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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1943-12-15

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Wednesday, December 15, 1943-
The second regular meeting of the Senate of the University of British Columbia for the session 1943-44 was
held on Wednesday, December 15, 1943, at 8:00 p.m., in the
Board and Senate Room.
Present:  President L. S. Klinck (in the Chair), Dean
J.N. Finlayson, Dean D. Buchanan, Dr. J.C. Berry, Dr. G.H.
Harris, Dr. H.J. MacLeod, Mr. F.A. Forward, Mr. Walter H.
Gage, Dr. O.J. Todd, Mr. H.IT. MacCorkindale, Mr. A.R. Lord,
Rev. Dr. H.R. Trumpour, Dean M. Dorothy Mawdsley, Mr. A.E.
Lord, Dr. H.V. Warren, Dr. J.F. Walker and Mrs. Sally
Murphy Creighton.
Expressions of regret for their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Dean F. M. Clement, Mr. A.S.
Matheson, Dr. C.H. Wright and Dr. A.E. Grauer.
Dr. Warren      )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the minutes of the first
regular meeting of October 20,
1943, be taken as read and
Notice of Appointment of Representative of Victoria
College on Senate
A letter was received from the Secretary of the Board
of School Trustees, Victoria, stating that Mr. H. L.
Campbell, Municipal Inspector of Schools, had been appointed by the Board as representative of Victoria College to
complete the unexpired terra of the late Mr. P.H. Elliott.
Notice of Appointment of Committee on Proposed
Establishment of a Department of Physical Medicine
Mr. A. E. Lord (Chairman)
Dr. J. F. 'Walker
Mr. Ii. T. Logan
Dean D. Buchanan
Dean J. N. Finlayson
Dean F. M. Clement 994
Wednesday, December 15, 1943.
Speaker for the Spring Congregation
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. A. E. Lord) That the matter of the selection
of a speaker for the Spring Congregation be left in the hands of
the Chair.
From the Board of Governors
Timber Preservers' Limited Prizes and
J. M. Taylor Bursary   - Acceptance approved.
British Columbia Research Council
A letter was received from the Board of Governors
stating that, in accordance with the report of a
Committee consisting of members of Board and Senate, the
establishment of a B.C. Research Council had been approved
in principle provided satisfactory relationships could be
worked out between the University and the proposed
Research Council.  The appointment of a Committee including representatives of the Board, Senate and Faculty to
meet with the representatives of Government and Industry
had been left in the hands of the Chancellor.  Notice was
received of the appointment of the following members to
this Committee and Senate was requested to appoint an
additional representative or representatives:
Appointed by the Chancellor
Mr. 'J. G. Murrin
Dr. J. F. Walker
Dean D. 3uchanan
Dean J. N. Finlayson
Dean F. M. Clement 995
Wednesday, December 15, 1943.
Nominated by the Deans at the request of the Chancellor
Faculty of Arts and Science - Dr. G. G. Sedgewick
Faculty of Applied Science  - Mr. F. A. Forward
Faculty of Agriculture     - Dr. Blythe Eagles
Mr. A. E. Lord)
Dean Mawdsley ) That Senate appoint two
Mr. A. E. Lord   )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the appointment of these
representatives be left in the
hands of the Chair.
Canadian Legion Correspondence Courses:
General Engineering and Agriculture 1 (Lecture
part only) - Approved.
Curriculum Changes  - Approved.
Proposed Spring Session for Returned Men and Women
For the information of the Senate letters from the
Board of Governors with respect to the proposed Spring
Session for Returned Men and Women were received.  After
the President had consulted with the Deans, the Registrar
and Dr. G. M. Shrum, it had been agreed that the
estimates should be based on the additional operating
cost from April 24th to June 30th, 1944, rather than on
the cost of operating the University continuously for a
period of twelve months.  It was recommended to the Board
that the minimum number of students required for a course
be set at 20, and the minimum total registration at 80;
also that the usual fee of $12.00 per unit be charged for
courses given in the Spring Session and that the amount 996
Wednesday, December 15, 1943.
paid to the Instructor in each course be $500.00 for the
The Board had ratified the action of the President
in changing the amount provided for a Spring Session in
the Estimates 1944-45 and approved the proposed Spring
Session for 1944 on the basis indicated, provided the
requisite number of students should be available.
