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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1952-10-22

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 Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   I876.
The first regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the Session 1952-53 was
held on Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N. A. M. MacKenzie (in the
Chair), Miss Marjorie Agnew, Dr. John Allardyce, Dean H. F.
Angus, Dean Lowell Besley, Mr. Jacob Biely, Dr. V. C. Brink,
Dean S. N. F. Chant, The Hon. Mr. Justice «J. V. Clyne, Dean
Blythe Eagles, Miss Mary Fallis, Dr. W. A. Ferguson, Dr.
R. E. Foerster, Dean W. H, Gage, Dr. W. C. Gibson, Dr. W. H.
Hickman, Major H. C. Holmes, Mr. Gilbert Kennedy, Dr. R. B.
Kerr, Mr. F. M, Knapp, His Honour Judge A. E. Lord, Mr. H. N.
MacCorkindale, Mr. W. R. McDougall, Dr. M, M. Maclntyre,
Dean H. J. MacLeod, Dean A. W. Matthews, Dean M. Dorothy
Mawdsley, Mr. Finlay A. Morrison, Mrs. F. M. Ross, Dr. W. N.
Sage, Dr. T. M. c. Taylor, Dr. w. S. Taylor, Dr. G. M.
Volkoff and Dr. H. V. Warren.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, Mr.
J. M. Buchanan, Dean G. F. Curtis, Mr. F. c. Boyes, Mr.
H. 0. English, Mr. W. 0. Richmond, Dr. S. Friedman, Dr. Roy
Daniells, Mr. K, Caple, Dr. George Allen, Dean M. M. Weaver
and Dr. R. D, James.
Memorial to the Late
Dr. Harry Ashton
The following memorial, which was prepared by the Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952    1877.
Committee on Memorial Minutes, was read by the Secretary:
The Senate records its deep regret and sense of
loss in the death of Harry Ashton. He came to the
University at its inception and from 1915 to 1933
he served it memorably, as head of the Department
of French. Born in Lancashire, he had attended
Beury Grammar School and Saltley Training College
(Birmingham), had spent seven years in Paris and
taken his M.A. at Cambridge. He proved to be not
only a scholar of reputation but also a teacher of
exceptional skill and tact, who could infuse his
own love of French language and culture into his
pupils, many of whom became his friends. He was
distinguished by an edged wit, a broadly humane
outlook and a wisdom which often concealed itself
behind his verbal sallies.  In 1933 this University
lost him to Cambridge, his alma mater. He had
become an authority in the field of 17th-century
French literature and his interests, as attested
by scholarly publication, were wide enough to
include Cyrano de Bergerac, Madame de La Fayette,
Moliere, La Brunyere and DeBartas. In 1946 he
returned to Canada and was engaged for two years
in the exacting tasks of our post-war teaching,
to expanded classes. At the time of his death he
held doctorates from Cambridge, Paris, Birmingham
and British Columbia, was Chevalier de la Legion
d'Honneur and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
His presence will long remain in this place, for
his enthusiasm, his wit, his dignity and his
integrity are part of our inherited tradition and
live in the memory and in the character of those
whom on this campus he for so long served so well.
Mrs. Ross)
Dr. Sage )  That this memorial be inscribed on the
minutes of Senate and a copy sent to
Mrs. Ashton.
Dr. MacKenzie extended a welcome on behalf of the
Senate to Dr. W. A. Ferguson, representing Anglican College
as Acting-Principal of that institution.  In this connection
a letter dated October 10th was received from the Bursar and
Field Secretary of the College, advising that Rev. K. E. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952  1878.
Taylor had resigned as Principal and that Dr. Ferguson had
been appointed Acting Principal for the academic year 1952-53.
Dr. Mackenzie requested permission for Mr.
Reginald Moir, newly appointed Assistant to the President
and the Director of University Extension, in charge of
University Information, to attend the meetings of Senate.
