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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1955-10-19

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 Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2196
The first regular meeting of the Senate of the
University of British Columbia for the Session 1955-56 was
held on Wednesday, October 19th, 1955, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room, Administration Building.
Present:  President N.A.M. MacKenzie (in the Chair),
Miss M. Agnew, Dr. J. Allardyce, Dean G. S. Allen, Dr. W. J.
Anderson, Dean G. C. Andrew, Dean H. F. Angus, Dr. W. G.
Black, Mr. C. B. Bourne, Dr. J.J.R. Campbell, Dean S.N.F.
Chant, Miss M. Cottingham, Dr. I. McT. Cowan, Mr. L.G.R.
Crouch, Dean B, A. Eagles, Miss M. M. Fallis, Dean W, H, Gage,
Mr. B. C. Gillie, Dr. W. H. Hickman, Major H. C. Holmes, Dr,
R. D. James, Dr. F. A. Kaempffer, Mr. F. M. Knapp, Col. H. T.
Logan, Dr. M. M. Maclntyre, Mr. E. D. MacPhee, Dean A. W.
Matthews, Dean M. D. Mawdsley, Mr. F. A. Morrison, Dr. W. N.
Sage, Dr. R. F. Sharp, Mr. F. H. Soward, Dr. W. S. Taylor,
Dr. H. V. Warren, Dr. R. W. Wellwood, Dr. H. F. Woodhouse
and Mr. Neal Harlow.
Messages of regret for their inability to be present
were received from Chancellor Sherwood Lett, Mr. J. M. Buchanan,
Mr. K. P. Caple, Dr. D. H. Copp, Dean G. F. Curtis, Mr. E. D.
Fulton, Mr. H. C. Gilliland, Dean H. C. Gunning, Mr. J. S.
Keate, Mr. W. 0. Richmond, Dr. H. R, Robertson and Dr. C.A.H.
It was agreed that Dean Andrew and Mr. Harlow be
asked to prepare a message of congratulations,for inclusion
in the minutes of Senate, on the elevation of His Honour Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2197
Judge A. E. Lord to the Supreme Court of the Province of
British Columbia.
It was further agreed that during the illness of
Dean Weaver, Dr, A. J. JMelson, Assistant Dean, be asked to
attend Senate meetings.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Mr. Soward)
Dean Chant)  That the minutes of the fifth regular
meeting of Senate for the Session 1954-55,
having been circulated, be taken as read
and adopted.
Memorial to the Late
Dr. G. A. MeGuire
The Secretary read the following Memorial, which
had been prepared by the Committee on Memorial Minutes in
accordance with the request of Senate on August 26th, 1955.
It was agreed that this Memorial be spread upon the minutes
of Senate and a copy sent to the members of the family
The Honourable George Albert McGuire, D.D.S.
In Vancouver, on Saturday, July 2nd, the death occurred
of The Honourable George Albert McGuire, D.D.S., a
member of Senate in the early days of the University
and prominent for many years in the public life of
British Columbia.
Dr. McGuire was born at Mount Forest, Ontario, on
April 7th, 1871.  A graduate of the University of
Maryland, Baltimore, U.S.A. in 1892, he came in that
year to Vancouver where he engaged in the practice
of Dentistry until his retirement in 1951, He was
a member of the Provincial Dental Council in 1905 and
in 1906 was President of the British Columbia Dental
Association. I
Wednesday, October 19th, 1955   2198
He took an active part in Provincial politics and
served two terms as one of Vancouver's five Conservative
Members in the Legislature at Victoria, first under
Sir Richard McBride and then under the Premiership
of the Honourable W. J. Bowser.  He succeeded the
Honourable Henry Esson Young as Provincial Secretary
and Minister of Education and, in this capacity,
became an ex officio member of the University Senate
during the Session 1916-17.  Throughout his parliamentary career he was an ardent and active supporter
of the cause of Higher Education in the Province.
His wife, Maria Jane, passed away on August 22nd,
seven weeks after her husband.
