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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1988-11-16

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November 16, 1988
The Third Regular Meeting of the Senate of The University of British
Columbia for the Session 1988-89 was held on Wednesday, November 16, 1988 at
8.00 p.m. in Room 102, George F. Curtis Building.
Present: President D. W. Strangway, (Chairman), Vice-President D. R.
Birch, Mr. S. Alsgard, Mr. J. P. Andrews, Dr. E. G. Auld, Dr. B. Bressler,
Professor P. L. Bryden, Rev. P. C. Burns, Dean p. T. Burns, Mr. R. Bush, Mr.
R. G. Bush, Dr. D. G. A. Carter, Dr. T. S. Cook, Ms. H. E. Cowan, Miss K. P.
Curtis, Mr. N. A. Davidson, Dr. J. D. Dennison, Acting Dean D. Dolphin, Dr.
G. W. Eaton, Dr. A. Eisen, Dr. A. J. Elder, Dr. j. A. S. Evans, Mr. J. A. S.
Fogarassy, Dr. S. E. Grace, Mr. S. F. Haffey, Mr. A. K. Haji, Dr. M. A.
Hickling, Dr. P. G. Hill, Dr. S. Katz, Dean R. W. Kennedy, Dr. A. Kozak, Mr.
E. W. N. Lam, Dr. S. C. Lindstrom, Mrs. B. M. Loeb, Dean P. A. Lusztig, Dr.
B. C. McBride, Mr. D. Mclnnes, Mr. M. G. McMillan, Dean J. H. McNeill, Dean
A. Meisen, Dr. A. G. Mitchell, Mr. S. R. Pearce, Mr. R. L. Peters, Mr. D. M.
pettingale, Dr. J. E. Phillips, Mrs. G. E. Plant, Mr. E. S. Reid, Dean p. B.
Robertson, Dr. D. F. Robitaille, Mr. M. M. Ryan, Dr. G. G. E. Scudder, Dr.
M. Shaw, Dr. L. de Sobrino, Mr. R. A. Speers, Dr. J. K. Stager, Dr. L. J.
Stan, Dean P. Suedfeld, Mr. M. Sugimoto, Mr. G. Taylor, Dr. R. C. Tees, Dr.
P. R. Tennant, Mr. G. A. Thorn, Dr. R. C. Thompson, Dr. A. Van Seters, Dr. J.
Vanderstoep, Mr. S. Vukusic, Dean W. A. Webber, Dr. D. A. Wehrung, Dr. L. S.
Weiler, Dean R. M. Will, Mr. S. M. Wilson, Ms. N. E. Woo, Dr. w. W. Wood,
Dr. W. C. Wright, Jr.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Chancellor L. R. Peterson, Mr. D. A. Anderson, Dr. J. M. Anderson, Ms. l. M.
Copeland, Dr. S. W. Hamilton, Dr. A. G. Hannam, Ms. A. Ironside, Dr. J. A.
McLean, Dr. B. M. Morrison, Dean J. F. Richards, Dean N. Sheehan, Miss H.
Senate membership
(i) Replacement
Dr. P. G. Hill, Faculty of Applied Science representative, replaces
Dr. R. A. Spencer
(ii) Declaration of vacancy  (University Act, section 35 (6))
Mr. Justin Williamson - student representative of the Faculty of
Graduate Studies
Minutes of previous meeting
Mr. Pearce    )  That the minutes of the Second regular
Mr. McMillan   )  meeting of Senate for the Session 1988-89,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Carried 9359.
November 16, 1988
Business arising from the Minutes
(i)  Nominating Committee Membership - results of election  (p.9348)
Dr. A. J. Elder and Dr. S. Katz were elected to serve on the
Nominating Committee, replacing Dr. Goldberg and Professor Pavlich,
for the remainder of the term to August 31, 1990.
(ii) Budget Committee  (p.9355)
Dr. Robitaille, Chairman of the Committee, informed Senate that
the Senate Budget Committee had consulted with the President on the
Provincial Report of the Access committee and had some input into
the President's reaction paper to that report. The Committee had
also met with a subcommittee of the Access Committee and a one-page
summary of the Committee's reactions had been circulated to members
of Senate together with a copy of the Access Report.
