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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1969-03-26

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 Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
The seventh regular meeting of the Senate of The University of
British Columbia for the Session 1968-69 was held on Wednesday, March 26,
1969 at 8:00 p.m. in the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  Dean W. H. Gage (Chairman), Dean W. M. Armstrong,
Dr. C S. Belshaw, Mr. S. Black, Dr. M. Bloom, Mr. C. B. Bourne,
Mr. F. K. Bowers, Dr. S. D. Cavers, Dr. J. D. Chapman, Dr. R. M. Clark,
Dr. D. H. Copp, Dean G. F. Curtis, Mr. W. Ferguson, Mr. D. A. Freeman,
Dr. S. M. Friedman, Dean J. A. F. Gardner, Dr. N. A. Hall, Dr. W. S. Hoar,
Dr. D. T. Kenny, Mr. S. S. Lefeaux, Mr. K. M. Lysyk, Dean J. F. McCreary,
Dr. C. A. McDowell, Dr. J. R. Mcintosh, Mrs. H. J. MacKay, Mr. I. S.
McNairn, Mr. D. F. Manders, Mr. K. Martin, Mr. J. R. Meredith, Mr. D. F.
Miller, Mr. D. Munton, Dean V. J. Okulitch, Dr. C J. Parfitt, Dr. A. J.
Renney, Dean B. E. Riedel, Dr. G. Rosenbluth, Mr. S. A. Rush, Dr. A. D.
Scott, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Dean M. Shaw, Acting Dean C. E. Smith, Dr. J. H. G.
Smith, Dr. R. W. Stewart, Mr. B. Stuart-Stubbs, Mr. M. Waldman,
Mrs. B. E. Wales, Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. Wm. A. Webber, Dean P. H. White,
Mr. D. R. Williams, Dean J. H. Young, Dr. S. H. Zbarsky.
Observers: Mr. J. A. Banham, Mr. K. Buttedahl, Dr. B. Moyls,
Mr. T. A. Myers and Mr. J. F. Stott attended the meeting.
Messages of regret for their inability to attend were received
from Chancellor J. M. Buchanan, Mr. D. M. Brousson, Mr. F. J. Cairnie,
Mr. C. M. Campbell Jr., Dean I. McTaggart Cowan, Dr. W. D. Finn,
Mr. J. Guthrie, Dr. H. L. Keenleyside, Rev. E. C LeBel,
Dean S. Wah Leung, Dean Helen McCrae, The Hon. Mr. Justice J. A. McDonald,
Dr. F. A. Morrison, Dr. M. W. Steinberg.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dr. Warren )        That the Minutes oh the sixth
Mr. Waldman)        regular meeting oh Senate h°i
the Session 196%-69 having been
circulated, be taken as read and
Carried Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Members of Senate to Serve on Nominating Committee
for the Selection of Presidential Candidates
It was reported that the following members of Senate had been
elected to serve on this committee:
Dr. W. D. Finn, Dr. W. C Gibson, Dr. N. A. Hall.
Membership of Senate ad hoc Committee on Recreation
Senate agreed to the proposed membership of this Committee which
was as follows:-
Dean I
. McT. Cowan
Dean C E. Smith
C Smith
Chancellor     )
)  ex-officio
It was agreed that the Committee would select its own chairman.
New Programmes Committee
School of Physical Education and Recreation
At the previous meeting of Senate the proposal for a two-option
programme in Physical Education had been approved subject to revision
of Option 'A' to the satisfaction of the New Programmes Committee.
It was reported that this requirement had been met. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Notification of approval by the Board of Governors of Senate
Recommendations - subject, where applicable, to funds being available
(a) Proposal of the School of Physical Education and Recreation
for a two-option programme in Physical Education, subject to the
School strengthening the programme for the first two years of
Option 'A' to the satisfaction of the New Programmes Committee
of Senate.
(b) Extra-sessional courses to be offered May - July, 1969, as
recommended by the Faculty of Arts.
(c) Proposal of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration
that English 200 be dropped as a requirement for the degree of
Bachelor of Commerce.
(d) The programme for professional training in Accountancy proposed
by the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration was
approved but the Board requested that the Faculty be asked to
offer a Diploma in Accounting on completion of the programme
instead of the proposed B.Acct. degree.