Judge Lord  )
Dr. Maclntyre)  That Mr. Moir be permitted to sit
in at the meetings of Senate.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant)  That the minutes of the fifth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1951-52,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Appointment of Library Committee
The Secretary read the following nominations of
the Faculties and of the Chairman of Senate to the Library
Committee of Senate for the Session 1952-53:
Arts and Science       - Dr. G. N, Tucker
Dr. D. C. Murdoch
Miss M, Henderson
Applied Science - Mr. L. G. R. Crouch
Agriculture - Dr. V. C# Brink
Law - Mr. Gilbert Kennedy
Pharmacy - Mr. F# a. Morrison
Graduate Studies - Dr. J. L. Robinson
Medicine - Dr. S. M. Friedman Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1879-
Forestry - Dr. G, S. Allen
Nominations of the Chair- Dr. Kenneth Mann
Dr. T. M, C. Taylor
Dr. J. G. Spaulding
Librarian (ex-officio)  - Vice-Chairman
Chairman of Senate )
Secretary of Senate)     Ex-officio
(Dr. Ian McTaggart-Cowan - on leave of absence)
Dr. Sage  )
Dr. Hickman)  That the Committee as constituted
above be approved.
From the Board of Governors
New Courses
It was reported that the Board of Governors on
September 29th had approved the following new courses, to
be offered in the Session 1952-53, as approved by Senate
on August 27th:
Education 575
Law 314
Extra-Sessional Classes
It was reported that the Board of Governors on
September 29th had approved the following Extra-Sessional
Classes, to be offered in the Session 1952-53 on the understanding that no course would be given without sufficient
enrollment to meet the costs, as approved by Senate on
August 27th:
History 426
Trench 202
STavonic Studies 306
English 431" Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1880,
Education 522)  Subject to final arrangements by
Education 560)  the School of Education.
New Awards
It was reported by letter dated October 6th that
the Board of Governors on September 29th had approved the
acceptance, subject to approval by Senate, of the Pharmacy
Alumni Book Prizes, three prizes to be awarded annually,
one in each of the upper three years, to the students
selected by the Faculty of Pharmacy as the best all-round
potential pharmacists.
H. R. MacMillan Professorship
in Silviculture
Further to the discussion which took place at
the August 27th meeting of the Senate, Dean Besley spoke to
this item and referred to a letter he had written to the
President, dated October 10th, recommending that the
Professorship in Silviculture in the Faculty of Forestry
be named the H. R. MacMillan Professorship in Silviculture,
and the incumbent in that position be called the H. R.
MacMillan Professor of Silviculture.
Dean Besley)
Mr. Knapp )  That Senate approve the naming of the
Professorship in Silviculture, "The
H. R. MacMillan Professorship in
Silviculture", the incumbent to be
known as the "H. R. MacMillan Professor
of Silviculture."
Carried. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952  1881.
From the Faculties
Report on Supplemental Examinations.
Special Examinations and Re-readings
A summary report, dated October 18th, was received
for information, showing the number of applicants, the
numbers of those who passed and failed and the number of
papers written, with reference to Supplemental and deferred
examinations; the number of supplementals written at outside
centres; the number of Special examinations granted; and a
report on re-readings.
Candidates for Degrees and Diplomas
The Secretary referred to a list, dated October
22nd, containing the names of 314 candidates for the
following degrees, to be presented at the Fall Congregation
on October 30th, 1952:  Doctor of Philosophy, Master of
Arts, Master of Science, Master of Applied Science, Master
of Science in Agriculture, Master of Social Work, Bachelor
of Social Work, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Arts
(Honours), Bachelor of Arts (General Course), Bachelor of
Commerce, Bachelor of Home Economics, Bachelor of Physical
Education, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of
Architecture, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of
Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Science
in Pharmacy, and Bachelor of Science in Forestry. It was
noted that this list included the names of Candidates in the
Faculty of Arts and Science who were approved at the August
27th meeting of the Senate, and that a total of 314 candidates Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952
would be presented,- compared with 359 in the Fall of 1951.
Dean Chant)
Dean Angus)  That Senate approve the conferring on
the candidates listed the degrees for
which they have qualified, and that
authority be given the Chairman to make
any necessary corrections of or additions
to this list.
New Courses
Diploma Course in Criminology
It was reported that the Faculty of Graduate
Studies, at its meeting on October 14th, had approved the
establishment of a Diploma Course in Criminology, in the
Faculty of Graduate Studies, to be under the supervision
of a committee to be constituted as follows:
The Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
Dr. C. w. Topping, Professor of Sociology
Mr. Elmer K. Nelson, Assistant Professor of Criminology
A representative of the Faculty of Law
A representative of the School of Social Work
A representative of the Department of Psychology.
