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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1972-04-26

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Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
The eighth regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the session 1971-72 was held on Wednesday,
April 26, 1972, at S.00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room,
Administration Buildine.
Present:  President W. II. Cape (Chairman), Dr. A. E. Aho, Mr. D. V.
Anderson, Deputy President W. M. Armstrong, Dr. C. S. Belshaw, Dr. T. II.
Brown, Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. J. D. Chapnan, Dr. R. M. Clark, Dr. M. F.
Clarke, Dean I. McT. Cowan, Dr. R. Daniells, Rev. R. W. Finn, Dr. S. M.
Friedman, Dean J. A. F. Cardner, Dr. R. F. Gray, Dr. N. A. Hall,
Dr. D, F. Hardwick, Mr. D. S. M. Huberman, Dean D. T, Kenny, Mrs. W. T.
Lane, Mr. A. J. Lon^more, Dean A. J. McClean, Dean Helen McCrae,
Dr. C. A. McDowell, Mr. J. A. McEwen, Dr. M. F. McGregor, Mr. K. R.
Martin, Dr. L. G. Mitten, Dr. B. N. Moyls, Dr. J. M. Norris, Mr. R. F,
Osborne, Dr. P. 11. Pearse, Mr. A. R. Robbins, Mr. S. J. P.obinson,
Hr. J. V. Rogers, Dr. G. Rosenbluth, Dr. R. F. Scagel, Dean II. V. Scarfe,
Dr. A. D. Scott, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dr. J. H. G. Smith, Dr. J. K. Stager,
Dr. M, W. Steinberg, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. D. A. Swain, Mr. J. T.
Sydor, Rev. W. S. Taylor, Dean G. M. Volkoff, Dr. W. A. Webber, Dr. B. L.
White, Dr. W. E. Willmott.
Observers: Mr. J. A. Banham, Hr. T. A. Myers, Mr. P. Thompson.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received from
Mr. R. M. Bibbs, Mr. S. Black, Dr. C A. Brockley, Mr. D. M, Brousson,
Mr, P. T. Burns, Mr. C. M. Campbell, Dr. D. II. Chitty, The Hon. E. D.
Fulton, Mr. W. Gerson, Mr. I. F. Greenwood, Mr. J. Guthrie, Mr. G. H. D.
Hobbs, Mr. P. A. Insley, Dr. S. Israels, Dr. J. M. Kennedy, Mrs. J. MacD.
Lecky, Mr. S. S. Lefeaux, Mr. D. F. Miller, Mrs. A, Brearley Piternick,
Mr. P. Plant, Dean B. E. Riedel, Mr. G. R. Selman, Dean M. Shaw,
D*. H. V. Warren, Dean P. II. White, Mr. D. R. Williams.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Hardwick )
Dr. Webber   )
That thz Minutes oh tie seventli regular
mzzting oh Sznatz h°r thz session 1971-72
having  been circulated, bz taken as rzad
and adopted.
■Ml 5608.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Report on Westwater Resources Research Centre (formerly Water Resources
Research Centre)
A report had been circulated concerning the progress of the
VJestwater Resources Research Centre.
Dr. Scott reminded members that he first reported to Senate in
May 1970 plans to form a research croup to study water resources.
Senate had approved the establishment of the Centre in January 1971
and shortly thereafter funds were received from the National Advisory
Council on Water Resources Research.  In August 1971 Professor Irving K.
Fox was appointed Director of the Centre. Professor Fox has since been
working with a steering committee and consulting faculty members,
government officials and interested members of the community on the
policies, objectives and operating procedures which povern the Centre.
Further research funds have been received from the Department of the
Environment for the current year.  Various departments have been
approached in an effort to recruit research associates to give part
of their time to the Centre.
The Centre's initial project, which will deal with water-quality
management in the lower Fraser Valley, will involve the integrated
efforts of biologists, engineers, chemists, soil scientists, geographers,
foresters, economists, lawyers and political scientists.
Dr. Scott stated that the function of the Centre was research
and it was not the intention that a teaching programme be developed.
