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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1957-12-11

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 Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2490
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1957-58 was
held on Wednesday, December llth, 1957, at 8:00 p.m., in
the Board and Senate Room, Administration Building,
Present: President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Dr. W.J. Anderson, Dean G.C. Andrew, Mrs. H.F. Angus, Mr.
J.M. Buchanan, Dr. J.J.R. Campbell, Mr. A.W.R. Carrothers,
Dean S.N.F. Chant, Miss Mollie Cottingham, Mr. L.G.R. Crouch,
Dean B.A. Eagles, Miss M.M. Fallis, Dr. S.M. Friedman, Dean
W.H. Gage, Mr. B.C. Gillie, Mr, C.C. Gourlay, Dean H.C
Gunning, Dr. W.H. Hickman, Dr. R.D. James, Dr. F.H, Johnson,
Dr. J.E.A. Kania, Mr. F.M. Knapp, Mr. L.J. Ladner, Col. H.T.
Logan, Dr. M.F. McGregor, Dean A.W. Matthews, Dr. F. Noakes,
Dr. F.P. Patterson, Dean J.W. Patterson, Mrs. L.E. Ranta,
Dr. W.N. Sage, Dr. B. Savery, Dean N.V. Scarfe, Dr. R.F.
Sharp, Dr. H.V. Warren, Mr. A.A, Webster, Dr. R.W. Wellwood,
Mr. L.G.J. Wong, Rev. H.F. Woodhouse, Dr. C.A.H, Wright, Dr.
S.H, Zbarsky, Dr, J.K, Friesen and Mr. N. Harlow.
Messages of regret for their inability to be
present were received from Dean G.S. Allen, Mr. C.B. Bourne,
Very Rev. H. Carr, Mr. K.P. Caple, Dr. I.McT. Cowan, Mr. H.C
Gilliland, Major H.C. Holmes, Mr. J.S. Keate, Dean E.D.
MacPhee, Dean M.D. Mawdsley, Mr. N.T. Nemetz, Mr. P.F. Sharp,
Dean G.M. Shrum, Dean F.H. Soward and Rev. W.S. Taylor. Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2491
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Dean Gage  )
Dean Andrew)  That the minutes of the first regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1957-58,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Memorial to Mrs. Wesbrook
The Secretary read the following memorial to Mrs,
Wesbrook, prepared by Colonel Logan as requested by Senate
at its previous meeting:
Mrs. Anne Taylor Wesbrook, widow of Frank
Fairchild Wesbrook, died in Vancouver on September 17,
1957, at the age of 90.  Her husband, first President
of the University of British Columbia, pre-deceased
her in October, 1918.
She was born one month after Confederation,
August 7, 1867, in Toronto, where her father was
Master-in-Chancery at Osgoode Hall.  The family moved
to Winnipeg in 1883.  Here her father eventually became
Chief Justice of Manitoba and was given the honour of
Knighthood by Queen Victoria. Anne Taylor attended
Manitoba College and subsequently studied abroad in
Scotland and Germany.
In 1896 she married Dr. Wesbrook, a Manitoba
College graduate, Professor of Pathology, Bacteriology
and Public Health in the University of Minnesota.
Seventeen years later in 1913, when her husband, then
Dean of the Medical Faculty in Minnesota, accepted the
Presidency of this University, Mrs. Wesbrook came to
Vancouver where she resided until her death three
months ago.
Mrs. Wesbrook*s interest in the University was
deep and continuous. During the President's five brief
years of office, their home gave welcoming hospitality
and extended warm-hearted friendship to the Faculty and
students of our infant University.  The first privately-
contributed gift to the University's Scholarship list
came from Mrs. Wesbrook in 1916-17 in the form of two
$25.00 prizes, named for her father, the late Sir
Thomas Taylor. For several years she also personally Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2492
contributed, annually, two $50.00 prizes, Mrs. Wesbrook
founded the Faculty Women's Club, whose members, in 1920-21,
established The Anne Wesbrook Scholarship in her honour.