(e) The changes in regulations for admission of students to the
University from Grade 12 referred to on Page 5003 of the Senate
Notification of Resolution of the Board of Governors in connection with
the proposed M.Sc programme in Audiology and Speech Sciences
The Board resolved that the Acting President investigate the cost of
the M.Sc. programme in Audiology and Speech Sciences in consultation with
Dean J. F. McCreary; and that Dean McCreary be requested to give an
indication of the priority of this new programme in relation to other
priorities in the Faculty of Medicine.
Committee on Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
Dean Gardner )      That the new awards and changes
Dr. Copp   )      in awards shown in Appendix A be
accepted, subject to the approval
oh the Board oh Governors, and that
letters oh thanks be sent to the
Carried Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Curriculum Committee
Faculty of Graduate Studies
New courses and course changes
Poultry Science 506 (l*s) Meat and Egg Science (New course)
513 -   unit value increased
522 -   to be divided into two courses:
521 (1*5) Advanced Poultry Nutrition I
522 (1*5) Advanced Poultry Nutrition II
523 -   pre-requisite changed from Plant
Science 322 to Plant Science 321.
Dr. Hall  )        That the proposals oh the Faculty
Dr. Renney )        oh Graduate Studies h°i n<w courses
and course changes in Poultry
Science be approved.
Memorial Statement on Major Henry Cuthbert Holmes
The Tributes Committee, chaired by Dean Curtis, had prepared the
following statement in accordance with the custom of Senate, in
recognition of the service to the Senate of the late Major Henry
Cuthbert Holmes:
Major Henry Cuthbert Holmes, who died in May, 1968,
at the age of seventy-seven, lived a full and active life.
A native of Victoria, B.C. he was educated at the Royal
Naval School, England, at Victoria College, Canada, and
Balliol College, Oxford. He served with distinction in
the First World War, after which he settled down in Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Memorial Statement on Major Henry Cuthbert Holmes (Continued)
Victoria where he was to become a great force in civic
and provincial affairs. His service to his city resulted
in his being made Freeman of the City of Victoria in 1968.
A co-founder of Brentwood College, he was a Governor from
1923 to 1948. He worked continuously for the University
of Victoria and was Chairman of the University's Extension
Association. His interest in education was wide, as is
shown by his Chairmanship of the Fairbridge Farm Schools
Committee in 1935. He was active in a score of civic
clubs and enterprises. His connection with the University
of British Columbia goes back many years. He first joined
the Senate for a six-year term in 1933; he returned in
1946 and remained a member of that body until 1955.
Finally, he was appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor in
Council in 1958 and it was not until 1965 that he resigned.
He was a faithful member of Senate with a keen interest
in the academic well-being of the University and, indeed,
of education throughout the province. He leaves three
sons and two daughters. This University will miss him as
will our sister institution in Victoria.
Dean Curtis )    That this Memorial Statement be
Dean Young  )    spread on the minutes oh Senate
and that a copy be sent to close
Carried Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Proposals of the Faculties
Continuation of the discussion of the proposal to eliminate the
course English 100 from the B.Sc. (Agr.) degree programme of studies
included in the proposals of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
referred to in Appendix 'B' of the Senate Minutes of January 8, 1969,
under the heading "Proposal to replace the existing four-year general
course programme and five-year honours course programme..."
The following material was circulated to members of Senate in
connection with this proposal:
(i)   Statement giving the purpose and description of English 100
submitted by Dr. M. W. Steinberg.
(ii)  Statement from Dr. Clark in support of retaining English 100
in the requirements for the B.Sc. (Agr.) degree programme.
(iii) Report from the Department of Education on the content of the
courses in English in the final two years of secondary school.
(iv)  Statement from Dean Shaw as to the rationale of the proposal to
drop English 100.
In the debate, concern was expressed as to the wisdom of
introducing courses of professional interest in the first year of
It was suggested that a committee be set up to study the problem
particularly in view of the increasing numbers of students attending
junior colleges for the first and second years of their undergraduate
programmes of study. There was considerable support for not introducing
professional requirements into the first and second years of university
study.  It was thought desirable that students entering university
from Grade 12 should not be required to decide finally at that stage
which field of studies they wished to take. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Proposals of the Faculties
A discussion followed on the desirability for all students being
required to take at least one three-unit course in English. It was
thought that the course specified need not be English 100.