Prerequisites:  A degree of B.S.W., or
An M.A. degree in Sociology, or
An M.A. degree in some other subject (or
other professional training or graduate
degree) including or supplemented by the
courses specifically prerequisite to
those required for the diploma.
Incomplete prerequisites may be completed
concurrently with courses leading to the
diploma provided that the student does
not register for more than 18 units in
any one Winter session.
The course will consist of 15 units and will
Criminology 436 (Applied Criminology)
Criminology 539 (Seminar in Criminology)
Law 104 (Criminal Law) and Law 310 (Domestic Relations) Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952  1883,
Psychology 400 (Abnormal Psychology)
Field work to be arranged, and to count for 3 units.
A candidate who has already passed one or more of these
courses may take, in place thereof, one or more of the
following, provided in each case that he has taken the
necessary prerequisites:
Psychology 303 (Clinical Psychology)
Philosophy 304 (Social Philosophy)
Economics 325 (Labour Problems)
3 units of work in the School of Social Work
Political Science 310 (Administration).
Dean Angus )
Dean Eagles)  That Senate approve this Diploma Course
in Criminology, effective in the present
Session, in order that certain candidates
at present in attendance may qualify for
the Diploma next Spring, before the
appearance of the new Calendar.
M.Sc. Course in Agricultural
It was reported that the Faculty of Graduate Studies,
at its meeting on October 14th, had approved the following
course; in accordance with the following proposed Calendar
Course leading to the degree of M.Sc.
in Agricultural Microbiology
Prerequisites:  Honours in Agricultural Microbiology;
or Chemistry 300, Biochemistry 410,
and 12 units or approved courses in
Agronomy, Bacteriology, and Dairying.
M.Sc. Course;  Thesis, counting 6 units; 6 units
selected from Agronomy 512, Dairying
501 and 502; other courses in related
fields selected in consultation with
the departments concerned to complete
the requirements of section 11 above. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1884.
Dean Angus )
Dean Eagles)  That this course be authorized.
Anatomy 503
Physiology 500
Physiology 549'
It was reported that the Faculty of Medicine, on
October 7th, had approved the following new courses:
Anatomy 503   - An Advanced course for graduates in
Medicine with at least one year of
post-graduate training.
Physiology 500 - Advanced Human Physiology - 6 units
Physiology 549 - Master's Thesis.
The Faculty of Graduate Studies on October 14th approved
the course Physiology 549, and also approved Physiology 500
for the present Session with the request that a Committee
representing the faculties concerned be appointed to look
into and report on the whole matter of courses in
Physiology and their relation to one another.
Chemistry 537
Physics 518
At a meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
held on October 15th, the following courses were approved
and recommended to Senate. These courses were approved
also by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, on October 14th.
Chemistry 537 (1)  Cellulose, Lignin and Related
Compounds. The structure and
distribution of molecular weights
of cellulose; behaviour of
cellulose in chemical reactions;
chemistry of non-cellulose
components of wood. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1885.
Physics 518 (1) Physics of Nuclear Reactions.
For graduate students interested
in the reactions produced by high
energy ion or neutron beams.
Topics such as angular correlation,
polarization, energy levels in
light nuclei, will be discussed
from both theoretical and experimental aspects in some detail.
Physics 510 should be taken before
or concurrently with this course.
Zoology 414 - 415
At the meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
on October 15th, the following new courses were approved
and recommended to Senate: (for the present session only)
Zoology 414 (2) Ornithology - The ecology and
ethology of birds.
Mr. Udvardy.      (1-2;1-2)
Zoology 415 (1) Zoogeography - Descriptions of
distribution and factors involved.
Mr. Udvardy.      (0-0;2-0)
Mechanical Engineering 581
At the meeting of the Faculty of Applied Science
on October 16th, the following new course was approved and
recommended to Senate,  This course was approved also by
the Faculty of Graduate Studies on October 14th.