Dr. McGuire is survived by his two daughters, Mrs,
W, Keith Leckie of 6238 Marguerite Avenue, Vancouver,
and Stella, wife of Professor Hunter C. Lewis, both
well-known graduates of the University of British
Columbia, and both members of the English Department.
The Senate records its sense of loss in the death of
a former member and distinguished citizen and extends
sympathy to the bereaved families of the late Dr.
Annual Financial Report.
Year Ending March 31st. 1955
Mr. MacPhee)
Mr. Soward )  That the report be received and filed
in the office of the Secretary for
reference by members of Senate.
Appointment of Standing
Committees. Session 1955-56
Library Committee
-> The Secretary read the following nominations of
the Faculties and of the Chairman of Senate to the Library
Committee of Senate for the Session 1955-56:
Arts and Science - Dr. M, F. McGregor
Dr, I. McT. Cowan
Dr. H. B. Hawthorn
Applied Science  - Dr. G. V, Parkinson Wednesday, October 19th, 1955   2199
Agriculture      - Dr, W. J. Anderson
Forestry - Dean G. S. Allen
Pharmacy - Mr. F. A. Morrison
Medicine - Dr. S. M. Friedman
Law - Mr. G. D. Kennedy
Graduate Studies - Dr. K. C, McTaggart
Nominations    ( - Dr. B. A. Dunell
of the Chair   ( - Dr. A. D. Moore
( - Mr. G. L. Hall
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant)  That the committee be constituted as
Standing Committees
The Secretary read the names of those recommended
for membership in the following committees:
Press Committee
Mr. K. P. Caple (Chairman)
Mr. E. Parker (Secretary)
Dr. A. E. Grauer
Dr. C.A.H. Wright
Dr. H. V. Warren
Miss Marjorie Agnew
Mr. J. S. Keate
Honorary Degrees
Mr. F. H. Soward (Chairman)
Dean M. D. Mawdsley (Secretary)
Dean H. F. Angus
Dean G. F, Curtis
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean H. C. Gunning
Dean B. A. Eagles
Dean A. W. Matthews
Dean M, M. Weaver
Dean G. S. Allen
Dean W. H. Gage
Mr. K. P. Caple
Dr. A. E. Grauer
Miss Mollie Cottingham Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2200
Military Education
President N.A.M. MacKenzie (Chairman)
Chancellor Emeritus E. tf. Hamber
Dean S.N.F. Chant
Dean W. H. Gage
Mr. A. H. Finlay
Mr. C. B. Wood
Lt.Col. J.F. McLean, O.C., U.B.C. Contingent, C.O.T.C.
Lt.Cmdr. E.S.W. Belyea, O.C., U.N.T.D.
W/C. R. G. Herbert, O.C., R.C.A.F. (Auxiliary),
University Flight
President, Alma Mater Society
Memorial Minutes
Mr. H. T. Logan (Chairman)
Dr. H. Hickman
Professors Emeriti
Dr. W. N. Sage (Chairman)
Dr. J.J.R. Campbell
Dr. M. M. Maclntyre
Committee to Consider the Colour
of Hoods for New Degrees
Mr, H. T. Logan (Chairman)
Dean H, F. Angus
Dean M. D. Mawdsley
Committee on Examinations.
B.C. Institute of Agrologists
Dean B. A. Eagles (Chairman)
Dr. V. C. Brink
Mr. J. Biely.
It was noted that the Chancellor, the President,
the Registrar and Dean G. C. Andrew are ex-officio members
of all the Committees named.
Representative on University
Committee on Public Relations
Mr. K. P. Caple.
Dean Andrew )
Mr. Morrison)  That the committees be constituted as
Carried. Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2201
The ad hoc Committees of Senate were mentioned by
Mr. Knapp)
Dean Gage)  That the Committee to Investigate Courses
with Low Registration and the Committee on
Teacher Training be discharged with thanks.
Mr. MacPhee)
Mr. Soward )  That the other committees be continued
and be constituted as recommended.
From the Board of Governors
Approval of Recommendations
of Senate
The Plimsoll Club Bursary in Engineering
The Comineo Undergraduate Scholarships
Special Scholarship to Miss Margaret Mores
Extra-Mural Courses for the Session 1955-56.