Dr. Clark  )     That all undergraduates be required
Mr. Freeman )     to take at least three units oh
course-work in the English department
in English Literature or Composition.
The Chairman asked Dean Shaw if he would first like to make a
motion on behalf of his Faculty since discussion had emanated from
their proposals. The Dean explained that the intention had been to
allow more flexibility by giving students a choice as to which three-
unit course in the Humanities they wished to take, rather than making
English 100 compulsory. English 100 would, of course, be a possible
choice among the electives.
Dean Shaw )     That the programme be accepted as
Dr. Renney )      originally proposed, with English 100
dropped as a requirement and replaced
by an elective which could be
English 100.
There was further discussion as to whether a decision should be
made on a piece-meal basis or whether the whole matter should be
discussed on a university-wide basis.  It was reported that the Long-
Range Objectives Committee did have under consideration the issue of
what should constitute First Year University and how First Year
University instruction should be approached in a general way throughout
the University. After further discussion the following motion was
proposed. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Proposals of the Faculties
Dr. Copp  )
Dean Young )
Dean Shaw )
Dr. Renney )
That the whole matter oh the
requirements h°i the First year
programme in the Faculty oh
Agricultural Sciences be tabled
pending the results oh the
investigations oh the Long-
Range Objectives Committee.
That English 100 be a required
course either oh the First or
Second Year oh the B.Sc.   (Agr.)
programme oh studies so that
those students who require three
sciences in the First year may
postpone English 100 until the
Second year.
Course proposals, 1969-70
New Course:       Law 323 Securities Regulation
Changes: Law 105 Legal Institutions I
to be divided into two courses:
Law 105 Legal Institutions I
Law 107 Principles of Civil Litigation
The Chairman of the Curriculum Committee reported that the
Committee had not had an opportunity to consider these courses. The
Dean requested that the courses be approved subject to no objections
being raised by the Curriculum Committee in view of the urgency for a
decision. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Proposals of the Faculties
Course Proposals, 1969-70 (Continued)
It was agreed that the courses be approved by Senate subject to
no objections being raised by members of Senate to the Curriculum
Committee by 8.30 a.m. Thursday, April 3, 1969, and subject to the
approval of the Curriculum Committee.
Institution of Law School Admission Test as of 1970-71 Session
Dean Curtis )     That the proposal that applicants
Mr. Lysyk  )     h°i admission into the First Year
oh studies in the Faculty oh low
hor the year 1970-71 and thereahter
be required to take the Law School
Admission Test, be reherred to an
ad hoc committee to consider both
this proposal and similar tests
given in other proh&ssional
Consideration was given to the possibility of the proposal being
considered by either the Committee on Enrolment Policy or the Long-
Range Objectives Committee, but it was suggested that an ad hoc
committee would be preferable, consisting of people such as the
Director of Student Services and some members of the Committee on
Enrolment Policy and others who had had experience in admission tests.
Dr. Belshaw )     That the motion be amended by the
Mr. Munton )     additional statement:
That the ad hoc committee be
nominated by the Chairman in
consultation with dr. Mcdowell
Chairman oh the Nominating
The motion, with the amendment, was then carried.
The Dean explained that he considered the proposed tests comparable
to the tests in Medicine and Dentistry. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Enrolment Policy
Dr. Rosenbluth) That the Committee on Enrolment
Mr. Rush ) Policy be instructed to propose
minimum standards h°i the physical,
hinancial, and academic resources
per student required to maintain
the quality oh education at The
University oh British Columbia.
That these proposals be accompanied
by a report explaining and justihying
the yjguJves proposed.
It was envisaged that the Committee's report should deal with such
matters as the staff-student ratio, size of classes, class room space,
office space, study space, laboratory facilities, library facilities, etc.
It was suggested that a more basic investigation would begin with a
determination of provincial needs in higher education and the equitable
distribution of responsibilities to meet these needs among the existing
and possible new institutions. It was agreed that the concept of a
broader survey of factors affecting university enrolment was valid, but
that it should not supplant the more precise analysis as defined in the
The motion was then carried.