Dr. Scott   )
Dr. Chapman )
That tie rzport bz received. 5609.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Report on Westwater Resources Research Centre  (continued)
In answer to a query concerning why the Centre was not developing
a teaching programme Dr. Scott stated that there was another group
on campus preparing a teaching programme on resource problems which
included water problems.  The immediate future plans of the Centre
did not include a teaching programme.
Following a brief discussion the motion was put and carried.
Business arising from the Minutes
Courses entitled "Probleirs in International Relations"
Notice of notion had been given by Dr. Norris, the intent of
which was to regularize the situation concerning courses offered
each year entitled "Problems in International Pelations".
In the 1968-69 academic year Senate gave permission to the
committee supervising the Programme in International Relations to
offer up to three units per year of courses in International Relations,
to be provided by the various Departments and Faculties contributing
to the proprarnme. These included the Faculty of Law and the
Departments of Political Science, History, Geography, Economics,
Anthropology and Sociology, Psychology, Asian Studies, and Slavonic
Studies. These courses would be changed from year to year and, in
general, need not become regular departmental offerings.
No provision had been made, however, for informing the Registrar's
Office or Senate of subsequent developments and therefore the current
offerings had not been included in the Calendar, 5610.
Wednesday,  April 26,  1972,
Business   arising from the Minutes
Courses  entitled "Problems  in International Relations"     (continued)
Dr.  Norris    )
Dr.  Cavers     )
That the general ohhering oh courses entitled in International Rzlations  autnorized
to be ohhered by tie Faculties and departments
contributing to tiz International Relations
Programmz by Senate in tiz 1968/69 acadzmic
year be given a Calendar entry and description
and placed in thz Calendar next year under,
tiz main Intzrnational Rzlations entry; and
twX each year thz courses proposed under thz
general entry,  and given blanket autiiorizaXion
by Sznatz in  1963/69,  be submitted to thz
Sznatz Curriculum Conmittee and the FaculXy oh
Arts Curriculum Comittzz h°i tiizir inhormation,
comment and approval.
From the Board of Governors
Notification of approval in principle of Senate recommendations -
subject, where applicable, to the proviso that none of the programmes
be implemented without formal reference to the President and the formal
agreement of the President; and that the Dears and Heads concerned with
new programmes be asked to indicate the space requirements, if any, of
such new programmes.
(i)   Course chanpes in Chercical Engineering, Geological Engineering
and Metallurgy recommended by the Faculty of Applied Science.
(P.5601 & 5605)
(ii)  Extra-sessional credit course May-July 1972, recommended by the
Faculty of Arts.  (P.5C01 & 5605)
(iii) Extra-sessional credit courses May-July 1972, recommended by the
Faculty of Education.  (P.5601 & 5605)
(iv)  New course, Education 380, recommended by the Faculty of
Education.  (P.5540, 5552 & 5591)
(v)   Course changes in Philosophy, recommended by the Faculty of
Graduate Studies.  (P.5573, 5581 & 5588)
(vi)  Master's programme in Health Services Planning, recommended by
the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  (P.5600) From the Board of Governors  (continued)
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
(vii)  Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology (Ph.D.), Doctor of Musical
Arts both in Performance and in Composition (D.M.A.), Master
of Music in Ethnomusicology (M.Mus.), recommended by the Faculty
of Graduate Studies.  (P.5598-99)
(viii) Course changes in History recommended by the Faculty of Graduate
Studies.  (P.5602 & 5606)
(ix)  New courses in Economics and Metallurgy, recommended by the
Faculty of Graduate Studies.  (P.5581 & 5591)
(x)   Nev courses recommended by the Faculty of Law.  (P.5581 & 5591)
(xi)  Discontinuance of the. Diploma Programme in Public Health Nursing,
recommended by the School of Nursing.  (P.5602)
(xii)  Change in promotion requirements recommended by the Faculty of
Pharmaceutical Sciences.  (r.5526-27, 5550-51 6, 5590)
(xiii) Course revisions and nev: courses recommended by the Faculty of
Pharmaceutical Sciences.  (P.5582 & 5592)
(xiv)  Riology 101 to be offered in Chilliwack under the auspices of
the Centre for Continuing Education for the year 1972-73, as
recommended by the Faculty of Science.  (P.5602)
(xv)  Chanpe of nsme of Department of Geophysics to the Department of
Geophysics and Astronomy.  (P.5602)
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Gardner )
Dean Scarfe  )
That tie  new award listzd in Appzndix  'A'
be accepted subjzct to tiz approval oh thz
Board oh Governors, and that a Izttzr oh
tianks  be sent to thz donor.
