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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1926-12-15

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 47 6
Wednesday, December 15th, 1926
The second regular meeting of the Senate of The
University of British Columbia for the session 1926-27
was held on Wednesday, Deoember 15th, 1926, at 8:00 P.M.,
in the Board Room.
Present: The President (in the Chair), Dean
F. M. Clement, Acting-Dean J. M. Turnbull, Dean H. T. J.
Coleman, Mr. A. F. Barss, Mr. H. R. Christie, Dr. R. H.
Clark, Dr. D. Buchanan, Dr. M. Y. Williams, Mr. James
Henderson, Mr. G. A. Fergusson, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance,
Rev. Dr. J. G> Brown, Dr. 0* Killam, Mr. A. E. Lord,
Mr. G. E. Robinson, and Mr. W. P. Argue.
Dr. Buchanan)
Dean Clement) That the minutes of the
regular meeting of October
20th, 1926, and of the
special meeting of November
12th, 1926, be approved.
Letters from Dr. E. B. Paul, Mr. A. E. Richards,
Rev. A. H. Sovereign and Mr. H. M. King regretting their
inability to be present at the meeting were read.
Dean Coleman )
Mr. FerguBson) That these letters be received and filed.
Dean Coleman)
Ur. Barss ) That we proceed to the consideration of item 3 on the
1024 A communication was read from the Board of
Governors in reference to the Boxer Indemnity Fund.
Dr. Vance    )
Mr. Henderson) That the letter be filed.
Carried 477
Wednesday, December 15th, 1926
Dr. Williams)
■ ' Mr. Barss   ) That item 2 on the agenda be
taken up.
1025 Constitution of Summer Session Association
A report of the Committee on Constitution of
Summer Session Association was presented, recommending
that the Senate approve the Constitution as submitted.
Dr. Clark   )
f Dean Coleman) That, as far as Senate has any
power in the matter, this constitution be approved.
1026 Course in Medicine
The Committee on Course in Medicine presented
a report expressing the opinion "That the time is not yet
k ripe for the establishment of such a department".
Mr. Turnbull)
Dr. Clark   ) That the report of the
Committee on Course in
Medicine be adopted.
' Oarried
From the Board of Governors and Dean Clement
A letter from the Board of Governors was read
1027     endorsing the establishment of the proposed Oooupational
Course in Agriculture.
Dr. Vance   )
Dean Clement) That the communication from
the Board of Governors be
> 478
Wednesday, December 15th, 1926
A letter from Dean Clement was read, and outlines of the proposed Occupational Course were presented.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Vance   ) That the letter and attached
outline of courses be referred
to the Senate Committee on
From the Faculties:
'1028-       Nomination for membership on Library Committee:-
Facultv of Arts and Scienoe
Dr. G. G. Sedgewick
Mr. H. F. Angus
Dr. A. E. Hennings
Faoulty of Applied Science
Mr. H. R. Christie
Faoultv of Agriculture
Mr. H. M. King
Dr. Killam)
Mr. Argue ) That the nominations be
accepted and approved.
1023 Exclusion   of Students   at   Christmas
Dr. Buchanan)
Dr. Williams) That the report be received
and considered clause by
Faculty of Arts and Science
That calendar, page 82, paragraph 11, be
amended to read as follows:-
r* 479
Wednesday, December 15th, 1926
Any First or Second Year student whose academic
standing, as determined by the tests and examinations of the first term, is less than 40%   of
the total mark, will normally, upon the recommendation of the Faculty, be required by the
Senate to discontinue attendance at the University for the remainder of the session. Such a
student will not be re-admitted to the University
as long as any supplemental examinations are out-
stand ing.
The last sentence of this was ohanged to read:
If any such student has supplementals in any preceding year or in Matriculation he will not be
re-admitted to the University as long as such
supplemental examinations are outstanding.
Dr. Buchanan)
Dr. Williams) That the reoommendatlon of
the Faculty of Arts and
Science be adopted.
Faculty of Applied Science
That the present practice of excluding
students at the beginning of the second
term for unsatisfactory work in the
Christmas examinations, be continued.
Dr. Buchanan)
Mr. Turnbull) That the recommendation of
the Faculty of Applied
Science be approved.
Faculty of Agriculture
That the Faculty of Agriculture recommends
to Senate the inclusion of clause 11, page
238, Calendar 1^26-27, as covering the
matter of exclusion of students at Christmas.