In all the intervening period, she has taken part in the
meetings of the Faculty Women's Club of which she was
Honorary President; she has been present also at many
University functions.  The memory of her concern for
the welfare of Undergraduates will be perpetuated in
the Women's Residence, Anne Wesbrook Hall.
We pause to reflect that a great and noble soul
has passed from among us; with gratitude, we pay our
tribute to the inestimable value of her influence for
good in the life of our University,
Col. Logan )
Mr, Webster) That this memorial be spread on the
minutes of Senate, and a copy sent to
Mrs. Wesbrook's daughter, Mrs. Helen
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
Notice was received that the Board of Governors,
on November 4th, 1957, had approved the new courses
Economics 450, Pathology 503 and Anatomy 511; changes in
extra-sessional credit courses for 1957-58 as recommended
by Senate on October 16th; the recommendation for suspension
of Agricultural Engineering as an administrative unit for
the two-year period 1957 to 1959; and the new awards: The
Edith Cavell Hospital Bursary, the Mathilde Maclnnes
Memorial Scholarship and the Shapiro Bursary.
New Awards Accepted. Subject
to Approval of Senate
The Board of Governors, at its meetings on
November 4th and December 2nd, 1957, had accepted the Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2493
following new awards, subject to approval of Senate:
The Harold A. Jones Memorial Scholarship (donated by
Vancouver Tug Boat Company Limited)
The W. H. Maclnnes Scholarship in Physics and Mathematics
Dr. Stephen Halom Prize in Municipal Government
The Vancouver City Hall Employees Association Bursary
The Canadian Anaesthetists' Society, British Columbia
Division, Bursary
The Van Dusen Graduate Fellowship in Forestry
The Captain Cook Chapter, I.O.D.E., Bursary
The New York Life Insurance Company Awards.
It was noted that details of these awards would
be given under the report of the Committee on Prizes,
Scholarships and Bursaries.
From the Faculties
Faculty of Applied Science
The Secretary read the following recommendation
to Senate from the Faculty of Applied Science:
That two options be offered in the Department of
Electrical Engineering, one - a course along traditional
lines with the usual emphasis on technology, the second -
a course with greater emphasis on the mathematical and
physical bases of electrical engineering.  Students
entering the Third Year would be free to select either
option and the degree would be the same for both courses.
Dean Gunning)
Dr. Noakes  )  That Senate approve the recommendation
of the Faculty of Applied Science that
two options, as outlined, be offered in
the Department of Electrical Engineering.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and
New Awards and Changes
in Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards was Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2494
recommended, under the terms of award indicated:
The Harold A. Jones Memorial Scholarship
(donated by Vancouver Tug Boat .Company
Limited! (replacing Vancouver Log Towing
Company Limited Scholarships)
As a memorial to Harold A.Jones, President of
Vancouver Tug Boat Company Limited from 1924 to 1956,
this scholarship of $500.00 is offered annually in
the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration.
It serves not only to pay tribute to his services
to the Company but also to give recognition to his
interest and participation, both public and personal,
in all matters pertaining to coastwise shipping, in
the Board of Trade, the Vancouver Tourist Association,
the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, the Seattle Yacht
Club, and the Pacific International Yachting
Association.  This scholarship will be awarded to an
outstanding student entering the Final Year and
majoring in the field of transportation.
The W. H. Maclnnes Scholarship in Physics
and Mathematics
A scholarship of $200.00, the gift of Mr. W. H.
Maclnnes of Vancouver, is offered annually to the
student obtaining highest standing in the Second
Year and proceeding to the Combined Honours Course
in Physics and Mathematics.