Dr. Robitaille referred to the preparation of the University
budget for 1989-90 and informed Senate that the Committee had been
consulting with the President and Vice-Presidents regarding the
University's submission to the Ministry of Advanced Education and
job Training. Dr. Robitaille noted that as of next week a series of
meetings would be held to discuss the cycle for budget planning.
(iii) Procedures for dealing with medical, emotional and other problems of
students (pp.9292, 9328-9, p.9348)
At the May 18, 1988 meeting of Senate, Dr. Hickling presented the
annual report of the Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing.  it
was noted in the report that the Committee felt that the provision of
adequate procedures for dealing with students who fall sick was a
matter of general concern which Senate might wish to consider. 9360.
November 16, 1988
Business arising from the Minutes
(iii) Procedures for dealing with medical, emotional and other problems of
students (pp.9292, 9328-9, p.9348)  (continued)
Since this matter was, at that time, before the Committee of
Deans, it was agreed that no action be taken until the Committee had
completed its deliberations and a proposal brought before Senate for
Dr. Birch stated that the committee of Deans had now completed its
task. The following proposal was circulated at the meeting:
Students who are suffering from medical or emotional problems which
adversely affect, or are likely to adversely affect, their attendance
or their performance in assignments, examinations or other program
requirements, must notify the Dean of the Faculty of their degree
program, or the Dean's designate, immediately.
The notification must be given as close as possible to the time of
the lack of attendance or the date of the assignment, examination or
program requirement. The University will not in making a decision on
a student's standing, or on any reconsideration or appeal of that
decision, take into account later notifications.
In notifying the Dean or the Dean's designate, students shall provide
such evidence as the Dean or the Dean's designate deems appropriate.
In any event, in cases involving illness or injury a medical
certificate must be obtained from the Student Health Service as soon
as possible.
The action that may be taken by the University will depend on the
circumstances of each case, if a student is permitted or required to
withdraw, the University will ensure that a student who is in good
academic standing at the date of withdrawal is permitted to re-enrol
in the program of studies from which he or she withdrew if an
application for re-enrolment is made sufficiently far in advance to
enable the University to make appropriate arrangements for
re-enrolment. When a student is permitted or required to withdraw he
or she shall be told the date by which at the latest an application
for re-enrolment should be received. However, a student may not be
permitted to re-enrol unless the University is satisfied that he or
she will not be prevented by medical or emotional problems from
completing his or her studies. 9361.
November 16, 1988
Business arising from the Minutes
(iii) Procedures for dealing with medical, emotional and other problems of
students (pp.9292, 9328-9, p.9348)  (continued)
Dr. Birch    ) That the statement on Medical or Emotional
Dean Lusztig ) Problems be referred to the Senate committee
on Academic Policy, with a request that it
consider the statement at its earliest
convenience and report back to Senate.
Dr. Eaton requested that the Committee give consideration to defining
more clearly the words "immediately" and "as close as possible". He felt
that if a student had a severe medical problem "immediately" might not be
Mrs. Loeb drew attention to the last sentence in paragraph 3, which
states that: "in any event in cases involving illness or injury a medical
certificate must be obtained from the Student Health Service as soon as
possible. Mrs. Loeb pointed out that a large number of students at UBC
came from Vancouver and might wish to seek attention from their personal
physicians as opposed to Health Services. She felt that a student should
not be required to see a second physician, particularly in cases of
emotional problems where students might not wish to discuss their problems
Dean Will stated that the point raised by Mrs. Loeb had been discussed
by the Committee of Deans. He stated that there had been no change in
current procedure and that the statement did not preclude a student seeing
a family doctor. The doctor's certificate, however, has to be routed
through Student Health Service.
Dr. Elder suggested that the Committee consider removing the last
sentence, which reads: "However, a student may not be permitted to
re-enrol unless the university is satisfied that he or she will not be 9362.
November 16, 1988
Business arising from the Minutes
(iii) Procedures for dealing with medical, emotional and other problems of
students (pp.9292, 9328-9, p.9348)  (continued)
prevented by medical or emotional problems from completing his or her
studies."  Dr. Elder felt that it was impossible to tell whether any
student is or is not in any condition to complete his or her studies and
that to include such a statement might be a breach of the Human Rights
The motion to refer the statement to the Committee on Academic Policy
was put and carried.