Dr. Rosenbluth) That the Committee on Enrolment
Mr.  Ferguson    ) Policy be directed to make concrete
proposals h°i the limitation oh
enrolment in 1970-71 and hoi the
public explanation oh the proposed
measures.   These proposals to be
brought behore the May meeting oh
Dr. Rosenbluth felt that since the general view seemed to be that a
year's notice was desirable for serious changes in enrolment policy, it
was none too soon to start the discussion. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Enrolment Policy (Continued)
It was agreed that a year's notice was necessary. However, it was
suggested that the May deadline proposed in the motion was unrealistic
and that it would be desirable to await the Report of the Long-Range
Objectives Committee and also the recommendations of the Academic Board
which was meeting with the Universities and junior colleges, before The
University of British Columbia made an announcement on admissions policy.
It was suggested that if a final decision were made in September,
this would still constitute a year's notice to secondary schools. To
ensure that Senate agreed the Chairman asked for a Straw vote on the
following statement:
That Senate would feel that if a decision
on enrolment for 1970-71 was made in September,
1969, this would constitute a year's notice.
Mr. Meredith was asked for his views and confirmed that if the
recommendation concerned achievement standards this would be sufficient
notice. The real problem for the schools was the changing of specific
course requirements, for which more notice would be required.
Senate then agreed unanimously to the Chairman's statement.
During the course of the discussion Dr. Rosenbluth and Mr. Ferguson
agreed to his motion being amended as follows:
That the Committee on Enrolment Policy be directed
to make proposals concerning enrolment in 1970-71 and
for the public explanation of the proposed measures.
These proposals to be brought to Senate as soon as
possible and in no event later than September 1969.
The motion, as amended, was then carried. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
College-University Articulation
A report of the Academic Board for Higher Education in British
Columbia having been previously circulated, was received for information.
Degrees and Diplomas granted by the University
Mr. McNairn )      That Senate review the comparative
Mr. Munton )       content oh degrees and diplomas
granted by the University.
In giving notice of the motion, Mr. McNairn had suggested that there
may be an imbalance between work required and degrees offered in various
faculties and schools; that the pattern had been influenced by traditions
which may be medieval or the result of practical schools achieving
professional standing; that this University had adjusted itself to
practices in other institutions, particularly in the United States; and
that this may now be out of date, and the whole system should be
reassessed. He suggested that Senate might refer this proposal to the
Senate Curriculum Committee.
There was considerable discussion of the implications of the
motion. The original motion was then replaced by a somewhat modified
Mr. McNairn )       That a study be made oh the proposal
Mr. Munton )      that Senate review the comparative
content oh degrees and diplomas
granted by the University.
After further discussion it was decided that the matter be referred
to the Senate Agenda Committee and Mr. McNairn to decide on an appropriate
method of approaching the study. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Summer Employment of Students
A statement concerning summer employment of students had been
circulated by Mr. Stuart Rush. The report outlined the difficulties that
students were experiencing in finding employment during the summer and
suggested that since there were insufficient jobs available, and since
it was extremely difficult for a student to earn enough money during
the summer to finance his university education during the following year,
steps should be taken to encourage employment of students during the
Mr. Rush    ) That the Senate request the
Mr. Munton) Government oh British Columbia
to provide incentives to industry
in British Columbia to hire more
university students during the
summer months.
It was felt that the University could not ask the Government to
give preferential treatment to the employment of university students
as opposed to other school students and others seeking employment who
had not been to university.  It was also pointed out that a major
problem was the hiring practices involved in union-management agreements.
It was suggested that the emphasis should be on student assistance
and that every effort should be made to increase the amount of student
assistance and student loans.  It was suggested that an appeal might be
made for more interest-free loans.
It was reported that the Federal Government had conducted a television
campaign to ask employers to consider summer employment of university
students and it was suggested that the Provincial Government might be
asked to do something similar. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Summer Employment of Students     (Continued)
Amendments to the motion were suggested:
Mr. Rush ) That the Senate oh The University
Mr. Ferguson ) oh British Columbia, taking cognizance
oh the increasing jjinawciat dihhiculXies
that Students jj-ind in gaining summer
employment, request the Government oh
British Columbia to support ehhoits
being made nationally to encourage
employers to hire more students in the
summer months.