Mechanical Engineering 58I - Advanced Fluid Mechanics
A second course in fluid mechanics dealing with
selected topics from the hydrodynamics of real and
perfect fluids. Application of the theory of functions
of a complex variable to fluid flow problems. 2 units.
Dean Angus)
Dean Chant) That the new courses described above
be approved.
Carried. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1886,
Screening Test for Students from
Non-English Speaking Countries
At the meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
on October 15th, the following recommendation was accepted
and recommended to Senate for approval:
"That for this Session all students who have not
matriculated in an English-speaking country be
required to take the screening test; that those
who prove deficient in English be required to take
the Preparatory Course; and that they be not
permitted to enrol for a full programme of credit
Dean Chant spoke to this it an and stated that this ruling
would involve approximately sixty students.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That this recommendation of the Faculty
of Arts and Science be approved.
Dr. Hickman asked if it would be possible for
Victoria College to obtain the screening tests and an
outline of the programme for the benefit of the two or
three students at the College who might benefit.  It was
agreed that this request should be met.
Regulations, Applied Science
At the meeting of the Faculty of Applied Science
on October 16th, the following resolutions were approved
in regard to:
Honours Standing:     That Paragraph 7, p. 226 of the
1952-53 Calendar be amended to read
as follows: (effective in present
7. Honours graduate standing will be
granted to those who obtain First
Class Standing in the final year Entrance Requirements:
Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1887.
and who have obtained an average
of at least 75'$ in each of the
preceding three years, with no
That the regulations governing
admission to the Faculty be
amended to read as follows:
The passing grade for entrance to
courses in Engineering is 60$ in
Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics,
and 50$ in other subjects. A student
with a second class average in the
three subjects, Mathematics,
Chemistry and Physics will, however,
receive consideration.
(a) That the statement in the Calendar
with regard to supplementals, be
modified to conform with existing
practice, which permits the clearing
of supplementals by writing in
April. The examination written is
to be the regular April examination
in the subject, unless the instructor
in charge feels that a specially set
examination is required to properly
cover the full year's work.
(b) That the statement in the Calendar
"and must be written at that time"
referring to supplementals in
September, be deleted.
Dean MacLeod)
Dean Besley )  That these changes be approved.
Summer Session Courses, 1953
At the meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
on October 15th, the following courses were accepted for
the Summer Session, 1953, and recommended to Senate:
Bacteriology 100, Introductory Bacteriology
Biology 100, Introductory Biology
Botany 200,  General Botany
Biology 330, Principles of Genetics
Chemistry 100/1, General Chemistry Education 509 (If)
Education 509 (If)
Education 510 (l|)
Education 513 (If)
Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1888.
Chemistry 200, Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Chemistry 300, Organic Chemistry
Commerce 151, Fundamentals of Accounting
Economics 200, Principles of Economics
Economics 300, Money and Banking
Education 509 (If) High School Methods (English)
"    "    "    (Social Studies)
"    "    "    (Mathematics)
Administration of School Systems
Education 521, Philosophy of Education
Education 529, Educational Psychology
Education 534 (li) Psychology of the School Subjects
Education 550 (If) Introduction to Guidance
Education 551 (If) Counselling Technique
Education 561 (If) Diagnostic and Remedial Instruction
Education 575, Educational Classics
English 100/1, Literature and Composition
English 200, Literature
English 421, Theatre Practice
English 425, Seventeenth-Century Literature
English 429, American Literature Since 1865
French 101, First Year University French
French 202, Second Year University French
French 302 or 403, French Practice or Course for Teachers
Geography 10T, Elementary Physical Geography
Geography 306, Economic Geography
Geography 408, Regional Geography of Europe
German 90, Beginner's Course
German 100
History 203, Canada West of the Great Lakes
History - , to be decided
History - , to be decided
Mathematics 101, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry
Mathematics 200, Algebra and Geometry
Mathematics 307, Elementary Number Theory
Philosophy 100, Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy 210 or 305, Ancint Philosophy or Recent Philosophy
Physical Education 201 (W), Gymnastics (_7~
Physical Education 211 (W), Team Games (1)
Physical Education 221 (M.W), Individual Games (|)
Physical Education 240 (M), Dance (£)
Physical Education 2 41 (W), Dance (1)
Physical Education 321 (M,W), Individual Games (J)
Physical Education 340 (M,W), Dance (|)
Physical Education 350 (M,W), Track and Field (A)
Physical Education 450 (M,W), Track and Field (f)
Physical Education 460 or
Anatomy 390 JM,W), Physical Education Seminar (2)
or Elementary Human Anatomy (3)
Physics 100/1, Elementary Physics
Political Science 400, The Government of Canada
Psychology 100, Introductory Psychology Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952  1889.