Dr. Stephen Halom Prize in Municipal
A prize, the gift of Dr, Stephen Halom, Vancouver,
will be awarded for the best essay of not more than
12,000 words nor less than 3,000 words on a topic in
Municipal Administration, Finance, or Law. Any
student currently enrolled at the University of
British Columbia is eligible to compete for this
award if by March 31st he submits two copies of his
essay, one of which will be returned.  Further
information about the prize may be obtained from
Dr. Robert M. Clark in the Department of Economics,
or Professor Eric C. E. Todd of the Law Faculty.
At the discretion of the judges the prize of $200.00,
or any portion thereof, may be awarded outright or
divided between two or more candidates or withheld
in whole or in part if no essay merits the award of
a full prize. Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2495
The Vancouver City Hall Employees
Association Bursary
This bursary of $100.00, established by the Vancouver
City Hall Employees Association, is open annually
to members of the Association and to sons, daughters
and legal dependents of members, who, at the time
the award is made, have held membership in the
Association for at least two years.  It will be
awarded by the University, in consultation with the
Association, to a qualified member who is beginning
or continuing studies at the University in a full
programme leading to a degree.  The basis of award
will be financial need and academic standing in
previous academic studies.  Intending applicants
should apply by letter to the Dean of Administrative
and Inter-Faculty Affairs, University of British
Columbia, Vancouver 8, Canada, not later than
August 1st of the year in which attendance at the
University is planned.  The letter of application
should contain a brief outline of high school and
university studies previously completed, a summary
of the applicant's financial circumstances, and a
statement of the applicant's proposed field of
study at the University.
The Canadian Anaesthetists' Society.
British Columbia Division. Bursary
A bursary of $100.00, the gift of the British
Columbia Division of the Canadian Anaesthetists'
Society, is offered annually to students in the
Faculty of Medicine.  It will be awarded by the
University to a worthy and deserving student who
has a good record, shows promise, and needs
assistance.  Those who are assisted, although not
required to undertake a legal obligation, are asked
to assume a moral responsibility to re-imburse the
fund after completion of their studies, if
circumstances permit.
The Van Dusen Graduate Fellowship in
A fellowship of $1,500.00, the gift of the W. J.
Van Dusen Foundation, a fund of Vancouver Foundation,
is open to students proceeding to advanced work in
forestry leading to a higher degree.  It is tenable
for one year at the University of British Columbia,
but may be renewed.  If it is renewed for one or more
years, the Dean of Forestry and the supervisor of
studies may authorize the holder to pursue his further
studies at another university or in another country. Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2496
A candidate must be qualified to undertake graduate
work in respect of scholarship, research, ability,
character, health, and indicate special interest in
problems of forestry in British Columbia.  The field
of research and the thesis will be arranged after
consultation between the donor or his representative
and the Dean of Forestry. Applications must be
submitted to the Dean of Administrative and Inter-
Faculty Affairs, University of British Columbia,
prior to August 1st in the year of award.
The Captain Cook Chapter. I.O.D.E..
A bursary of $100.00, the gift of the Captain Cook
Chapter, I.O.D.E., is offered to students in the
Faculty of Education proceeding to a degree or
certificate in the teaching field.  It will be
awarded to a student who has good standing in the
academic and practical courses, shows promise as a
teacher, and has need of financial assistance.
The New York Life Insurance Company
To provide financial assistance for a life insurance
education programme in the Faculty of Commerce and
Business Administration, the New York Life Insurance
Company has given a grant of $5,000.00 for three
years.  The grant will provide funds for research,
fellowships, scholarships, and bursaries in the
field of Canadian Life Insurance. Recipients of
the fellowships, scholarships, and bursaries, as
well as the terms of award, will be recommended
from time to time to Senate by the Faculty through
the Joint Faculty Committee on Prizes, Scholarships
and Bursaries.
The Inland Natural Gas Co. Ltd. Scholarship
in Home Economics
A scholarship of $250.00, the gift of the Inland
Gas Co. Ltd., is offered annually to students
proceeding from Grade XII or XIII to a course of
studies at the University leading to the degree
of B.H.E.  This scholarship, open to students who
reside in the Cariboo, Okanagan, or Kootenay
districts, will be awarded on the basis of academic
standing, personal qualities, character, and
promise and interest in the field of Home Economics.