A motion recommending that Senate endorse the principle of providing
free tuition to students who are unable to find summer employment was
Two other recommendations contained in Mr. Rush's statement were
not considered to be Senate business and the Chairman, as Acting
President, agreed to take action on them. These were: possible
improvement of the services of the University's Placement Office and a
possible reactivation of the Student-Faculty Committee on Placement
Additional Students to Serve on Sub-Committees of Senate
Senate approved a recommendation of the Nominating Committee that
additional students be added to some of the sub-committees of Senate as
indicated below:
Committee on Appeals on Academic Standing
Mr. Kelvin Beckett
Committee on Admissions
Mr. R. A. Keller
Library Committee
Mr. R. A. Keller and Mr. K. Bushell Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Additional Students to Serve on Sub-Committees of Senate (Continued)
Committee on Enrolment Policy
Mr. R. Sewell
Committee on Continuing Education
Mrs. Doris Morris
Other Business
Dean Shaw, Chairman of the Senate ad hoc committee on the Student
Brief "Fair Weather or Foul", gave notice of a motion to be introduced
at the next meeting of Senate. The ad hoc committee on the Student
Brief, in consultation with the Alma Mater Society had put forward the
following two resolutions:
(i)   That eight more students be added to Senate as full
voting members.
(ii)  That of the eight new student Senators, two be graduate
students and the others students at large.
It was pointed out that if this recommendation were passed by Senate
it would necessitate an additional eight faculty members on Senate.
The meeting adjourned at 10.30 p.m.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 30, 1969.
^—"^ Secretary
Chairman. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Summary of New Awards and Changes in Awards
Recommended to Senate
New Awards
The Bristol Laboratories Medical Prize
This prize, donated by Bristol Laboratories of Canada Limited, consists
of medical texts and/or books, the contents of which deal at least in
part with the disciplines of Therapeutics and Pharmacology. Selection of
the books, to the value of $125, will be made by members of the Clinical
Faculty. This prize will be awarded annually to a student in the third
year class in the Faculty of Medicine who has exhibited superior general
scholastic ability throughout the first two years of the medical course.
The Stephen and Katherine Kirstiuk Scholarship
In honour of Stephen and Katherine Kirstiuk, and to mark their fiftieth
wedding anniversary, a scholarship has been established and endowed by
their family and friends. This scholarship, at present in the amount of
$100, will be awarded annually to a student who has an outstanding
interest and academic record in Slavonic Studies. If, in the future,
courses in Ukrainian history and language become available, the award
will be made to a student of Slavonics who has shown interest, ability
and proficiency in these special areas.
The Dr. Jack Margulius Memorial Prize
To honour the memory of Dr. Jack Margulius who, between the years 1937
to 1965, served with distinction and devotion as a specialist in the
field of internal medicine, this prize has been established by his son-
in-law and daugher, Dr. and Mrs. S. Morton Schloss. A graduate of the
University of Manitoba in 1937, Dr. Margulius practiced in New Westminster
until 1941.  He then entered the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps, and
served overseas as Second-in-Command with Number Six General Hospital.
In 1946 he resumed his practice in New Westminster. For eight years he
was Chief of Medicine at Royal Columbian Hospital, and between 1948 and
1954, headed the Department of Cardiology which he himself had organized.
Later he became Medical Advisor to the Director of the Department, and
at the time of his death, he was Chief of Staff at St. Mary's Hospital.
In the amount of $100, this prize will be awarded annually to a student
in the Third or Fourth Year who has an outstanding record in internal
medicine. Wednesday, March 26, 1969.
Summary of New Awards and Changes in Awards
Recommended to Senate
New Awards  (Continued)
The M. M. Waterman Memorial Bursary
A bursary of $50, in memory of Mr. M. M. Waterman, is offered annually
by Dr. and Mrs. S. B. Gelfand.  It will be awarded to a promising and
needy student in the Faculty of Dentistry.
Changes in Awards
The Boughton. Street and Company Prize in Law
Increased from $100 to $150 annually.
The Kiwanis Club of Uptown Vancouver Ted Lewis Memorial Medical Bursary
Increased from $150 to $300 annually.
The Vancouver Women's Transportation Club Bursary
Increased from $150 to $200 annually.


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