From the Faculties
Special War Matriculation Programme
The draft of a Special War Matriculation Programme,
submitted by a sub-committee of the Committee on Post-War
Planning, was received from the Secretary of the National
Conference of Canadian Universities.  The Faculties had
approved in principle the recommendations contained in
the draft report.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. A.R.Lord ) That the recommendations contained in
the draft report be approved in
It was pointed out that German was not included in
the list of courses for Junior Matriculation.  The
Secretary was asked to bring this omission to the
attention of the Conference.
University Committee on Public Relations
The following resolutions of the University
Committee on Public Relations which had been submitted
to the Faculties for an expression of opinion, had been 997
Wednesday, December 15,1943
endorsed by all Faculties:
(1) That it should be the policy of the University
Committee on Public Relations to gain and foster
good-will towards the University among all people
in the Province by:
(a) Providing accurate and timely Information
concerning the work being done by the
Univers ity.
(b) Explaining the function and place of the
University in the educational field.
(c) Publicizing the achievements of the University and its graduates.
(2) That a full-time assistant be appointed to the
staff of the University to carry out the policy
as suggested.  It is believed that such an
assistant might be placed under the Department
of University Extension and that he might well
be the secretary to the University Committee on
Public Relations.
The Faculty of Agriculture had suggested that the
assistant be attached to the President's Office rather
than to the Department of Extension.
Dean Buchanan    )
Mr. MacCorkindale) That the resolutions of the
University Committee on Public
Relations be approved and
forwarded to the Board of
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
The following list of courses to be given in the
Summer Session, 1944, and resolutions of the Faculty
relating thereto were presented:
Biology 1 Education 27/37
Chemistry 1 Education 30/31
Economics 10 English 2
Sociology 1 English 8 or 10
Education 21 English 17 998
Wednesday, December 15, 1943.
Beginners* Spanish Mathematics 12
French 2 Philosophy 5
Geography 1 Psychology 1
History 2 or 10 Psychology 4
History 17 Physics 1
Mathematics 2
1. That these courses be approved and recommended
to Senate and that the Dean be empowered to
make such changes as may later be found
2. That Education 21 (Advanced Educational Psychology) be accepted for credit either in the
Department of Education or in the Department of
Philosophy and Psychology.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. Gage     ) That the recommendations of the
Faculty be approved and the Chair
be authorized to make any necessary
changes on behalf of Senate.
Prizes, Scholarships and Bursaries
New Scholarships and Prizes
The Faculty of Applied Science recommended the
acceptance of the offer of an annual Scholarship of
$200.00 out of the proceeds of a fund bequeathed to the
University of British Columbia by the late Honourable
R. Randolph Bruce in memory of his term as Official
Visitor; the terms of the scholarship to be as follows:
The R. Randolph Bruce Scholarship
Out of the proceeds of a fund bequeathed to the
University of British Columbia by the late Honourable
R. Randolph Bruce in memory of his term as Official
Visitor, a scholarship of $200.00 will be offered
annually to the undergraduate student standing highest
in the Metallurgical Engineering Course of the Fourth
Year in Applied Science and proceeding to the Fifth
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Forward   ) That the offer of the R. Randolph
Bruce Scholarship be approved.
Carried 999
Wednesday, December 15, 1943.
