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[Meeting minutes of the Senate of The University of British Columbia] 1929-05-08

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Wednesday,   May   8th,   1929
The   fourth  regular  meeting   of   the   Senate   of   The
University   of  British  Columbia   for   the   session   1928-29
was held on Wednesday, May 8th, 1929, at 9:30 a.m., in
the Board Room.
Present: President Klinck (in the Chair), Dean F. M.
Clement, Dean R. W. Brock, Dean D. Buchanan, Mr. W. E.
Duckering, Dr. R. H. Clark, Mr. H. F. Angus, Dr. M. Y.
Williams, His Honour Judge P. S. Lampman, Mr. James
Henderson, Mr. J. A. Campbell, Mr. G. W. Clark, Mr. P. H.
Elliott, Rev. Dr. W. H. Vance, Dr. G. G. Sedgewick,
Rev. A. H. Sovereign, His Honour Judge J. D. Swanson,
Mrs. Beatrice Wood, Dr. C. Killam, Miss A. B. Jamieson,
The Most Rev. A. U. de Pencier, and Dr. W. B. Burnett.
Expressions of regret at their inability to attend
the meeting were received from Mr. H. M. King and Mr.
A. E. Richards.
Archbishop de Pencier)
Mr. Henderson        ) That the minutes of the
third regular meeting of
February 20th, 1929, be
taken as read, and adopted.
Mr. Sovereign)
Dr. Vance    ) That items 3(b) and 3(f) and 6 on
the agenda be taken up as the first
order of business.
From the Faculty of Arts and Science
That the offer of the French Consul in
Western Canada on behalf of the French
Government, to present one bronze medal
and a prize of books to the best students
in the French language, be accepted.
Dr. Clark )
Archbishop de Pencier) That the recommendation of
the Faculty be approved and
that a note of thanks be
sent to the donor of these
prizes. Carried oo .
Wednesday, May 8th, 1929
From the Faculty of Agriculture
That a special $100.00 scholarship from the
David Thorn funds, not utilized this year, be
awarded to Lindsay Black, graduating 1929
with First Class Honours.
Dr. Clark   )
Dean Clement) That this recommendation be concurred in .
Faculty of Arts and Science
The results of the examinations in the various years
in the Faculty of Arts and Science were presented by Dean
Buchanan and were considered and passed section by section.
Special action was taken in the case of Theodore R.
Boggs, as follows:
Dean Buchanan)
Dr. Williams ) That the question of the consideration of the marks of Theodore R.
Boggs be deferred until the autumn.
In amendment,-
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. G.W.Clark) That the marks of Theodore R. Boggs
be approved by Senate at this time
but that the consideration of the
granting of the degree be postponed until the autumn.
Ayes  10
Nays  10
Judge Lampman not voting
Chairman cast his vote in favour
of amendment.
Amendment carried
Dr. Vance asked that he be placed on record as
opposing the amendment. 37.
Wednesday, May 8th, 1929
Dr. Buchanan)
Mr. Angus   ) That the report as a whole as
amended be adopted.
Principal Elliott of Victoria College presented the
results of the examinations in the First and Second Years
in Arts and Science in Victoria College.
Mr. Elliott )
Dr. Buchanan) That the report of the First and
Second Years' work in Victoria
College, as presented, be adopted.
The results of the examinations in the Faculty of
Applied Science were presented by Dean Brock and were
considered and passed section by section.
Dean Brock )
Mr. Duckering) That the report as a whole be
The results of the examinations in the various years
in the Faculty of Agriculture were presented by Dean
Clement and were considered and passed section by section.
Dean Clement)
Dr. Williams) That the report as a whole be
Prizes and Scholarships
The report in reference to Medals, Scholarships and
Prizes was presented by Dr. R. H. Clark and approved,
section by section.
NOTE: The Nichol Scholarships No.4, Kaye Lamb,
n.A., and No.3, Miss Edith Lucas, B.A.,
were renewed, subject to satisfactory
reports of work. CO .
Wednesday, May 8th, 1929
Dr. Clark    )
Dean Buchanan) That the report be adopted.
Dean Buchanan)
Dr.R.H.Clark ) That the reports of the various
Faculties on examination results
and the report on Prizes and
Scholarships be released to the
Dr. Williams)
Dean Clement)  That we proceed to take up the
remaining items of the agenda in
regular order.
A communication was received from the Board of
Governors approving of the new courses endorsed by the
Senate at the meeting of February 20th, 1929.
A letter from the Board of Governors was read, for
the information of Senate, in reference to the interpretation of clauses 4 and 6 of the "memorandum" in
reference to Summer Session and Related Courses,-
Clause 4.
The courses which are referred to in
this clause of the memorandum are
those offered in the Summer Session.
Clause 6.