Consideration may also be given to the financial
circumstances of those who apply. Applications, on
forms available from the University, must be
submitted by May 31st. Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2497
The West Vancouver Teachers' Association
A scholarship of $150.00, the gift of the West
Vancouver Teachers* Association, was awarded in
December, 1957, to a student from West Vancouver
who had completed the First Year in the Faculty
of Education and was continuing in the work of
the Second Year.  The award was made to the
student selected by the Faculty of Education as
the most outstanding with respect to academic
record, ability, and promise as a teacher.
In addition, Dean Gage reported the following
increases in awards:
Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia
Bursary, from $100.00 to $250.00 for the Session 1958-59
Plimsoll Club Entrance Scholarships, from $150.00 to
$250.00 each for the Session 1958-59
Frances Milburn P.E.O. Bursary, from $225.00 to $240.00
for the Session 1958-59
Dr. Isabel Maclnnes Prize, from $75.00 to $100.00 annually
Brissenden Scholarship, from $250.00 to $300.00 for the
Session 1958-59
Brissenden Bursary, from $250.00 to $300.00 for the
Session 1958-59
British Columbia Hotels Association, from four to six
scholarships of $250.00 each for the Session 1958-59.
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp)  That these new awards and changes in awards
be approved as recommended, and that
appropriate letters be sent to the donors.
The annual report of the University Librarian to
the Senate for the year 1956-57 had been circulated prior
to the meeting.  The Secretary read a letter dated December
4th from Dr. McGregor, Acting Chairman of the Senate Library
Committee, to the President, recommending to the Senate and
Board of Governors the provision of additional funds for
purchase of books, additional space for the Library, increase Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2498
in Library staff and appropriate review of Library staff
The President reminded Senate that the Faculty
Association had requested increases in salaries which,
coupled with the rising cost of University operation, would
require an increase of about $1,500,000.00 in the budget.
If the government grants to the University were less than
this, which seemed probable, a decision would have to be
made as to the distribution of the increase - whether all
for salaries or some for such items as an increase in the
Library budget.
Dean Andrew)
Mr, Ladner )  That Senate commend the Librarian on an
excellent report, and in particular on
the progress the Library is making under
his direction.
A motion by Dr. Wright, seconded by Dr. Kania,
that Senate refer the Librarian's report and the letter of
the Library Committee to the Board of Governors, with support
of the request for increased funds for the Library, was,
after lengthy discussion, amended and passed in the following
Dean Andrew)
Dean Gage  )  That Senate commend to the Board of
Governors, for its sympathetic
consideration, the report of the Librarian
and the recommendations contained therein.
Dr, Hickman)
Dean Gage  )  That a statement of appreciation for the
long service rendered by Miss Dorothy
Jefferd to the Library be prepared for
the minutes of Senate.
Carried. Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2499
It was agreed that the Report of the Librarian
should be referred to the Senate Committee on University
Reports for consideration of its size and appearance, with
a report back to Senate in due course.
Child Development Centre
The report of the Senate Committee to Consider
the Establishment of a Child Development Centre had been
circulated prior to the meeting.
Dean Scarfe)
Miss Fallis)  That this report, and the recommendation
for establishment of a Child Development
Centre, be referred to the Faculty of
the College of Education and any other
Faculties interested, for further study
and consideration.
Faculty of Arts and Science
Committee on Religious Studies
The Senate at its meeting in August, 1957, had
referred to this Committee the question of definition of
"courses in religion** for which students in the Faculty of
Arts and Science other than those planning to enter
theological training, might claim credit. Dean Chant read
the following resolutions approved by the Committee:
1. That there be no change in the regulation that permits
theological students to take up to four courses in
religion for Arts credit in their undergraduate years.