From the Faculties
Sessional Examination
Results. 1954-55
Copies of a report on Examination Results for the
Session 1954-55, taking into consideration results in the
Supplemental Examinations, were circulated for information.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Cowan)  That the report be received, and be
returned to the agenda of a later meeting
if so desired.
Report on Supplemental
Examinations. Special
Examinations and Re-Readings
Copies of a report, dated October 12th, 1955, on
Supplemental, Deferred and Special Examinations, and Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2202
Re-Readings, were circulated for information.
Mr. MacPhee)
Dean Chant )
That the report be received, and be
returned to the agenda of a later
meeting if so desired.
Candidates for Degrees and
The Secretary referred to a list dated October,
1955, copies of which had been distributed, with the names
of 276 candidates for the following degrees to be conferred
at the Autumn Congregation on October 28th, 1955:
Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Arts, Master of Science,
Master of Applied Science, Master of Science in Agriculture,
Master of Social Work, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of
Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Arts (General), Bachelor of
Commerce, Bachelor of Home Economics, Bachelor of Physical
Education, Bachelor of Applied Science, Bachelor of Science
in Nursing, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of
Laws, Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Doctor of Medicine,
and Bachelor of Science in Forestry.  It was noted also
that requirements for the following diplomas had been met:
six in Teacher Training, two in Hospital Administration,
twenty-seven in Public Health Nursing, and thirteen in
Clinical Supervision.
This list included the names in the Faculty of Arts and
Science which had been presented to Senate and approved at
its meeting on August 26th, 1955,  There was a slight increase
over the number of degrees awarded in October, 1954, which
had been 253.
Dean Chant)
Dean Angus)
That Senate approve the granting of degrees
and diplomas for which the candidates are
recommended, and that authority be given
to the Chairman to make any necessary
corrections in, or additions to, this list.
Carried. Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2203
Course Changes
Notice was received that the Faculty of Arts and
Science on October 12th, 1955, and the Faculty of Graduate
Studies on October 13th, 1955, had approved and recommended
to Senate the following new course:
Mathematics 521 (2) Topics in Functional Analysis; Set
theory and general topology; General
operator theory; Special spaces;
Commutative Banach algebras; Bounded
hermitian operators in Hilbert space.
The Faculty of Applied Science on October 13th,
1955, had approved and recommended to Senate the deletion of
the laboratory work in Chemistry 255 and the substitution of
problem sessions.
The Faculty of Forestry on October 15th, 1955, had
approved and recommended to Senate that a new course,
Forestry 264, be instituted to replace C.E, 353 for Forestry
Forestry 264 - Introduction to Forest Photogrammetry.
Aerial surveying, photo-interpretation,
and the use of air photos in Forestry.
(1-3; 0-0)
Dr. James)
Dean Gage)  That these new courses and changes in
course be approved.
Extra-Mural and Correspondence
Notice was received that the Faculty of Arts and
Science on October 12th, 1955, had approved the following
recommendations of a Committee to Review the Programme of
Extra-Mural Courses: Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2204
"(1)  There should be more extra-mural credit courses
offered, numbered in the 200's, both ijg  and 3
units as situation demands.
"(2)  There should be more correspondence courses
offered, numbered in the 200's."
It was agreed that no action need be taken on
these recommendations until specific courses were proposed.
The Faculty of Arts and Science had also adopted
a resolution with regard to the maximum allowable credit for
Correspondence Courses toward the degree of B.A.:
"That we retain the present maximum of 15 units, but
that Faculty extend to the Committee on Admission,
Standing and Courses authority to increase this up
to 30 units in exceptional circumstances,"
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That Senate approve the recommendation.
Department of Romance Studies
The following recommendations from the Faculty of
Arts and Science relative to a Department of Romance Studies
were presented to the Senate:
"(a)  That since, in the opinion of this Faculty, it is
desirable for academic and administrative reasons
to co-ordinate the present offerings in French and
Spanish and to offer a broader programme in the
field of Romance Languages and Literature, this
Faculty recommends to the Board of Governors and
Senate that a Department of Romance Studies be
established to replace the present Departments of
French and Spanish, and that the members of these
two Departments become members of the proposed
new Department."