Psychology 201 or 202, Social Psychology or Mental Hygiene
Psychology 301 or 303, Developmental Psychology or
Clinical Psychology
Sociology 426, The Rural Community
Spanish 101, First Year University Spanish
Approved in Principle Pending Further
Word from Departments Concerned"
Agricultural Economics
A third year course in Anthropology
Greek 315, Greek Epic and Tragedy
Latin 90, Beginners Latin
A second year course in Physics other than Physics 200.
In reply to a question, Dean Chant stated that the courses
listed under Physical Education would be given under an
arrangement with the Provincial Department of Education,
whereby courses in this field are no longer given in the
Summer School of Education in Victoria.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That the courses listed for the Summer
Session 1953 be approved.
Membership. Faculty of Pharmacy
It was recommended that ^r. V. Chivers-Wilson,
Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Session 1952-53, be
given faculty status for the term of his appointment.
Dean Matthews)
Mr. Morrison )  That this recommendation be approved.
National Scholarships
At the meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Science
held on October 15th, the following resolution was approved
and recommended to Senate: Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1890,
That a strong endorsement of the recommendation
of the Royal Commission in reference to National
Scholarships be forwarded to the Federal Government.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage ) That this recommendation be approved.
Carried Unanimously.
In this connection, the President suggested that it would
be useful for members of Senate in their private capacities
to write to their local members of Parliament.
Reports of Committees
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Copies of List No. 5, dated October 22nd, 1952,
being the fifth list since May of fellowships, bursaries,
and scholarships awarded in the Fall, were circulated.
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant)  That the awards as listed be approved.
Dr. Sage    )
Mr. McDougall) That a hearty vote of thanks be
tendered the Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries, and
especially the Chairman, Dean
W. H. Gage, in recognition of the
tremendous amount of work entailed
in recommending these awards.
New Awards
Acceptance was recommended of the following new
This bursary of $100.00, the gift of Messrs.
Freeman, Freeman and Silvers, is available Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1891.
annually for a student registered in the Faculty
of Law.  It will be awarded to a student who has
good scholastic standing and is worthy and
deserving of financial assistance.
Three book prizes, the gift of the Pharmacy
Alumni Association of the University, will be
awarded annually, one in each of the upper three
years, to the students selected by the Faculty
of Pharmacy as the best all-round potential
pharmacists. The awards will be made after the
conclusion of the final examinations for the
A scholarship of $150.00, the gift of the New
Westminster University Women's Club, will be
awarded annually to a woman student proceeding
from Senior Matriculation or First ^ear University
to the next year of her course. To be eligible
for consideration, an applicant must have been in
attendance at a school in New Westminster for at
least the last five months of the school year
immediately preceding her admission to the University,
In making the award, consideration will be given
to the scholastic standing and the financial
circumstances of the applicants. Further information
and application forms may be obtained from the office
of the Dean of Administrative and Inter-Faculty
Affairs. Application forms must be received not
later than June 15th.
The Jean Craig Smith Scholarship of *$ ,
provided by the income on a bequest from the late
Jean Mcintosh Smith, is available annually for a
student in attendance at the University of British
Columbia in any year and faculty.  Selection of
the winner will be made by the Joint Faculty
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
on the basis of academic ability, character and
personal qualities, participation in community
and student affairs, and evidence of leadership.
Amount dependent on investment rate. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1892,
Dean Gage reported also that The British Columbia
Tuberculosis Society was planning to assist one or two
students each year and this year had sent him a cheque for
$1,500.00 to this end.
Dean Gage )
Mr. Kennedy) That the new awards listed be accepted
and that letters of thanks be sent to
the donors.