Reports of Committees of Tenate
Curriculum Committee
Dr. Norris presented a report on items referred to the committee
at the December 1971 and March 1972 meetings of Senate:-
Faculty of Applied Science
Dr. Norris )   That a  ncic course, Applied Scizncz 450,
Dr. Cavers )   recommended by tie. Faculty oh Applied
Scizncz (P.5605)  bz approved.
Carried 5612.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee  (continued)
Faculty of Arts
Bachelor of Music with a major in opera - Bachelor of Music
with a major in sacred music
It was explained that the Curriculum Committee had deferred
consideration of new courses for the above programmes pending
Senate approval of the actual programmes.  (P.5569-71 & 5588)
Dr. Norris  )
Mr. Osborne  )
That the new courses  hor tie
Bachelor oh Music with  a major in
opera and tie Bachelor oh liisic with a
major in sacred music, rzcommzndzd  by
the Faculty of Arts   (see Appzndix 'B'),
bz approvzd.
Dr. Norris       )      That the title, oh Music 318 be clxangzd
Mr.  Anderson    )       j^orn IvXroducXion to Ethnomusicology
to World Music Cultures, as rzcommzndzd
by thz Faculty oh Arts,
Dr. Norris  )   That a new course, Music 418, recommended
Mr. Osborne )   by the. Faculty oh Arts   (P. 5605)   bz
Faculty of Graduate Studies
At the March meeting of Senate it had been suggested that
the Curriculum Committee recommend a chanpe in title of Music 547
and Music 548, Private Applied. The committee recommended that
the title of Music 547 be changed to Individual Instruction in
Performance I and Music 548 to Individual Instruction in
Performance II. 5613.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Graduate Studies  (continued)
Dr. Norris
Dean Cowan
Dr. Norris
Dean Cowan
Dr. Norris
Dean Kenny
That tie nev) courses in Music rzcommzndzd
by thz Faculty oh Graduatz Studies   (P.55SI
and  P.5599) and the change in titlz oh
Music 547 and 548,  be approvzd.
That thz titlz oh Music 510 be cliangzd
hiom Szirinar in Musicology to Pro-Seminar
in Historical Musicology, as recommended
by tie Faculty o{\ Graduate Studies.
That  new courses in History rzcommzndzd by
thz Faculty of, Graduatz Studies   (P.5605)
be approved.
Committee on request of C.U.P.E. for representation on Senate
A report from the conmittee had been circulated at the meeting.
Dr. Norris requested that consideration of the report be deferred
until the May meeting in order to give members time to study it
before taking action.
Dr. Norris )
Mr. Sydor  )
That thz rzport bz considzrzd at tiz
May 17,   1972 mzeiing oh Sznatz.
Committee on Five Year Review Procedures  of Faculties  and Departments
Dr.  Hardwick presented an interim report of  the committee.     The
committee was  established in  September  1970  to recommend regulations
and procedures necessary to implement the principle of five year
reviews of Faculties and of Departments.
The report  outlined a series  of  activities which  it was  felt would 5614.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Five Year Review Procedures of Faculties and Departments
result in a constructive review of Departments. The first phase
recommended was that the Department examine itself in order to be
prepared for external examination. The initial examination by the
Department would consist of a questionnaire, a copy of which had
been submitted to Senate with the. report. The self-analysis would
also include discussions with members of Faculty and intensive
discussions with students in each of the Faculties presenting
information. Once an internal review had been completed an external
review by members other than those within the Department would be
negotiated. The minimum size recommended for an external review
committee was three.
The committee had determined, in agreement with the original
recommendation adopted by Senate, that the review be each five years;
that it be required for Departments, Schools and Faculties; that
an external review committee should include at least one person of
established reputation in the discipline under review who was not
a Faculty member of the University; that all external review committees
should include at least one person from the University but in a
related discipline, and that the external review should take place
only after the Department had had an opportunity to prepare for it.