Chairman's remarks and related questions
President Strangway noted that a copy of the Provincial Access Report,
together with U.B.C's response to the report had been mailed to each member
of Senate.
President Strangway reported that a final draft case statement for the
fund-raising campaign would be circulated within the next few days. He
stated that the campaign would officially begin in Vancouver and Toronto in
March 1989 and will end in 1990, which will be the 75th anniversary of
U.B.C. President Strangway said he was heartened by the fact that the
students, in their recent referendum, had agreed to participate in the
fund-raising campaign. This, he said, would add considerable momentum to
the campaign.
In conclusion, President strangway reported that the University had made
major decisions with respect to developing new daycare facilities at U.B.C.
and that the plans would be presented to the Board of Governors as its next
meeting. 9363.
November 16, 1988
Chairman's remarks and related questions  (continued)
Dr. Dennison drew attention to the response of the President's Office to
the Provincial Access Report and the statement under "Priority Concerns",
which reads: "We strongly support the creation of degree granting
institutions beyond the south-west corner of the province." Dr. Dennison
said it was one thing to graft a degree program onto an existing institution
by using the resources, including current universities, to do this, but it
was an entirely different matter to recommend the creation of free-standing
degree granting institutions, which, in effect, would become universities.
Dr. Dennison said he strongly endorsed a statement in the report which
claims that, at this time, it is rather important to substantially
re-finance the established institutions before embarking upon lesser
expansion. He asked the President if the University really supported the
notion that a priority should be the creation of degree granting
institutions outside the south-west corner of the province.
In response President Strangway said that the University did not support
it in isolation. He said that within the next few years there will be a
need for some 5,000 or 10,000 new places. If such places are not created
there would continue to be a low participation rate in post-secondary
education in B.C. The question, he said, is should they be appended to
existing institutions or should they be looked at as an issue of some
regional distribution around the province.
Candidates for Degrees
Lists of candidates for degrees, as approved by the various Faculties
and Schools, were made available for inspection by Senate members prior to
the meeting. 9364.
November 16, 1988
Candidates for Degrees  (continued)
Dr. Elder ) That the candidates for degrees and diplomas,
Mr. McMillan ) as approved by the Faculties and Schools, be
granted the degree or diploma for which they
were recommended, and that the Registrar, in
consultation with the Deans and the Chairman
of Senate, make any necessary adjustments.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Student Awards
In presenting the list of awards, Dr. Cook drew attention to the
Telecommunications Workers Union J. Douglas Booth Memorial Scholarship
which had been withheld at the previous meeting. Dr. Cook reported that
the committee had addressed the concerns expressed at that meeting and the
grammatical corrections suggested had been made. Dr. Cook also confirmed
that the award could be held by a student at another post-secondary
institution in B.C.  However, the money would be held by U.B.C.
Dr. Cook referred to the length of the description of the Agnes and
Gilbert Hooley Scholarships in Chemistry and noted that acceptance of the
award was being recommended on the understanding that the Calendar
description will, in due course, be reduced in length. The Committee
intended, in its next report, to present a recommendation on the length of
award descriptions.
Dr. Cook also drew attention to the Leslie j. Field Memorial Scholarship
which had been made available by Dean Peter Suedfeld in honour of his
father. Attention was also drawn to the Alan G. Creer Fellowship which
had been established in recognition of his significant contribution in
Urban Land Economics. 9365.
November 16, 1988
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Student Awards (continued)
Dr. Cook      ) That the new awards (listed in the Appendix)
Mrs. Plant    )  be accepted subject to the approval of the
Board of Governors and that letters of
thanks be sent to the donors.
Tributes Committee
Academic Hoods
Dr. Dennison presented the report. The Committee recommended that
the hood for the M.A. (Planning) be University Blue, Dark Green and
Slate Grey, and that the hood for the M.Sc. (Planning) be University
Blue, Dark Green and White.