2. That the Senate approve a Calendar heading on Religious
Studies beginning 1958-59, under which will be listed
those courses from which the six units of credit, already
authorized by the Senate, may be chosen by students in
the Faculty of Arts and Science other than those planning
to enter theological training. Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2500
3, That the following courses already approved under the
terms of the Senate's resolution of October 19th, 1955,
be so listed:
The History of the Christian Church
Early Christian Thought
The Great Religions of the World,
4. That additional courses be added under the heading of
Religious Studies as they are approved by the Senate.
It was noted that the recommendation as to a
Calendar heading on "Religious Studies'*, and listing of
courses under this heading, would be included in the
Calendar material to be submitted to Senate at its next
Report of the University
Health Service. 1956-57
The report of the University Health Service for
1956-57 was circulated at the meeting.  It was agreed that
this should be tabled until the next meeting, and returned
to the agenda at that time for comment or discussion.
Report of the Department of
University Extension. 1956-57
The report of the Department of University
Extension for 1956-57 had been circulated prior to the
In commenting on the report, Dr. Friesen mentioned
the rapid expansion of the Department's programme, particularly
with the addition of the Faculty of the College of Education
to the University.  New services added during the year were
Forestry Extension, a Communications programme supported by
the grant from the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters, Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2501
and a Liberal Arts programme initiated through a grant from
the Fund for Adult Education. Among the most pressing needs
were a study of the objectives of the Extension programme
and what the University could do to attain them; a programme
in community development to assist rapidly growing centres;
and a conference centre on the University campus providing
residence accommodation for out-of-town groups as well as
conference rooms.
It was agreed that this report also should be
tabled for further discussion at the next meeting.
Proposed Statement re Victoria
The President commented that this statement, copies
of which had been circulated at the previous meeting, had
been prepared with a view to defining the responsibility
for allocation of funds provided by the state to support
higher education in the Province.  He suggested that the
statement might be tabled until such time as further
consideration of the policy in this regard seemed desirable.
Colonel Logan)
Mr. Ladner  )  That this proposed statement be tabled
until an appropriate occasion, as
Dr. Wright suggested that a statement should be
prepared for publication as to the advantages and
disadvantages of a large university, e.g., of 25,000 students. Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2502
Corre spondence
Letters of Appreciation
Letters of appreciation from Mrs. Lavell Leeson,
The Honourable Mr. Justice J. M. Coady, His Honour Judge
J. B. Clearihue, and the British Columbia Association of
Broadcasters, were received and ordered filed.
Health Centre for Children
The Secretary read a letter from the Board of
Directors of the Health Centre for Children asking for the
name of the Senate's 1958 representative to that Board.
Mr. Ladner)
Dr. Warren)  That Miss M. M. Fallis be re-appointed
as Senate representative to the Board of
Directors of the Health Centre for
Other Business
Convention of Regular
Baptists of British
The Executive Council of the Convention of Regular
Baptists of British Columbia had submitted a brief requesting,
on behalf of the Northwest Baptist Bible College, Port
Coquitlam, affiliation with the University of British
Columbia; or support for an application to the Legislature
for the privilege of granting theological degrees as an
unaffiliated college.  The President stated that he was also
in correspondence with the Convention of Baptist Churches
of British Columbia, which wished to proceed with the Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2503
construction of a building on the site reserved for a
Baptist theological college.
Colonel Logan)
Dean Chant  )  That the application for affiliation
of the Northwest Baptist Bible College
with the University be referred to a
committee to be appointed by the
Chairman, and that the committee be
asked to report back to Senate after
consideration of the application.
«".Hi 1"
It was noted that consideration should also be
given to the question of the number of divisions of a
denomination which might be recognized by, and affiliated
with, the University, and the number of denominations to be
authorized to build on the campus.
Proposed Division of
Department of Philosophy
and Psychology
A proposal had been received from Dean Chant that
the Department of Philosophy and Psychology should be divided
into separate Departments of Philosophy and Psychology, the
division to take effect at the approximate time of the removal
of the Philosophy staff to the Buchanan Building and the
start of the 1958-59 financial year.  It was agreed that
this proposal should be referred to a committee to be
constituted by the President, for consideration and report
back to Senate at the next meeting.