For the information of Senate, Dean Gage summarized
the total assistance which had been provided for students at
this University since last May, including approximately
$82,000.00 from the Dominion-Provincial Student Aid Fund,
$24,000.00 from the Special Bursaries Fund, $21,000.00 in
named bursaries, $60,000.00 in scholarship and prize awards,
and $45,000.00 in loans from University funds, plus
approximately $28,000.00 in fellowships and scholarships
from the National Research Council, the Defence Research
Board, etc., and $40,000.00 from outside sources. In
addition a number of students on the campus receive
assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs and
twenty-nine students receive assistance from the Federal
Government under the Public Recreation Diploma Course. By
areas, a total of $170,000.00 had been awarded as follows:
$74,000.00 to students in the Vancouver area, $17,000.00
to students from Victoria, $8,000.00 to New Westminster,
and the balance, $71,000.00 to students from other areas. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952  1893
Honorary Degrees
Dean Angus reported that in accordance with the
authorization granted by Senate on August 27th, the Committee
on Honorary Degrees had recommended that the degree of
Doctor of Laws, honoris causa, be conferred on Professor
A. R. M. Lower of Queen's University, and Professor
George W. Brown of the University of Toronto, at the Autumn
Congregation on October 30th.
Dean Angus)
Dean Gage ) That this action be approved.
A letter dated September 8th was read from the
Secretary, Dr. J. G. Spaulding, reporting that the
Committee on Ceremonies on August 28th had approved the
suggestion put before Senate on May 13th, that next year
the Spring Congregation be held on Monday and Tuesday,
May 18th and 19th, rather than on Thursday and Friday,
May 14th and 15th, and that Senate meet on Wednesday,
May 13th rather than Tuesday, May 12th.
Mr. Kennedy)
Judge Lord ) That the change in dates be approved in
principle, but that the question of
whether or not the Spring Congregation,
1953, might be held on one day rather
than two be referred back to the Committee,
for report to the next meeting of Senate.
Report on Registration,
Session 1952-53
A detailed report on registration as at Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1894.
October 21st, 1952, with comparable figures for October 17th,
1951, was presented and copies circulated. It was noted
that the total registration for these dates was:
1952 - 5,317; 1951 - 5,555.
Report on Correspondence Courses
A summary of registration in Correspondence
Courses, as reported by the Department of University
Extension, under date of August, 1952, was received, and
copies circulated. A total registration from October, 1949,
of 689 was noted.
Autumn Congregation
The President outlined plans from the Autumn
Congregation, to be held on Thursday, October 30th, at
eight o'clock in the Women's Gymnasium, for the conferring
of degrees in course and of three honorary degrees. He
reported further that the Congregation Address would be
delivered by Professor Denis Brogan, Professor of Political
Science at Cambridge, and at present Visiting Professor at
the University of Washington. To commemorate the Fortieth
Anniversary of the Convocation of the University, the
original members of that body were being asked to take
part in the Congregation ceremonies.
Dr. MacKenzie also reported that a symposium on
Canadian History was to be held on Saturday, November 1st,
when Professors Brown, Lower and Brogan would take part in
the panel discussion. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1895.
Victoria College
Dr. Hickman reported that Victoria College Week,
commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the College, had
been successful and expressed appreciation to Dr. MacKenzie
and Chancellor Lett for their presence at various of these
functions. He also reported that the registration at the
College for 1952-53 was 324.
The Secretary read a letter dated October 16th
from the Chairman of the Men's Athletic Committee, recording
the following two resolutions which were passed by a meeting
of that Committee on October 15th:
"Whereas a lack of playing fields and a shortage
of coaches make it extremely difficult, if not
impossible, to carry out the wishes of the Senate
in connection with its policies with respect to
providing the necessary training and competition
to develop Freshman teams, in accordance with the
rulings on Competitive and Inter-Collegiate Athletics
(approved May 13th, 1952), therefore, be it resolved
that we, the members of the Men's Athletic Committee,
respectfully request the Senate to postpone until
1954-55 the Eligibility Ruling in Section 1, Subsection 1, insofar as it applies to Freshmen.
"Whereas the students who have passed their Senior
Matriculation, have demonstrated their ability
through written examinations, and whereas the said
students are usually mature enough to realize that
their studies should have priority over all other
activities, be it therefore resolved that the Senate
be requested to exempt from the Freshman Eligibility
Ruling, Section 1, Sub-section 1, students who enter
University with full Senior Matriculation standing."