No member of the Department or Faculty under review should serve on
the review committee.  Subsequently a report would be prepared and
submitted to the Dean of the Faculty concerned. A full report
regarding academic activities would then be prepared for Senate. 5615.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Five Year Review Procedures of Faculties and Departments
Dr. Hardwick explained that the recommendations outlined were
put forward as guidelines and that the committee would welcome comment
both verbal and written.
It was stated that one Department in the Faculty of Medicine had
already been reviewed and the Department Head concerned regarded this
as a satisfactory and constructive review.
The committee felt that the review would allow a more structured
and organized form in which to perform what had previously been an
ad hoc activity.
Dr. Hardwick )   That the progress report be rzczivzd.
Dr. Aho      )
One of the problems envisaged was the handling of the report
from the review committee after it had been received by the Dean.
It was explained that the report would have several components to
it, not all of which were directly relevant to Senate's activities.
The predominant concern of Senate would be matters that related to
academic activities but the Dean of the Faculty would be involved
in the administrative and fiscal aspects of any recommendations made.
Members agreed that it was worthwhile asking departments and
faculties to make some statement of their aims and objectives and
by somz members
to carry out some form of evaluation.  However, it was felt/that
the questionnaire in its present form was unacceptable.
*See page* 5624-5
* 5616.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Committee on Five Year Review Procedures of Faculties and Departments
It was also suggested that a review, to be effective, would
need to be preceded by a Department's or Faculty's definition of
its objectives and a statement of what it felt to be relevant at
the time to the achievement of these objectives.
Dr. Hardwick thanked members for their comments and stated that
their suggestions would be considered by the. committee in preparing
its final report.
The motion was put and carried.
New Programmes Coiamittefc
Priorities for Nev; Programmes
Dr. Belshaw stated that in December 1971 the committee had
submitted to Senate a proposal outlining a number of categories
of significance for use in assigning priority and these had been
applied to programmes approved during the 1971/72 session.
The intention in assessing priorities was to advise
administrators of the necessity for offering programmes in the
current year and also, in the event of a shortage of funds, to
give information regarding programmes which had been adjudged
by Senate to be more significant than others.
Dr. Belshaw stressed that the information contained in the
report was just an opinion of the committee through Senate to the
Dean, and it was hoped that this would be a step towards getting 5617.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Reports of Committees of Senate
Nev? Programmes Committee
Priorities for New Programmes  (continued)
the consistency which it was hoped would emerge in administrative
decisions finally taken.
Dr. Belshaw ) That thz report  be received.
Dean Cowan  )
It was stated that one of the implications of setting out
such a report was that it indicated the number of programmes the
University had committed itself to in principle.
The motion was put and carried.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Lav;
Senate vas advised of a decision approved by the Faculty of
Law under the authority of a resolution of the Board of Governors
that the incoming class for the Fall tern of 1972/73 would be
limited to 220 students.
Faculty of Medicine
Senate was advised that the size of the entering class in the
Faculty of Medicine was to be increased from 60 to 80 in the Fall of
There was some discussion concerning the fact that the proposal
was nresented for information. It was felt that Senate approval was
necessary and that reasons for the proposed change should be given. 5618.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Proposals of the Faculties
Faculty of Medicine  (continued)
Dr. Webber explained that facilities and staff had increased
since the original enrolment figure of 60 had been established.  In
recent years it had been necessary to reject a number of highly
qualified applicants.
In September 1972 only applicants from British Columbia were
admitted.  The Faculty had therefore recommended to the Board of
Governors that the size of the incoming class be increased.
It was suggested that the Chairman should ask the Faculty of
Medicine to report to Senate on the implications of this increase
from the point of view of its academic objectives, resources
available and the question of the service to the community.
It was felt that since enrolment policy was likely to be of
considerable concern in the future, particularly in those Faculties
where there \-;as a definite professional orientation, it would be
desirable to establish clear procedures for approving future
enrolment restrictions or increases.
Dr. Webber )     That Sznatz  be given thz opportunity to
Dr. Norris )     comment on thz academic implications  oh
huturz proposzd enrolment restrictions
or incrzas cs.