Dr. Dennison  ) That the recommendations of the Tributes
Dean Suedfeld ) Committee for the hoods for the M.A. (Planning)
and the M.Sc (Planning) be approved.
Faculty of Arts
Proposal to establish the Maurice Young Chair in Applied Ethics
The following information had been circulated in connection with a
proposal to establish the Maurice Young chair in Applied Ethics:
"The possibility of developing an expanded program of teaching and
research in applied ethics at UBC has been discussed since 1984.
Present interest in ethics in the larger community, and the University's
present involvement in bio-medical ethics both in teaching and research
and in relation to our programs in the health sciences, suggest that
this is an area of programming where our commitment to excellence as
defined in the University's Mission Statement should be increased. With
the financial situation as it is, it has been assumed that any
initiative to achieve this goal would have to be funded from outside
sources. An inter-faculty committee has been established by President
Strangway to co-ordinate planning and development of programming in
applied ehtics at UBC, and to advise generally on the means to achieve
this goal. 9366.
November 16, 1988
Faculty of Arts
Proposal  to  establish the Maurice  Young  Chair  in Applied Ethics
In this context, Senate is requested to approve the establishment of the
Maurice Young chair in Applied Ethics. This chair, generously endowed
by Mr. Maurice Young of Vancouver, will be located in the Department of
Philosophy, with the understanding that the incumbent may also hold a
cross-appointment in another faculty if and as deemed appropriate. The
Maurice Young Chair in Applied Ethics will make possible the appointment
of a senior scholar/teacher, thus giving substance and profile to our
plans to build a centre of strength at UBC in applied ethics.
Senate may be interested to know of plans to hold a major international
conference on applied ethics at UBC in 1990. This conference, to be
supported by Mr. Young's endowment, is well along in the planning stage,
and will include such themes as the relationship between ethical theory
and ethical practice, ethics in business and the professions,
bio-medical ethics, and environmental ethics."
Dean Will     ) That the proposal to establish the
Dean Webber   )  Maurice Young Chair in Applied Ethics
be approved.
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
Proposal to establish The Edgar J. Kaiser Chair in Organizational Behaviour
It was stated in the material circulated that the income from the
endowment is to support the research activities of a professor in the
Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration and would relate to the
area of Organizational Behaviour.
Dean Lusztig  ) That the proposal to establish
Dean Burns    )  The Edgar J. Kaiser Chair in
Organizational Behaviour be approved.
Report on Enrolment 1988-89 - for information
The report on enrolment for 1988-89 had been circulated for information.
New Program Approval
Vice-President Birch presented  the following policy and procedure
statement which had been approved by the Tri-University President's council 9367.
November 16, 1988
New Program Approval  (continued)
which is intended to replace the procedures employed by the Universities
Council of B.C. and its program coordinating committee.
1.1. This policy and procedure statement addresses the establishment of
new or substantially revised degree programs at the three public
1.2 The two major aims of this policy are to exchange information and
to assure the Ministry that new program proposals are carefully
reviewed and are part of an overall educational plan for the
universities and the post-secondary system.
1.3 The University Act determines the responsibilities of the Senate
and Board of the university in the establishment of new programs.
The establishment of a new degree program that requires new
funding will require the approval of the Minister.
2.1 Each university ensures that its new programs meet high academic
standards. Each employs internal and external processes to ensure
that its standards are met.
2.2 New programs are generally initiated and reviewed in Departments
prior to consideration by the Faculty and then by a committee of
2.3 There are many benefits to an early circulation of information on
new degree program proposals among the universities.
Informal consultation at the Departmental level among the three
universities is encouraged.
- Formal consultation is to be handled through the university
Academic Vice-Presidents.
- Correspondence related to formal consultation is to be copied
to the Council.
2.4 The new program proposals as approved by the Senate will be
submitted to the Council for circulation to the other universities
and the Ministry.
3.1 The government's long range planning requirements seek information
on new program intentions.
3.2 As the universities will be required to submit revised plans
annually, the new degree program information provided in these
submissions will meet the government's planning requirements. 9368.
November 16, 1988
New Program Approval
3.3 Major new programs may require funding beyond that provided in the
regular government grants. Each university shall provide through
the Council detailed and timely information on proposals that
require these additional funds.