Proposed Committee on
Methods of Instruction
Dean Chant recommended that a committee be set up Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2504
to inquire into various aspects of the University's methods
of instruction,including but not restricted to a consideration of size of classes in the junior years, proportion of
lectures to directed studies in the higher years, number of
course offerings, etc.
Dean Chant)
Dr. Kania )  That the Chairman be asked to appoint a
committee to consider methods of
instruction, and that the committee be
encouraged to extend its investigations
to all Faculties of the University.
In seconding the motion, Dr. Kania had suggested
that the committee might consider a basic training course
in methods of teaching for instructors.
Liberal Arts Programme
The President suggested that Dr. Friesen might
arrange for the preparation of a brief report to Senate on
the background and intent of the programme established
through the grant from the Fund for Adult Education.
World University Service
Summer Seminar
Copies of a report by Mr. Wayne Hubble on the
World University Service Summer Seminar and Study Tour in
West Africa during the summer of 1957, had been circulated
prior to the meeting, for information of Senate.
Government Financial
Undertakings. 1912-1916
For information of Senate, the President had 1
Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2505
circulated the following summary prepared by Colonel Logan
in connection with the history of the University, of
government undertakings in respect of buildings and finances
for the period 1912 to 1916.
I In the Parliamentary Session of 1912 the Legislature
in Victoria, under Dr. Young's (Minister of Education)
motion, voted $500,000.00 for University buildings and
$200,000.00 for organisation.  The formal opening of
the University to be the Fall Session of 1913.  (First
Convocation was held on August 21st of 1912)
II Parliamentary Session of 1913 - $500,000.00 was revoted
as no money was spent in the meantime.  The site of the
University had been chosen and the competition for
architects' plans had been held.  Dr. Young hoped that
a "Summer Course" would be given in 1913 and that the
first B.A. Degree would be given in 1914,
III Dr. Wesbrook (appointed January, 1913) presented his
first budget at his first Board meeting in April, 1913.
This provided for (a) an "Arts College" - $125,000.00;
(b) a two-year building programme - $2,331,000.00 -
providing for the following buildings: Arts and Science,
Library, Agriculture, Power House, Men's Dormitory,
four Staff Residences and the University Farm at
Coquitlam. Also, the Board urged on the Government
a grant of $8,000,000.00 over eight years.
In reply, the Government promised $1,500,000.00
(including the $500,000.00 previously voted).
IV Following III, the Board interviewed the Government on
May 31st, 1913.  Sir Richard McBride (Premier) now
promised $2,800,000.00 over two years for buildings
and maintenance.  He also spoke of raising land bonds
on the 2,000,000 acres of University Endowment Lands
in two years amounting to $10,000,000.00.
V February 1914 - because of dwindling Provincial
finances, Sir Richard promised (a) for 1914 - $500,000.00
for buildings, plus $60,000.00 for maintenance;
(b) $1,000,000.00 in a year's time.
VI August 7th, 1914 - tenders for Science Building from
construction companies returned unopened by the Board
of Governors because of the outbreak of war.
VII Tenders called at once for steel and concrete framework
only of the "Science" building to cost $100,000.00.
This work was completed in December, 1914, Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2506
(The final vote of the Legislature for the first
University Session, 1915-16, for all purposes was
$175,000.00, All other voted amounts were returned
by the Government to the Treasury.)
Faculty Honours
The President reported that Dr. H. E. Taylor had
been made a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of
Edinburgh; and that Dr. Cowan had led the Canadian delegation
to the Pacific Science Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, with
Dr. Dolman, Dr, Lindsey and Dr, Scagel as members of the
Possible Visitors from
the Soviet Union
The President stated that, as the Secretary of
State for External Affairs and the Board of Governors did
not see any objections, he proposed to invite Dr. Alexandrov,
Rector of the University of Leningrad, to lecture in
Mathematics at the 1958 Summer Session.