-rot>ress Report on the Ph.D. Programme in Community and Regional Planning
Dean Cowan explained that the proposal to offer a Ph.D. degree in
Community and Regional Planning had been approved by Senate in June 1969 5619.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Progress Report on the Ph.D. Programme in Community and Regional Planning
with the stipulation that a report reviewing the programme be submitted
to Senate at the end of three years.
It was stated in the report that there were now 11 Ph.D. candidates
and the number of full-time faculty had increase-d from five to seven.
The faculty of the School had become involved with post-graduate research
not only in its own discipline but also in co-operation with the Centre
for Transportation Studies, Westwater Resources Research Centre, and
with the Resource Science Centre. This had strengthened the opportunity
of the School to give really worthwhile instruction at the doctorate
level and to encourage the research these people have been undertaking.
Dean Cowan   )
Mr. Anderson )
That thz progress report be rzczivzd.
In reply to a query concerning a recommendation contained in the
report that Senate give unqualified approval of the Ph.D. programme,
it was stated that Senate was not being asked to do this at the present
The motion was put and carried.
Alumni Association Representatives on Senate
The Chairman reported the appointment of the following Alumni
Association representatives to serve on Senate for a three-year term
from September 1972-75:-
Mrs. Frederick Field, Mr. Frank C. Walden, Mr. T. Barrie Lindsay. 5620.
Wednesday, April 26,   1972.
Centre for Continuing Education
Dean  Scarfe     )
Dr.  Gray )
That a proposal to of her zxtra- sessional
credit courses in thz summer of  1972 be
approvzd.     (Szc. Appendix '6')
Other Business
1, Dean Cowan expressed concern regarding references made in Senate
from time to time that graduate enrolment may have to be restricted.
He stated that there were financial pressures which, in some areas,
required graduate enrolment to be reduced.  As far as the question of
enployment for graduate students was concerned he did not feel that
the undergraduate had a better chance of employment than the skilled
The Chairman stated that the ciuestion of enrolment restriction in
any Faculty had to bo based upon the physical facilities available.
2. Dr. Aho advised Senate of the successful opening, of the Geological
Sciences building, and referred to donations received from members of
the community.
The Chairman thanked Dr. Aho for his own part in the drive to
raise $2 Million for the building.  The Chairman also paid a special
tribute to the late Dr. Jack Cower who made an outstanding contribution
to the campaign in its early stages.
■*•  The Curriculum Committee chairman raised a query as to whether the
extra-sessional courses approved earlier in the meeting, to be offered
during the summer were in fact Summer Session courses or extra-sessional
courses administered by the Centre for Continuing Education. 5621.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Other Business  (continued)
It was explained that the courses referred to were in fact
extra-sessional courses administered by the Centre for Continuing
Education during the summer.
The Chairman expressed the opinion that the recommendation should
in fact have come from the Faculty of Education.  He agreed to review
and clarify the procedures governing submissions of this kind.
The meeting adjourned at 10.00 p.m.
The next regular meeting of Senate will be held on Wednesday,
May 17, 1972.
Chairman 5622,
Wednesday,  April 26,   1972.
Hew Award recommended to Senate
The J. Kimball Kelly Memorial Scholarship
In memory of J. Kimball Kelly, B.S.F. (UBC, 1964), M.B.A.
(UBC, 1971), who tragically lost his life in an accident in
1971, his wife has established a scholarship in the amount
of $250.  It will be awarded annually to a student in graduate
studies in Business Administration, proceeding to the degree
of M.B.A.  Preference in the following order will be given
to a student (1) in the field of finance;  (2) with an interest
in the field of construction;  (3) who, having worked in
industry, has returned tc tho University for further study. 5623.
Wednesday, April 26, 1972.
Course and Curriculum Proposals
New courses
Music 125 (1) Opera Repertoire I
225 (1) Opera Repertoire II
335 (1) Opera Repertoire III
435 (1) Opera Repertoire IV
406 (1 or 2)  Conducting II
327 (3) Liturgical Music I
427 (3) Liturgical Music II
Extra-sessional courses to be offered in the Summer of 1972
Education 380 (3)  Outdoor Environmental Studies
479 (3)  Cross Cultural Education (Native Indians)
308 (3)  Physical Education


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