the calendar the two clauses
passed to-night, namely: the regulation
on expulsion of students and the recommendation re Plavers' Club and Vancouver Vagabonds'
Club Prizes.
Professor Robertson gave a few words of explanation with
regard to the M.A. regulations, as now approved for the calendar. (220)
557 Report of Committee to draw up form of Diplomas for Agriculture
and Applied Science. This report has been drawn up in accordance with
the request of Senate on October 20th, 1920, and has been approved by
To all to whom these presents shall come, greeting:
Be it known that 	
having pursued the full course of study in the Faculty of
  and having attained distinction in the examinations appointed by the Senate, has, by
virtue of authority conferred by the Legislature of the
Province, been granted the Title and Degree of	
 ■-,... as with all the rights, privileges, and
honors, so with all the duties thereto appertaining.  In
testimony whereof the Chancellor and the President of the
University and the Dean of the Faculty hereunto duly authorised,
have subscribed and sealed this Diploma.
Granted in Annual Congregation this
  day of  19 ...
Dean Brock )
Mr. Turnbull) That the report be adopted.
558 Report of the Committee to study the question of the Constitution of Faculties:-
Your Committee recommends that the President be asked to convene
the several Faculties of the University, as soon as they shall be
constituted, and ascertain their views with respect to the
composition of the Co-ordinating Committee of the Senate. (221)
Your Committee also requests the President to use his good
offices with the Board of Governors to secure the Constitution of the said Faculties at the earliest possible date.
Mr. Brough)
Dean Brock) That the report be adopted.
In Amendment:
Mr. Robertson)
Dr. Ashton  ) That the first clause be omitted; that
the word "also" be eliminated from
the second clause, and that the report
read: "Your Committee requests the
President to use his good offices with
the Board of Governors to secure the
Constitution of the said Faculties at
the earliest possible moment".
Amendment put to vote and lost.
Original motion put and Carried.
559 In accordance with notice of motion of March 14th, Mr.
Brough moved that Senate's resolution of February 16th, 1921, re
affiliation of Westminster Hall, be reconsidered.
After some discussion as to the regularity of this procedure,
Mr. Brough, at the request of the Chair, withdrew his motion.
560 Appointment of Committee of the Senate to confer with the
Committee of the Board of Governors re terms of affiliation of Victoria
Mr. Gordon   )
Principal Paul) That Senate endorse the action of their
Committee in appointing two members of that
Committee to go, with representatives of
the Board of Governors, to Victoria to
confer with the Department of Education
and the Victoria Board of School Trustees
re matters in connection with Victoria
Carried. (222)
561 Public Health Nursing:-
(a) The results of examinations were submitted.
Dean Brock )
Mr. Turnbull) That the results of the examinations be adopted,
(b) Issuing certificates.
Principal Vance)
Principal Paul ) That the Registrar be authorized to issue
certificates to successful nurses and that
the Chair appoint a Committee to draw up
a form of certificate, with power to act.
562 Recommendations of Faculty Committee on Scholarships, Prizes,
Bursaries and Student Loans, as adopted by Faculty:-
(a) The grateful acceptance of the following prizes, to be
competed for by students taking the Short Course in Public
Health Nursing:-
First Prize of $100.00, offered by the B.C. Branch of
the Canadian Red Cross Society.
Second Prize of $60.00, offered by the Provinicial
Board of Health.
Third Prize of $40.00, offered by the Provincial Board
of Health.
(b) That the prizes offered for competition in the Short Course
of Public Health Nursing be awarded to the following students:-
First Prize
Second Prize
G. Munslow,
Third Prize
(c) That the University of British Columbia thank the Administrators of the Khaki University Of Canada for their gift of
$12,000, which it accepts, subject to the conditions laid
down by the donors, namely:-
This sum of $12,000 shall be invested by the University
of British Columbia, in order to found a Scholarship
Fund to be known as "The Khaki University and Young
Men's Christian Association Memorial Scholarship Fund".