3.4 Government shall notify Council of any new degree programs it
would like initiated to ensure that the Council can consider them
and provide a recommendation."
In response to a query, Dr. Birch stated that the new procedures would
provide  a  forum  for  discussion  among  the  three  universities  about
relationships among programs.  He explained that this was consistent with a
notion expressed by the new Deputy Minister who has articulated a very
strong concern that there be coordination.  The Ministry will ensure that
there is coordination but they will not do the coordinating.  Dr. Birch
stated that the new procedures did not, however, provide for a formal
approval mechanism.  If the other universities expressed concern about a
proposal, the institution responsible for the proposal would be encouraged
to consider the matter further.
In response to a query, the President stated that the Tri-University
President's Council consisted of the three university presidents, the three
Academic Vice-Presidents and the three Finance Vice-Presidents, and that it
did not have statutory authority.
Responding to a further query, Dr. Birch stated that there was no
intention to change the definition of new programs from what had been used
by the Program Coordinating Committee of UCBC. Dr. Birch also explained
that when the University Act was amended to delete the Universities council,
a statement was added that all new programs required the approval of the
Minister. The Minister had agreed to delete this requirement. However,
this  had  not  yet been  implemented.  The Universities  had  therefore 9369.
November 16, 1988
New program Approval  (continued)
constructed a set of procedures suggesting that the Minister's approval be
required only for programs requiring new designated funding.
During further discussion of the document, President Strangway confirmed
that Senate and the Board of Governors have final authority for approval of
new programs and that information concerning new programs would be shared
with other universities and the Ministry.
In response to further comments, Dr. Birch pointed out that item 2.3
suggests that informal consultation will be helpful at the departmental
UBC/VGH Collaboration in Nursing Education
Dr. Birch spoke briefly to the following statement which had been
circulated for information:
"The UBC School of Nursing and the VGH School of Nursing are in the
process of joint planning for change in the VGH program, beginning in
1989. In order to increase the numbers of nurses graduating with the
baccalaureate degree in British Columbia, it has been suggested that the
VGH students will enrol as UBC students from September 1989 onwards.
These students will meet all of UBC's admission and promotion requirements
for the B.S.N, degree. The first group of VGH students is expected to
graduate in 1993 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from UBC. UBC will
continue to accept a class of 80 first year students while the precise
numbers of VGH students have yet to be determined.
The decision to consider these changes has been taken in support of the
nursing profession's position that the baccalaureate degree in nursing
should be the basic preparation for beginning nursing practice in the year
2000. Furthermore, it is mutually advantageous to establish Vancouver
General Hospital as a major clinical and research facility for the UBC
nursing program."
In response to a query, Dean Meisen said that this was a proposal for
possible action and that the details were still being examined.  He stated
that it was quite conceivable, however, that the academic requirements for
students going into the program which is modelled on the UBC pattern will be 9370.
November 16, 1988
UBC/VGH Collaboration in Nursing Education  (continued)
somewhat different from what they currently are at VGH. As far as cost to
the students is concerned, Dean Meisen stated that that had not yet been
decided upon.
Dean Meisen also confirmed that the proposal would eliminate the R.N.
program, and that VGH would participate in a baccalaureate program offered
by UBC.
Referring to the qualifications of instructors, Dean Meisen said that
this was one of the important details that needed to be looked at, and he
assured Senate that students who go through VGH will receive instruction
from competent instructors.
In response to a query, Dean Meisen stated that there would be no
"bumping" of students taking courses at community colleges. He explained
that, as a result of this union, the current places at VGH would be
converted into baccalaureate places. The colleges would continue to offer
their two year programs, and graduates from those college programs may apply
for admission into third year of the UBC program, as is the current practice.
Concern was expressed that UBC would be responsible for all the costs
involved in this proposed collaboration. in response, Dean Meisen stated
that approximately 80 students are presently involved in the VGH program and
that the VGH School of Nursing had a budget of several million dollars which
would be made available for the collaborative program.
President Strangway commented that the share of the costs at UBC would
be lower than those at VGH since the clinical part of the activities was
more expensive. 9371.