" The Faculties of Arts and Science and of Applied
Science recommended the acceptance of the offer of the
Powell River Company Limited of an annual scholarship of
1700.00 to be awarded on the following terms:
The Powell River Company Limited Scholarship
For research in Wood Chemistry, the Powell River
Company Limited offers annually a scholarship of
$700.00, open to Honours Graduates in Chemistry in
the Faculty of Arts and Science, or Graduates in
Chemical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied
Science.  a portion of the scholarship, not to exceed
#100.00 may be used for special equipment for the
Research Problem.  The topic of research shall be
chosen after consultation with the Department of
Chemistry of the University and the Powell River
Company.  Recipients must be qualified to undertake
graduate and research work in respect of scholarship,
research ability, personality and health.
Furthermore, if special aptitude is shown in
carrying out this work, an equal amount may be
f offered for further graduate study and research in
Wood Chemistry, in this or any other approved
Dean Finlayson)
Dean Buchanan ) That this recommendation be approved,
A recommendation was received from the Faculty of
Arts and Science that the offer of Mr. and Mrs. William
Dorbils of a prize in Zoology be accepted, the Calendar
announcement to be as follows:
The William and Dorothy Dorbils Prize in Zoology
A cash prize of $50.00 offered by William and
Dorothy Dorbils will be awarded to the student in the
f graduating year of the Faculty of «.rts and Science
whose academic work and promise of research ability
in the Honours Course in Zoology have been outstanding.
J The award will be made on the recommendation of the
Head of the Department of Zoology.
x  ^fc If no Iiono:i.-s student presents work sufficiently
outstanding, the sum of $50.00 will be used to purchase
j. 1000
Wednesday, December 15, 1943
for the Library special research literature in
Zoology, the selection to be made by the Head of
the Department of Zoology.
Dean Buchanan)
Mr. A.E. Lord) That the acceptance of this prize
be approved by Senate.
Awards of Scholarships and Bursaries
Recommendations of the award of bursaries and scholarships as follows were received from the Faculty of
Applied Science:
The Britannia Mining and Smelting Company Limited
William Roy Smith, B.A.Sc. ) jointly,
Donald Carlisle, B.A.Sc.   ) $125.00 each.
The Cariboo Gold Q,uartz Mining Company Limited
Scholarship - $100.00
John Louis Deleen, B.A.Sc.
The University Scholarship in Nursing and Health -
Ann Elizabeth Scoones
The J. M. Taylor 3ursary in Metallurgy
Donald Allan Currie) jointly,
James Eric Goodman ) $75.00 each.
Dean Finlayson)
Mr. Gage      ) That these recommendations be
approved by Senate.
Reports of Committees
On Degree in Home Economics
Mr. A. R. Lord, Chairman of the Committee presented
the following report: 1001
Wednesday, December 15, 1943-
(a) That the degree to be conferred in the Department
of Home Economics be termed "Bachelor of Home
Economics" (3.H.E.).
(b) That for the year 1943-44 the content of the Home
Economics course in Chemistry 1 be left to the
Head of the Department of Chemistry for adjustment, following his assurance that the material
included will be suited to the needs and abilities
of the class.
Dean Buchanan reported that the Faculty of Arts and
Science had referred the whole question of degrees granted
in this Faculty to a Special Committee to be appointed by
the Chairman of the Faculty.
Mr. A. R. Lord)
Dean Buchanan ) That part (a) of the report be laid
on the table.
Mr. A.R.Lord)
Mr. A.E.Lord) That part (b) of the report be adopted.
On Department of Physical Medicine
On behalf of the Committee, Mr. A.E. Lord, Chairman,
presented a report of progress.
A letter was received from the Executive Secretary of
the Canadian Legion Education Services acknowledging notice
of the additional correspondence courses authorized by the
Senate for members of the Armed Forces and stating that
these would be listed in the revised edition of Bulletin J>.
An acknowledgement of the minute passed by Senate in
tribute to the memory of the late Judge F. W. Howay was
received on behalf of the family, from Mrs. Edith M.
Matthison. 1002
Wednesday, December 15, 1943-
The meeting adjourned.
_^/£*e-_-_2_<7 S% -£g>«
JL-fi. '^


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