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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1925-05-06

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Wednesday,   Hay  6th,   1925
The   fourth   regular meeting of   the   Senate   of  The
University  of  British   Columbia  for  the   session  1924-25
was  held   on  Wednesday,   Hay  6th,   1925,   at   9:30  A.H.   in
the   Board Room.
Present: The
Clement, Dean R. W
A. F. Barss, Ur. H
D. Buchanan, Judge
Ur. G. A. Fergusso
Rev. J. G. Brown,
Rev. A. H. Soverei
A. U. de Pencier,
Hr. A. E. Lord, Ur
Ur.   W.   P.   Argue  an
President   (in   the   Chair),   Dean   F.   U.
.   Brook,   Dean  H.   T.   J.   Coleman,   Hr*
.   R.   Christie,   Dr.   R.   H.   Clark,   Dr.
P.   S.   Lampmann,   Hr.   James Henderson,
n,   Dr.   E.   B.   Paul,   Rev.   W.   H.   Vanoe,
Dr.   G.   G.   Sedgewiok,   Hr.   C.   Killam,
gn,   Judge   J.   D.   Swanson,   Right  Rev.
Dr.   W.   B.   Burnett,   Hr.   G.   W.   Soott,
G.   E.   Robinson,   Hr.   A.   E.   Richards,
d Hiss A.   B.   Jamieson.
Hr.   Sovereign)
Ur.   Barss )
Dean   Coleman)
Ur.   Killam     )
That   the   minutes   of   the   third
regular meeting of   February  18th
and of   the   special  meeting of
Harch 25th  be   taken as   read and
That   the  action  of  the   Dean  of
the   Faculty  of  Arts  and  Science
in   re-admitting E.   Josephine
MoLachlan and Hargaret   C.   R.
Singleton  be   confirmed  by Senate.
Carrie 4
Notice   of  appointment   of   Committee  was   read,   as
To Wait upon the Board of Governors In respect to
proposed Faculties. Departments and Courses.
Faculty of Fine Arts
Course in Music
Faculty of Commerce
Extra-Hural Courses and
Summer Session
Course in Home Economics
Faculty of Law
Ur. Gordon
Ur. Gordon
Dr. Boggs
Dr. Coleman
Hiss Jamieson
Hr. Killam 883
Wednesday,   Hay  6th,   1925
Course   for Librarians - Dr. Coleman
Sohool  of Hedicine - Dr. W.B.Burnett
Course   in  Oriental
Languages - Hr. Sherwood  Lett
Representing  Teachers - Hr. G.A.Fergusson
Representing B.   C.
Pharmaceutical Assn. - Hr. J.H.Fisher.
A letter  from the   Board of Governors was   read,
approving the   reoommendatlon  of  Senate   in  respect   to
the   Scholarship of  The   Native  Sons  of   Canada,  Assembly
No. 2.
Dr. Coleman)
Dr. Clark  }  That the letter be filed.
Two   letters^were   read  from  the   Board  of  Governors
in   connection with   the  establishment   of  new  Faculties,
Departments  or   Courses.
Hr.   Killam     }
Hr.   Richards)     That   these   letters   be   received   .
and   filed.
Calendar  statement   re , Beginners'   Courses   in  Language
334 Notice   from  Dr.   G.   G.   Sedgewiok  that he   will  move,
at   the   Senate  meeting of  October 21st,   1925,   the
following motion:
"That except in the case of beginners' courses,
no course in language may be taken by a student
Who has not offered that language at Hatricul-
ation; and a beginners* course in language may
not be taken for credit by a student who has
obtained credit for that language at Hatricul-
ation." 415
Wednesday,   Hay  6th,   1925
Dean   Clement)
Dr. Sedgewick)     That we   oonsider  the   recommendation  from  the   Faoulty  of Applied
Science   re   acceptance   of  Vancouver Women's   Canadian   Club
Scholarship  in  Nursing and Health.
The   Committee   on  Prizes  and  Scholarships
recommends  the  acceptance   of  the   Vancouver
Women's   Canadian   Club   Scholarship  of  the   value
of  $100  per annum,   to   be   awarded at  the   end
of   the   fourth year  in   the   course  of  Nursing
and Health   to   the   student  who  attains   the
highest   standing  in   the   four years'   training -
academic as  well  as  practical.
Dean   Brook )
Bishop  de   Pencier)
That   this  Scholarship  be
accepted and  suitably
Opening   Ceremonies  at  Point   Grey
Dean   Clement      )
Judge   Swanson   )     That   the   President  appoint   a
committee   to   consider  the   question  of honorary degrees  and  to
bring  in   a   report   for  submission
to   a  special  meeting  of  Senate.
Hr.   Sovereign     )
Principal  Vance)     That   the   same   committee   be
empowered   to   bring  in  a  report
regarding opening  ceremonies.