"(b)  That this Faculty approve in principle the offering
of a course in Italian at the Third Year level, it
being understood that details of the course and a
Calendar description will be presented for Faculty
approval by the Curriculum Committee at the next
meeting of Faculty." Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2205
"It was understood that admission to this course would
require approval of the Department and that a prerequisite would be the completion of two years of
University work in French, Spanish or Latin."
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That these recommendations be approved.
Faculty of Pharmacy
The Faculty of Pharmacy on October 17th, 1955,
recommended that Dr. Sim be granted Faculty status for the
current academic year.
Dean Matthews)
Mr. Morrison )  That this recommendation be approved.
Appointment of Coaches
The question of coaches for women's athletics had
been discussed and forwarded to Senate by the Council of the
School of Physical Education on October 18th, 1955.
Dean Matthews)
Dean Mawdsley)  That coaching, in respect of both men's
and women's athletics, is a matter within
the jurisdiction of the Senate and the
Board of Governors of the University.
Dean Mawdsley)
Dean Gage   )  That this motion of Senate be reported
to the Council of the School of Physical
Education with the request that they
deal with this matter and report back to
Senate and the Board of Governors in
due course.
Additional Extra-Mural Class
Notice was received that the Faculty of Arts and
Science on October 12th, 1955, had approved and recommended Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2206
to Senate an additional extra-mural course, Education 565.
Dean Chant)
Dean Gage )  That this additional extra-mural course
be approved.
Reports of Committees
Prizes. Scholarships and
Copies of Lists No. 5 and No. 6 were circulated for
information.  Dean Gage mentioned that the home addresses of
all recipients of awards were included.
Dean Gage)
Mr. Knapp) That the students whose names appear on
these Lists Nos. 5 and 6 be granted the
award for which they are recommended.
A unanimous vote of thanks was extended to Dean
Gage for the work done all through the year in connection
with awards.
Dean Gage referred to a scholarship for which the
donor was in process of selecting the recipient from names
submitted by the University; and to a fellowship award
recommended by Dean Angus.
Dean Gage)
Dr. Cowan)  That the Committee on Prizes, Scholarships
and Bursaries be authorized to make the
award of the Personnel Association Management
Scholarship to the candidate selected by
that Association; and that Murray Arthur
Newman be awarded a fellowship as Curator
of the Institute of Fisheries for the
Session 1955-56.
Carried. f
Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2207
Postponements of Awards
Requests for postponement of awards until September,
1956, were received from:  Patricia Carney - Vancouver Women's
Press Club Scholarship; Rolf Viertel - Rotary Memorial Bursary.
Dean Gage )
Dean Chant)  That the appropriate postponement of
award be granted in each case.
New Awards
Acceptance of the following new awards was recommended to Senate under the terms of award indicated:
The Schultz Prize in Criminal Law
A prize of $50.00, the gift of Mr. William A.
Schultz, will be awarded to the student in the
First Year of Law who obtains highest standing,
as determined by the final examinations, in the
subject of Criminal Law.
The Canadian Cancer Society. British
Columbia Division. Bursary
This bursary of $500.00, the gift of the Canadian
Cancer Society, British Columbia Division, will
be available for a student in the Faculty of
Medicine who is worthy and deserving of financial
assistance.  To be eligible for this award an
applicant must be a graduate of a high school in
British Columbia.  Those students who are assisted,
although not required to undertake a legal
obligation, are asked to assume a moral responsibility to reimburse the fund after completion of
their medical studies.
The Helen Grewall Summer School of
the Theatre Scholarship
This scholarship of $100.00, the gift of Mrs. Helen
Grewall of Mission City, has been established to
assist young people who are talented and deserving
to continue their training in dramatics and allied
fields.  It will be awarded annually to a student
enrolling in the Summer School of the Theatre at
the University. Preference will be given to candidates in the Fraser Valley who are resident on
the North side of the river. Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2208
Dean Gage  )
Mr. MacPhee)  That these new awards be accepted and
appropriate letters of thanks sent to
the donors.