The World University Service had inquired whether
the University of British Columbia would be prepared to
entertain students and staff from Soviet Universities if
they came to Canada.  The Board of Governors had raised no
objection to this proposal.
Board of Governors Reception
For information of Senate, the President stated
that the Board of Governors reception for members of Faculty
and senior administrative staff had been tentatively
arranged for Saturday afternoon, April 12th. Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2507
Open House
The President announced that, as many members of
Senate already knew, the triennial Open House would be held
on February 28th and March 1st, 1958.
Faculty Publications
Numerous Faculty publications submitted to the
Board of Governors since the first of October were on display
for the interest of Senate.
Personnel Department Report on
Students Enrolled in 1957-58
A report from the Personnel Department on students
enrolled in the current session, excluding those in the
Sopron Division of the Faculty of Forestry, had been
circulated at the meeting. Discussion followed on the
listing of professional and occupational goals, and the
adequacy of the counselling service provided.  It was agreed
that the Chairman should be asked to appoint a small committee
to discuss with Mr. McLean some of the questions raised by
the Senate, and that subsequently Mr. McLean should be
invited to a meeting of Senate for further consideration of
the counselling service and the data collected.
Proposed Chair in Real
In introducing the recommendation for the establishment of the British Columbia Association of Real Estate
Boards' Chair in Real Estate, the President reminded the
Senate that Dean MacPhee was away from the city. Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2508
The President stated that the Board of Governors
had appointed Mr. Philip White, presently Head of the
Department of Valuation at the College of Estate Management,
University of London, as a Professor in the Faculty of
Commerce and Business Administration, effective July 1st,
1958.  He summarized Mr. White's curriculum vitae and
letters of recommendation, and added that funds to provide
Mr. White's salary had been assured by a grant from the
British Columbia Association of Real Estate Boards.
The President reported that a letter to Senate
from four members of Faculty in this connection stated that,
while its authors were prepared to welcome and support a
new appointee whose courses had been approved by Senate,
they felt Senate should give serious consideration to future
policy with regard to vocational courses, in view of the
other needs of the University.
Dr, Kania and Mr. Ladner emphasized the need in
British Columbia for competent persons trained in estate
valuation and management, and stated that such a course
would be a real service to the community.
Dr. James  )
Mr, Gourlay) That Senate approve and recommend to the
Board of Governors the establishment of
a Chair in estate management under the
Faculty of Commerce and Business
It was agreed that the exact designation of the
Chair should be discussed by Dean MacPhee and the grantors,
consideration being given to associating the name of an Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2509
individual prominent in the field of estate management with
the Chair.  This proposed designation, as well as the courses
to be offered, should in due course be submitted to Senate
for approval.
The President then read the letter signed by Dr.
Corbett, Dr, Jamieson, Mr. Dore and Mr. Neatby, recommending
that the Senate should consider its future policy with regard
to introduction of courses in new fields for which credit
would be given towards a degree.  Two aspects they felt
important were whether the University would be strengthened
as an educational institution, and whether the University's
relations with the community would be strengthened.
After a further discussion of the recommendations
of this letter and the need for the Senate to examine its
policy in regard to the limits to be set to expansion of
course offerings, agreement was given to a suggestion by
Dean Andrew that the Dean of Administrative and Inter-Faculty
Affairs, the Head of the Department of Economics and Political
Science, and a representative of the Faculty of Law should
examine the contents of this letter in relation to the
contents of the courses proposed as additions to the curriculum in the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration,
and should report to Senate at its next meeting as a
preliminary to further discussion.
University Film
An invitation was extended to members of Senate Wednesday, December llth, 1957 2510
to a showing of the film "Tuum Est" in the B. C Electric
Auditorium on Thursday afternoon, December 12th.
The meeting adjourned at 11:45 p.m.
Chairman.    \ (    }


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