The income derived from this investment shall be used
for undergraduate purposes. (223)
In awarding scholarships, preference shall be given to the
sons and daughters of the Soldiers of the Great War.
For the moment, however, the University accepts the donor's
permission to use the fund for loans to soldier students
who saw service overseas and who are in actual need of
money to complete their course, it being understood that
when the loans are returned the money will be invested and
the income put to the use stated above.
Bishop de Fencier)
Dean Brock      ) That Clause (a) be adopted.
Dean Brock )
Mr. Turnbull)  That Clause (b) be adopted.
Dr. Ashton    )
Magistrate Shaw)  That in place of Clause (c) we substitute
the following:-
"That the University of British Columbia
thank the administrators of the Khaki
University for their gift of $12,000,
which it accepts, subject to the conditions
laid down by the donors."
563 Election to the Senate of a representative of the High
School Principals and Assistants.
Mr. Gordon)
Mr. Brough) That this matter be referred to the Committee
named by Senate some time ago to make arrangements for the election of fifteen senators, with
power to act.
564 The Secretary then read the report of the Scrutineers of the
Election of Chancellor and Elective Members of the Senate under date of
April 7th, 1921. A similar report from the Registrar, under date of
April 9th, 1921, was also read.
Principal Vance)
Dr. Ashton    ) That the reports be accepted.
Carried. (224)
The Report is as follows:-
To the Senate of The University of British Columbia:
We, the undersigned, having been appointed your scrutineers,
beg to report that:
*The Chancellorship of the University having been filled by
acclamation, no ballot was received for that office.
The total number of ballots received was 343. Of these 343
ballots, 327 were valid; 3 came in envelopes not marked "Ballot
Papers"; 2 bore no signatures; 6 were spoiled by having on them
names of personsthat were not nominated; and 5 were received after
the time appointed by statute and were left unopened.
We have counted the votes on the above-mentioned 327 valid
ballots and find the following to be the result:-
Candidates     -     Votes Received    -    In order of
 votes received
Argue'W. P. 162 15*
Brough, T. A. 150 18
Burnett, W. B. 187 11**
Creery, A. McC. 108 22
Gibson, T. I. 226 2
Gordon, J. S. 200 9
Harper, E. E. 61 23
Hill, A. E. B. 60 24
Howay, F. W. 260                   1
Jamieson, A. B. 213 6
Killam, C. 201 8
Letson, H. F. G. 214 5
Morris, H. H. 56 25
Morrison, A. 155 17
Petapiece, A. W. 36 26
Raphael, G. S. 134         . 19
Robinson, G. E. 185 13
Scott, G. W. 211 7
Sedgewick, G. G. 223 3
Shaw, H. C. 198 10
Sovereign, A. H. 170 14
Sprott, R. J. 123 20
Swan, W. G. 122 21
Swanson, J. D. 162 15*
Turnbull, J. M. 187 11**
Wolverton, N. 216 4
* Tie
**Tie (225)
Candidates Elected - Votes Received
Howay, F. W.
Gibson, T. I.
Sedgewick, G. G.
Wolverton, N.
Letson, H. F. G.
Jamieson, A. B.
Scott, G. W.
Killam, C
Gordon, J. S.
Shaw, H. C.
Burnett, W. B.
Turnbull, J. M.
Robinson, G. E.
Sovereign, A. H.
The following were
for 15th
Argue, W. P.
Swanson, J. D.
April 7th, 19,
(Signed) D. L. MacLaurin,
(Signed) D. M. Robinson,
*(From Registrar's report:- "As there was only one candidate
nominated for Chancellor, namely, Robert Edward McKechnie, Esq.,
he was duly elected by acclamation.")
Principal Vance)
Magistrate Shaw) That the election for fifteenth place be
deferred to the next regular meeting.
Principal Vance)
Dr. Boggs     ) That we adjourn.
V fThfl
fA^^jQ        £/dU£yV
Chairman. ""^v Secretary,


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