For information of the Senate, Dean Gage reported
the establishment of a Student Aid Fund from the Graduating
Classes of 1955, and a similar fund from the Class of 1929.
A preliminary report was made on the number of students
receiving financial assistance for the Session 1954-55, and
the amount of such assistance.
Honorary Degrees
In accordance with the instructions from the
previous meeting of Senate, approval of more than fifty
percent of the membership had been obtained for the candidates
proposed by the Committee on Honorary Degrees.  The President
referred to a letter which had been sent to all members of
Senate on October 7th, 1955, stating that Dr. George Davidson,
who had been previously authorized as an honorary degree
recipient, would be granted his degree at the Autumn Congregation
this year; and listing the names of the additional four
recipients proposed.
Dean Angus)
Mr, Soward)  That the Degree of LL.D. (honoris causa)
be conferred upon Dr, George F. Davidson,
Mr. R.E.G. Davis, Miss Zella Collins,
Miss Gordon Hamilton and Miss Eileen
Younghusband at the Autumn Congregation
on October 28th, 1955.
Carried. Religious Studies
Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2209
Dr. Black referred to the report of the Committee
on Religious Studies which had been circulated to the members
of Senate prior to the meeting, and presented the several
recommendations for approval.
Dr. Black  )
Miss Fallis)
Dr. Black  )
Miss Fallis)
That the University make provision for
offering to students in the Faculty of
Arts and Science the present or alternative optional credit courses in
religion given by affiliated theological
colleges (as these courses may be approved
by the Faculty of Arts and Science and
the Senate), these courses to cover fields
such as the literature, history, and
philosophy of religion.  It is understood
that such courses would comply with the
provisions of the University Act.
That steps leading to the approval of
such courses and the appointment of the
instructors would follow the normal
university procedure.
Dr. Black  ).
Miss Fallis)  That the existing provisions for
theological students be continued,
according to which all students planning
to enter theological training may take
up to four courses in religion for Arts
credit in their undergraduate years.
Dr. Black  )
Miss Fallis) .That if courses in religion are approved
for credit  for students in the Faculty
of Arts and Science other than those
planning to enter theological training,
credit be allowed for not more than one
3-unit course in religion in any one year,
and not more than a total of two such
courses in their undergraduate years.
Carried. Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2210
Dr. Black  )
Miss Fallis)  That if this arrangement is implemented,
it should be continued for an experimental
period of five years and reviewed after
that time.
It was further agreed that the Dean of the Faculty
of Arts and Science be asked to discuss with the principals
of affiliated theological colleges the nature of the courses
to be offered, and then to submit the proposed courses to the
Faculty of Arts and Science for its approval.
Report on Registration,
Session 1955-56
Copies of a statement showing comparative enrolment
by Faculty and Courses, as at October 19th, 1955 and
October 20th, 1954, were circulated for information. An
increase in total enrolment from 5,875 to 6,356 was noted.
Reports of Department of
University Extension
Report of Department. 1953-54 (returned to agenda)
Report on Extra-Curricular Summer Session Courses. 1955
Report on Extension Programme for B.C. Fishermen. 1954-55
(returned to agenda)
Mr. Soward )
Dean Andrew)  That the reports be received, a letter of
appreciation be written to Dr. Friesen,
and a letter of appreciation be written
to Mr. Caple in connection with the extracurricular summer session programme.
President's Report. 1953-54
(returned to agenda)
The President referred to the difference among Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2211
reports published by other similar institutions, and asked
for suggestions from the members of Senate as to what would
be desirable for this University.  It was agreed that the
President should constitute a small committee to study various
types of reports received, and to offer advice on the kind of
reporting it would recommend.
Publications of Faculty and Staff.
1953-54 (returned to agenda)
In answer to a query, Mr. Harlow stated that
publications of graduate students in residence at the University may be submitted by the Department.
Dean Andrew suggested that congratulations were in
order for those who have undertaken the steady improvement
in the recording of publications.