November 16, 1988
UBC/VGH Collaboration in Nursing Education  (continued)
Mr. Mclnnes, the University Librarian, expressed concern about the
library resources available at VGH, which he considered to be inadequate.
He felt that the VGH School of Nursing should be encouraged to expand its
own library rather than relying on the UBC library, which is not equipped to
serve that many additional students. Dean Meisen stated that this matter
would be taken into consideration.
In response to a query, Dean Meisen explained that the students would
take their clinical work at VGH as well as at other hospitals, just as UBC
students do. Lectures would probably be combined wherever possible. He
confirmed that VGH would continue to provide many of the functions that they
currently provide but they would also provide greater support in the
education of UBC students. Dean Meisen also confirmed that when all the
detailed implications, such as the library, etc., had been looked into, a
report would be submitted. Only when all concerns raised by both UBC and
VGH had been addressed, including budgetary implications, would the
University proceed.
In conclusion, Dean Meisen said he hoped that all details would have
been addressed by early spring and that the program merger would take effect
in September 1989.
Annual Report to Senate from St. Mark's College
In accordance with the requirements of The University of British
Columbia for affiliated colleges, a report to Senate on the activities of
St. Mark's college for 1987-88 had been circulated for information.
Rev. Burns, principal of St. Mark's college, noted the death of Rev.
David Bauer and Rev. Gerald McGuigan, both of whom played important roles in
the history of this University. 9372.
November 16, 1988
Report of the Tributes committee  (in camera)
Emeritus Status
Dr.  Dennison  reported  that the committee recommended that the
following be offered emeritus status:
Dr. Fereidoun Mirhady - clinical Professor Emeritus of Paediatrics
Dr. Dennison        ) That the recommendation of the Tributes
Dr. Bressler        ) Committee concerning emeritus status be
Honorary Degrees
Dr. Dennison announced that nominations for Honorary Degrees will be
presented at the December Senate meeting.
The meeting adjourned at 9.15 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday, December
14, 1988.
Chairman 9373.
November 16, 1988
New awards
Arthur F. Burch Bursary - One or more bursaries totalling $2,400 have been
endowed by Edna Burch, B.A. '22, in memory of her husband Arthur Burch, B.A.
'34, B.Ed. '52. The awards are made to students in a major or honours
program in English.  (Available 1989/90 Winter Session.)
Alan G. Creer Fellowship - A $5,000 fellowship recognizes Mr. Creer's
significant contributions towards the founding of programs in Urban Land
Economics in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, and his
subsequent leadership in strengthening links between the real estate sector
and the Faculty. The fellowship is awarded on the recommendation of the
Faculty in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies to a graduate
student in Urban Land Economics or a related field. (Available 1989/90
Winter Session.)
Douglas, Symes & Brissenden-John E. Sullivan Memorial Prize - The firm of
Douglas, Symes & Brissenden awards $500 to a student who achieves high
standing in Canadian Constitutional Law II (Law 301). This prize is awarded
in memory of John E. Sullivan by his firm, to honour a young man whose
promising legal career was ended by a tragic accident. Mr. Sullivan was
keenly interested in Canadian constitutional law and in particular, matters
relating to the charter of Rights and Freedoms. The award is made on the
recommendation of the Faculty of Law.  (Available 1988/89 Winter Session.)
Henry and Myrtle Eddie Scholarship - a $300 scholarship, endowed by Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Eddie, is awarded to a graduate student in the Department of
Plant Science in a program related to crop improvement. Preference is given
to a student working in association with the staff of the Botanical Garden
on horticultural plants. The award is made on the recommendation of the
Department in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies. (Available
1989/90 Winter Session.)
Leslie J. Field Memorial Scholarship - A $500 scholarship has been
established by Peter Suedfeld in memory of his father, Leslie J. Field.
Mr. Field, who had been a cellist in several major orchestras in Europe, was
unable to resume his career after World War ii. His life-long love of the
instrument was manifested avocationally and in the encouragement of young
musicians. The sholarship is made on the recommendation of the School of
Music to a student who is a promising cellist. (Available 1989/90 Winter
Agnes and Gilbert Hooley Scholarships in Chemistry - J. Gilbert Hooley
(1914-1987), who grew up in Vancouver, obtained his B.A. (1934) and M.A.