Further in this connection, the Secretary read a letter
dated October 16th, from the Secretary of the Alma Mater
Society, recording the following resolutions which were Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952  I896,
passed at a special meeting of the Students* Council held
on October 16th:
"Whereas a lack of playing fields and a shortage
of coaches make it extremely difficult if not
impossible to carry out the wishes of the Senate
in connection with its policy with respect to
competitive and Inter-Collegiate Athletics (approved
May 13th, 1952) THEREFORE, Be it resolved, That we,
the members of the Students' Council, respectfully
request the Senate to postpone, until such time as
playing fields and coaches are provided, the
eligibility ruling in Section 1, Sub-section 1,
insofar as it applies to freshmen.
"Whereas students who have passed their Senior
Matriculation have proven their ability through
written examinations, and whereas said students
are usually mature enough to realize that their
studies should have priority over all other
activities, therefore, be it resolved that the
Senate be requested to exempt students who have
clear B. C. Senior Matriculation from the freshman
eligibility ruling Section 1, sub-section 1.
"Whereas activities such as clubs and undergraduate
societies have no set of eligibility rules applying
to freshman students, be it resolved that, Students'
Council respectfully request the Senate to establish
eligibility rules for freshman students engaged in
all campus activities."
After some discussion,
Judge Lord )
Major Holmes)  That these letters be received, and
that a special meeting of Senate be
called by the Chair to hear
representatives from various groups
of students with respect to Senate's
previous motion.
Letters of appreciation were read from Mrs. J. M.
Ewing, with respect to memorial minute to the late Dr. Ewing,
which was inscribed on the last minutes of Senate, and from
Dean Blythe Eagles with respect to an expression of sympathy
received on the death of his father. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952  1897.
Letters of appreciation from recipients of
honorary degrees at the Special Congregation held in
connection with the opening of the Law Building, and from
Professor Denis Brogan, were received and taken as read.
Other Business
Special Meeting of Convocation
The President read the following resolution,
which was proposed by the Chancellor:
"That the Senate convene a special meeting of the
Convocation of The University of British Columbia
on Thursday, November 13th in Brock Hall at 6:30 p.m.
for the purpose of considering the following
resolution: 'Resolved that the annual meeting of
the Convocation of The University of British Columbia
be held on the same day each year as the annual
meeting of the Alumni Association of The University
of British Columbia.'"
Dr. MacKenzie stated that this was an attempt, without
changing the University Act, to get more effective
integration of convocation and alumni.
Dr. Warren)
Mrs. Ross )  That this resolution be approved.
The President read a letter dated September 29th
from the Rev. Canon W. W. Judd, General Secretary of The
Church of England in Canada, recording certain resolutions
passed by the recent meeting of the General Synod of the
Church of England in Canada with reference to the action
taken by some universities in endeavouring to protect their
students from exploitation by professional hockey and other
teams. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952  1898.
Reference was made to requests received by the
Registrar from Time Magazine and The Thomas Paine Foundation
for lists of names and addresses of the faculty and student
body. Mr. Wood stated that the request from Time Magazine
followed the sale of subscriptions to this magazine in the
University Armoury, at the time of registration.
Dr. Allardyce)
Judge Lord  )  That this matter be referred to the
University Administration and the
Board of Governors, for such action
as may seem wise.
Dr. MacKenzie stated that publications of the
Faculty were presented regularly to the Board of Governors
and suggested that Senate might also be interested in
receiving them.  In this connection he read the titles of
several papers which had been reported to recent meetings
of the Board.
The President spoke further to the proposal
discussed earlier with reference to special work in English
for students from non-English speaking countries, and asked
if it was proposed to do anything similar for students whose
mother-tongue is English who are deficient in reading and
writing that language, and suggested that it might be in
order to screen all first-year students to find out those
that need special attention in this regard. After an
interesting discussion, it was agreed that Dean Chant would
bring in a more detailed report on the work presently being
carried out in this field. Wednesday, October 22nd, 1952   1899.
The motion to adjourn was carried.
A?Aayzy<>*    c?7


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