Application for Affiliation
of Sti Andrew's Hall
The Secretary read a letter dated September 20th,
1955, from the Honourable Mr. Justice A. M. Manson, Chairman
of the Board of Management of St. Andrew's Hall, applying
for affiliation with the University of British Columbia.
Dr. Maclntyre)
Mr. MacPhee  )  That the application of St. Andrew's
Hall for affiliation with the University
of British Columbia be approved.
Autumn Congregation
The President outlined plans for the Autumn
Congregation, to be held in the Women's Gymnasium at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2212
on Friday, October 28th, with Miss Eileen Younghusband of
London as the speaker.
Victoria College Council
President MacKenzie explained that under the new
Victoria College Act the University has three representatives
on the College Council.  He suggested that one of these
representatives be asked to make a brief written report on
each meeting, to be attached to the minutes of Senate.
At the request of the President, Dr. Hickman spoke
briefly on the administration of the College, for which the
"old" Council is to operate until September, 1956, while the
"new" Council comes into operation January 1st, 1956, although
classes under the new Act do not start until the following
September.  Enrolment for this Session is 395, a notable
increase over the 290 in 1953-54. A rotating loan fund has
been established for the students.
Letters of thanks were received from Chancellor Lett,
Mr. Justice Coady, Father Carr and Professor Forward.
The Department of Religious Education of the Church
of England in Canada forwarded a resolution passed at the
recent meeting of the Synod, commending those Universities
and Colleges which have established departments of Religion.
It was agreed that this letter be received and acknowledged. Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2213
Other Business
Mr. S. Porter
An application was received from Mr. Sheridan
Porter of Chilliwack for re-evaluation of his degree, a B.A.
(Laval) granted for work done at a Jesuit College in Edmonton.
Mr. Logan)
Dr. Sage )  That the Chairman be asked to appoint a
small committee to look into the matter
and report back to Senate at its next
regular meeting.
Faculty Survey
A survey of country of birth and of University
training of Faculty members was circulated for information.
A statement was received from Dean Gage that as
present accommodation in respect of staff offices and
classrooms is almost fully utilized, there will be great
difficulty in accommodating the expected increase in
enrolment next Session.
Mr. MacPhee - Business
Administration Course
For information of Senate, the President exhibited
a bulletin prepared by Mr. MacPhee containing lecture notes
for a course given at the University, in evening school and
at the Banff School of Business Administration.
College of Education
It was agreed that a special meeting of Senate be Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2214
held on Wednesday evening, November 9th, to discuss matters
related to the College of Education.
Red Cross Blood Drive
A letter from the Canadian Red Cross Society
commending the students for the recent blood drive was read.
It was agreed that a letter be sent to the students responsible
for the organization of the Blood Drive; and that if the
Canadian Red Cross Society approve, Mr. Parker be asked to
have the letter published in some of the newspapers.
Dr. J. F. McCreary
The President referred to reports in the New York
Times and the Vancouver Province on the research being
conducted by Dr. McCreary and his colleagues at the Health
Centre for Children.  A letter of congratulation was ordered.
Professor F. A. Forward
It was agreed that a letter of congratulation be
sent to Professor Forward on his being awarded the McCharles
Prize and Medal.
Dental Survey
The President referred to the survey on dental
education being conducted by Dr, John MacDonald, and stated
that his report will be completed shortly.
Bellingham Football Game
The behaviour of students attending the Evergreen Wednesday, October 19th, 1955  2215
Conference Football Games in Bellingham was discussed in some
detail, with particular reference to the game on Saturday,
October 15th.  It was agreed that this matter should be
referred first to the Men's Athletic Committee, then to the
Faculty Council. A suggestion was made that a letter might
go to the President of Western Washington College from
Faculty Council when and as they are satisfied they have a
plan to prevent recurrence of undesirable incidents.
School of Music
Copies of a Statement of Policy concerning the
proposed School of Music were circulated at the meeting.  It
was suggested that this be returned to the agenda at a later
There being no further business, the motion to
adjourn was carried.
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