(1936) from UBC and his Ph.D. (1939) from M.I.T. After three years with
Corning Glass Works, Dr. Hooley joined the UBC Chemistry Department (1942)
where he remained until his retirement in 1979. From 1949 to 1955 he served
as its Chairman. The data he produced on the atomic weight of rubidium for
his master's thesis is still used today and is considered a classic piece of
research in this field. While at UBC, Dr. Hooley carried out pioneering
research in the areas of specific heat measurements and staging in graphite
compounds. in 1979 he received the prestigious Charles E. Pettinos Award,
an international honour granted by the American carbon Society. Dr. Hooley
married Agnes Schroeder in 1939. She was also an honours student in
Chemistry at UBC,  B.A.  (1938).  Mrs.  Hooley taught large,  first-year 9374.
November 16, 1988
New awards
Agnes and Gilbert Hooley Scholarships in Chemistry  (continued)
chemistry classes at UBC from 1944 to 1956. She also completed an M.A. in
Adult Education at UBC and earned two degrees in Music (A.T.C.M. and
L.R.S.M.). Dr. and Mrs. Hooley had a life-long involvement with music,
literature and the arts plus a serious and wide-ranging concern about
broa<3er social issues. In addition, they were active out-of-doors: skiing,
hiking and sailing. In recognition of the contributions of Dr. and
Mrs. Hooley to the academic and cultural life at UBC, a fund has been
established by their colleagues and friends to provide a scholarship to a
third-year chemistry student continuing into a fourth-year chemistry program
at UBC Preference will be given to students who indicate some awareness of
the social role of science. The Hooley Fund Committee may interview
candidates, and awards to a total of $900 will be made after consultation
with the Department of Chemistry. Application should be made to the
Department of Chemistry by April lst. The award will be made in the
following September.  (Available 1988/89 Winter Session.)
Vance F. Mitchell Prize - A $500 prize recognizes Dr. Mitchell's
contributions to students in the Faculty of Commerce and Business
Administration. The prize is awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty
in consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, to the M.B.A. or M.Sc.
student obtaining the highest standing in Commerce 323. (Available 1989/90
Winter Session.)
P.E.O. Sisterhood Chapter AM- Kathleen Blankenbach Memorial Scholarship -
A $500 award, in memory of Kathleen Blankenbach, has been established by her
family, friends and P.E.O. sisters in Chapter A M. Kay Blankenbach was a
graduate of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1929.
The award is made on the recommendation of the School of Nursing, in
consultation with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, to a student entering the
final year of the M.S.N, program. Promise in the nursing profession and
financial need will be considered.  (Available 1989/90 Winter Session.)
Rolfe/USF&G insurance Company Scholarship - A $1,150 scholarship has been
established by the USF&G Insurance Company to commemorate their
long-standing business relationship with the Vancouver firm of Leslie Wright
and Rolfe Limited. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty
of commerce to an undergraduate commerce student. (Available 1989/90 Winter
Telecommunications Workers Union - J. Douglas Booth Memorial Scholarship -
The Telecommunications Workers Union offers a $1,000 scholarship to the son
or daughter of a member with at least twelve months continuous service or of
a deceased member with the same service. The scholarship is open to
students proceeding from Grade 12 to a full program of studies at UBC,
University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia institute
of Technology, or any accredited public college in B.C. The winner is
selected by UBC, in consultation with the Union. The financial
circumstances  of  applicants  and  their  families will be  considered. 9375.
November 16, 1988
New awards
Telecommunications Workers Union - j. Douglas Booth Memorial Scholarship
Applications must contain details of family service with the Union. The
successful applicant will not be eligible to simultaneously hold any other
Telecommunications Workers Union Scholarships. (Available 1988/89 Winter
University of B.C. Radio Society Bursary - A $500 bursary has been
established by the UBC Radio Society to assist its members. Candidates must
have held membership in the Society for at least one winter session.
Applications must include a letter of eligibility from the Radio Society
Executive.  (Available 1989/90 Winter Session.)


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