A letter from the Vancouver Sun was read, protesting
against the release of examination results for publication
in the evening papers.
Principal Vanoe)
Judge Lampmann )  That in future the results of
examinations be not handed to
the newspapers until approved
by the Senate. 388
Wednesday,   Hay  6th,   1925
Judge   Swanson)
Dean   Clement   )     That   the   Registrar  send a proper
reply  to   the   Sun.
Hotlon Withdrawn
Dean Clement )
Judge Swanson)  That we acknowledge the letter
from the Vancouver Sun; that we
confirm the action of the President and the Registrar in furnishing the lists of examination
results on the distinct understanding that they shall be held
confidentially until released by
the Senate.
Examination Results
The results of the examinations in the various years
in   the   Faculty  of Arts  and Science  were  presented by  Dean
Coleman,   and were   considered  and passed,   section  by
Dean Coleman  )
Judge Lampmann)  That the results in the Faculty
of Arts and Science, as a whole,
be adopted.
The results of the examinations in First and Second
Year Arts in Victoria College were presented by Dr. Paul.
Dr. Coleman)
Dr. Clark  )  That these results be accepted.
The results of the examinations in the various years
in the Faculty of Applied Science were presented by Dean
Brook and were considered and passed section by section.
Dean Brock)
Hr. Lord  )  That the results in the Faculty of
Applied Science, as a whole, be
adopted. Carried 417
Wednesday, Hay 6th, 1925
The results of the examinations in the various years
893    in the Faculty of Agriculture were presented by Dean
Clement and were considered and passed section by section.
Special action on the following re commendations a
That George H. Dynes. Frank 0. Verohere, Thomae
G. Wilkinson be not admitted to Fourth Year
until they remove their supplementals or satisfy
Faculty that the failure to remove the outstanding supplemental examinations had an
adequate cause.
Dean Clement)
Dean Coleman) That the recommendation be
Judge Swanson)
Hr. Robinson ) That this resolution be
Dean Clement)
Hr. Barss   )  That David W. Thompson, with an
average of 68$ and with a supplemental in English 1(a), be
granted his degree and that
Kenneth P. Caple. with an average of 68$ and with a supplemental in Chemistry 2, be granted
his degree.
In amendment:
Judge Swanson)
Hr. Scott    )  That these two candidates be
granted their degrees on passing
their supplemental examinations.
The report on award of Uedals, Prises and Scholarships, presented by Dean Coleman, was considered section
by section, and adopted. 418
Wednesday,   Hay 6th,   1925
The  Anne   Wesbrook  Scholarship   (1924)
That   the  Anne  Wesbrook Scholarship awarded  in
Hay,   1924,   to  Hiss  Winifred   Cawthorne.   be   forfeited  by her  on  account   of her  failure   to
carry  on postgraduate   study within  the   terms
of   the  award.
And,   further,   that   this   scholarship  be   awarded
for  the   current  year  to  Hiss  Gertrude   Smith,
now pursuing studies   at   the   University   towards
the   Master's  Degree.
Dean   Coleman)
Dr.   Buchanan)
That   the   recommendation  be   adopted.
Special Scholarship for David 0. Warden
That in consideration of the unfortunate
accident that has prevented Hr. David C. Warden
from standing his examinations at the end of
the Second Year in Arts and in view of his
having previously led his year and being therefore a probable candidate for a scholarship
Faculty requests the Board of Governors to
make effort to provide a special scholarship
for this student.
Dr. Buchanan)
Hr. Robinson) That this recommendation be forwarded to the Board of Governors
for their consideration.
Amount of General Proficiency Scholarships
Recommended to the Senate and the Board of
Governors that for the future all proficiency
scholarships carry exemption from fees.
Dean Coleman ,
Judge Swanson!
That the recommendation be endorsed and submitted to the
Board of Governors.
Judge Swanson)
Hr. Lord     )
That Dr. Eastman be heard in
connection with the Scholarship
which has been offered by the
Native Sons of Canada. Ass. No.2.
Carried 419
Wednesday, Hay 6th, 1925
Dr. Eastman stated that when he had prepared the
1925-26 calendar announcement giving the subjects selected for the competition, he was not aware that the donors
had suggested that the subjects for the first few years
should refer to the Constitutional History of Canada.  In
view of this, he asked permission to publish the following list of subjects in the newspapers:
1925-26: "The Tracing of the Canadian Frontier,
"British Colonial Policy in Canada, 1760-1837."
1926-27: "The Winning of Responsible Government,
"The Federation of Canada, its origin and
nature. "
1927-28: "The United States and Canada, 1846-1927."
"Canada and the Imperial Conferences,
Dean Coleman)
Hr. Argue   ) That the list of subjects submitted by Dr. Eastman be added to the
topics announced in the calendar.
Dean   Clement)
Ur.   Barss        )     That  we   adjourn.


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