Dr. Buchanan)
Dean Clement) That the recommendation of
the Faculty of Agriculture
be approved.
J 480
Wednesday, December 15th, 1926
From the Faculty of Arts and Soience
1029       (a) Request for Speoial Courses at Victoria Oolleea
The Faculty of Arts and Scienoe considers
that, as the recent action of Victoria
College in providing first and second year
courses at hours convenient to teaohers,
affects a matter of general University
policy, it ought not to have been undertaken without previous consultation with
the University authorities.  It is felt
that while the University does not attempt
to interfere with the legitimate autonomy
of Victoria College, that College should
scrupulously refrain from making new departures without previous reference to the
University.  However, in the particular case
before us, the action taken deserves our
commendation.; and we are glad to learn that
the teaching conditions at Victoria College
make it possible to extend a real benefit
to the local school teachers without any
detriment to the instruction provided for
full time students.
Dean Coleman)
Dr. Buchanan)  That the report be
Dean Coleman)
Mr. Argue   ) That the question of University credits for the
speoial courses for teachers
at Victoria College be referred to the Faculties concerned and that Victoria
College be so informed.
1033       (b) Report of Director of Summer Session
Dean Coleman reported that the Report of the
Director of the Summer Session, referred by Senate to
the Faculty of Arts and Science, had by the direction
of the Faculty, been transmitted to a committee of Heads 481
.'/ednesday, December 15th, 1926
of Departments who were already considering the various
questions with which the report deals.
1031 (c) Request of Convent of the Saored Eeart for
A letter from the Faculty of Arts and Science
was read asking if, in view of the opinion of the University Solicitor, the advioe of the Faculty was still desired.
It was pointed out that the proposed amendment
to the University Act in reference to the affiliation of
Arts Colleges would remove the difficulty referred to by
the Solicitor.
Dr. Killam  )
Dean Clement) That the letter from the
Faculty of Arts and Scienoe
be answered in the affirmative.
1032 (d) Re-award of Junior Matriculation Scholarship,.
Division 6
That the Royal Institution Scholarship in
District No.6 won in June, 1926, by Anthony
Kobus and since surrendered by him, be
awarded to Henrietta J. Nelsen, seoond in
the District.
Dr.   V/illiams)
Dr.   Buchanan)   That   this   award   be   confirmed
by  Senate.
Carri ed
A letter from the Chief Justice of the Court of
1033     Appeal was read, announcing the appointment of Dr. Thomas
MoPherson, of Victoria, as a member of the Board of Examiners for Chiropractors. 462
Mr. Argue)
Dr. Brown)  That the letter be received
and filed.
Letters were received from Mr. F. M. and the
1034     Misses Russell, Mr. E. q,   Matheson, and Mies Uglow, in
reply to letters of sympathy sent to them from the
University Senate.
Dr. Williams )
Mr. Fergusson) That these communications
be received and filed.
Fraternities and Sororities
Application for recognition by the Senate of
The University of British Columbia was received from the
following sororities and fraternities:
Delta Phi
Phi Omega
Sigma Beta Pi
Tau Omioron
Theta Epsilon
Alpha Delta Phi
Alpha Gamma Phi
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Phi Kappa Pi
Zeta Ps i
Dr. Brown   )
Dr. Buchanan) That the application be referred to a committee to be
appointed by the Chair*
t  « 48 3
Wednesday, December 15th, 1926
Dean Clement j
1036 Mr. Fergusson)  That permission be granted to
give to the press or to publish all or any part of the
two reports on the Faculty
of Agriculture.
Mr. Killam   )
Mr. Henderson)  That the University Act be
further amended by adding to
sub-section B of section 56
of Chapter 265, Kevised
Statutes, the following
words: "and to determine all
questions relating to the
admission of students to the
University or to any faculty
Dr. Buchanan)
Dean Clement) That we express our sympathy
to Professor and Mrs H. M.
King, in the loss of their
child and that the Secretary
be instructed to draft a
letter of sympathy.
Attention was called to the fact that Principal
Smith had recently lost a brother, as had also Mr. J. N.
Ellis, and it was agreed that letters of sympathy be sent
to Dr. Smith and Mr. Ellis.
1039 Dean Coleman gave an interim report on extra
mural work.
Mr. Lord )
Dr. Vance) That we adjourn.
A Q i^u^^yY,
'y/ Secretary


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