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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] Feb 13, 1918

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Array (53)
Wednesday, February 13th., 1918.
f        (197) The third regular meeting of the Senate of the University of
-& ; jy*1*       British Columbia for the Session 1917-18 was held on Wednesday,
^""'       February 13th., 1918 at 8 P.M. in the Board Room, University Offices.
\     f**^
(198) Present:  The Chancellor, Dr. Davidson, Mr. Robertson, Mr.
Chodat, Mr.  Creighton, Mr.  Burns,  Dr. McKechnie, Mr. Wade, Mr. Argue,
Dr. Brydone-Jack,  Mr. Turnbull and the Secretary.
It was moved by the Chancellor,  seconded by Mr. Argue,   that
/v**"x"       in ^ae absence of the President the Vice-Chairman take the chair.
f**   /u^ Carried.
_y    c . The minutes of the  last meeting,   that of December 12th.,1917,
*    were read and on motion of Dr. McKechnie,   seconded by Mr. Robertson,
were confirmed.
V (199) A letter dated December 21st.,  1917 from Prof.  J.M.Turnbull
to  the President,  advocating the establishment of a Fourth Year
i      &**** course in Mining, was read.
^fT* air* Argue  )
(^**-,*v' Mr. 3urns  )  That the Senate favours the establishment of a
** Fourth Year course- in Mining and recommends  it  to   the  favourable
* consideration of the Board of    Governors. Carried.
(200) A sujiimary of the recommendations to  the Honourable the
Minister of Education by the Board of Governors with regard to   the
expenditures for the year 1918-19, which was presented to the
Minister on February 4th.,  1918 by a Committee of the Board, was
placed before the Seriate.
The Chancellor described the  interview with the Minister of
Education.    A general discussion followed.  It was pointed out by the
Chancellor and Dr. McKechnie that while  the entire responsibility
'jf     pfK    rested upon the Board of Governors,   the ■recommendations were
'0** submitted to the Senate as a matter of courtesy and with the hope of
Jf securing their sympathy and support. It was felt that in the absence
Of the President a clear understanding of some of the estimates was
impossible and it was moved by Mr. .Robertson, seconded by Dr.
Davidson, that the recommendations be laid on the table.  Carried.
Dr. Davidson )
s.ijf  ,        Mr. Argue   ) That the President be empowered' to appoint a
-^•'jWv*'  Committee of the Senate to go to Victoria to support the Board in
Cr   tAlr asking for these appropriations.   Carried.
***   (201) The following recommendations from Faculty were submitted:
1. That the regulations previously applied to students of the
^    .   a  University who enlisted for overseas service be now applied to
fifir**      J?**  enlisted or conscripted students.
tyilt1""' These regulations are as follows:
< 1. That students who leave in their Fourth Year be given
their decree at the end of the Session.
2. That those who attend for the major part of any year be
given their standing for that year.
• jUS>
Mr^ ks.^^.^.^^-.tvtv^-.-.-'1 "•-■ .vf»
;**££■"■* WW- V~  ■
3. That  it be made possible for  those who leave before the
end of the First Year to graduate when  they have  completed three full years at  the University.
Mr. Robinson )
Dr. Brydone-Jack )  That this recommendation be adopted.-
(201) 2. That on the completion of the courses outlined for  them
by the  Faculty,   the degree of Bachelor of Arts be conferred on Edgar
, b        Leslie Best and Arthur Harold Miller,   formerly students of the Third
Jb\$**     Year of Arts and now returned from service overseas.
Qlfi , Mr. Robinson )
^y**^ Mr.  Burns )   That this recommendation be adopted. Carried.
■  3. That Benjamin Henry Howell, a student of McGill University
College of British Columbia, who had entered on the double course
for the degree of B.A. and B. Sc. and who has completed two years of
J^>     Arts and two years of Applied Science and has been granted
supplemental in the Third Yearof Arts, be granted the degree of
B.A. on his completing the work of the Third Year in Arts.
Mr. Robinson    )
Dr. Brydone-Jack ) 'That Mr. Howell he his degree when
he has passed his supplemental examinations.   Carried.
4. That Senate confirm the proposed amendments to the
Constitution of Alma Mater Society as passed by the students in
March 1917. (The Secretary of the Faculty was instructed to call the
attention of Senate to the fact that this recommendation was passed
by Faculty at its meeting on Tuesday the 12th inst. by a vote of ten
to nine.)
Original sections from the Constitution of Alma Mater Society
with their proposed amendments were submitted to Senate. After a
thorough discussion of the proposed .amendments, it was moved by
Dr. McKechnie, seconded by Mr. Robertson, that the student body be
asked to carry on the work of Alma Mater for another year under the
present constitution.  Carried.
(202)        Mr. Robinson reported that the Department of Education with a
1> view to the unification of the requirements of Senior Matriculation
t   and First Class Teachers' certificates, had asked for a statement of
the University's requirements for Senior Matriculation, and that the
Faculty Committee on Curriculum and Calendar was at work on the matter
but was not yet ready to report.
(203)        Dr. ifcKechnie, Chairman of the Committee on Affiliation of
Theological Colleges reported that he had communicated with the different
theological bodies soon after the Committee was appointed. He had
asked them to formulate their ideas as to how the affiliation should
be made effective. After some months one acknowledgment was received
and gradually acknowledgments were received from all five bodies.
iL*1 ' • f da   Things remained in statu quo until about two months ago "hen a letter
^P i. ^    was received from the secretary saying that the five bodies had had a
meeting and that they would be in a position shortly to discuss
■ >
M^ (55)
affiliation with our Committee.
The meeting then adjourned.
Chairman. Secretary.


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