Since the registration in Saturday
morning, late afternoon and evening
classes has not been 3uch as to
render the retention of this clause
necessary, the Board would not suggest
that Senate enact a regulation on this
The Board of Governors approved of the following
recommendation of Senate,- 'i.
Wednesday, May 8th, 1929
That courses which count towards an
Honours degree or the M.A. degree in
the Winter Session shall likewise be
allowed to count toward the same end
if given in the Summer Session.
The following resolution was presented by the
Faculties of Arts and Science, and Applied Science ,-
Whereas by the generosity of H.R.MacMillan,
Esq., Vancouver, B.C., three one-year
scholarships, each of the value of $1000,
together with a free return passage to
Japan or Australia, have been made available
for graduates of this university for study
in one of these countries, the holder to
investigate the fundamentals of present and
prospective trade between Western Canada and
Japan or Australia, and make the results of
such study known to the public of Western
And whereas there exists an uncertainty
regarding the student's programme of study
in the country visited, it is recommended
that the President of the University on the
advice of the Committee on Scholarships be
authorized to appoint the holder for the
present year and to approve of his course
of study.
Dr. Clark    )
Mr. G.W.Clark) That this generous offer of
Mr. MacMillan be accepted, that
he be tendered the thanks of the
University Senate for these
Scholarships and that the matter
of the award for the present year
be dealt with in accord with the
recommendations of the Faculty
of Arts and Science and the Faculty
of Applied Science.
rhe following resolution was presented by the
Faculty of Arts and Science ,- 40.
Wednesday, May 8th, 19 29
That Dorothy Dallas be granted a postponement
for a second year of her Nichol Scholarship
(No.2), because of the impossibility of her
assembling the material of her Thesis in time
to permit of her having it printed early
enough to receive her degree within the coming
Dr. Sedgewick)
Dr. Clark    ) That this matter be referred to
a committee to be appointed by
the Chair, the President to have
power to act on the advice of the
The following recommendation was received from the
Faculty of Arts and Science,-
That graduate students who are Assistants
giving not more than four hours a week of
tutorial instruction be permitted to qualify
for the M.A. degree after one regular Winter
Session of University attendance, provided
they have done, in the Summer vacation,
research work of nature and extent satisfactory
to the Head of the Department concerned.  Such
students must be registered as graduate
students and must have secured the approval
of the Head of the Department concerned and
of the Committee on Graduate Studies before
entering upon the research in question.
Dean Buchanan)
Dean Clement ) That this recommendation be approved
The following regulations, in reference to students
repeating a year, were recommended by the Faculty of
Applied Science:
That in the case of a student who has been
asked to repeat his year he be not allowed
to take any work in the following year.
That the only exemptions granted to a student
who is repeating his year be limited to Civil
Engineering 2, Civil Engineering 7, Civil
Engineering 13 and Mechanical Engineering 2a,
_J 41.
Wednesday,   May   8th,   19 29
and  then   only  if  he   has  made   65"h  in   them.
Dean Brock   )
Mr. Duckering) That these recommendations be
The Committee on Resolutions presented a report.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Angus    ) That this resolution be spread
upon the minutes of Senate and
that a copy be sent to Mrs.
The death of Samuel Erasmus Beckett, Associate
Professor of Economics, has deprived this University
of able and useful services.  Equipped with wide
reading in Literature, Metaphysics and Theology,
Professor .tseckett brought to the subject which he
finally chose for his own and at which he laboured
so persistently, a more than ample balance and
breadth.  To him the processes of reading and reflection were not merely academic: he believed that
they should continually manifest themselves in
practical readjustment of life.  And so, to the end,
his studies continued to develop and fortify a
character naturally sound and shaped into finer
strength by helpful association with men.  He
inspired respect wherever he had occasion to exert
his influence - whether in the lecture room, in
Faculty deliberations, or in the councils of Church
and State.  It is with grateful memory that the
Senate records his passing and extends its
sympathy to his widow and son.
A letter from Mrs. S. E. Beckett was read.
Dr. Sedgewick)
Mr. Angus    ) That the letter be received and
Carried 42.
Wednesday, May 8th, 19 29
At a meeting of the Board of Examiners held on
March 23rd consideration was given to the recent change
in the boundaries of the City of Vancouver and the effect
that this would have on the districts for the award of
the Royal Institution Scholarships.  It was decided to
make the following recommendation to the Senate ,-
(1) That whereas conditions of the Royal
Institution Scholarship competitions have
appeared fair in the past, the former
boundaries of the districts be retained.
(2) That the designation of districts III
and IV be revised as follows:
III Vancouver Central District,
(comprising the former limits of the City
of Vancouver).
IV Lower Mainland District,
(exclusive of Vancouver Central District
but including Agassiz).
Dean Clement )
Dean Buchanan) That the recommendation of the
High School and University
Matriculation Board be approved.
Dean  Clement   )
Dean  Buchanan)   That  we   adjourn.
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